On Affiliating

hello to our readers~

i’ve been getting a lot of requests about linking our site & affiliating with us.

since momo is constantly bugged about this (lol, sorry momo! ily<3), i’m going to set out some ground rules about this.

if you have a site you would like to promote through us, follow these steps:
1) your site should fall under 1 of 3 categories:

  • official international sites /fan-ran forums/sites
    – this means it is a legit site that offers information to readers about artists.
    -Ex.: BBFansite, YGBB
  • fan-made forums
    – these are more unofficial, more of a place of networking with other fellow fans. like a fansite.
    -Ex.: i think you’ve seen plenty.
  • informational sites/provider sites
    – i.e., news sites/translations sites
    -Ex.: K-Bites, Coolsmurf (miss you!), VIPtranslators, HQBB, BB_media@LJ

2) go to our FANSITE BRANCHES PAGE & provide us with:

  • url of your site
  • name of your site
  • details on what your site consists of/is about
  • affiliation banner (i call these “affies”)
    – varies in size: usually they’re 90×33, but MAX SIZE: 150×70
  • proof of your affiliation with us (as in, you have posted our link on your site, i.e. via our affy banner

3) if admin finds your site informative enough & beneficial for us to link & affiliate with you, we will put your banner & link you on our sidebar.

  • fan-made forums will be placed on our FANSITE BRANCHES PAGE, therefore you do not need to worry about an affy banner, although it would be nice decor.


i will be putting up an FAQ page on the site where you can direct all your questions, site-related or bb-related to me or any of the staff.
– like the page suggests, FREQUENTLY. ASKED. QUESTIONS. will be put up on there, so it’s nice to check it from time to time if you got questions you, & (trust me) probably other ppl have too.
– – this will hopefully shorten the amount of emails i get daily.

thank you for taking time to read this! i just hope we help in some way 🙂


~ by gdluvzmc on February 24, 2009.

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