Se7en’s official site (SE7ENWORLDWIDE.COM) is now opened as of 25th February.

His American debut single ‘Girls’ teaser video will be released on the 4th, full MV on 1oth March American time.

The digital single ‘Girls’ will be released on iTunes from 10th March as well as other sites like Rhapsody, Amazon and Napster.

Read here when YG speaks up about Se7en’s American Debut

K Bites:

For more scoop: Interview and behind the scene of Girls MV / Promo Video 

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~ by Momo on February 24, 2009.

12 Responses to “Announcement”

  1. I still cant open it 😦

  2. J-G-RILEEN : girl, i just went in and am still at the site. i can access it.


    and YG, I am sorry for making all those mean comments about you 😛

    im just so dang anxious

  4. can’t open the site :/

  5. momo

    tnx..I can access it now…:)

  6. I checked out the site earlier, I was totally blown away
    it’s super tight!

  7. WOW it’s fabulous ^^

  8. Yay the website is open! I see new pics. :]

  9. Ahhh* Yay, FINALLY!
    thank you for telling us.


  11. He’s AWESOME!!!! Finally debuts in America i hope everything turns out good ♥ Se7en Hwaiting!!!!!

  12. dang that’s hot! YAYY se7en, i can’t wait to see your song on iTunes that’ll be so awesome :]]

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