The MR-Attack of Netizens

“Big Bang is an idol group not born of talent but through effort.”

Hate to say this: No bashing other artists!

“what, is there a separate category for good songs?
the songs you like are the songs that are good.”


translation: rough translation by mooncake @ ygonelove, source: sstv


Lately there has been a new hobby among the netizens. They have been posting “MR” videos from stars like Big Bang, SNSD,Wonder Girls,Kara..etc.

“MR” (Music Removed) videos are the ones where the music is minimized and the vocal of the singers are maximized.
A good singer will always be judge by his & her voice,right? But what if we find out it’s all effect?

Netizens have been uploading a lot of live performances lately on the internet to compare which group can really sing well. Mostly they will “MR removed” the ones with dance performances to have a sharp look.

As some of us know how superb mostly groups are that went through hard training years, some groups still did shock the netizens still.

Group such as BIG BANG, Dong Bang Shin Ki, SNSD and BoA, who got a superb vocal skills didn’t shocked the netizens at all. But mostly groups that did disappointed them were groups like Wonder Girls, KARA and singer TaeGoon. With the “Mr removed” their true voices comes out which is really not pleasant to hear at all.

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More BigBang MR video/audio: Heaven Haru Haru Strong Baby Last Farewell

~ by Momo on February 19, 2009.

54 Responses to “The MR-Attack of Netizens”

  1. awesome 😀

  2. that’s horrible D:
    isn’t kara new? 😮 or is it just they came out with a new album?
    i know tae goon is new and it’s sad to hear that because I was looking forward to more of his work; i liked call me a lot
    and wonder girls is a REALLY big shock considering how popular they are! D:
    i’ve heard them live and they’re not that bad… really not that bad at all D:

  3. Ouch. That’s just like a solid slap-at-your-face for WG and other groups. :/

  4. no surprise at all for BIGBANG(;
    dayuum, i never really would notice it from WG.

  5. WOW. Tabi’s voice sounded so clear and loud without the MR. xD
    Dae, Bae and BabyRi sound amazing. They’re voice are beautiful. And I love how they reach every not so perfectly?! xD
    And JiYongie is just. GOSH, too amazing for words. I just love his voice!? xD

  6. wow. big bang is great ^^
    i like taegoon’s song call me.. T-T

  7. I wanna hear KARA’s MR removed haha

  8. :[ Bigbang did well, but our Bae got off-key on his solo part by a smidgeon. ❤ We still love him though. D: Maybe he was tired, xP.

    P.S. I don’t really get why these Netizens would bother revealing these artists’ voices. I mean, it’s not going to do much to boost their reputations. :[ Big Bang (and all the others, of course) Fighting!

  9. Big bang. Great as always.

    I’m not surprised with WG. Sunmi and Sunye can sing but that girl who sings the bridge (the youngest of the group) she really cannot sing live. Especially listening to her in “Nobody” makes me cringe.

  10. woot Big Bang!!!

    but not everyone from SNSD sings good… do all of them even sing?? i was wondering that… how could all 9 members get a part to sing… but anyway, i admit that WG performance was pretty bad, but that doesnt mean ALL their performances are like that.

    i remember watching a few of their ‘Irony’ performances and it seemed as though they lost their breath but theyre pretty good now… especially when theyre with Big Bang ;]

  11. definitely no surprise with our boys! neither with dbsk or snsd… their vocals are all amazing. with snsd, they balance each other out very well, which is why overall they all sound good. 🙂

    but wonder girls, lol, always knew they weren’t very good vocally. so hee can barely sing, and the only one who i think can is ye eun, and that’s only sometimes. 😐

  12. Big Bang, really all you have to do is watch all the past shows to see that Big Bang isnt fake. I mean you have the hosts asking them all the time to sing a little bit on each of the shows like out of the blue. And each time, they sound freaking perfect. DBSK doesnt suprise me either. Those guys put in a lot of work and also are constantly put to the test. Kara? really? Hm I might have to look into it. Do they test multiple songs cause i have heard Kara sing out of the blue and it isnt bad at all.

  13. @ luvBB4lyf

    hihi. WG sounds better now esp when they’re with BB? ^^ so cute!

    Big Bang sounds the same. I thought it was their recorded track if you don’t watch the vid and listen to it…if not better. =)

    SNSD also sounds great. and dear all 9 members get to sing, at least 2 lines of the song. you can’t see it in the vid because the vid was slowed down…dunno why.

    I think they should have chosen a better live perf for Wonder Girls. they used SNSD’s comeback performance in KBS so they have to give their best, while Wonder Girl’s live perf I think is in an awards show (?) They should have used a comeback performance instead…or used another song like Irony. I feel their vocal ranges fits better in Irony. But Tell me is their breakthrough song so it’s more scrutinized.

    I’m still in love with Big Bang’s performance!!! that was good. ^^

    DEFF true that they would not surprise netizens much but no matter what, VIPZ ARE ALWAYS AMAZED :D!!!
    haha, it’s basically FLAWLESS and pretty much exactllyy the same as the recording..if not BETTER? LOLL, i’m inlove with their VOICESSo<

  15. Not surprised at WG.

  16. Big Bang doesn’t surprise me because their always good with their vocals ^-^ its not because i’m a fan of them or defending them…its the TRUTH!? i like both SNSD and WGs, but Sohee’s got some work to do, but overall both are awesome =]

    @sinuata; i agree =]

  17. the whole music removed vocal only thing is so dumb. the people distributing the videos alternate the “true” vocals of the songs. for example. a group may sound poor with only vocals because the video clip which appears before the public has been altered and mixed via computer programs. you cant really tell if a group or person is truly amazing unless youre there in person or listen to the clip raw and not “fixed”. the clips provided sounded horrible.. not even a real acapella. they just lowered certain KHz from the song. its like, trying to edit a song to make it “instrumental” when its impossible to completely make one on your own when the files(songs) we receive come in one file with all of its contents meshed together.

  18. Big Bang, SNSD and 2PM did so well! =D

    I wnat to hear TeaGoon’s. I really liked his song “Call Me”. DX

  19. im perhaps defending the attacked wonder girls but you cant base a person’s talent in singing from “fixed” videos you see online. if you actually research and browse, you can see that the wonder girls are good singers. (most likely within their comfort zone of genre obviously). their voices may not be as deep or as vocally strong, but UH THEY MUST BE DOING SOMETHING RIGHT WHEN IT COMES TO SINGING TO BE THAT SUCCESSFUL.

  20. I dont like when people bash other groups soo please if you are a fan of big bang you would know some of the negative things said about them…most of the time wonder girls sing with ear mikes that never give the best quality when they sing on radio shows they sound perfect just cause someone posts a video they altered dosent mean they cant sing..jeez.

  21. Ok, people are weird.
    The MR sounds so ugly.
    The Strong Baby one is really good tho.

  22. =O……WAT!!!!!But their so good wat happened?

  23. big banggg ❤

  24. No one is critizing WG here.

    All of us love music and love KPOPs. So regardless, with or without MR, all of them are great!

    “THEY MUST BE DOING SOMETHING RIGHT WHEN IT COMES TO SINGING TO BE THAT SUCCESSFUL.” >yes i agree with you. they must have done something right.

    No comparison. Each has its own uniqueness and presentation.

  25. i agree that this doesnt really prove anything to me…

    they should just ask the artists to sing live WITHOUT MUSIC AT ALL..

    i’ve heard DBSKs and Big Bangs acapella and i can really say they have true good powerful voices,, not being bias,,this is really what i think and feel…[put fangirlin’ aside]…

    i also want to point out kristy’s comment about YB being off key..,,i noticed that too,,but i dont think he was off key,,i think he was more like out of breath and at the same time trying to hit the high note,,i notice that a lot when he sings high notes..especially during prayer know what i mean..but sometimes you can really tell he was really tired…[thats just me]…

    also,,ive heard ye eun sing w/o music,,and i like her voice,,it’s powerful,..and aweet…and i would also like to confess that i dont really like sohee and yobins voice..its not that theyre not good singers but theyre voice just doesnt appeal to me..know what i mean?..,,

    i cant really say much about SNSD…i dont follow them very much, same goes w/ kara…but i do like tae yeons voice..

    and i wouldnt say those artists “who didnt pass the netizens atandards” cant sing…they can all sing to me,,theyre not just as powerful and appealing as others…”to me”…

    OVER ALL,,they should just really make them sing live without music at all…^_^

    PS:this is random,,[fangirlin’ ON]..i would like to say..I LOVE BIG BANG because of many reasons including [and most definitely] their personality and VOICES..oh so SEXY and SWEET…hehe ^_^

  26. I’d like to point out for WG (since their MR is the only one I’ve heard so far) that the performance they used was really one of their worst Nobody performances. I’m sure if a performance from 2008 was chosen (when they were still promoting the song), that it would have been much better. And like J-G-RILEEN said, if you were to watch other performances of them singing, you would see that they can sing.

  27. from what ive seen, a lot of groups sing acapellas on kim eun jung chocolate broadcast. like big bang, several groups sound exceptionally beautiful singing without backup music. its maybe the stage that gives it a special “echo” but idk. look at it for yourselves and be the judge.

    @J-G-RILEEN yes, i agree with you. certain people just have that niche and powerful voice for the business but we have to also credit those who work with extra effort to compensate for their “less” powerful voice

  28. DAMN, no matter what all those other groups sound like ( I really really dont CARE)…all I can say is, Big Bang blows me away bigtime. Ive been following this group for like a year already, and no other korean, american or whatnot group affects me in this way (and Im NEITHER KOREAN NOR AMERICAN). they are just so damn good and so damn talented! Nobody can beat them in terms of raw talent, rappin and vocals, fashion style, charisma, charm, and what the hell, LOOKS too. they simply slay their fangirls every where they go..hit me, BIG BANG!

  29. I’m not surprised that there are groups that can’t sing very well, hell, A LOT of singers (like in Hong Kong) can’t sing for crap and they’re still popular like wtf? Most likely a majority of singers, like Kara (maybe), can sing, but can’t sing and dance at the same time. The only girl IMO that can sing and dance at the same time is BoA. In Wonder Girls the only girl that can’t really sing is Sohee.

  30. Oh yeah, Big Bang is THE WIN!

  31. actually after reading all of these comments i realized something
    even though a few select groups or people may not be the best or very good
    it can never be all effect.
    no self-respecting entertainment company would sign anyone under their label unless they had singing skills that wow’d others.the extent of the “wow-ness” varies, of course, but put tae goon or whoever to a normal person and ask both of them to sing. surely you would think tae goon is a great singer.
    put him against big bang, maybe that’s a different story but i think us netizens have to stop thinking in terms of “compared to everyone else who’s famous and in kpop,” and start thinking in terms of “do they really have singing talent or potential that stands out from normal people? do they rock the stage when they perform, do they have energy? do they dance their butts off on stage? do they give 100% effort? do they give us good music?” if the answers to all of these questions is yes, then they’re perfectly fine.

    In fact, i don’t even see the point in MR-ing their performances and stuff. If you like their music, you like it. Don’t try to find flaws or phonies. None of them (or at least VERY few of them) are phonies anyway. If they’re signed under a label they truly must be doing something right.

    Just because people have seen a better voice doesn’t mean that voice isn’t good 😛

  32. TONY, J-G-RILEEN : i second that.

    Different genre, different style has different presentation. It doesnt mean that everyone must have the same criteria to become an artist. If any labels are willing to sign them its because they see there’s a pontential in ’em.

    You might not see it but others do. All artists worked hard to be where they are now.

    Some maybe be born with talent but some may need to work hard to achieve it.

  33. i love the music i love. mr doesnt change anything.

  34. anonymousss

    yeah,,all of them deserved credit,,they all put effort in what they do…whether they already have the talent or not..,,

    tony , momo

    agree..,, 😀

  35. Nontheless,MR or no Mr,I still like Wonder Girls and I still think Wonger girls can sing pretty well.They won’t and never disappoint me or any of the fans cause…they just won’t =).
    WG ❤

  36. I think some people are missing the point. A good singer is simply someone who can sing, what Tony is trying to define is a good entertainer. What I consider bad singers are people who constantly go off pitch or can’t hold a note and not comparing them to other people; I mean sometimes there are singers in the industry who give me a chill like nails on chalkboard do.

    Besides just because they don’t sing good doesn’t make me any less entertained, I’ll still like Kara, Wonder Girls, etc. Most fans are only disappointed and JUST disappointed.

  37. woww…actually i haven’t seen any of these MR but…the news about WG really surprise me…

  38. Big Bang of course have superb !! vocal skills

    Love you, G DRAGON!

  39. Auhhhh i always knew Dae Sung was vocally the best in the group!

    Ok I dis-agree with ‘tony’ on the part “no self-respecting entertainment company would sign anyone under their label unless they had singing skills that wow’d others”

    Some companies will sign a person because of the entertainment factor or that there is a factor that makes them likeable to the target audience (take Sohee for example at first i was like what was JYP thinking! But shes cute and likeable)

    So its not always about the voice. Also i think there are some singers that are that bad that you can put the next to a ‘normal’ person (how do you define a normal person? i prefer the term non-celeb) and that ‘normal person’ would be a whole lot better!

    Also about Tae Goon, i knew he couldn’t sing from the fact that he doesn’t sing in about 90% of the song in a live performance. He would only sing the ‘Call Me’ bits, you can really tell, go on go watch a live performance a normal one not a MR one.

  40. What the freak is wrong with these Netizens?!
    I think Wonder Girls, KARA and TaeGoon are pretty good.
    They are very popular so i don’t know what you
    guys are talking about netizens. Even if Wonder Girls
    don’t have the best voice, they are still good at what they do.
    They still perform everywhere and get awards.
    & KARA, they are new so you have to give them so time you know?
    because it takes time for a voice to get better. I think
    KARA is pretty good though. Actually i’m not a huge fan on them
    & on SNSD so i can’t really say.
    TaeGoon…..Hrmm i’ve watched the MV but not the performences.
    I don’t really know about him so i’m not going to say anything.
    Big Bang & DBSK are thee` best! (: WHOOO
    Although i do LOVE DBSK’s voice but i love Big Bang very much
    b/c they work hard && their voice are amazing.

  41. Good job Big Bang!<3 of course the boys are always good..hehe..
    and remember fans and posters…

  42. Very surprised at the Wonder Girls and SNSD’s “reaction” (I guess??). But everyone has their own opinons.

    I think the MR edit of Seung Ri’s solo really shows how much he’s improved vocally. Before I thought his vocals were standard poppy-boyband but the fact that he has improved and its extremely noticeable makes me more than happy.

    There’s always room for improvement for everyone IMO.

  43. Yeah, these MR videos are everywhere.
    They were interesting at first, but now they annoy me, LOL.
    But, BB sounds awesome.
    Daesung’s voice really shows up & he sounds AMAZING.
    And can I just say GD’s rapping sounds extra sexy?

  44. Very disappointed to who ever came up with this kind of hobby. It’s some what annoying and very lack of education. The point is this is bullshit!.

  45. Why they disappointed in WonderGirls? Doesnt YeEun have a good voice.

  46. Oh my… these videos are crazy. Big Bang did well when i listened to the MR edits but after listening to Wonder Girls, yikes.

    YG did a very good job preparing Big Bang. It’s horrible for the other singers who didn’t do well on the Mr edits though. The comments on the bad MR videos were horrible!

  47. Big Bang sounds really good, and I like how their rapping sounds without all the effects and stuff.

    SNSD, 2PM, and BoA sound awesome of course, and to add to the fact that they all dance while performing as well.

    Wonder Girls are ok, Sohee is…well, I’m sure you know. KARA disappointed me very much. Some may say because they’re new, but they’re actually not. They released their first album in like…march of 2007. They may have had a change of members, but that leaves 3 old members who should be very experienced at singing.

  48. […] The MR-Attack of Netizens “Big Bang is an idol group not born of talent but through effort.” […]

  49. Did you know? –>

    There is a machine that will auto-tune artists’ voices on tracks. So you can totally sing crappy but still sound in tune when the final track is released. Kanye West and T-Pain had admitted to using it, but apparently it has become the norm to edit voices through the machine.

    Thus, someone can not have talent (and be pretty and good looking) but still be a successful artist.

    Big Bang has truly made me proud, and restored my faith in the music industry. I was glad to hear that they sounded almost exactly the same as they did in their pre-recorded albums. They truly have the real talent to match their success.

    Thank you, BB :]

  50. im not surprised abou BB..they’ve always been amazingly good..they have everything from talents to hard work..they hardly sleep just so that they could perform on stage..^^ they really earned my admiration and respect..

    but im a bit surprised about wondergirls thou..i mean they’re a popular group too..and they’ve been having a lot of hit songs..i guess they just can’t sing live often as other groups do..but im so glad BB proved to those netizens that they’ve been well prepared and they’ve been working damn hard to get where they are now..BB fighting!^_^

  51. BIGBANG = pure talent!!
    love them. seriously they’re just so talented, and i love them live! ❤

  52. Yay Big Bang is fabulous no matter what 😀
    They rock!
    Of course, they put in so much effort into their music

    But omg the WG ones took me by surprise!

  53. honestly when i saw this a couple of days ago i was shocked that WonderGirls is on the list. I don’t think kara did bad. i think the two new members weren’t so great.

    But overall, after i watched their MRs i dont know what netizen were dissappointed about. i thought they all did a nice job. and in a way can we say much about kara’s mRs since the person who uploaded it had a snsd logo. not trying to say anything bad since i love all 3 girl groups. and this comparing should end.

    @rei i agree. kara do have good vocals. just not when it is comebined with dancing. but the whole point of them being singers is to sing not dance.

    and personally i didnt think wondergirls was bad. nor did i think girlsgeneration’s mr was perfect. all the MRs sounds the same. i mean like not every single person that sang amazed me when i listened to all three girl groups. but i will still love all three. well i was amazed by ye-eun’s part in nobody where she holds that high note and nicole’s paart in pretty girl where she holds her high note too. watch at 2:33. nicoles high note is fine. if not watch all of it. i think they did good.

  54. i like the quote by tablo!

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