Big Bang members transformed into game characters | 02.15.09 DaeSung & TOP on Family Outing


Big Bang members transformed into game characters

  • Wahhh… other artist can go ahead and endorse a game but of course Big Bang gotta do something different, I really am amazed haha

Thanks to SooKyeong.

  • SeungRi won his first “Mutizen Song” award on SBS Inkigayo today despite the fact that he ended his solo activites yesterday on Music Core. CONGRATS TO BABY!!!!! SO PROUD OF HIM.

Dae revealed, “His nick name is Bingo TOP”…why?

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02.15.09 SBS Good Sunday
DaeSung & TOP on Family Outing
856 MB

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Thanks to Ental
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Tabi sure PIMP the family up big time haha their rap battle was awsome yet ridiculous at the same time haha which is the best combination ever. I love Dae’s song though, when he sang to YeJin, his voice just fit those R&B songs so well, when he start rapping, almost got killed by Hyori unnie haha this whole thing really is fun but at the same time AWFULLY AWKWARD to watch……. just too much, aigoo………….. Tabi learn from watching all those FO episodes though haha he of course gotta prepare a lil somethin’ somethin’ haha

The way he woke up was just hilarious keke at least to me, he just open his eyes, stare staight at the camera then hide haha if you remember how hard it is for Baby to wake up him last time, they use vaccum, pots, all that banging, they should just use a bullhorn

Tabi was called “2nd Generation Chunderella after last week’s episode, because just like ChunHee, after he appear on the show, he showed us another side of him, instead of the tough and cold rapper, he’s now just a guy who got scared the crap out of just because of a fish haha his adventure of catching fish with the elders………aigoo………really is a Chunderlla….. should we call him Tabirella instead? keke but he learned it fast though, we all should be proud of Tabirella

AND ANOTHER BIG NOTE! DO NOT. I REPEAT DO NOT. Mess with Tabirella when he want to grill a fish, the man want to grill his own fish cuz it’s fun damnit, DO NOT TAKE IT AWAY FROM HIM, or else you’ll end up like Dae haha Dae do not DARE to be alone with Tabi haha he need to have another person next to him to avoid being eaten by Tabi keke

Dae revealed that Tabi has a nickname, “Bingo TOP” haha because he always being a idiot haha Dae really have SOME guts haha he’s stupid enough to tell MC YOO that, of course MC YOO will tell Tabi that… and………what will be Dae’s faith??? kekeke YG already warn him about acting stupid when he’s FO….. but apparently…. once you’re in this family, you just can’t escape, Dae is enjoying it too much.

I’m sure tons of you will squeal out of happiness like me when you watch this….. did you? or is it just me? cuz I know I’m not normal haha

Capture during Family Outing by me

They’re saying hi to “Mera”… if you’re a FO regular, you’ll know that is keke

This face says “I DON’T LIKE FISH!”


when these two are alone, THINGS happen to Dae

acting cute to ask for forgiveness from Tabi haha

All because of “BINGO TOP”

Dae is enjoying it.

Overall, this episode is OMGB!!!!


~ by Vicky on February 15, 2009.

77 Responses to “Big Bang members transformed into game characters | 02.15.09 DaeSung & TOP on Family Outing”

  1. awwwh dae & tabi haha

  2. =[ I wish these were subbed.

  3. lol

  4. hehe my dumb computer again sorry I posted before being done ;P
    the episode looks hilarious
    “bingo TOP” and chunderella/tabirella?!
    don’t sound too bad
    my man is like the new star of FO seriously
    who knew he was that adorkable
    last episode killed me and I can’t wait to see what else he does
    on this one
    the capture of him sleeping is looove
    and the one where he’s fighting for the fish looks sooo sexy!!!
    waaah!!! wanna see it but my thing won’t hurry up and download

  5. OMG!!! I just squealed!!! After reading that!

  6. haha this reminds me of during the making of the global warning concert, when TOP said he gets the most angriest when dae takes away the food he wants to eat LOL

  7. So, I read “OMGB” and I thought
    “oh, my god bingo?” I have a feeling TOP’s new nickname will stick. xD

  8. AW haha tabi is such a CUTIE
    i alrdy knew the cute side of hubby<3
    im glad now everyone can see that
    hes not jus some tough guy.. hehe

  9. Vi

    i laughed so hard at the thought of ‘Bingo TOP’

    today, me and my friend were discussing about how which big bang member would do better at things at.
    for a brother, we decided on dae.. for her. Jiyong would be mine. i luv shopping.
    then for cooking, we decided that Baby would make the badly burnt one, Jiyong would just go out and bu some food, Bae would get dog hair all over everything, Tabi would make.. something.. strange, and Dae wins. ^^

    which would u like for ur personal chef? ^^

  10. Haha, Dae and TOP look so cute. XD <333

    “LET THE MAN GRILL HIS OWN FISH!” // LMAO. Damn right! 😛

    And I don’t like fish either. D;

    Aw, FO makes me happy. ❤ TOP being on it is even better. ❤

  11. Waa!! my man looks so cute when they wakes him up X3
    Can’t wait to see it…
    DaeDae is so cute X3 and more is my man X3

  12. Bingo? I thought it was

  13. LMFAO those pictures are so cute & funny!
    I’m freaking laughing my ass off.
    I’m gonnna watch it now. lmao.

  14. I can’t read about bingo top because it’s a soompi page and I can’t sign in, can anyone tell me why they call him that?!

  15. Seung Hyun hyeong, hehehe

    Dadadadada Daaaaaae saranghaeyo.

    I haven’t finish watching it, awww


  16. have you guys seen babys STAR GOLDEN BELL yet?
    its soo funny and not to mention hot! <33

  17. its BINGOO top.. not BINGO. Lol

  18. YAAAAA SO KEE-YOOT-AH! 😀 They should show this side more often :3

  19. damn, I missed this one. I thought it’s every Sunday western time. -_-;; (that’s why I was feeling anxious all night last night) Anyway, thanks for this!!

  20. ekeke yay he has a new nickname!! bingo TOP!
    lolol..i watched the previous episode
    and i’m laughing my lungs out in the midnight..
    the snowfight is…u’re right..don’t eat/drink while watching FO
    hahaha~tabi is so so freaking cuteeeee
    the way he talks is so…slow and laidback..i love it lol
    and i love the DAE TOP action! they’re so freaking close
    i’m in love with him again!!

  21. this episode ish madd hilarious.
    did anyone realize the hoodie dhat TOP ish wearing when he was in the bedrooom?
    its the BANGS cartoon hooodie. i hope that they have the hooodie or shirt foh sale sooon.

  22. Ahaha, that’s so funny. He expression was hilarious.
    Ahh, i love watching these boys [Big Bang] get up.
    Lmao; especially them getting TOP awake. The 2 rappers
    was the funniest. What? Chunderellas are cute though!
    He did PIMP out Family Outgoing. Aha he would. B/c he’s cool like that.
    yeah i agree, Let the Man grill HIS Fish. Ahaha.
    It is kinda fun grilling fish. Tabirella? Aha reminds me of
    the word Umbrella added with Tabi. You know, Dae & Tabi are
    cute together. Aha but it’s more laughable then ‘AWWW’

  23. TOP hates that nickname.
    So he had said he doesn’t want all fans to use that.
    “Bingoo” means like “a (very) stupid person”.
    Anyway, it was hilarious too.

  24. wowwww Dae reveal the nickname <.< Daeeeee!

    I’m gonna watch! love reading your essays Vicky ^^ yayyyyy~~

  25. Awww how cute<333333
    I wish someone could sub this cuz i really wanna watch it :]
    TOP should join the FAMILY hehe

    The beginning was already funny.
    Dae wearing those bright sky blue pajama pants WITH HEARTS XD

    Dae has a really good voice for R&B? definitelyyy.
    TOP looks goooooooood… as always 😀 ❤

    lolol him waking up [x

  27. also…

    i wish i could share a blanket with TOP! D:
    i want his bangs hoodie too!

  28. does it have subs? Omo~! I can’t wait to see this episode…

  29. I knew it, FO with TOP will be awesome. he may look cool as the Big Bang member but actually he is very cute and adorable hahaha. can’t wait for the sub…..

  30. lol i saw the episode! it was funnY! 🙂
    even though i didnt understand it i though it was funny anyways!

  31. wat is ur youtube account?

  32. hahhaha great captures there!!! i love topdae actions!! ybtop too! ahhhh~~!!!

  33. Tabirella….
    I love you tabirella……
    Hahahaha…… ^_^

  34. it’s more of Bing gu than Bingo
    but yeah

    it was so cute when TOP got mad at Dae Sung but didn’t show it
    and then DS got so scared that he had to act cute infront of TOP
    TOP sure loved that
    and OMG
    the episode this week is much funnier than the other episode one
    TOP is TOO cute in this episode 🙂

  35. aaahhhh!!..Bingo TOP??..Tabirella??..what a cute name..suits for him..hehehhe..^^
    Tabirella???..Tabirella???..OMG,i’m addicted to this name LOL..not forgot to mention..tabi and dae so cute together!!..^^

  36. this is so freaking cute

  37. LOL.i love your litle”Tabirella&Dumb” story and end it with “OMGB” 🙂
    definitely can’t miss this episode and subs too!

  38. haha i watched this it was soo funny
    and its BINGOO top, not BINGO top!

  39. ohh,its bingo TOP??
    i thought it was Pingu..
    u know the penguin cartoon character..LOL..

  40. OMG. I want Tabi’s hoodie!? xD
    The one he’s wearing before they go to bed. :O
    It has his BANGS character on the back!? xD
    And on the front!?!? AIGOOOO~~
    I WANT. :O
    So cute! 😀
    Heh. Tabi on FO. 😀
    Love it?!
    The rap battle, hitting JaeSuk with balls, skating. everything!? 😀
    ARGH. 😀
    I can’t wait till the day they invite all the boys at once. 😀
    Hope that will happen!? xD

  41. auhahauauhaaua….cute cute cute!!!!
    BINGO TOP!!!
    i really can’t wait to watch..

  42. screams* ahhhh what?
    THEY LOOK HOT!!! AHHH* Will they become
    like game characters that would actually be
    in the game b/c if they are I am SO GETTTING
    this game =]]
    Whoo, they things we do as VIPz of Big Bang
    Lmao, i can so not wait to see it. YEAHHH! (:

  43. A game? Man, that’s so cool! I’d play all the time, haha.

  44. the game idea is freaking hilarious yet ingenious lmao i cant help but laugh at daes muscle’s oh goodness since this is an online game do we get to change our character’s clothes? does that mean i can finally strip top? or eye rape dae? omfg lol wow forget WoW and Silkroad, Sudden attack looks super hot and AHHH i cant wait

  45. TOP was too cute when Dae told the other two about Bingo TOP and they decided to taunt TOP about it. TOP was gonna kill Dae XD
    TOP is the cutest i’ve ever seen him on Family Outing ❤

    LOL SUDDEN ATTACK? XD Taeyang and Daesung seem to fit in the picture… but GD doesnt.. XD

  46. if that was a real game i would buy it right away when it comes out! =]

  47. lmaooo, game characters? wow,
    that picture looks tight :]

  48. LOL!! even though it wasnt subbed, i still watched it and thank god HYORI was #2 heeehe :]
    i trust Yejin =D<3
    TOP sure did show who’s the boss haha, DAE tsk tsk wonder wat happened to him on the way home haha XD.
    I love Family Outing, why cant America have a show like this? its always drama -.-
    I wanna move to korea haha

  49. TABIRELLA?! omgg, that’s awesome AHAHA 😀
    FO IS AWESOMEE, i’m waiting for eng subs D:

    andd..GAME CHARACTERS?! woww mannn. bb is like…an icon/idol group/inspirational figure/perfect guy group [for VIPS] ;D/super sexy or adorablee and everything in between loll.
    they can make everything SPAZZTAKULARRR<< not a wordd xD

    i’d play that game ANYDAYY 😀 😀 my dream would be to become the best at that game or something and maybe one day bb will visit me or compliment my game skills on TV LMFAO. [yeahhh, not going to happen] AHHA

  50. the video game looks hilarious!! but i’d play it! because Big Bang is awesome!!! and i like the screen caps of Top from Family Outing. (= <3TOP&Daesung! hahaha.

    i love all of Big Bang!! LOL.

  51. omg.. they look funny on that video game picture. lol. but i do like it tho.

  52. seungri’s sexy as a game character ;D
    and wasnt rain transformed into one too?

  53. lmao!!
    they look sooo weird as game characters
    Tabi looks reeeally sexy though
    I think Bae looks the coolest in those shades

    coooongrats to Baby!!!!!

  54. OK~ everyone pass as for the action figure game except for GD cause he’s too happy looking. love family outting.

  55. LOL! hahaha BB as game characters is so funny,
    but the collaboration and concept was pretty cool

    YG doing this is awesome!

    …its actually kinda sexy lol

    they look so hot with guns! SeungRi looks like he can pull it off! hahaha

    Big Bang is “OWNAGE”! and “PWNS” all!!

  56. hahah!

  57. Young bae is the coolest!!!!

  58. OMG seungri looks so cute!♥
    love it! 🙂

  59. i think taeyang and seungri look best XD id totallu use taeyang lolll XDDD

  60. eng subs for this epi?!?!!

  61. finally had a chance to watch top part 2. its so funny how he treats dae.

    yellaphase: the episode will be sub by ramen soup subbing team.

  62. ToDae is love. Those two together is just seriously one of the greatest things to watch. It’s like you know something will happen to either one, mostly to Daesung. It’s just like watching GDYB or even G-Ri. lol dont mess with Tabi’s food. The man likes to eat. XD


  64. argghhh.
    tried downloading both TOP family outing episodes, but my computer won’t let me download it.
    anwayss…i love the new banner! =]

  65. Love young bae sooooo much!!!!

  66. they do look really sexy with guns YB and Dae..omg so hot.. sighs*

  67. Haha cool…. game characters. XD TaeYang looks bad ass! ❤ All of them really. :]]]

  68. lol i wanna see this !

    but is there a subb version ?!

  69. WOOOOOW! Game characters!!!! that’s WOW!!!!

  70. Well, it ain’t totally different, because Bi/Rain already is a featured game character in a game that looks just like him. So, other people have been Game Characters before Big Bang.

  71. And, nothing wrong with the being Game Characters, lol, I was just saying is all, lol.

  72. *them

  73. is it a online game or arcade game

  74. Big Bang Fighting ~
    Cant wait to watch FO subbed more big bang woot woot

  75. Ah. TOP is so cute waking up. 🙂
    Is this ep. going to be subbed? I can’t wait! XD!!!


  77. At 1at.Everyone said that Top’s model and Sung..maybe no.But then i saw Top and Sung wore same jaket.
    I know how Top likes Sung^^

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