“We did not receive any proposal by the KEPM”

Reminder: We are not in the position to post any judgement when comes to government or political issues. So let it be. Wait and see how it goes. Prefer not to have any comment pertaining to the sensitive isssue posted here. The news posted is merely for your reading purpose only.


In the midst of news that the Korean Executive Presidential Mansion (KEPM) has decided on stars like Big Bang to work on a new rap praise song for the country, Big Bang has stood out to and voiced cautiously that they were not given such proposals to do so.

What exactly happened?

The KEPM has revealed a rap song production with 3.1 verse written for it in commemoration of 90th anniversary of the establishment of the South Korean government. It was also said that popular groups like Big Bang will be participating in the song. The song will be the Korean version to Michael Jackson’s ‘We Are The World’.

The netizens are said to be accepting the idea and there has been many suggestions that it will be be modern version of ‘New Village Movement Song’ and ‘National Customs 81′ by the netizens.

However, Big Bang fans had been rejecting the idea of singing a praise song for the current government. The fans are currently on large-scale opposition to the idea and are collecting signatures to oppose against the idea. Apparently, some netizens had already used Big Bang’s ‘Sunset Glow’ song to make their own versions of criticisms to the government, which the fans felt is not favourable for Big Bang.

YG Entertainment voiced, “We did not receive such a proposal from the KEPM. The reason why Big Bang’s name was mentioned in the proposal by KEPM is probably as an example in the type of singers which the KEPM will rope in for this production. Even if we do receive a proposal, we will have to discuss in more details about collaborating in the production, so right now we cannot say anything for sure.”

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~ by Momo on February 17, 2009.

30 Responses to ““We did not receive any proposal by the KEPM””

  1. Am I first? LAWL.

    anyways.. I think it’d be cool if Big Bang sang for their country. You know, nationalism and all that ^^

  2. Nationalism isn’t really a good thing, Tracy.

  3. Err, i think it would be a gud chance to let more people know bout BB. N mayb they even cn help to promote korean tourism. I think its a good thing to b able to help the country, its an honour. Xp. ^^

  4. I think they should sing what they want. If they don’t want to sing, I’m all for that. If they do want to sing, that’s okay. I’ll support them always. 🙂

  5. i agree with teefannie…uhmmm YG and BB should decide if it’s favourable or not…

  6. While having pride in one’s country is great, I don’t know if mixing their music with the government is a good choice for BB. But it’s their decision and whatever they would like to do, they can do. I’m sure they will pick what’s best for them. ^__^

  7. Xia, you’re right. Its their decision n we will always be supporting them. I agree with tat. Haha. Xp. BB fighting!

  8. I wouldn’t exactly say it’s nationalism, Tracy. o.o;

  9. dumb question.. what’s so bad about nationalism? :T

  10. Dallying with the government can be kind of tricky. I mean they would certain things to be said and I believe that usually song writer’s don’t like restrictions on what to write?

    Personally, I don’t think that GD is the type to like restrictions on what he can and cannot write. And I feel that if they adhere to restrictions and aren’t satisfied with the song they won’t feel the true emotion that they want?

    …idk if I make sense but I’d rather Big Bang do a song they are passionate about instead of something they were given and felt compelled to do.

  11. Yeah.. i don’t know, lol. I guess it’s up to them. Politics is a touchy subject o_o

  12. ughh i hate politics… lol
    i don want our boys getting stress over
    that kind of stufff
    so i wish they’d just forget about it all
    and let everyone live normally..
    easy as that. ^^

  13. There’s nothing bad about nationalism.
    It just means someone who loves their country. But others, from another country might look at that person as a terrorist. This is so not Big Bang related. Lol. ^__^”

  14. i was suprised the netizens r against it.
    isn’t this suppose 2 b a gud thing?
    for th boys’ image, for YG . for their country?

  15. I think in this case we’re just going to have to wait to see what else happens from here on out. I mean, I’m sure YG will fight his hardest to make the best decision. If he doesn’t want to support the country with such a song, he’ll tell them he won’t. Unless the gov’t just gets really stupid and MAKES them do it or else. Then all of us can be pissed… but yeah idk i think we should just wait and see for now. hold back the arms before we shoot at those that are without weapons you know?

  16. of course theres nothing bad about nationalism so long as you dont get all up and fanatic about it! that’s what is worrying about this idea about the boys making a song like that..the backlash may not be of the harmless type. i mean, look at what happened to SR’s Strong Baby…just because of the word “crack”, he was banned on KBS’ shows, i mean WHAT THE HECK??? but that furor was mainly harmless.., it would be different if the boys get involved in anything POLITICAL, you know? their realm is in the entertainment and show business, i think they better stay that way. Politics is dirty no matter what country!

  17. hm not sure how to feel about this one. I’m all for Big Bang singing for their country to celebrate. I agree with Cat about what she said. Bongie isnt exactly one to be told what to write and what not to write. and YG? Well recently I’ve been slightly disappointed with how they handled Seungri’s situation with the solo song. So I hope whatever choice he makes, he REALLY thinks about it. Whatever Big Bang decides is okay in my book. No one knows what is good for Big Bang but themselves.

  18. ohhman..it’s the thing that its a great honor and all i guess.
    but it’s kinda the fact that this group is not really like..
    im not sure how to explain..
    probably just how Cat said..that GD isn’t all the type that just
    DOES it when told to..plus with the restrictions and all..it’s like he is being made to do this and i can understnad how VIPZ feel about them not being able to express themselves fully in such an important thing as a song/lyrics? if you get what i mean xDD but yeahh..and just what untamedvixen said too. “their realm is in the entertainment and show business, i think they better stay that way” i TOTALLY AGREE..it feels a little weird too..
    and probably isn’t the greatest idea..but you knoww..
    POLITICS. pft, it’s a funny subject >:[ annoying, i’d rather them stay away from doing retarded/weird things all the time..well IN OUR EYES -___-; best to be left along is what i say..and probably many..

  19. O.O ..???…nO cOmmenT…T.T

  20. all I can think of after reading the article is Rage Against The Machine. Just…politics.
    I agree with some comments, Big Bang doesn’t seem like the type to take up this offer.

  21. hi

  22. I personally feel that they shouldn’t do it. Unless if they were die-hard political people and they stand by it, go for it (i’m thinking of U2 atm) otherwise leave the politics out of your music.

  23. i’m sure big bang n YG would have their own strong political opinions.
    so i don’t mind. it is either yes they do it or no they dont really.
    so i’m not bothered as long as they are not forced 🙂

  24. whatever bigbang and papa yg will agree upon, i am always here to support them (:

  25. YG and BB should choose what they want. <33

    Where ever G-Dragon, SR, TOP, DS, and TY go; we as fans will follow

  26. http://www.sourceradix.com/sw2.html

  27. […] “We did not receive any proposal by the KEPM” Reminder: We are not in the position to post any judgement when comes to government or political issues. So let it be. […] […]

  28. There’s no such thing as bad publicity…

  29. i think they shouldnt do it cuz…
    its a song for the government..
    one wrong word and………

  30. Well, late for me to gives comment, but I just dont understand politics, and could never can.

    But in this situation, up to them to do what BB wants, because I support them in what they do, I know all of us will..

    So then, we just wait and see after this…


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