Big Bang GDragon and DaeSung to start their university life

Big Bang GDragon and DaeSung will be attending the GyeongHee Univeristy’s OT for 2D1N from 21st to 22nd February in KangWonDo SokCho. Even amongst their busy schedule, the 2 had decided to do their duties as a student to attend.

GDragon and DaeSung will enter for GyeongHee University Arts and Design School’s post-modern music course in March.

YG Entertainment said, “Both the company and the boys themselves have hoped to devote to campus life as much as possible.”

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~ by Momo on February 22, 2009.

33 Responses to “Big Bang GDragon and DaeSung to start their university life”

  1. wah~~

    FIGHTING G-leaDer and Ssonge!!!

  2. i thot that big bang was coming to us tho for like
    their vacation or w/e?
    im guessing that’s not true thenn.. ?

  3. yeeah, i dont think they’ll be coming to US.
    gd has his solo album around april… top’s drama
    around march. so yeah ahahaha.

  4. President YG might have that in their plan, however things changed when it is necessary. However, dont lose hope. Maybe if not now, they will come by soon.

    Big Bang is very busy. With solo activities being carried out as we speak, we just hope they get enough rest before they resume back as a group later!

  5. okai..dumb question but does this mean that they will be in the 2D1N show thingy?
    im a little slow..sorry

  6. @tabi
    Nope. It’s just stating how long they’ll be there.

    When I first read the article, I thought they were starting classes, but then I realize the 21st and 22nd was a weekend. I guess this is orientation?

  7. Yes, its the orientation!

  8. Good job to our boys! i’m sure it will be a frenzy that day on campus with them there!

  9. lol. its like theyre taking a music course on themselves. hows that gna work if theyre creating the curriculum. LOL. (jkk..)

    ahaha and me 2. i was kinda confused. like what does the 2d1n show have to do with their school?! but ah. i get it now….

    i can feel the gdae love coming on strong!!!!

    (and probably not all of BB will be coming to america. but gd will probably come in march….)

  10. good on ya!

  11. oo they’re so busy!
    well i love them so i support their decisions no matter what… even if it means not coming to the US.. x_______x

    ❤ big bang fighting!

  12. woww! JiYong, DaeSung hwaiting!!!! so proud of they ^^ i start on March so i hope they study well and take care of their health with the busy schedules

  13. Fighting!!!

    They seem to be doing ALOT.
    Especially G working on his Solo Album AND school.
    I hope they are all getting some sort of break.

  14. i hope i’m in the same university with GD..

  15. waaaa….so impress that who will study same university with GD and daeSung…more lucky if same clases with them…XD

  16. Aww GOOD LUCK boys.
    Yay, i’m happy for them. I hope you guys do well.
    && Study hard! (: && GET a lot of rest,,PLEASE!
    b/c you guys are gonna be busy!
    G-Dragon & DaeSung FIGHTING!

  17. soo busyy…

  18. Campus life…I can imagine them at frat parties, LOL.

  19. Lol! they are sure busy x_x;;
    but HWAITING!
    lol their class mates is gonna be super luckeh!! xD
    wish i was them lol

  20. Oh i meant i was the classmates* :O

  21. Awww!
    Aww they’ll do great! HOPEFULLY they’re not STRESS!!!

  22. …sooo no US?
    gahh and i was hoping to be on the same continent as them…
    oh well. congratz! hope you have fun on campus =P
    (but i also hope you come to north america in the future =D)

  23. I thought D-Lite dropped out of school for YG, so how is he able to go to a uni?

  24. Aww yay, congrats for both of them :]

  25. yay! congrats for gd and dae sungie!
    if they went to my college, i’d be spazzing out like crazy.
    but i would not act fangirly, to not scare them.

  26. wah!!!!
    congrats to both of them…..
    i wish them do well….
    oppa fighting!!!

  27. aww…they so cute!!! hope they doing thier best as student…cause they are 2 bz!!!

  28. CONGRATS TO DAE AND BONGIEEE<333333333333333333333333
    they’d probably make all the students distracted there xD or maybee they have their own room? LOLL jkjk idk ;D
    what a dream for those students xDDo<; BB is so busyy. i wish the the BESTT and for them to be able to study very well and they’re prolly already dedicated and devoted ;]<3
    these boys..ahh WHO WOULD DO THAT?! xDD jk jk.
    BB FIGHHTTINGG<33333333 prouddddddddd as heck VIPZ<3 loveelovee bigbangggg<333 DAE SUNG, JIYONGIEEE<3 you guys HAVE FUN!! rest well :D<3333

  29. Glad to see them get back to school. Perhaps they’ll see Ye Eun on campus? 😀

  30. Wow…..good job!!

    Congratulation u guys

    life in university is sure funny and excited.

    Both gotta get the best things. fighting!!

    however, dun forget to take care urself, K?

    it gonna b so hard when u go 2 study and work together.

    no matter what u r doing, we always cheer u up>> remember guys

    By the way, i am so jealous ur class mates. haha

    They r the luckiest people. Wish i was!

    Fighting GD and Dae!!!

  31. wish gd and dae sung gud luck
    don 4get their vip…
    so sad but i’ll support them

  32. YAY our boys are going to school! ahaha that’s so cute =)
    best of luck to them!

  33. wuuaahhh..fightingg GD & dae!!!
    guess GD will definately become more more more genius,brrriiiliant,superrbb,creative & inovatif after he grads later… yeaa u go boy!!!!
    greeaat leadah

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