BigBang SeungRi changed his motto to “Once made a mistake, won’t happen again!”

“ i am the best” BigBang SeungRi changed his motto to ” “ONCE MADE MISTAKE ,WONT HAPPEN AGAIN.

BigBang Seungri has public his own motto because it was meaningful and led everyone to concern.  Once made a mistake, won’t happen again.

During the shooting of Love Notes, there was a part which Seungri would read his letter to other members. When MC asked him, “what mistake?”. Seungri said, “once made a mistake, won’t happen again”.

Also, Seungri said, in the eartly days, his motto was ” i am the best” but when he has stayed stayed together with the other members, he found out that it wasnt the right answer. He said when he went back to think of what he had done or cause, his members will always teach him and try to correct him. Hence, Once made a mistake, wont happen again became his new motto.

On Daesung’s letter, he wrote to Seungri. He said he was sorry. He is an older brother to Seungri and he should be close to him. But he didn’t.  He felt really sorry to Seungri. Because of these deep emotions, the live studio became very warm.

Translated by Maggie (bbf1 @ VIPz Overseas/BBVIPz)


~ by Momo on February 22, 2009.

15 Responses to “BigBang SeungRi changed his motto to “Once made a mistake, won’t happen again!””

  1. aweh his mottos are so cute !~ “i am the best” ^^v

  2. awww Baby so thoughtful.
    he always make himself better for everyone ^^

  3. awww ❤

  4. <333

  5. Awww, Isn’t he just adorable?
    Yeah, he is. I love his mottos.
    that’s kind of true though, DaeSung & Seungri aren’t as close.
    But i hope they get closer in the future. Big Bang are like
    5 brothers =]

  6. AWWWWW thats so cute!!!
    his mottos are so adorable, too 😀
    didnt they say TOP and seungri were awkward when they’re by themselves, too? i saw that in the manwon happiness ep w/ seungri.

  7. 😀 SeungRi always strives for excellence!
    It’s not my main phrase, but I also try to live up to
    SeungRi’s motto~ it’s noce to see SeungRi appreciating
    what the other BB members are doing for him

  8. Awwww that’s so sweet of Dae on his letter and i like the motto lol~~ also i was thinking when he said on Come To Play “SeunRi ahhh~~ i love you” something like that i don’t remember well 😀 but it was very funny xD!

  9. i felt warm.. 🙂

  10. awwww…I really can’t believe they are not close, Baby Ri and Dae…that’s too sweet. =)

  11. that really funny that tory change his motto..
    i cannot believe it…
    but i have to….
    i hope tory won’t change his motto again…

  12. aww<333
    baby is soo humble ;D<3 always determined to be better 😀
    and how incredibly SWEEET<33 dae and baby expressing their feelings to each other and dae being sorry AWWWW justtt, soo sweet xDD<33
    such heartwarming news lol x]<33333333

  13. i cant agree with u more, ma baby

    anyway, u still r the best for us forever, K?

    Fighting ma baby

  14. Awwwwwwwwwww, cute-ness <333 .
    which show did big bang when to?
    Love Notes???

  15. i love big bang so muchhh

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