BigBang debut 2 years and 6months total sales exceeded a million

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Idol Star  Bigbang debut 2 years and 6 months after the record sales total (including the Live CD and LIVE DVD) broke the one million.In the music market has not completely recovered from recession in the swamp out of the situation,this is an exception.

Especially about the experience of the Entertainment Industry, although now bigbang still  in the  new idol star level , but there have been breakthrough in the sales  1,000,000 of new idol star’s level, which attracted people’s more  attention to them.

on Feb.20  money today starnews had an intervie with  bigbang’s company YG Entertainment. According to the information received shows that, bigbang in August 29, 2006 released debut single sold 62,000 (The following numbers basic on  wholesalers  Treasury ), and then they  began to accelerate and increase in sales.

After that, including last year’s November  track  “sunset glow”  the second formal ablum 210,000 and, more recently, the latest issue of the third live dvd sales of 35,000 and so on, from the debut this month on the 20th So far, in this 2 years and 6 months of time, issued a total of 13cd or dvd.  Get a record total of 1,046,000 of the score.

According to the list of album sales  as follows:
 Debut single 1 series 62000.
 single2 2 series 52000.
 single3 3 series 50000.
 Formal one series 106000.
 mini1 series 113000.
 mini2 series 123000.
 mini3 series 169000.
 2 series of informal 210,000.

Since then the LIVE album sales
The first live cd 2 million 2000 Zhang
The first live dvd 2 million 5000 Zhang
Second live cd 3 million 8000 Zhang
Second live dvd 4 million 1000 Zhang
Third live cd 3 million 5000 Zhang
With these, all the album’s total sales were 1,046,000.

Also in May last year, TaeYang’s first solo album (50000),  total of Bigbang’s  sales reached to 1,096,000

bigbang’s total album sales have past over one million. The general public  were evaluated them as: always bring everyone whether it is 20,30 or 10 on behalf of generations, or even older people are able to accept their dance music. This includes heat from their songs “lies” mini1 album, sales of 113,000, the record sales increased in speed, it is not hard to be confirmed.

on the other side, bigbang in January 28 this year, also publishes their own book , and just in three weeks, they have sold about  230,000 books in the publishing industry has also brought a strong shock.

Post taken from: bbf1 @ VIPz Overseas/BBVIPz


~ by Momo on February 22, 2009.

15 Responses to “BigBang debut 2 years and 6months total sales exceeded a million”

  1. wow!! speehless…


  3. yay! go BIG BANG!!! i’m glad that i contributed to those numbers ^_^

  4. HAHA!!! Our boys r amazing!!!

  5. WOW, i am amazed and very proud of our boys =]
    Get gets biggger & BIGGER every time an album
    or something comes out.
    This leaves me smiling.

  6. I’m so happy for them. I hope that fans will continue to support them like this.

    Just heard 4 songs from their live performances on YT that had the MR removed. Glad to hear that our BB are one of the top few bands that CAN SING VERY WELL before fancy stuff get added to the live singing.

    The only thing I want this year is for them to have the BIG SHOW concert outside of Korea….please….please…

  7. I am also a proud participant in those numbers! Go Big Bang.

    God dont i wish i could see one of their concerts in person -.-

  8. i wish to be part of those numbers…….*dies*

    but in the other hand i feel so proud of them ♥ they really are the revolution of the idol ♥♥♥

  9. omgg its only been 2.5 years and the numbers keep growing:O
    so proud of them~!!
    they are amazing and such hard workers~
    i hope that they will continue to grow as a group and individually; also i hope they continue to stay on top of the music industry~
    we, as VIPs, will stay forever faithful to our lovely, talented boys:)♥
    all of their songs, from the very beginning to now, are just so great and i can’t wait for more to come out^^


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  11. CKT, kay-chan

    BOYY, do i agree xDD I’D DO ALMOST ANYTHINGGG. and i mean ALMOST ANYTHINGG to see them live D; i’d probably be paying for my trip to the hospital though.. faint on the spot maybe lmao xD<3

  12. Our boys<33 VIP FOREVERRRR AND EVERR AND EVERR xD<333333
    BB FIGHHTTTINNGGG<3333 they’re soo absolutely wonderful.
    they have been my FIRST and ONLY obsession and I intend it to be that way ;D BB is just..totally amazingg..the BEST<33 we lovee them. and HECK YEAHH WE’RE PROUD AS VIPZ<3 nothinggg will everrr change that and we’ll stand by supporting them as longg as we can :D!<3333333
    seeing these AMAZING accomplishments are what makes my life basically xD<33 and it’s not even uncommon for them. BIGBANG IS ♥!

  13. @Milkydonut and Kay-Chan,

    If DBSK is going to have their 3rd World tour concert (forgot the whole name) in Thailand for sure this year, I STRONGLY hope that our BB will have concerts in other countries in Asia too.

    The good thing about having concert in Thailand is that the ticket is sold via Thai Ticket Major Website/ticket counters (Thai branch for Ticketmaster in the US). VIPs in nearby countries can totally buy the ticket and come scream our heads off!!!!!!!

    I’m going to start praying right now.

  14. it will continuously increase>>>>>>>Confirm!!!

    Glad to hear that. i love u all

    fighting!! BIG…BANG

  15. DANNNG; Big Bang is BALLIN`! LOL i’m glad for the boys tho, all that hard work does pay off!!! =]

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