Big Bang is the biggest winner in K Chart history


KBS 2TV Music Bank did a little reorganisation to their show on 11th January 2008 introducing their own ‘K Chart’ and upgrading itself to become ‘MuBank K Chart Show’.

With its 500th episode coming, we see the different records made on the show in the past 1 year.

And group Big Bang is the number 1 winner on the chart for the past year. 

‘K-Chart’ is a collection of several charts – album record chart, digital record chart, viewers preference chart.

Big Bang was the first winner on K Chart on 11th January last year with the song ‘Last Farewell’. They were also the winner for the month of January on K Chart aired on 1st February.

Subsequently, for the rest of the months, the winners are:

  • February- So Nyeo Shi Dae
  • March- Jewelry
  • April- Lee Seung Gi
  • May- MC Mong
  • June- WonderGirls with ‘So Hot’
  • July – Brown Eyes ‘Don’t go, Don’t Go’
  • August – Seo Taiji ‘Maoi’
  • September – Big Bang with ‘Haru Haru’
  • October – Dong Bang Shin Ki with ‘MIROTIC’
  • November – Big Bang ‘Sunset Glow’
  • December – Big Bang ‘Sunset Glow’

And previously for January 2009, So Nyeo Shi Dae is the winner for the month with their comeback.

So for the past year, Big Bang is the winner for the most number of #1 on the chart. Big Bang were the #1for the month of January 2008, September 2008, November 2008 and December 2008.

Also, Big Bang set the record for taking both 1st and 2nd position for chart in the month of September. Other than Big Bang, group Dong Bang Shin Ki and Brown Eyes were at both #1 and #2 in the month of October and July respectively.

But amongst all the #1 winners, Seo Taiji emerged #1 with the most number of points at 11485.75 in August with the song ‘Maoi’.

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~ by Momo on February 18, 2009.

50 Responses to “Big Bang is the biggest winner in K Chart history”

  1. woow!! great !! so proud !! ❤ ❤ BIG BANG IS NUMBER 1 !! =D

  2. hey guys…seungri is in this star golden bell with soshi…go watch…he so cute…

  3. YEAH!
    that’s what im talkin bout~!
    BB do it again XD

  4. wooooooo wicked”!

  5. BB, so proud of you boys. Saranghaeyo.

    Go Go Go and always Go.


  6. fighting!^^

  7. i will give you more im your number one!!!
    i… you know i… you know.. i…

    yeah!!! they deserve that man!!!
    woot!!! yeah!!! CONGRATS CONGRATS!!!
    lots of love yo!!!


  9. Oh mah god. It’s s0 great. Our bigbang is NUMBER 1

  10. Wee 😀 Big Bang rocks !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love Big Bang !!!!!!!!!

  11. Big Bang have a FILA Valentines Edition.

  12. Yay Yay and more Yay to our boys!!!
    So proud =)
    That’s my boys =)
    I’m so happy that i can cry there… hahahah
    Yeah I can be sure, U r my Number 1
    BigBang hwaiting~~~~~

    so proud to be an VIP

  13. Congratulations!!!! fighting!!! love young bae!!!

  14. So proud !!!!!!!!!!!

  15. lol this is awesome!!!

  16. Whoo YEAHH!
    that’s awesome. I totally agree
    and is so happy that the won.
    Congrats. I’m so proud of them.
    They deserve it, winning =]
    This made me day. Which reminds, gotta
    start doing my First Lady project before
    the teacher sees.

  17. bigbang is VIP

  18. woo hoo for big bang!



  20. hoo yeah XD goo BB!

  21. Wh0o h0o!! Keep it up BB!!

  22. Oh yeahhhh!
    BB pai-ting!
    They’re the greatest Korean artists of all time, I bechu.

  23. wooooot! congrats! i totally support 😀

  24. yay! congrats!!! and we all know the same will happen in 2009 ;]


  25. uhh i HAVE KBS and watched that episode of music bank and the winner for the chart for the past year was DBSK o.o

    i even have that episode recorded…unless im wrong. but im sure they said the MVP of the past year was DBSK.

  26. OH im so sorry. i didnt see the reorganization part ><. sorry for double comment! and yay for BIG BANG<3

  27. &thats how they roll

  28. Whoot whoot :]
    Go BigBang. Yes they rock like that 🙂

  29. PROUD VIPZ<33 xDD

    BB FOREVERR<333333333333333333
    congrats to them, they NEVERRR fail to impress EVERYBODY ;D ahha.
    loveeyouu Bigbanngggg :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D<3
    amazzingg accomplishments!! xD

  30. no matter what month, they will always be my NUMBER 1 and you know why…you know why…Boy I love their smiles, love their styles, and I wish that they could be only mine, be only mine. I can’t let it go, let it go, wish that you could be …they’re so FINE OOOH Theyre soooo FINE.

  31. yay!!
    they’re big!!
    yay to the boys!


  33. Yes, go BB! ❤

  34. Keep on going Big Bang!!!!hit Em!!!!=D

  35. wowwww! yes yes always proud of BIG BANG! Congratz!! <333


  37. Way to Go Big Bang~!!
    Always Supportin Y’all~!!

  38. Please help translate
    this is about g dragon album
    G-드래곤 솔로 앨범 발매 전 부터 예약 폭주…
    G-드래곤 인기 실감…

    빅뱅의 G-드래곤 (권지용) 솔로 앨범에 대한 대중들의 기대가 상당하다. 아직 발매 날짜도 잡히지 않은 솔로 앨범은 벌써 예약 주문을 받고 있다. 이로써 지드래곤의 인기가 얼마인지 실감할수 있다.

    올 5월 G-드래곤의 솔로 앨범 활동과 G-드래곤이 프로듀싱 작업을 한 여자 빅뱅이 데뷔할 예정이다.
    credit: 딸기봄 @ bbvipz

  39. BB totally dominates, and always will.

    YG fighting!

  40. i bet they are gonna do this again and again and again and never stop..coz they are the best!!
    GO BB!!


  42. wow!!!! i am so proud with bb!!!! i can’t anything just so happy for them

  43. thats how hot [ok, and wonderful. no pun intended.. @_@] our guys are.

  44. nana

    this is what that article says:

    Even before G-Dragon’s solo album’s release, there has been a flood of pre-orders.
    You can feel G-Dragon’s popularity.
    There is significant anticipation among the Korean public for Big Bang’s G-Dragon’s (Kwon Jiyong) solo album. Pre-orders are already being made for this album that hasn’t yet set a release date. So you can feel how much popularity G-Dragon has.
    G-Dragon’s solo album activities and debut of female Big Bang produced by G-Dragon are scheduled for this May.

    YAYY so excited!
    and proud of our big bang boys for being number 1! 😀

  45. YUPP those are our boys! they’re definitely taking over by storm!!!
    hahaha congrats BB! GO BANG EM’ =)

  46. […] Big Bang is the biggest winner in K Chart history Momo KBS 2TV Music Bank did a little reorganisation to their show on 11th January 2008 introducing their own ‘K […] […]

  47. apey

    i thought it was april?…they moved it again??..may now???… 😦 i cant wait!!!..i already saved money for his album and still savin’ up for the new girl group..,,i hope its not true that theyre movin’ it to May b/c i seriously cant wait..[impatient here T.T]…but @ the same time i feel that because of GD’s busy sched. and hes also producin’ the new girl group,,he might need more time..,,so i feel that its ok to be postponed until May or whenever hes ready…b/c of course i dont want OUR jiyongie to be so tired,,u know?!!!…

    Kwon G-leaDer HWAITING!!!

  48. Woow.Am eally proud of them.Luv Ya 4ever Big Bang!FightinG! 😀

  49. J-G-RILEEN

    i know what you mean! im SOSOSO excited for GD’s solo album and i can’t wait, but i want it to be his best. and you’re right, he might need more time.
    yeah that article says its may (5월), but maybe it’s inaccurate. GAHH yeah anyways, im with you, kwon jiyong fighting!!

  50. OMG !!!! Big Bang is really a big fan…Actually I’m a very big fan of all korean shows and songs !!!!!! But I don’t watch it all the time…coz i’m in col rite now…
    so dat means dat assignments + mid-term xm n final xm !!!

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