Win a date with Se7en ll US debut postponed again! ll Official worldwide homepage for American debut

thought you guys might be interested..


RQM and YG ENTERTAINMENT are proud to announce the long anticipated official release of SE7EN’s U.S campaign.

Hey everyone!

I know you all have been waiting a long time for this day to come but it’s finally here!! Se7en’s official website will be dropping on February 24th at It is packed with new pictures, videos and information about Se7en’s U.S. campaign and about the world wide release of his new music video “GIRLS” featuring the sexy hot hip hop diva, LiL Kim!

Also find out about how to win a date with… Se7en! Get all the details of the contest on Se7en’s official website to compete to win an all expense paid trip to Los Angeles for you and a friend to spend a night on the town with Se7en! The winner will also win a gift bag from Verizon Wireless with a whole bunch of cool gear so that you can stay closer in touch with Se7en!

The time has finally come so make sure to check out Se7en’s website on February 24th to learn about everything going on!

Thank you to everyone for your patience and your continued love and support. With your help 2009 will be the year Se7en makes his mark in the U.S.

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Not again! Se7en’s American debut postponed

Singer Se7en’s American debut date has yet again been postponed.

Initially, the plan was to have Se7en debut on Valentines’ Day which is 14th February with the song ‘Girlz’ but it was postponed to 4th March on the reason that more preparation work is needed.

And now, YG Entertainment is saying that there is still more preparation work to be done and had set the date to be on 10th March for the song to be official revealed.

YG Entertainment said in a phone interview on 12th February, “We have decided to go with revealing the song on 10th March. The music video teaser will be revealed on 4th March.”

This is Se7en’s American debut 2 years in the making.

There are plans for Se7en to promote in Korea for certain period of time after his American debut. It will be great news for Se7en fans since it has been a long time since Se7en has promoted in Korea.

Se7en to open official worldwide homepage for American debut

Singer Se7en will have his official homepage for his American debut up on 24th February.

YG Entertainment announced, ” Se7en Worldwide ( will be opened on 24th. This homepage will update on Se7en’s American debut, his songs, videos and also photos.”

This will be Se7en’s first worldwide homepage apart from his own MySpace page. There will also be an event for the opening of the homepage where fans can get to meet Se7en.

Se7en’s new song ‘Girlz’ will be revealed on 10th March and the MV teaser on 4th March.

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~ by Momo on February 19, 2009.

27 Responses to “Win a date with Se7en ll US debut postponed again! ll Official worldwide homepage for American debut”

  1. hhmmm???…i like se7en..,,but im not really that interested in him as much…hehe..[spare me se7en fans ^_^]…

    anyway..tnx 4 sharin’..nice to know…

    btw..i ❤ his ‘girls’ song… 😀



  4. i can’t wait lol! and the whole song T.T they keep postponing ._.

  5. Aww, That’s a long time! but i guess
    i’ll wait…again. I can’t wait to see it though =]
    Ahhhhh* REALLY?! that’s so cool! i want to win.
    Lols; i’m not a BIG fan but i still want to see him.

  6. My looks weird.

  7. ninalee: it will open officially on Feb 24th as said in the article.

  8. OMO!! 24th February? Falls on the same date as my dongsaeng birthday.

    I loves Se7en oppa, but I don’t want to date him, but if he treats me an ice cream, then I will go on a date with him, noooooo just kidding, don’t go on an angry mob at me, I loves Se7en oppa, seriously…


    the debut, again? Why? huhu this is so sad X'[


  9. why are you guys posting soo much news about other YG members when this is a BIG BANG website! where are all the old writers? there isn’t enough news about BIG BANG on here. and btw stop writing about your personal life no one cares.

  10. I LOVEE SE7EN OPPA…he’s great….
    i want that chance to meet se7en..hehehehe..
    wish big bang done something like this too…cause i want to meet big bang in my real lyfe…
    i’ve open it too ninalee and yap i does look weird…well,its bcoz it gonna open on 24feb rite…can’t wait any longer…hahah >33
    ahh,that debut is postpone again….why99x???
    i can’t wait to see it and it’s keep gettng postponed….huhuhu…
    nver mind,i’m gonna always wait…hehehe…


  11. i dont like it when momo updates.
    this is a big bang fansite and everytime i come here it’s something random and not related!
    so can you please change that?!

  12. a date? with Se7en? like me+him+friend? screw the friend can i just go alone? XD Se7en oppa is great and he is the reason I got into the korean music scene. Thanks to him I know Big Bang.

    @kimmy if you dont like the updates then ignore them. I like that they not only update on Big Bang but on Se7en too. The two are very close together and probably once both start rolling again, might collaborate. Especially Se7en and G dragon which have a history of collab, aka Run! and countless times that G-Dragon and Tayang have been his dancers in concerts.

    Dont listen momo. thank you for keeping us in the loop. You never know if they might work together.

  13. bbprinces is a bitch!

  14. Ooh…. I can’t wait to see that new website. O:

    More delays? >w<;; But I still support Se7en. <33

    Thank you for sharing, Momo!! ^___^

  15. @ momovip:
    Aha thanks. Yeah i guess i was just too excited
    to go look at it. && i just wanted to see how it
    looked like but fine, it’s almost the 24th anyways (:
    Thank You.

  16. YAYYY se7en!!
    hey, well i like it when momo posts. keeps me informed, and its stuff i wouldnt know otherwise.
    but yeah, it’s been kinda quiet around here, like vicky hasnt been posting too much, BUT i think that’s because big bang is kind of on a break, so there isn’t as much news and stuff.
    just wait for GD’s solo album though!!!

  17. Aww, March 10, now? Except…haven’t they noticed that the song’s already been leaked, though?

  18. omg i luv se7en!!!whats the contest??

  19. umm i hope yg knows that girlz has been playin in the u,s for some time. i already got it on my ipod hehe

  20. I didn’t used to like it when momo used to post either but I read the reason why she did and it was because not only does this site keep up in the loop with big bang it keeps us in loop with other YG artists as well because without YG, big bang wouldn’t exist. Yeah, it’s a big bang website but as long as the side-updates are slightly kept to a minimum this site will still be a big bang fansite.

    And I got used to the updates and it’s nice to hear about other artists. I don’t really have anywhere else to find out about this stuff (does anyone actually know a site like that? I had to find out about TaeGoon, SoRi, AfterSchool, and all the new people myself and who knows who else I’ve missed) and I like to be informed. =]

    omo that reminds me; seungri kissed me in a dream two days ago.
    best feeling. ever.

  21. oh yeah, and I refuse to use allkpop for my resources for obvious reasons. They’re just so inappropriate and disgusting and perverted and disgusting and critical without any real reason. Sure, I can ignore it but I can only tolerate so much stupidity.

  22. People are so strange, if you don’t want to read about her personal life, or news about other artists, then don’t. I think this site does an awesome job at keeping fans updated on Big Bang — ah, and she DOESN’T have to do that, you guys do realize that, right? Oh and she doesn’t owe you anything to change her site according to your views.

    Anyway, I am so excited about Se7en’s album. I keep complaining that the jerk is out partying (please don’t take this wrong, it’s an inside thing for me — I love Se7en ;3), LOL, but yay! Album coming out~ AND OMYGOSH THE CONEST. I WANT TO ENTER xD;

    Thank you!<3

  23. I tried going on the site, but it still doesn’t work thats weird O__O

  24. Hey it’s Feb 24th and the page still looks
    like it does before. Is there a specific time?

  25. According to his myspace it will be launched on Feb.24th, 6pm PTS

  26. dammmmm se7en wabsit its not working pooo 😦

  27. i wanna win a date with big bang!!!!!!

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