Happy Valentine’s Day!


ello there

Happy Valentine’s Day! It’s Feb 14th in Malaysia.
And guess what??? i received a bouquet of daisies with chocolate and a tiny bear sent to my place yesterday.
Caught me by surprise.!!!!
Though i wish to receive Seungri’s box of chocolate instead~^^
Anyway, hope everyone is having an Amazing Valentine’s Day amongst friends, families and your love ones.

On a side note,YG Entertainment reported that they have been receiving about 300 boxes of chocolates and presents from fans to Big Bang, sent to their dormitory since the night of 13th February. Lucky boys. ^^
Thank you: http://sookyeong.wordpress.com/

Lots of hugs and kisses to all BBFansite Readers!!!!!!

ps: my apology for not making a Valentine Project for Big Bang this year!

~ by Momo on February 14, 2009.

38 Responses to “Happy Valentine’s Day!”

  1. a big hugs from me to you, Momo XD



    Will I be the first one? I hope so ne… XD


  2. and oh yes, here in Brunei, it is as well as 14th of February XD

  3. *hugs back* 😀 valentines is over for australians but happy valentines day anyway!

  4. Hey momo, LOL who is the mysterious guy that sent you gifts?
    my valentine’s as usual..is another normal day for me
    no present, no date..hahaaaa it’s so pathetic >.<
    but who cares i’m still a happy person! keke
    Happy Valentine’s!
    big hug and kiss to you too~!
    and all the VIPs!
    ohhh 300 boxes of choc??
    AHHHHH how are they gonna finish those chocs?
    lucky boys..i don’t even have one lol
    happy valentine’s to my beloved boys~
    loves ❤

  5. Happy v-day too ^___^

  6. yeah!! Happy Valentine’s Day, Big Bang & VIPs!!!
    i had an Algebra test today..
    wat a way to celebrate it..haha

  7. Happy Valentine’s Day to all
    BigBang VIP’s & BigBang!

  8. Happy V Day to Big Bang and VIPz! =)

  9. Lots of hugs and kisses to u all TOOOOOOO!!!
    *muahh* *muahh* *muahhh* *muahhhh*

  10. happy v-day VIPZ!


  12. HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY to everyone!!! Kisses And Hugs For My JiYongie! Saranghae!

  13. Happy Valentine’s Day to you all!! <333


  15. Happy Valentine’s Day to ALL the iVIPz out there…ohhh YESS and our Big Bang too!
    So Momo; who’s the secret admirer? LOL =)

  16. heyy to all the malaysian fans. i was wondering if stores in malaysia are selling the global warning concert or any big bang albums/goodies? and if there is, in what stores and where in kuala lumpur. THANKS SO MUCH!

    lets keep banginnggggg


    <3daesung oppa!

  17. ♥ HAPPY VALENTINE’S to all VIPZ!! ♥ And to u Momo ^^ have fun with the chocolate ^^ lol~~~

  18. Happy Valentine’s day. Aw, that’s cool.
    From who? Ooh. Lols i wish Seungri sent me a box of Chocolates.
    That would of made my day. Ugh i had to go work at my cousin’s
    house. grr i was so mad & i didn’t even know it was
    Valentine’s day when my cousins kept talking about it.
    WHOO, that’s A LOT of boxes of Chocolate.
    Hey, i would of sent one too…if i lived there.
    But of course, Big Bang is LOVEDD by all fans around.
    Wait don’t they leave for Japan like today b/c in Korea
    it’s in the morning of the 15th. Kay nevermind, not yet i guess.

  19. I’m sending them something for their birthdays
    I think that’s enough to satisfy them. Valentines is so trademark anyway Bleh!

  20. Happy V-day to BIG BANG! Happy V-day to EVERYONE! Whee~ <33

    Aww, Momo what a nice surprise! n___~ -hugs-

    Our guys are lucky. I want some chocolate.

  21. awww~ I want to give them some chocolates.. ahihi~~ HAPPY VALENTINES TO EVERYONE!! ♥♥

  22. aawwww xDD

    goddd, that’s likeee a dream to have a box of chocolates from bb or a member from bb xDD<33
    i would like seung ri’s box of chocolates :}<33

    hehe, luckky youu got all those little present xDD!

    HAPPY V-DAY TO VIPZ AND Bigbanggg<3 xDD!

  23. @carling,
    u’re a Malaysian VIP??
    try finding it at Times Square..
    there’s a store dat sell korean stuff(mostly Dbsk & Suju)..
    but there’s also a few Big Bang’s stuffs..
    sorry,i forgot which floor de store is located..
    try 2nd,3rd,4th & 5th floor..(haha..sorry..i just remembered it’s not at de ground & 1st floor..)
    it’s a small store n located near de corner..


  25. happy valentine’s day to everybody!!! aww all VIPs love our Big Bang boys so much~~
    300 boxes of chocolates/presents?? =OO haha well some fattening up couldnt hurt jiyong :] but i like his skinniness :]

  26. happy valentine’s day to everybody!!! aww all VIPs love our Big Bang boys so much~~
    300 boxes of chocolates/presents?? =OO haha well some fattening up couldnt hurt jiyong :] but i like his skinniness :]

  27. @carling

    yup the store crystal said is in Times Square 5th floor!
    don’t take the escalator at the main entrance
    follow the escalator at the other side of times square
    after you reached 5th floor using the escalator,
    the shop is the 1st shop at your right
    hope that helps!
    that shop is full of DBSK and SUJU stuff
    my friend went there and ADVISED the boss to bring in some bb stuff
    and the next time we went, the shop has gotten quite alot of bb stuff kekeke
    i bought my global warning there as well
    and they posted it to my house using GDex (some delivery company) hahahaha
    i told my friend : see? GD chose to deliver it to me lol xD

  28. wow, lucky you VIPz from Malaysia, I do wish they do sells some of Korean stuff here in Brunei.

    I don’t know when I will be going to Malaysia, and if I will go there, I so cannot wait to go to that place that sells Big Bang stuff, ehe XD


  29. HEY thanks so much guys! no i’m a canadian vip lol. but my family is from malaysia and my father is heading over there soon so i want him to pick up some big bang goodies for me. thanks so muccccchhh guys

    big bang fighting!

    oh yea i actually wanted to type happy vday loll not bday haha.

  30. SEUNGRI WON HIS FIRST MUTIZEN AWARD! CONGRATS BABY! http://sookyeong.wordpress.com/2009/02/15/weekend-must-see-performances-seungris-1st-mutizen/

  31. hey guy happy valentine !!!!!!!!!!


  33. 300 boxes of chocolate?!
    those lucky pimps 🙂

  34. cool Happy Late V-Day peoplez =D
    they are so lucky to get sum chocolate D: I wish i got chocolate from my peoplez atleast…oh well
    are most of you people Malaysian?? cool =D
    are there any hispanics here?
    ;3 i know random question to ask…
    randomness rulez =D

  35. woooooooooooooooaaa
    300 boxes
    i wanna send em one too

  36. 300????
    they deserve it yoooooo..

  37. Happy Valentines to Big Bang!!! especially Young Bae….

    And also to all big bang VIP’s…. tnx for this site….

  38. hey do you guys know how much the price of the global warning ocncert is in malaysia? i’m so sad…the global warning concert is sold out on yesasia 😥

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