Big Bang won 4 awards during 18th Annual Seoul Music Award on 02.12.09

Congrats to the boys!!!

DOWNLOAD: Big Bang’s Cuts during Seoul Music Award (02.12.09)

They won 4 awards in total:

  • BonSang
  • Best Album Award
  • Moblie Popularity Award
  • High1 Award

Winning BonSang

Thanks to S님

Best Album Award

Thanks to S님

Moblie Popularity Award

Thanks to S님

High1 Award

Thanks to S님
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Congrats to the boys, of course all of us are proud of them, I saw them receiving the award this morning and the whole day at school today I was just jumpy, haha everyone was wondering why I was so excited, I elbowed my MALE friend in a place I shouldn’t have during biology……. I can’t help it that Big Bang make this hyper haha. Anyways, congrats once again to our boys, they make us so proud to be a VIP it’s AMAZING, though I’m curious, why is Dae and Baby sitting at another table????? WAHHH?? and PINK is VERY appropriate for a award show haha not even a normal pink, this is a IN YOUR FACE PINK. haha which is awsome, Tabi is just GLOWING~

02.12.09 18th Annual Seoul Music Award

Thanks to Newsen | Osen | style,B 님


~ by Vicky on February 12, 2009.

72 Responses to “Big Bang won 4 awards during 18th Annual Seoul Music Award on 02.12.09”

  1. wow, TOP is in PINK? :-O

    HAH!? xD
    SO CUTE!? 😀
    Tabi’s in a PINK SUIT!? 😀
    I LOVE IT!?!?!
    I sorta miss his old hair style….. :O
    Heh. JiYongie is adorable, but you can hardly see his black headband…
    ARGH, and BabyRi looks gorgeous with the plastic-ish trench coat. xD

  3. i like. 🙂

    big bang looks good in anything.

  4. lmao gd ❤ i love his hippie look
    i wonder whats next

  5. i think Gd made them all wear pink just so he can wear his LV sunglasses. lol

    congrats to our boys once again.

  6. I have a question. Official version of a MV ‘strong baby’ came out? (sorry for my bad english)

  7. TABI!!!!!!!!!!! he looks GEORGOUS in pink. 😀 CONGRATS BB!!!

  8. waaah~
    i’m so happy for the boys
    proud of them!
    and Tabi
    but cute

  9. LOL! i like GD glasses!
    and the hot pink ❤
    its kewl LOL
    and Grats! hwaiting xD

  10. CONGRATS!! so cute!! ❤ they’re all so PRETTY IN PINK!
    i luv this headband look on GD so so so much ❤
    and lol at seungri, in those group pics of them at the end of sunset glow im guessing, SR does the peace sign on his eye… SUCH A GD MOVE! aww! copying your hyung AGAIN!
    too cute xD

    btw, which album did they win for? stand up or remember? cuz they were playing haru haru in the background…

  11. and Vicky…

    how do you ELBOW a guy in that region?!?! lmao!

    *sigh* what big bang makes us do… lol
    they really do make us proud to be a VIP

  12. i’m all for a guy wearing pink, but TOP was so in your face.
    kind of hurt. haha. oh well. i give him props for being masculine
    enough to carry off an entire pink suit though.

    and those glasses. TOP had those on during an interview. gah.
    how i wish i had friends to switch awesome clothes and accessories
    with like the boys. i could imagine Bong asking to borrow them
    too and saying, “Seung Hyun hyung…” hehe.

    but yeah. CONGRATS to the boys!

  13. ^ oh no. i take that back.
    TOP’s were red. the one Bong wore was pink. hehe.

  14. congrats to big bang!!
    gd = hot as usual 🙂

  15. pink pink PINK ! i love it when they wear PINK !

  16. @vikimi yes, the MV came out some time ago…go check it out 😛

    and congrats to the boys 😀

  17. LMAO i agree with dubseeXvip
    XDDD its just like gd


  19. i luv Tabi’s pink tux..
    if only i could see Baby in one too..

  20. waaaaaaaaaHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I’m so proud!;___;
    they look sooo hot in pink
    especially my mannnn!!!
    Bong looked so cute!! >._________<

  21. Doesn’t Dea sung and Seung Ri sat with Kim Jong Kook on the other table?

  22. XD TOP is majorly pink.
    & it is daesung & seungri at another table. not just seungri.
    [: why does GD seem so hasty and wanna get things over with?



    btw whats High1 award?…

  24. xblackchristmas

    oh yea I notice that after I saw the HQ video haha
    but it seems like Bong was sick, he was sniffing and coughing here and there so that’s why

  25. LOL! In your face pink haha definitely!
    TOP in full pink is jus hot, I love his and GD’s hairrr!!
    TY in zebra stripes, SR in leather..*drools* they all look so hot!
    lol Daedae’s smile is so cute^^
    I’m so freakin ecstatic!
    CONGRATS to BB!!! fighting!!!

  26. i think both daesung and seungri are sitting at a different table.

    and pink wow!!!!! the color is really indeed ‘in your face’ haha

  28. yay!!! congratz to the boys!! is Ji Yong sick? his eyes look a bit beady..

    and’m speechless..=D

  29. Vi

    btw, u put ‘Moblie’ twice : )

  30. congrats to our boys! yay!!! they definitely look good with all the pink!

  31. Hell yes!
    Go Big Bang! <33
    They deserve it so much.
    And they look gorgeous.

  32. I think, out of all the coordinated colors, this is the best. I love GD’s outfit (I wish I could pull that off!). TOP is just…WOW. I could spot him anywhere in a crowd, hahaha. Dae Sung looks really good in these pictures. AND ZOMG GRI. I am totally icon-ing that picture. ❤

  33. Yeah!! Congrats to BB!! So happy. Haha ^^ ❤ their pink outfits!! GD-cool haha. by the way is GD sick?? Coughing?

  34. Vi
    Naw, what should I say?
    I’m really happy that I could see them again though it’s their break time. Hehehe
    My fangirl self just won’t get it enough. Keke

    Somehow Bong jacket looks like the one Bae would use in ‘look only at me’ perf.
    & baby’s jacket looks like Bong’s. hahaha

    Tabi’s suit. That’s the one that he wears when they perform ‘wonderful’ right??
    Now I feel weird with the tie. Hahaha
    But he sure look hot with pink haha

    Hehe I have a really big grin in my face.
    Congrats to our boys~~~

  35. yeah bro, GD is sick…you can tell. When he said thank yous for the mobile award, he was talking really low too. He does that when his voice isn’t doing well. Hope he gets better!!! GD looked HOT as hell either way , and TOP was like uber HOT pink.

  36. OHHHHHWEEEEE!!!! GD didn’t look so good, T______T But TOP looked hot in pink, he looks like he’s gaining some weight, no?

  37. AHHHHHHH Congrats to them.
    4 awards is A HELLA LOT!
    I see alot of PINK! HOT.
    BigBang is hot foshoooo.


  39. why does TOP remind me of a pimp? hshshshs!!! BIG BANG IS VIP

  40. hubby dressed in a hot pink suit
    thats just HOT right there ~ >:D
    why does tabi gotta
    pull his sexy hair back tho
    i like em un-gelled :p
    YES our boys dont fail us<3
    im a happy&proud VIP

  41. congrats to the boys!!
    ahhh! and what does bonsang means?
    damn the boys are so so HOT in pink!!
    especially tabi..
    and bong is hot too with the shades kekeke
    congrats my darlings..i’m proud of you~

  42. awesome job guys! Our men deserve everything that they get and more. Pink? lol TOP does look like a pimp dressed up like that. Seungri…his baby charms have stopped working on me. Although hes still sexy and dorky at the same time. Bongie!!!!! I love you!! You need to stop wearing sunglasses all the time dammit. I wanna see your eyes!!!! Youngbae, bah as cute and charming as ever. Daedae, as bright as the sun.

    question!?!? what is a bonsang and a high1? anyone mind answerin that real quick?

  43. I’m missing them a lot these days…since they stop promoting their album as a group and the concert was over.
    I love watching Baby in his solo perfs but I miss Big Bang… and I know it will be a long while before they perform again as a whole group. huhu.
    Please perform once in a while…does anyone had a video of their performance here at the awards? I wanna see it… It’s like I’m having a bit of withdrawal symptoms. hehehe.
    And congratulations!!! so proud of them!!!

    I agree with you, it looks like Bong raided Baebae’s closet for this night while Baby, as usual, raided Bong’s. =)
    Tabi in Family outing is love =)

    MAN!, i knew i should’ve went on the internet TODAY! this morning!
    THIS would of made me SO HAPPY TO! Damn it would of made
    my day better & i wouldn’t of got yelled at by my science teacher
    b/c i wasn’t doing my work. I would of been happily working or something!
    UGH MANNers. Ahh sad, i should of.
    I’m SOOO Proud of my boys though. (: They totally deserve it!
    Ahh, i miss watching them perform and stuff.
    I was wearing pink, white & black with a cute jacket too =]
    Well white long sleeve & pink scarf. Black jacket.
    Whoa GD, i love the gloves =] Hrmm looks like something TOP would wear.
    Haha oh yeah, GD’s wearing TY’s jacket & Seungri’s wearing something
    Mister G-Dragon would waer. i love GD’s sunglasses too, except for the nose part.
    Ooh, pink. Yes it stands out. Ahaha TOP. He suring shines though.
    Ehh? TOP’s hair is in that style again. It’s been almost a year too.
    Awww what? GD is sick again? Yeah i’ve notice some things but
    no, he can’t be.

  45. YAY~~~~~~
    they deserve the awards cuz they work hard to get it….
    I like them wearing pink outfit… hehe… ^_^
    wish big bang good luck in everything…
    we, VIPz,will support bb until whenever..

  46. Congratulations!
    I love how GD’s still rocking LV, except sunglasses this time.
    And it really makes me giddy that whenever TOP wears a suit, he always has a pocket square. =D And the suit FITS SO WELL.

  47. OMGOOLAY! CONGRATS MY BABIES! :heart: THEY LOOK SUPER SEXY IN PINK, but i reckon they should wear purple sometime 🙂

  48. see?! they will always win something if not the K music awards lol
    CONGRATSSS, BOYS :D:D:D<333 they’re always doing so well and
    LOOKING REALLY GOOD TOO HAHAA..butttt umm..tabiii?? what’s up with thhe pink suit? 😮 andd..SORRY, but im not really feeling his hair either o__o BUT WE STILL LOVE TABI HEHEHE.
    buttt… bongiieee! aiigooo. he looks finneeeeeeeeeeeee :} omfg seriously he’s so hott andd wayy COOOLIOHH xDDDD SHIATT, i mean the headband style itself STUNZZ MEE BAYYBEE. o__o but BABYYYYY<3 my darling baby [LOOLLL JK wth] he’s soo cuutee and looks HOTT<33 ADORABLE when he talks. [kyaaaaa!!! i just wanna die xD when he finished talking i was like ASD F:KASDJR (#$RJ OMGFGG lol CUUUTEEE] ahaa and then the VIPZ all screaming before he can say anything and is all courteous to wait CUUTIIEEE.. so sweet LOL. but then..when i saw him at first..does anybody else think that it looks a little familiar..i mean the style jacket baby is wearing? hahaaa like.. maybe bong had the same thing before AHAA..lmaoo and BAEEE’s usual SHEXIII styleee ;D im lovingg ittt {omgg MC DONALDS LOLL} alsoo, when i first saw dae i was like omg i didnt really notice him D: whyy the blackk!? loll he should be all EXPRESSIVE AND SHOW SOME COLORS i almost didnt see him aggh! Dx

    andd.. LOVEEE THE PICSSS haha i lovee photos of bb :D:D:D:D:D lmao, doesnt everybody xD GAHHHH so sexxyy -__________________-;
    but STILL CANT GET ENOUGHH tehehe 😛

    loveeeeeee, from all of us loll. gahhhh LOVE BB!!! ahahahaa

  49. I SPY: a GRI PIC xDDD<333

    g-ri FOREVERR MANNN<333333333333333333333 :}

  50. Congratulations BB! GOOD JOB! xP


  52. Congratzzzz to them!!! awww i’m so proud U.U

  53. congratttttttzzzzzz! YOU ROCK!!!
    Damnit! Ji young ah, where did you get that jacket???
    FLYING AS USUAL G-dragon!!!

  54. Congrats for winning the 4 awards..

    OMO, their them were pink? so cute ne….kawaiie desu.

    Ehe, look at Seung Hyun hyeong, ehe, wohoo, I kinda missed his old hair style XD

    Anyway, congrats again, Big Bang saranghaeyo. X]


  55. ohh…you are right gurl
    bong is so expressionless..
    not only when he was receiving the award
    but also during those performances
    what’s wrong with him?
    is he sick? >.<

  56. congrats guys!!

  57. awwwww i miss them being color coordinated its sooo cute!!!!! love GD’s jacket!!! soo cute! and TOP’s pink suit lol only he can pull off… but not too sure about the hair lol :p

  58. GD looks HOT

    during award shows, GD always have a blank and serious face on haha
    but yeah
    since it’s formal he just wanna be polite 🙂
    respectful leadah 🙂

    SR’s speech is the longest 🙂

  59. Congratulations to the boys!! SARANGHAE!!~~~♥ chuuu!

  60. aha!!..songrats to our boys..they own that night with the 4 awards..omg,this is damn good to me!!..and i miss to see them together..also,BB in pink??..i was *speechless* when it comes to tabi..i just think,omg,how SHINE he is in that night?? suit??..SO HOT..hehe..GD is *sigh,i’m speechless for our boys*..why they’re always cathing my eyes and heart with their them so much!!..
    BIG BANG HWAITING!!!!!!!!!..

  61. Keep fighting Big Bang!!!
    I know u can do it!! lolz…XD~

  62. I love JiYoung’s outfit but his face is a bit emotionless during sume parts of the show 😦 I love him when he is going nuts

  63. T.O.P is kinda hot in pink~~
    Ahhhh I’m deaddd

  64. I am not a fan of guys wearing pink, but BB does it for me.
    Ahhhh~ they were all so hot! But Tabi’s suit could blind some.
    Tae Yang looked so fayinnneeee..

  65. the first thing i noticed….they’re in PIIINNNKKK!!!?
    lol TOP caught my eyes w/ him all in pink 🙂
    YAY congrats to the boys! they deserved it!!!

  66. WHOO, congrats to BIG BANG!! ❤

    And BEST ALBUM won?! Of course! Hehee, awesome! n____n

    They all look so handsome. <333 Especially TOP!

    I love GD’s shades. He makes me want to buy a bajillion pairs of shades. xD

  67. i LOVE tops suit
    its hot!
    literally and figuratively :]
    heh heh sexy~
    Daesung and him are opposites~
    soo cute

  68. kenley
    well, since they share boxer too, i won’t surprise that they share their jacket as well.
    sob, don’t remind me of that.
    my internet is being stupit these days, i can’t download at all.
    i haven’t see him in FO

  69. The boys didn’t look so happy winning and performing
    The only person who looked excited to be there
    Seemed like seungri and dae sung 🙂
    But I’m happy for them thy won what they desered to win


  71. Tabi’s hair is actually cute! i love all of TOP’s hairstyle, except the one in I am Sam and the Music Drama with WG. Those nerdy styles were a no no.. but the rest (including this disco style) are all hot. Tabi can carry them well. Love you TOP!!! Mr. Choi Top is the best.

    It’s kinda disappointing that they didn’t win Dae Sang. They totally deserve that more. WG album sales were surprisingly low last year, whereas our Boys sold a combined total of 500k+ records. They totally totally deserve the Dae Sang more than anyone else.

    But 4 isn’t bad.

    Big Bang hwaiting! Sweep the MKMF, Golden Disk, Seoul Music Awards and Korea Music Awards this 2009! ^_^

  72. Awww.. Giyeong is sick D :
    Hopes he gets well soon . He looks so hot here ! ; D I loveeeeeeeeeee him ! (:

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