SeungRi will end promotions with remix version of ‘Strong Baby’


Big Bang member SeungRi who had a successful solo debut with ‘Strong Baby’ will end his promotional activities with a performance of the remix version of the song.

YG Entertainment said, “SeungRi will end his promotions with a performance of remixed version of ‘Strong Baby’ on 14th February on MBC Music Core.”

SeungRi said, “In this one month, I guess fans have grown tired of the same song. So we came up with the remix version. The remix is done by 1TYM Teddy, it will have a different feeling as before. Because it is my last performance, I will want it to be a good one.”

For the remix performance, SeungRi will also be performing a new set of chereography.

After which, SeungRi will start preparing for his role filming in movie ‘71

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~ by Momo on February 12, 2009.

13 Responses to “SeungRi will end promotions with remix version of ‘Strong Baby’”

    im excited for this remix! NEW SET OF CHEREOGRAPGHY!!!???!I WONDER IF IT’S A MORE TO DIE FOR..CAN’T WAIT!!!

  2. ^ ROFL . I want that too 😉 SHIRTS OFFF!! 😀 yuuuuuuuuuum

  3. GASP* Really?
    Damnn i cannot wait for this!

  4. ohhh the movie :O i remember …well U.U definitely i’m gonna miss Strong Baby U.U wowww the remix as always YG genius ^^ can’t wait

  5. skjdnvcke
    TEDDY! I miss 1TYM so much, I freak out at the slightest bit of exposure. He should perform with Seung Ri. I’d love to see him going “CRACK, CRACK, CRACK!”

    Oh, I can’t wait for Baby’s new movie(s) either. I was already excited because of Kim Bum and Yoo Seung Ho, but now, I’m even more excited. xD

  6. @tabi. LOL YEAHHHH . or have him do something really extreme, since its his last performance … … (without getting blocked)

    i cant wait to see what he has prepared.


    OMG LOL! Yes, please SeungRi show us some skin!!!
    I’m so excited for this performance, even though
    it will be the last : ( but I’m so eager to see
    what new choreo he has and to hear the remix!

    ^_^Im spending Valentine’s Day with SeungRi<333

  8. I’d be ecstatically satisfied even if he just lifts up a lil’ bit of his shirt like how Bae always teases us with.
    But I’m expecting this remix to be AMAZING. I wonder if it’s gonna be a more slower remix or like a club remix…I’d like to see Baby sings it as a ballad…

  9. wow new choreography just for 1 performance go seung ri! I guess their boys are really doing their own stuff now. Oh well this will only develop them further and make them even better as big bang. Does anyone know when they are leaving to US, or is it just bae and GD going?

  10. Awww baby =)
    I’m EXCITED! Who will ever
    get tired of there songs? Awww can’t WAITT!! =DDD

  11. WHOA it looks like his solo activities were short :/
    Oh well. REMIX? YAY! I can’t wait! & new choreography?
    OHMYGOSH, he already killed me with that video, & new
    stuff? I will die. Lmao. Can’t wait!
    & NO Baby, I am sooo not tired of this song.

  12. MANNN! i’m really excited to see his new choreo and the remix.
    with 1TYM Teddy remixing the song, you KNOW its gonna be DOPE! =]

  13. Ooh a remix version? Yay~ and Feb. 14th is just tomorrow! : D

    I already like the original choreography, but it’ll be cool to see what else SeungRi is going to do. ^____^

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