Big Bang Reveals Self-Fulfilment Strategies


By Chung Ah-young
Staff Reporter

Idol group Big Bang seems to be the boys-next-door, even quiet and unassuming, but once they are on stage they exude charisma and passion in their music.

They were not overnight stars. They were well prepared and tailor-made by YG Entertainment led by Yang Hyun-suk, a local pop mogul.

In “Shouting to the World” written by Big Bang, which has shot onto the bestseller list, they write about how they became stars and overcame difficulties on the way.

However, the book is not an autobiography but a self-development guide, giving clear directions and inspirational messages for readers who seek success of any type. Through their vivid and real stories, they say what the young should do and how to achieve their goals and control their minds.

Consisting of T.O.P., Victory, G-Dragon, Dae-sung and Tae-yang who are not that tall or handsome like other idols, the group tells their stories in their own words in chapters written by each members.

“This book is not just a success story but an essay which tells the dreams and hopes of the young through self-fulfillment,” G-Dragon said.

They were selected through a survival test among six contestants over four years. They underwent harsh competition and had to pass each step to become a finalist.

G-Dragon, born Kwon Ji-yong, harbored a dream to become a singer at a very early age and spent six years as an apprentice at an entertainment agency.

“We memorized rap songs and dances when our friends memorized English words at school. When they sweated in the playground, we sweated to learn the dances in the stifling underground rehearsal room, fighting the sweltering heat,” he said.

Because they had different goals from their peers who wanted to make it to prestigious universities, they had to make greater efforts than any others, he said.

In the first chapter, G-Dragon explains his position as the leader who has to be demanding, critical and harsh to other members.

The leader and songwriter of the group said that “Big Bang is an idol group not born of talent but through effort.”

Although he has a talent for writing songs and lyrics, he had to submit a song he wrote to Yang every week for six years. He attributed the long and painful training process to his ability in composing. “Talent and ability are different. Showing talent and being able to do it are totally different from just having it,” he said.

Tae-yang (his real name is Dong Young-bae) first encountered pop music at the age of six through his brother’s cassette. It was Michael Jackson’s music. Since then, he continued to develop his interest in music, particularly the soul and R&B genres.

He met Yang when he had a small role in a music video shooting spot, and begged him for a chance to become a singer.

Not surprisingly, Yang shrugged off his request as the naive idea of a young boy, saying “I will let you know later.” But there was no contact from Yang, so Tae-yang visited his office and asked him to make him a singer.

Yang gave him the opportunity to audition, which led to the long apprenticeship. Despite strong opposition from his parents, he commuted from the rehearsal room near Hongik University in western Seoul to Uijeongbu, Gyeonggi Province after school everyday.

In daily feedback and monitoring, Tae-yang was criticized by Yang for his lack of singing ability and was sometimes compared to G-Dragon.

But whenever his weak points were revealed, he just increased his practice and training.

For Dae-sung, the smiling boy in the group, overcoming the objection from his parents was the most difficult task. He confessed he left home for one week to win their permission.

But the real world was harsher than his parents’ opposition. He was nicknamed as a smiling boy and cheerful icebreaker although he is, in fact, shy and introverted. Dae-sung sometimes felt burdened by having to talk when he didn’t want to. But his image actually made him think positively and become more cheerful, particularly in the face of hardship.

T.O.P. (Choi Seung-hyun) might be the most candid member when talking about the past. He confessed he used to hang around with delinquent friends.

But after he experienced his best friends’ deaths in motorcycle accidents, he began to concentrate on writing lyrics for hip-hop songs.

Before becoming an apprentice at YG Entertainment, he performed on many underground stages at hip-hop clubs but hadn’t danced before. So he couldn’t accept dancing as a rapper and had trouble adapting to rigorous dancing training and tight control on his personal life.

Lastly, Victory, whose real name is Lee Seung-hyun, had a more bitter experience than other members. He first failed to pass the final apprentice round because of his lack of singing ability. He was a dancer rather than a singer before joining the group.

But Yang gave him a last chance without any real expectation that he would make it. He practiced singing anytime and anywhere after even being kicked out of their training house.

Finally, he won the hearts of the producer but he still tries to improve his singing skills, he said.
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~ by Momo on February 14, 2009.

28 Responses to “Big Bang Reveals Self-Fulfilment Strategies”


  2. Wow…YG Ent. are really harsh…
    If amazing stars like Big Bang were rejected, I don’t know who else can possibly be accepted to YG Ent. because of their high standards.
    But. than again, each of Big Bang members is an incredibly amazing singer!!!!
    BB Hwaiting!!!!

  3. wow, this shows 2 people that big bang really have to go through all the hard times to become an incredible band!
    dis also shows dat big bang really are dedicated 2 their fans 🙂

  4. aw, touched. they’ve been through hardship but their dreams have come true 🙂 whatever happens, they’ll have each other and us,the fans 😀

  5. “Big Bang is an idol group not born of talent but through effort.”

    This sentence teared me up T__T
    On the stage they’re like superstars
    but who knows what is happening off the stage?
    who understands what it takes to perform so well on stage?
    Effort is all it takes
    but undeniably, the boys definitely have talents!
    i started liking them because of their different talents
    and their style of music, its something different from kpop
    but totally not because of their face though
    cause to me..BB is never handsome xD
    but now since i’ve fallen in love with them
    beauty is in the eye of beholder hahahaha
    they’re all handsome and hot to me! LOL
    now, we can’t exactly say that they’re very successful
    but the boys can definitely go further
    work harder boys! VIPs will be there like forever and ever
    and i love YG..for picking the boys and created Big Bang
    Thanks Mr. YG~you’re brilliant.

  6. poor TOP… his best friend died. haha. and he really didn’t know how to dance before! kinda obvious, he’s by far the least talented dancer, but he’s still so hot for me! ^_^

  7. I know all the other stories except for Tabi… didn’t know his best friends died in an accident.
    Being with delinquent friends before, maybe it is true that he used to smoke? or he knows how.
    And I thought Baebae was easily signed up just like Bong, but he worked hard for Yang CEO’s approval…I’m loving him a lot more.

    I know Big Bang always put a lot of effort to their performances, songs, album…they may not be the best looking group but they got charisma and sincerity that stretch out to anyone who watches them or listens to them.
    I will always love Big Bang, even if they separate many years later…I love them and they will always inspire me.

    Big Bang Hwaiting!

  8. thank you for posting this article..
    same like jiyanz.. i also teared up because of that particular sentence.
    Cause it is really honest and hard to say i think..
    I really appriciate their hard work..and even more now after reading that..

    also this sentence “Talent and ability are different. Showing talent and being able to do it are totally different from just having it,”

    really wakes me up!! no use to have talent if you can not show and do anything about it..!!
    thank you thank you Jiyongee..

    even though all of Big Bang’s work until now are GREAT, but i anticipate to see more from them!! Hwaiting!!!

  9. This is what makes me love Big Bang more than other groups, because they were not chosen because they look good or anything. Everything they have acheived was through effort, they trained so hard especially GDYB, I especially feel the most for Bae, who sometimes didnt even go home and just spent the whole night in the training room. And back then his dance and vocals wern’t so good, if anything he has truly achieved everything through hardwork.

  10. uwah..I didn’t know that TOP’s best friend died..T_T

    big bang hwaiting!! ❤ ❤ LOVE BIG BANG

  11. Thank you very much to post this here.
    Now i love BB more and more…
    They went through many hardships to be what they r right now..
    This article makes me cry… I didn’t know so many things of our boys, especially that Tabi used to hang around with delinquent friends, and that his best friend died, He must be really hurt that time, He really changed, i can see it…
    BB hwaiting
    We the iVIPz will always love u no matter what happens ❤
    Happy valentine day =)

  12. so this is what it feels like to be an iVIP.
    after reading this, i love BB even MORE…ALL the work and effort they put in just makes me teary. i agree that YG Ent. is a harsh company, but look at them NOW?! they are ALL successful with fans standing right beside them.

    To: Mr. YG please translate the book, i would be more than happy to buy it. =]

  13. Wowwww reading this make me remember about the documentary days T.T ahhhh~~ so much they have to fight to be what they are now U.U i fell really proud to be a V.I.P <333

    YG should release an English version of the book :O

  14. This is so inspiring, and this is really the reason why I love Big Bang, they work hard and they are successful through their efforts and not simply from talent, that’s why to me, they are the perfect group. Their background and past life is just inspiring because it makes them who they are today.

    This is like the greatest message to anyone who is trying to find and achieve their dreams. You don’t have to be born with talent, ahhh! BB is like the perfect example of success in general!!

    I wish I knew Korean so I can read the whole book! grr

    Big Bang fighting!

  15. “Consisting of T.O.P., Victory, G-Dragon, Dae-sung and Tae-yang who are not that tall or handsome like other idols”

    they are MORE handsome than other idols!!!

  16. =[ My BeBe had to endure being criticized and compared to GD =[

    But they are finally a family, so its a happy ending all around.

  17. Lols; they might not be that tall but they are most definitly handsome (: Damn Kwon, Ji Yong. You are a very hard working man. That is why i like you so much. DAMN, you had so submit a song every week for 6 years. That’s just very crazy but Wonderful. But that’s pretty hard to do. Well, i would of failed. Kinda, not really. “Big Bang is an idol group not born of talent but through effort.” Awww, that is so true. They were born as Star [ahems* G-Dragon] but they did work for it too. That’s another reason why i like Big Bang. They put so much effort just to make their VIPz happy. They work very hard no matter what. Dong Young Bae, really? but it voice is so amazing though. It’s like perfect for a R&B song. Oh yeah, i always heard stories of how he was being compared to G-Dragon back when they were trainees. Kang Dae Sung, ahh i love him for being so smiley & cheerful. It’s so hard to do at times but looking at him smiling you know that everything’s going to be alright. Choi Seung hyun. Aww his Best Friend died. That’s so sad. That’s terrible. I never knew that about him,,just like his grandpa being a writer but died. But you know what? I’m kinda glad his friend died [not to be mean]. I mean if that didn’t happen then TOP wouldn’t be TOP or the Choi Seung Hyun that we know right now. I wonder how he rapped back in the days. And i bet chu` his friend is proud of him right now (:
    Lee Seung Hyun, ah that boy. I’m so glad he made it and didn’t get kicked out. Big Bang would of been SO DIFFERENT without him. He brings the joy in Big Bang, other then DaeSung. I love that boy too. He singing has gotten better. They all have. They all have improved at what they are doing. && they’ll just keep getting better & better as times goes by. I believe they will become Undying Stars =]
    I’m glad to be a VIP [a fan of Big Bang]
    Thank You for posting/translating. UGGHH i want the book so bad.
    I’m waiting for the English version but i don’t when it’s coming out.

  18. ‘Not that tall or handsome like other idols’…. Pshh. What? Big Bang is is SO handsome! ❤ They’re amazing.

    Dang, the training was tough. They worked so hard to get to where they are now. ❤ And they’re still moving forward, doing a whole lot more. ❤

    BB is so inspiring. Man I love them. *-* <333

  19. Not tall or handsome? Geez, what a lie.

    Man, these boys werw worked HARD. I can’t believe they didn’t like Tae Yang FOR HIS VOICE. What a lovely voice he has. He must’ve practiced a lot, then. And, GD had to submit one song a week? That’s insane!

    I want translations of this book so badly. I’m sure it will be inspiring.

  20. ahhh love big bang so much!! wooww jiyong had to write a song for Mr. YG EVERY WEEK for six years??! man mr. yg’s very demanding. but he’s amazing for helping Big Bang become who they are today!
    aww im so happy for taeyang now that he’s proved everyone that he’s good enough. he’s the best!
    TOPie~ we know your the sentimental one, even though your the big hyung. aww thats really sad..his best friend died. T.T
    Big Bang VIPs will love you forever!!! please dont do solo activities for too long, we want you all back!! <33

  21. aww tabo hubby must hav had a difficult pastt
    that makes him more deep huh? goshh
    i wanna just hug him T T;
    and the rest of them~ we’re all proud of
    our boyss
    they went throo so much
    to be who they are now. to have us
    VIPs loving them. what we would do without them

  22. the more i know about them, the depper my love to them…
    big bang hwaiting…. VIPz hwaiting….!

  23. learn about the icebergs at http;//

  24. Thank you so much for posting this. I’m ashamed that I know too little about them. It’s always hard to reach success but the harder it’s the more I admire them.
    Thanks to YG’s strict way of training, we have our Big Bang now. But lol they didntt need to force a boys to write songs every week in 6 years. Man! I wonder how GD bore this. He must have exerted himself very much! I ADORE HIM!!!
    I cant belive that Tae Yang used to be criticized for lacking in singing ability. My god, I swear that he has one of the most amazing voices I’ve ever heard.
    And lol DS left home to get permission huh? haha what a naughty boy! His shining smile inspires me a lot lol!
    TOP,to me, is always an original rapper. His past life shows that too =). and I feel sorry for his friend!
    ABout SR, maybe to me he doesnt neither sing incredibly nor dance amazingly but I like him bcoz he’s a young boy who always try try and try to improve himself. At his age, not many ppl can be as successful as him 😀

    And once again, I have to say that I DAMN wanna the book!!!

  25. Thank you so much for posting and translating this article. It really makes me realize why I love Big Bang so much and why I think they’re so amazing. Through hard work and dedication they have really shown that they are superstars, talented in every way. This is one of the most meaningful success stories I’ve ever read.
    A lot of people criticize Big Bang, saying that they don’t deserve the success or recognition that they’ve achieved, and that the only thing they’re good for is being a cash cow for YG. But they are completely wrong. These boys are so inspiring!

  26. amazing. just simply amazing.

    “Big Bang is an idol group not born of talent but through effort.”
    that just goes to show what can be achieved through hard work and determination. it also goes to show how amazing these guys are, and how amazing they’ll continue to be.

    “…not that tall or handsome like other idols” aha. they may not be that tall, but they are DEFINATELY handsome. lmao

    they will always be undying stars, especially to us… ;]


  27. wow this is amazing. and it put me in awe.
    showing how much hardships they went through before this…
    also how much it paid off for them.
    im really surprised that GD had to write songs for YG to look through every week…FOR SIX YEARS.
    and i thought taeyang wouldve had parental support :/
    they deserve every little reward they get, even if its only satisfaction.

    big bang FIGHTING!

  28. aw man…how i wish there were a fully translated version of this book.

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