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Seungri’s Strong Baby featured in American Fashion Show

Big Bang SeungRi’s ‘Strong Baby’ was used for a famous fashion show in America.

SeungRi’s solo song ‘Strong Baby’ was used for ‘Bloom Boom Boom America’ fashion show in New York America on 15th February. At ‘Bloom Boom Boom’, one of the head designers for women’s leggings fashion was Korean Kwon Soon Hyung.

YG Entertainment said on the 18th, “A while back, Bloom Boom Boom’s representative contacted us and told us they would like to used SeungRi’s music and we had pleasantly agreed to it. They were looking for music which is representative of Korea and had chosen ‘Strong Baby’ to be played during the show.”

Over 230k copies of big Bang’s book sold in 3 weeks

Over 130kBig Bang’s book ‘Shouting to you in the world’ has sold over 230,000 copies in just 3 weeks.

Publisher Sam and Parker said,”Big Bang’s book was released only just last month on the 28th but they are already #1 bestseller. Until 17th February, they have sold over 230,000 copies. We are seeing that they will hit 250,000 copies in just the matter of a few days.”

Meanwhile, Big Bang has returned from their promotions in Japan, and there are plans for SeungRi to continue on his solo activities with ‘Strong Baby’.

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~ by Momo on February 19, 2009.

24 Responses to “More BigBang News”

  1. wow!! im soo excited for him!

  2. the book must be so cool!
    do they have in in English because i want one

  3. Yg Entertainment, will come out with the English version soon!

  4. OMG are they really gonna have a english version soon then??? Ahhh i’m so happy can’t wait

  5. really momo? weeeeeeeeee. I wanna buy their book!!!

    Does anyone had a vid of that fashion show? It would be cool to watch model walk the runway to Strong Baby. ^^

  6. to be confirmed soon.

  7. Aww congrats to Baby for all his StrongBaby activities SO FAR :]
    OMG if there’s an english version, I will freaking be so happy! x))

  8. woot! go Big Bang!

    but seriously!?!??!? they’re gonna come out with an ENGLISH one soon!!! NOO i already bought the korean one! dammit. i guess i just have to learn korean soon then…

    but damnnnn!!!!

    woahhh, that must be something omg i wanna watch it loll :]

    anddd is till want that book xDD
    ENG VERSIONNNN, BABY!!!! omgomg. can’t waittt ahaha
    now i just need to find a way to beg for it -_____________-;

  10. YESSS! please come out with the english trans book =)
    *crosses fingers* but REALLY? Baby’s song was in a famous fashion show in America. that’s WAYYY cool…gahh i would love to walk the runway w/ SR’s solo ^-^

  11. i really want an english version of that booook!

    strong baby 😀


    spread the <333 😀

  13. if they have that book in english, screw tuition and car insurance bill. I WANT THAT FREAKING BOOK >.<!!!!!!! I want to know what my Bongie wrote!!!!!

  14. wowwww English version!!! yay! >.< i’m glad they’re back in Korea and happy for them! ♥♥

  15. hi
    i was wondering
    if that thing about them coming to the US in like late FEb or MArch was true?

    LOL i wanna see this fashion show(:

  16. Yay. Ooh i want to see the fashion show,, just because
    Strong Baby’s Song is in there.
    Wow, that’s a lot of book sold. Ahh i still want one
    very much! The English Version needs to come out SOON!
    Oh yeah, when are they coming to the US?

  17. Omg! Grats Seung Ri! 🙂 You worked soo hard for this, keke, i love you. Lee Seunghyun ❤

  18. ahhh!
    i hope they come out with an english version! i want one!!!

  19. Congrats seungri oppa!!!
    I watched the fashion show on YouTube riht now.
    Just search bloom bloom bloom fashion how and it was the first one for me. Read the description cuz it will say feb in it. That’s the one.
    They didn’t play the whole song tho 😦 but still I’m proud of you oppa!!
    OMB the English version?!?!?!?!?!
    Eeeeeeeeep!!! Can’t wait! Do u think it’ll b in like bookstores or would we have to buy it online?

  20. where can i get the book?

  21. seriously please tell me where can i get the book?

  22. i love t.o.p and taeyang they SMEXY

  23. momo,is that true TOP want to get marry!!! please tell me about this rumous…I almost get a heart attack you know!!!

  24. I love big bang!
    Keep it up gUyz!
    TOP & Jiyong are really my idols…

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