May Doni talks abt the upcoming group “Female BigBang”

Note: Kim May Doni and sister, Kim Yenny (who is also her back up dancer) were former YG Trainees. Both left YG in 2007.


‘Female Se7en‘ May Doni talked a little about upcoming group ‘female Big Bang‘.

She said in an interview recently, “Female Big Bang will have a totally different feel from your normal singer group. Their rap and dance capabilities is incredible. They will not be your normal cute or sexy concept girl group.”

In the interview, May Doni also spoke about how she had learned dancing from Park Ga Hee from After School before she debuted. Meanwhile, May Doni released her debut album ‘7TEEN’ a while back with the titles song ‘Molla-ING’.

K Bites:

~ by Momo on February 12, 2009.

28 Responses to “May Doni talks abt the upcoming group “Female BigBang””

  1. thats cool how shes supporting them!
    can’t wait for the girl group…YG is killing me..

  2. can’t wait for it! i just watched iljimae and i think sandara has improved well..i hope in singing and dancing too…

  3. Really? COOL!
    Yeah, YG is killing me too.
    But in a some-what good way.

  4. i can’t wait
    and it is a tradition for YG to delay and delay
    i know it’s gonna be something excited and new
    since they’re not cutesy nor sexy girl group
    i think they will definitely impress us..with something
    YG babies never disappoint 🙂
    can’t wait for park bom and CL
    i’m still a little skeptical about sandard though
    but we’ll see after they debut

  5. sandara*
    sorry for the typo kekeke

  6. wow… she makes me anxious about the ‘female bb’…
    wish the female bb lots of luck…

  7. Not typically cute or sexy…
    Does YG ever go for cutesy? LOL, can’t say anything about sexy, though. I’m looking forward to their debut.

  8. That’s why i like YG because their groups are very unique and fresh and i wonder who’s gonna be the 5th member :O

  9. guess what i love maydoni and i think her song is mega awesome (:

  10. haha, I totally do not expect some cute girl group from YG
    which makes me even more excited! Gaahh! I’m so eager now.
    I wanna hear GD’s productions and see these girls’ stuff!

  11. woooooo I really want the female group to debut soon! Though i still do not like sandara…. (not too sure why, theres just something about her i’m not too keen on).

    Also i really really do like May Doni!! A Great talent!!

  12. What May Doni said about female big bang, gaaaaaah, it’s really good to hear ❤ Even if I didn’t expect them to be a “cute” or “sexy” group, but it feels good to hear it from a celebrity, haha. And… srsly, I can’t stand it any longer ;__; I want them to debut like NOW ._. ! ❤ I’m so excited :’DDDDDDD <333 And ofc I wish them best of luck ❤

  13. Does anyone ever expect to see a cute or sexy group from YG?? lol…But the thing with YG artist is that they’re capable of any concept, take our lovely boys for example. Can they be cute? mega-adorable. Can they be sexy? like beasts…
    But I’m glad MayDoni said that though…it would’ve been soo sooo much better if she was still in YG, she’d be with the group

  14. I think she’s really sweet and it shows that she truly is humble and kind for supporting a group she could have been a part of.

    Either way May Doni and the YG girl group will be awesome no doubt ❤

  15. Cant wait for their debut,apart from wondergirls all other girl groups flaunt the sexy image or cute image. I like how YG take their time tho and perfect their artists. Not like other companies who just dont really care. Im sure female big bang is gonna be jus as sucessful as big bang. I wonder what their name is gonne be.
    Wish May Doni never left YG her voice was amazing

  16. I usually hate girl groups, but I cant wait for Female BB!
    Park Bom is soooo legit!

  17. AHHHHH I cannot wait!
    UGH YG will make me die
    becos almost everything they do
    impresses me. I CAN’T WAIT!

  18. Finally a Korean girl group that I can take seriously, hopefully. But YG never disappoints. I’m excited.

  19. i really wish maydoni stayed with yg….she would’ve been awesome being a part of yg’s girl group~

  20. … so cool! im actually excited about this group now!

  21. its great the May Doni’s supporting the “Female BB” group =)
    its nice to see other artist supporting each other…

  22. i hope they dont dissappointtt
    i mean we’re all anticipating their debut right
    it’ll be interesting & i really
    like that they’re arent so cliche.
    that would make ppl think
    oh its just another girl group.
    so HWAITING to them 😀

  23. ooohh, ANTICIPATION 😀

    i hope they will be as amazingg as they seem xD!!

  24. ugh~ I wish she also became one of them. I am honestly scared of this group. I don’t know. -_-;;

    It’s so amazing how MayDoni looks up for the new female group. Sure, she seems so superior for my opinion. Prolly just because I love her powerful talents. 😀

  25. OMG YUSS ! female big bang HWAITING (:

  26. Can’t wait for the femail Big Bang to release their first song.
    It should be really awesome cos kwon leaders the one producing their album xD

  27. typo sorry
    i meant “female” big bang

  28. so is there any new news yet?

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