02.20.09 Big Bang on Intimate Note | Pictures Update: NII Photoshoot


Vicky’s Big Bang infested room

02.20.09 SBS Intimate Note
Special Guest: Big Bang
675 MB

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Image and video hosting by TinyPic

OH GAD… this episode…. my stomach hurts so bad no words can explain, the whole making the other member laugh first… just… I CAN’T FIND ANY WORD TO EXPLAIN. It’s just too awsome. You seriously CANNOT NOT watch this. I’m not gonna write anymore so you guys can go head and enjoy it but mostly cuz I’m gonna start subbing last week’s episode now so…. BAI~

Just one thing, MakRa make SOME greasy desperate hobos.

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Pictures Updates:

  • NEW: NII Spring ’09 Collection Photoshoot (HOT!)

  • (Translated) BANGS Comic: Episode 2: BbalKa NoEul

New NII Spring 09 Collection

Thanks to 워아이GD 님

BANGS Short Comic

Original Comic by YGEntertainment

Translated and Edit by Vicky


This is so freaking cute, everything is just so colorful and pink… haha LOVE IT. This is a small story show us when Big Bang perform their song “Red Sunset” or “BbalKa NoEul” at the studio, BANGS fanclub is there to cheer them on, yup the “BIPs” hahah do you notice the fangirls down there, each of them resemble a member of Big Bang? haha There’s people who watch their performance through TV like the family up there, no matter what age the female is in, a little kid, a teenager, or the umma who is suppose to be making dinner (note the knife) is going insane, poor appa sitting there trying to put up with it. Then there’s the boys who watch it through satellite TV, on the outside they act like BANGS are boring and they rather die than watch it, but inside their thoughts bubbles, they’re no difference than the rest haha.


~ by Vicky on February 20, 2009.

85 Responses to “02.20.09 Big Bang on Intimate Note | Pictures Update: NII Photoshoot”

    My HUB looking FINEEEE~~~~~~~~~~~~ as usual 😀
    I saw the pictures and I DIED!! T____T SOOO CUTE!!!
    And I cant wait to watch ISF!!!

  2. TOP!!!!!!!!!!! WAH…
    All of them look so fine in the pictures .

  3. whahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaah…..sOOO cute…”BIP” = Bangs Important People ..hahaha..<333

  4. Ommmg the pictures is so cute LOL XP

  5. OMONA!!! Can’t wait to watch it!!!
    OMG New NII photoshoot is so cool!!! they all look so freaking HOT&CUTE!!!
    Bong looks so cute, but those eye bags r so so scary… X3
    Kyaaaaaa!!! Tabi, my hubby Tabi look so so so cute in that hairstyle X3 I Love him in that red hoodie <33
    Bae looks so freaking HOT *die*
    DaeDae smile always bright my day =)
    Baby Ri looks so sexy and cute X3
    Ahh!! Bangs r just too lovely no??

  6. aww, the bangs are so cuuuuute~
    “we should be watch female singers, why watch bangs?”

    and then the new NII line is so awesome. look at that pic of bong, his smile makes me melt inside.

  7. May I have the permission to share some of the big bang pictures at the G-Ri community?

  8. that was the cutest thing EVER!!! BANG*S are so cuteee!! and lol at the fans and the guys watching =P lmao


  9. The jock theme – hoooot.

  10. oh mah god, Our nboiz are soooooooooooooooo manly and handsome.
    Look at Yong-Yong, he’s so so so so so so so cute ^O^

  11. VI,
    Since we’re not suppose to take the translated comic strip, could you please post the original or link to it please? I want to save it. :O

    AGH, so cute!? xD
    HAH. BIPs. xD
    Well now I guess I’m a VIP and BIP xP
    Heh. they’re so cute.

    so cute!? xD
    Heh. Especially JiYongie in the last one. xD
    But that sweater is so expensive online.. Wish they’d have NII over in Canada. 😦

    Can’t wait till there’s subs!? xD
    But for now, I’ll just have to rely on my poor Korean skills. ;P

    G-Dragon is so cute! But they all look good too =]
    wah, Lmao ahaha the BANGS Comic was cute. Hehe
    dude, who wouldn’t watch Big Bang ahems* i mean BANGs.
    Lols girls & guys watch them. They are adorable.
    ima watch Intimate Note when the English Subs come one.
    But looking at is makes me laugh already so i know
    it’s going to be good.

  13. my oh my! they are soo handsomly cute!!
    woot woot! XD they just made my dayyy!!

  14. HOLYMOLY!!

    I could cry of pure excitement. those pictures are

    Ahhh, the close ups are killer! The whole rugby, prep school
    theme is so … ahhhh!!!!! just so hot!!

  15. HAHAHAHHA! i can’t wait to watch this epi. i’m dying looking at the pictures!!

    –ohhhh the BANGs are so cute!!! i just love it.
    thanks for making my day and translating =)

  16. can’t wait to watch intimate note! my internet is lagging so can’t download anything until monday! >_<
    ppls, don’t know if this has been posted up yet, but yesasia.com is now selling the big show concert goods!! get them while they are still up coz i think the blanket is not available anymore! they didn’t have the hoodie or tees yesterday, but now they’ve got them too! they’ve also got the stand up tour posters available now!

  17. omgomg gd <333333333333333333
    where can i get that heart sweatshirt they’re wearing?! XD it’s so cuteee~

  18. awww, the comic is so cute aahah XD thanks for translating vicky ❤

  19. MMmm probably my favourite photoshoot so far. And I LOVE the bangs comics! Hahaha omgggg so cuuteeeieueueueuee hahaha

  20. The comic is cute but, WHAT THE DEUCE? Tabbi’s eyes are blue?!!!! It’s kinda creepy, the NII pics are hot though. Young bae is soo adorable when he smiles! That’s for translating the comic though Vic,

  21. sooo cute! save galore!

  22. KAJHSKAJHS! in the comic they’re wearing the clothes that they wore in the wonderbang~ performance! all that pink<3
    thanks you for translating it ^^

  23. hahahaha
    their face on intimate note!!!!
    bong’s face win for life!
    & tabi’s fake nose! he looks like a weird ahjumma
    the other r still considered ‘normal’ kekeke

    their NII pic.
    hubby’s pic give me a fatal heart attack.
    his face compared to intimate note. so bipolar. completely different. hahahaa

    & thanks for the comic. hehehehe
    i love how tabi swing his hear & his hair will move along. kekeke

  24. i cant wait to watch the show~~
    i LOVED last weekss
    u gotta love their pure awesome dorkiness xD
    KYAH~ the nii shoots are always
    friggin HAWTT
    starting with gd’s sexy close up
    to hubby tabi’s cool pose
    then the BANGS comic-
    its sooo cute like always <33

    where can i find the original BANGS?
    cuz u edited it in english right??
    can u tell me~

  25. woah baby 😀

    and OMGG, i’m totallyyy loving BANGS comics omogmgmmgodmgoaiwu4r jro they’re sooo freaking CUTEEEEEEEE<3 lovelove them i wish they
    could have a whole comic book AGHHH, so cute :}


  27. tabi.!!!!luv ur hairstyle.!!!!!
    i’m vip n bip. XD

    btw,anyone,do u know where can i watch Family Outing with eng subs.?

  28. omaigod bebe’s solo pic!!!! he’s like the most cutest and adorable creature i’ve ever seen ^^

    him biting his lips arhhhhh ;p

    i’m liking gd’s hair this way. stay this way jiyongi

    tabi’s working the swept hair. so cool

    the bangs.ahHAHAH never fail to lighten up my dull days

  29. Awwwww BANGS are really cute!!! i have Bangs as my wallpaper lol~~
    and that Episode of Intimate Note looks so hilarious!!!! Thanks for subbing it ^^ i’ll be waiting the subs ^^

    Spring NII Photoshoot looks so hot!!! i love their new theme 😛

  30. Lol whoa, BigBang on Intamate note, I freaking
    died when I saw those pictures. I WAS FREAKED OUT.
    LOL! But it’s so cute! They’re the best at everything.
    WHOO, those 3 zoom-in’s of Bae & Jiyong & TOP, *DEAD.
    So Hq. I swear, they’re duper-uper hot.

  31. i totally love the NII photos.
    do you happen to have a picture of seungri in the heart sweatshirt?
    please reply ASAP ! (:

  32. omg!! i love the photos!!..they looks so hot..^_^

    i wanna see the intimate note ep with BB..it looks so funny..wahaha!

  33. lol…!!! e bings so funny…!!! <33

  34. DANG those NII pics are hot!! best looking school boys i’ve ever seen :DD lol i love GD’s face in the last nii pic, so cute!
    woot BANGS!

  35. Hahaha, omg they look so silly in those costumes!!! XD <333

    GD is scary with that bald head wig. XD;;;

    Dang, they look hot in the Nii pics! 8D

    Yay BANGS! LOL I love the part with the family watching in front of the TV. Poor Dad. XDDD;

    Thanks Vicky! ^^

  36. OH MY GOD >..<

    But Bongie. ok seriously I freaking love his NII pics. He looks so damn hot in that first pic that I just want to grab him through my screen and just kiss him. I absolutely love that pic. and the G-Ri. I SPOT G-RI!!! And I ❤ you too Bongie.

  37. OMG
    super hot!!!

  38. Hehe, cute comic.
    LOVE the NII photoshoot. I swear, the first pic of GD caught me so off guard. I was like, “whoa, why so cute?” And the one with him with his hands over his heart…that was gold. He looks so sweet! But, you know, make-up can only do so much. The guy NEEDS nap. His eyes look like they’re dying. I’m pretty sure mine look the same. >.<

  39. Love the NII photoshoot ! My hubby Tae Yang looks hot and amaxing XD

  40. Wah… Mr.Bear, so lovely…
    Ehe, so funny the comic are XD
    Thanks Vicky for translates it XD


  41. thanks so much the pictures r so nice!!!
    n u guys rock for subbin intimate note!! cant thank u enough!!!

  42. woooooooow.coooool i haven’t words to say.Bang’s r so cute aww

  43. FO ‘EP.34 – TOP Engsubbed 🙂

  44. I’ve fallen in love with Tabi more after seeing this pic of him with that cute hoodie with a heart shape on it.

    I am officially in love with Tabi..

  45. waaaa…..juz one word…..
    waaaa….GD look so adorable in pic which he put his hand in heart……..sweeeetttt………..

  46. LOL
    that show looks hilarious!!!!
    Baby’s face crack me up

    the pics are looooove but it looks like my man cut his hair >______<
    loove the whole high school theme seriously makes me wonder how they would do if they were in my high school…. ;P
    Bong looks amazingly cute in the pics
    especially the one where he has his hand in his heart
    oh not to mention the letters at the bottom
    the pic was dedicated to no other than…..
    it’s official now
    Bong is mines

    the bang’s episode killed me!!!
    so funny yet so truthful
    the guys at the end are secretely spazzing
    don’t know how they do it

  47. wait
    OMG OMG OMG!!!
    all late but I just realized the whole white shirt/sweater pics were dedicated to DREAM&LOVE
    dreeeeam come true!!!!!

  48. omg!! your room!!!! how the hell did you get all that stuff?!?!!??

    did your parents order all that for you?!?!? HOW???!!!! my dad said no after the first time!!!… and i don’t think he’s ever going to order BB stuff online for me again…

    that is absoltuely amazing… your room is speechless… it reminds me of BB’s rooms… just wow…

  49. Vicky~
    i’m speechless GIRLLL! i gotta admit; i’m envious of all your BANGIN` goodies =) [[wait how old are you again?]] all i can say is DAYUMMMM! everything is all perfect…i really hope the boys see this of you, because you are and awesome fan! i officially hand over the crown to you. did you buy all your things from yesasia? do you recommend any sites where iVIPs can buy Big Bang goodies too? wahh you really leave me speechless =]

    sooo cute x3
    they all look soo finneeeeeee .
    daesung looks so cute as a jock ❤

  51. luvBB4lyf

    I use my own money and a friend of mine have a credit card so I ask her to order it for me



    I’m only 16 and I use YesAsia too
    VERY reliable

  52. G-Dragon is my Prince (:
    Hehe, i wouldn’t mind going to school with them.
    But shouldn’t there be more NII pictures. But
    i’m sure there will be more later.

    TO: Vicky
    Aha yeah i do that too. Well i use the money i have & make
    my sisters order it for me. But they always question me, like
    what if the stuff doesn’t come to me.
    ughh, I need to get a job though so I can order more BB stuff.
    I’m officially jealous of you & your room. Of another fan.
    Wow you are truly a VIP Fan. DAMNNNN,,,How’d you get all this money?
    Wahh, cuz that’s a some expensive BB stuff. Envious..jealous.
    Do you know if DVDHeaven is reliable?

  53. aha!!! i see i see… quite interesting…

    time to start sucking up to those older than me!!

    and i have that question too, does anyone know if DVDHeaven is realible??

  54. ah thanx so much for showing us that comic i love all of them, they just brighten up my day, and whenever their have a new photoshoot i save all of them! mwuahaha more to add to my collection yes!!! =D

  55. ninalee

    let’s just say I have LOTS of relative haha
    and allowance.
    I made a deal with my parents, I’ll do my chores and clean but I can do whatever I want with the money I have 😀
    and you know where I will be spending them….. haha

    and also to luvBB4lyf,

    though the shipping is kinda expensive to me.

  56. wah ahahha .. love these guys xD thanks for translating vicky 😀

  57. oh btw do you have a wallpaper sized images of them all together? 🙂 geeeez we all would loooove that 😀

  58. T.O.P is so HOT in the picture where he is in a blue sweater

  59. wicked.

  60. so cuteee XD
    btw, vicky can I post bangs comic on my FB profile with credit?
    thanks. (:

  61. omo GD SUPER CUTE!!!!
    BIG BANG<33

  62. uahhh!!! love love love! <333 can i post these on my tumblr? w/ credits? please please please?

  63. LOL! Seeing SeungRi laugh so hard on intimate note just made me crack up even more after DaeSung couldnt take the chip, haha and I swear it looked like GD was tearing up a bit after he read his note, I wish i understood -_- the show was hilarious! It was cool how TOP and TY made a pretty good team lol oh and SR looks hilarious with that swimming cap on his head haha the whole show was fun!

    THANKS A LOT! you’re the bestest of the best!
    can’t wait for the subs to come out 😉

  65. AHHHHH
    TOP looks like a dinosaur in his solo pic xD
    and SeungRi in a football-style costume…
    *.* ONE OF MY FANTASIES COME TRUE <333333333333333333333333333333
    the boy is just toohot.
    and cartoon taeyang has to be the cutest thing in the world
    aww seungri winked in one of the comic pics ^^
    i love that boy.

  66. dingdong.did u guyz talking about vicky’s room.?

  67. maknae won today on take 7!! waaaaaaaaaaaah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  68. vicky,i am extremely jealous with u.!!!!!! wish i could hv all of their goodies.!!!!!!

  69. vicky, i am extremely jealous with u. i wish i hv all of their goodies.! i am only a year older than u. *sigh*

  70. Thanks for you’re up load and all translations

    can i translate Bangs in Thai

    By VIP THAI SUB , you can sure about credit

  71. AHHHH! I swearrr! Big Bang is totally my first HUSBAND! OMG
    I LOVEEE THEMMM! eeekkkkk

  72. heyyy guys!! what’s your favourite songg??
    mine is LIES. and forever with youu. lovingg themm and g-dragon is awesomee ;D

  73. […] 02.20.09 Big Bang on Intimate Note | Pictures Update: NII Photoshoot Vicky’s Big Bang infested room 02.20.09 SBS Intimate Note Special Guest: Big Bang 675 MB […]

  74. VICKY
    i saw ur room yesterday&comment on livejournal
    but again, SERIOUSLY its so friggin awesomee
    my parents dont gimme allowance
    its usually i persuade my mom to get me
    stuff.. cuz she does all the chores
    and dosnt want me to do it.. weird i know
    also i was wondering, which bigshow goodies
    did u orderr??

  75. VICKY
    i wanna see your room! where do i go?

  76. […] 02.20.09 Big Bang on Intimate Note | Pictures Update: NII Photoshoot NEW DOWNLOADS 02.22.09 SBS Inkigayo: Strong Baby Performance 02.22.09 SBS Good Sunday: DaeSung on Family Outing […] […]

  77. jenny just click on “VIcky’s Big Bang infested room” at the top…^_^

  78. OHHHH thanks!!! hahah me so dumb >D and i love it! <333

  79. I wish that i lived in Korea and am old enough to go uni.
    Then I will then try to get a spot in DS and GD’s glass. Wouldn’t that be kool?? I will be old enough in 2 years time. You think they’ll attend uni again in two years. Fingers crossed

  80. @Vicky:
    i have a lot of relatives too and they don’t give me
    money =[ Well they did when i was younger.
    Oh yeah, i gotta start making a allowence deal with
    my parents. Because a lot of BB stuff coming that i want.
    Ahaha oh yeah, i can tell. Thank You.

  81. http://www.youtube.com/user/Falc0n91

    she has subbed the first 2 parts … so funny …

    i love it

  82. AHHHHHH! I want thet heart jacket so bad and i know that i can but i don’t have the money it’s like $68.00 dollars so yeah

  83. nice video. thank you

  84. Can you reupload softsubs? 🙂 Thanks. 🙂

  85. I was also hoping someone could reupload the softsubs for their 2nd Intimate Note episode. Please?

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