Iris will have 2 version: Feature Film and TV Drama


Lee Byung-heon and Kim Tae-hee’s much-anticipated match-up in the upcoming action-spy drama,Iris, will also be producing — simultaneously — a film version.

Producers from Taewon Productions say, “The movie will be produced alongside with the drama, and be shown in theaters after the drama’s end, with a separate story.” The drama won’t merely be re-edited in film form, but rather, a different version will be made entirely — a first time for a project of this kind.

The two projects will be undertaken by different directors. The drama will be shot by PD Kim Kyu-tae, who worked on KBS dramas A Love to Kill and Loveholic; the film will fall to Yang Yoon-ho of films Holiday and Libera, ME.

According to one rep, “The work of scriptwriting will be divided between them and on the filming location, the drama and film teams will operate separately.”

The cast for the drama (and film) also includes Jung Jun-ho (The Last Scandal of My Life), Kim Seung-soo (Why Did You Come to Our House), and Big Bang’s TOP. The 20-episode drama will shoot overseas in Japan, Russia, and Turkey to a tune of a 20 billion won production budget.

The project most similar to Iris is the joint Korea-Japan “telecinema” production featuring a stable of Japan’s top screenwriters with Korean directors and producers, to be shown in theaters and on television in both countries. The difference is that the telecinema is more like an omnibus film, with separate parts written and filmed by a different team, featuring separate actors. (One being Hero Jaejoong and Han Hyo-joo’s Heaven’s Postman.)

Iris is scheduled to air on KBS in September

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~ by Momo on February 14, 2009.

19 Responses to “Iris will have 2 version: Feature Film and TV Drama”

  1. wait so does this mean that TOP might go to Turkey and Japan and even Russia too??
    O_O WOW

  2. WAH! why arent there in malaysia? =.=

  3. No Brunei? Aha. O.-””

    Ehe, I so cannot wait for hyeong and Iris movie.



  4. Hopefully TOP will be casted in the movie version. It was mentioned that Tabi’s role is just a supporting character. (crossing fingers… ^_^)

    Love you TABI!

  5. omg..TURKEY???? !!!… home country!!! ….but when is TOP in turkey..=O..ooh..I wanna see TURKEY omg..that would be amazing omo…*dream*

  6. kewl.

  7. omaaaa TURKEY??? ohhh i cant believe it…i always think that Turkey is a unlucky country but now oww my…im so happy ♥♥♥ im crying now…i saw an article about BB and Turkey…ahh am i dreaming??

  8. WHOAA~ looks like Tabi’s gonna do some traveling!?
    i can’t wait till this airs! =]

  9. wahh im so exciteed

  10. Ohhhh Tabi on Russia, Japan and Turkey :O!
    Big production :O definitely must see!

  11. September,,that’s a long time.
    But i can’t wait to see it. TOP’s in there. AHH Excited*
    Oh yeah i want to see Heaven’s PostMan &
    Why Did You Come to Our House. BTW: where can i find that movie?
    Why Did You Come to Our House? I’ve been looking for it.
    Wow, TOP’s gonna travel && this time without Big Bang too.

  12. OMG YAY :D!

  13. I made a comment about this on dramabeans already but I really don’t know how this will work out. They really should shoot one, get the viewers’ reaction and then shoot the other. Otherwise, that’s a bunch of money down the drain if either of them flop. I don’t think it will, though, when it’s got pretty big actors starring in it.

  14. AHHH so excited!!

  15. when iris in air?

  16. KBS? not MBS???

  17. oops. MBC i mean.

  18. wuaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
    he’ll cast in both versions????

    does anybody know in which episode of “Why did you come to my house” appears SR?????

  19. omg t.o.p will be come turkey tat’s very good for me now I very happy oh but when he will be come her if you know pls you will say me ok ???? I WONDERING when he wil be come here

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