02.13.09 Big Bang on Intimate Note

02.13.09 SBS Intimate Note
Guest Star: Big Bang
693 MB

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Anecia and I will be subbing this episode of “Intimate Note” but we won’t start until after Feb.20 (Anecia is currently busy with her exams). As always, softsub will be release so if you dowload this video file the timing will fit perfectly.


Thanks to cana730

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Due to the statement of Baby and Dae being awkward with each other revealed when they were on Sang Sang Plus last December, Big Bang members support their two maknaes to appear on “Intimate Note” a show with a purpose of brining 2 people closer together. I’m really surprise to find out about this last time, I mean aside from the huge fact that these two share the freaking same room for the past year living in their new house but during Big Bang’s hiatus period, these two work together during Music Core, so I really don’t know how they can’t find anything to say to each other when they’re alone. Really is a mystery, how can you be awkward with someone you share a room with??? O___O

They start the show with proof that these two are uncomfortable with each other, they set up hidden camera in the house where Baby and Dae just returned from their MC schedule, oh mai god, it’s so awkward it’s amazing, the MakRa couple. Their conversation never contain more than 4 lines.… WOW. Baby and Dae have no idea what’s in store for them keke Dae really hates not seeing things kekek he was using his legs to “FEEL” his surroundings haha while Baby just sit there like a little good boy, looking so freaking cute. Dae got tire of “feeling” and fell asleep while Baby start being arrogrant with his leg haha

They were just oh gad…… awkward beyond anything, as soon as Dae saw Tabi, it was like he found a treasure, when Tabi walked away, he was yelling “DON’T GO DON’T GO!!” haha like a lil kid. Them eating a donut together………………..AI YAI YAI. (why am I not surprise the mission from Tabi involved donuts??)

I’m gonna stop here. If I keep doing this I will fill 5 pages of writing, and ruin it for you so HAVE FUN WATCHING!!.


Capture during Intimate Note by me


Can’t wait for next week’s episode!!!

~ by Vicky on February 13, 2009.

84 Responses to “02.13.09 Big Bang on Intimate Note”

  1. Haha, the cap looks great! And all the pics. SeungRi and Dae look so silly/cute…. with that doughnut? XD

    I’ll wait for the subs, thanks for sharing! ^^

  2. Omg the donut is so cute LOL
    Cant wait !

    i was waiting for this alll dayyy
    AAH cant wait to see it
    they look so adorable<33
    man. this is pure awesomeness~ ^^

  4. btw..
    hubby tabi has got
    to involve sweets in something
    hehe donut.. (8

  5. Omg and is that their house kitchen? XD

  6. so true ! how can you be awkward with someone you share a room with and host music core with ? LOL

    BUT LOL @ Tabi’s idea . has to involve donuts . he is TOO cute !
    and i cant wait to watch this with subs LOL

  7. loll please sub soon! hehe but i thought seung ri and top were the awkward pair =P

  8. omg! looks so amazing! i can’t wait to watch it later!!
    because im currantly watching Boys Over Flowers (SO AMAZING!)

  9. haha
    i watched that like last night at 2 AM LOL
    i was like so happy hahha

    you get to see THEIR HOUSE!!!
    their living room is so clean
    SR sits so close to the TV…isn’t that bad for his eyes??

    this is just hilarious
    it’s SO AWKWARD between them
    but they are SO CUTE!!!
    when they found out they are on close note (betrayed by other hyungs LOL)…they looked so cute

  10. the pics are FREAKING HILARIOUS!

    Gosh darn…still waiting for the show to DL
    thanks by the way!! So excited to watch…

    but i think ill watch it later after Kkot Boda Namja and
    after music core^^…can’t miss SeungRi’s last perf!!

    what time will it be???? 3:00PM Ktime?? OMG is it like in 15 minutes?!

  11. ahh so cute! i was wondering when this episode was going to be aired.i’m so excited! gonna downlad it now. heheh.
    i thought our maknae would be more awkward with tabi honestly.i didnt see how they could be THAT awkward with each other,but now i knowww.haha.
    and omg look at tabi with his huge eyes and thumbs up.ahah def my favourite screen cap.>_<
    dae and baby eating that donut like a pepero.hahah i wanna find out how far they stopped with that donut.hahaha!

  12. hi! thanks for the show vicky!

    what time is MBC music core on, and what channel on TVants?? so i can watch it live! thanks!

  13. the show is just plain hilarious.
    their adorable actions and expressions just makes me laugh and smile throughout watching the show.
    i never knew that Daesung and Seungri could be that awkward with each other…! because they spend time together the most right? music core, sharing the same room,etc
    all their missions were very cute and funny~

    anticipating part 2 of this show!

    btw, how do you watch music core live?

  14. donut scene = me squealing nonstop
    funny how daesung was walking when he was blindfolded and how Seungri was chewing on the bus xD

  15. apey

    just search MBC and it should pop up 🙂
    and it will be on at 3:30 PM in KOREA which is like 30 minutes from now

  16. haha this looks hilarious!!
    i hope seungri and daesung wont be awkward anymore haha
    ill have to wait for the subs…but im so excited!
    i need to watch this and the family outing episode…cant wait!!!

  17. OH MY SHIT,

    im going to watch this tomorrow as soon as i have time xDD
    omgomg imma have a hard time sleeping :D:D and that’s okay..hehe

  18. tubbyy

    I use TVants
    you can google and dowload it
    then just search MBC and wait til it loads

    or you can go to this site

    and chose MBC
    though it rarely works since many ppl have been using this nowadays

  19. gosh, i hope my internet will get better before Feb 20

  20. waaah!
    I dont want him to leave!! >.<
    he’s the only reason I stay up late every friday
    now BB is really leaving us
    booh hoo hooooooo ;_____;
    well unless they decide to show Iris a little earlier and I get to see my man’s acting again ;P
    lol the episode of intimate note seems hella funny but I’ll wait for the subs



  22. nya

    aww unnie~
    that’s why I haven’t seen u that much lately T___T??
    well part cuz of my stuff too 😀
    don’t worry
    VVC will be back and running soon ahhaha

  23. What time is it gonna be for next week? Ahh~ really wanna watch this awkwardness one! XDXDXD

  24. realdeal09

    it’s gonna air on 02.20.09 at 10:55 PM (KOREAN TIME) on SBS

  25. ahhh tvants isnt working for me!! it cant even find any channels T.T it says no channels exist in the list :[

  26. oh yay the channels showed up! which MBC do i choose?

  27. jk YAYAYAY its working 😀

  28. who are these two guys?

  29. im watching it right now! yay, thanks vicky.

  30. yayy. theyre so cute! whoa that thing he’s standing on looks kinda dangerous xD

    where did “makra” come from?

  31. chris brown performed on a similar thing.. did u guys hear about CB? woww i cant believe it

  32. oh my…it looks like a motion stimulator..lol
    music core indeed has the most creative stages!

  33. OMG..im watching MC ayt NOW!!!…idk whos singing though…a woman familiar but idk her…

  34. yay..SG Wannabe!!!….I love how VIPz..jam in to other singers too..all the fans!!! :))

  35. i think seungri is performing soon!! ❤

  36. seungri remix!!! awesome!

  37. PINK PANTS! girls got new outfits tooo ❤

  38. “VI like this~~” ahaha love his voice there!!


  40. VI like this~~ <333

  41. OMFG!!!!
    that was like the greeeatest remix!!!
    and those pink pants…SEXY!!!!
    he even did the “touch me”part I’m in heeeeaven!!!
    I’m sooooo spazzed right noew wwaaaaaaah!! waaaah!!!!

  42. EVERYTHING <333 ,,..

  43. it was too short!! aww seungri dont go!

  44. woohoo!! hot pink pants!!! hot hot hot!
    the remix was fast-moving!
    and so is the new choreography..lol

    this is the first time im watching seungri’s perf. live, and sadly enough, it is the last, for now. :l
    maknae has done a great job in his solo!!!
    good job Seungri! ❤

  45. ayy..im so gonna miss his solo perf.

  46. aww so proud of him doing all his solo stuff <33

  47. I’m so jealous!! Where can I watch this on television? Maaan, I live in Hawai’i so it’s hard to see these things? Where can I watch it LIVE? lol any websites?

  48. gad it’s over??? damn!
    please upload soon!!!
    I’m gonna watch intimate note now…it looks like I’m gonna laugh a lot over this!!!

  49. I’m going to watch it right now even w/o subs! good luck on exams anecia! the pictures look really funny!

  50. Mmm, some GTOP loving going on in that last cap. Haven’t seen that in a while. xD

    Dude, TOP’s hair looks amaaaazingly soft.

  51. ah! thanks for uploading this xD cant wait tillt he subbed version…um, a question, are you gonna be uploading the subbed version on youtube? my brother’s not exactly wanting me to download stuff…T___T

  52. arg~~~~~ those pictures are so cute. Ri, he’s totally cutie!!!!

  53. *SQUEAL* ahhh, just watched Intimate Note
    SeungRi & TOP locking arms is soo LOVE!! ahh, i went crazy witnessing that lol TOP’s smile when he left the window after giving the mission was just HOT! and then TY walking that way and doing the peace sign thing hahaha that was so JJANG..ROFL when GD was yelling from the roof and then DaeSung gave that dorky laugh..hahaha! Loved seeing all of BigBang on this show..so excited for the next episode..it looks more funny and all of BB are participating!!

  54. wahahaha omg i can’t wait to watch this..
    after reading your freaking essay
    how can they be so awkward since they’re roommates?~~
    tabi ahh~
    and bong with blacked teeth??
    i gotta watch this lol

  55. Hahahaha daee is hilarious. Bae looks so cool with the blindfold on with his trademark new era cap and that collage jacket haha. Im shocked too how can they be so awkward together, after the years training with each other and all that time spent with each other, its quite weird. Maybe they should do what shinhwa did a take showers together that would eliminate any awkwardness hahah

  56. hahha omg!!! it was so funny. ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ !!! ..gd looks so cool ❤ ..and TOP..with his hair love it !! haha I love the scene when dae and baby run to each other ” SEUNG RI ah~ ” “DAE SUNG ah~” hahahaha and then..hahaha Dae fell ❤

    . . . the preview looks so funny !!
    …can’t wait for next week’s episode..

    ooaah…I love the Strong Baby remix ❤

  57. omg thanks for uploading 😀 but only one question, are u missing a cut, because at the end it cut off 😦 is it suppose to be like tht, or is it just me 😦 it would be nice if u could help thanks 😀

  58. Vi
    This stupid internet just too much for me.
    I haven’t watch hubby on FO also.
    I can’t download anything, barely to keep my internet connected.

    Btw how bout u?
    Something keep u busy?
    Should we say that VVC is on break also together with BB? Kekeke

    The cap of Intimate Note look so funny~~~
    I can’t help my desire to watch it.

  59. ehe, I have watched the first part out of 7, eheh so funny and I laughed so hard.

    I wish both dongsaeng…their awkwardess towards each other will be gone. I am so happy that Seung Hyun hyeong and Tae-Ji Yong dongsaeng help both of Dae And Seung Ri dongsaeng to be close with each other.



  60. i love LEE SEUNG HYUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!^^

  61. nya

    no way~
    that’s sucks cuz i was like nya must be on cloud nine after watching FO
    but u haven’t yet
    hope you will get to see it soon

    high school life is bugging me out
    and i wasn’t talking about studying hahah
    you can say it’s boy problem keke
    don’t have any energy lately -____-
    i just want it to be summer already so I can just get away from all of it

    but haha VVC is on break
    we’ll be back soon and be more peverted than ever haha

  62. so funny!!!

  63. thanks Vicky – i’ll be waiting for your subs! ^_^

  64. @ vicky, thank you for the information. 🙂
    @ apey, I know! I can’t believe it either! I was like “REALLY?! Chris Brown? He did that!?” when I heard it from the news. Ahh, how I love CB but I really can’t believe he did that. :O

    I watched it last night and I found myself screaming alone in my covered room like an idiot. hahaha. It was short though, I thought it’s gonna be something special but I loved the REMIX! **clears throat* ripped song anybody??? please~~ ^^* It’s just that, some fans kept on shouting so I can’t figure out if their voices were part of the song. gah~ and I love GEE!!! and Honey of Kara~ oh, SeungRi will be missed by all of us fo’sho! 😀

  65. LMAO! this Episode seems hilarious 😀 i’m gonna watch xD! and waiting for the subs ^^ thanx to Vicky and Anecia for the subs ^^

  66. […] 02.13.09 Big Bang on Intimate Note 02.13.09 SBS Intimate Note Guest Star: Big Bang 693 MB […]

  67. Vi
    They said that there’s some underground cable reparation.
    So the internet connection will not like usual.
    BUT they say it like more that a week ago.
    & it’s not repaired yet. WTF???
    I’m not a patience person & this driving me crazy.

    Huh? I though ur head is contained of baby only.
    Boy problem, hahaha…

    Perverted than ever.
    Our boys said that they’ll back with more improved self & we will too!! Haha
    We’ll back with more perverted self too. Keke

    Btw, it’s valentine Day there right??
    Happy valentine to u gurl ^^

  68. hahaha i also still can’t believe the fact that Dae and Seungri are awkward with each other haha….but at the same time i still find it kinda cute that they are awkward around each other hahaha…can’t for you and anecia to sub this =]

  69. OMGLOL. You added more pics that I missed. OMG GD! Hahaha…. <333

    Hehee, in the last two pics, are they playing that ‘Catch the Paper with your Heads’ game? XDD; I saw that game on FO. XD

  70. Man, I just watched the first part on Youtube. I liked seeing how they live on a normal (or maybe not-so-normal?) day at home but it was UNBEARABLY AWKWARD. Like…i wanted to cry. I was dying for some interaction! I will wait until it’s subbed to watch the rest.

  71. 55555 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    THNK U SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  72. ooohhhhh love it especially my young bae!!! hhhmmmmm….

  73. miz my young bae…..

  74. ahahaha i’m just laughing at the pictures, so i’m guess that the video will be so much better =)
    can’t wait till the subs, however i will still watch it!

  75. everyone looks so adorablleee in the pictures! XD
    why is taeyang’s hat so funky?

    LOLOLOLWTF at the transformed GD.

    TOP ❤ love his haaaair.

    cant wait to watch with subs 😀

  76. i love tae yang for real!!!!!!

  77. i’ve never felt that spazzy after watching xDD<333

  78. ohhhhohoohohoohohhhhhhhhhh
    if only i could get that close to Baby’s lips…

  79. GD is so cute,adorable and sweet G-dragon hwaiting

  80. is there english subs for this? thanks 🙂

  81. OMG! when GD HAD to resort to do the MAPAGI head slapping move because DAE just wouldn’t laugh was HILARIOUS!!!

  82. I tried to watch the vidoe but it says the video has been removed and the account suspended..wat do i do?really2 wanna watch…help!!!

  83. what is the password?

  84. Are these videos still on YouTube, both part 1 & 2!?

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