Yigtugd Mix present Cultural Shock: Big Bang Edition


I was reading the “comment page” and found this.

Artist: Yigyugd, Big Bang
Album: Yigytugd Presents Cultural Shock: Big Bang Edition
Genre: Mashup, Remix, K-Pop, K-R&B
Released: February 20, 2009

This is a new fanmade album featuring Big Bang. It is version to versions mashups / remixes of all of Big Bang songs with a different version. Made by Dave.


 Visit Dave @ Yigtugd Blogspot / Yigtugd @ Youtube


~ by Momo on February 24, 2009.

28 Responses to “Yigtugd Mix present Cultural Shock: Big Bang Edition”

  1. Big Bang always say VIPs are prolly the most straight forward fans they have…VIPs tell it like it is but harsh comments or critiques meant them well…And I’m def not bashing kevin

    I think the way kevin mix english and korean version isn’t that bad..but when he mix 2 different songs together like his “step by farewell” and “Day after 1 min & 1 sec”,its kinda messy…the songs doesn’t blend together smoothly as 1 song.

  2. Hrmmm uhm i’ll have to listen to the song
    later because my computer won’t play youtube stuff,
    well it’s slow.

  3. Thx to Kevin for totally BB’s song.

    i juz heard this love in this version ( intro rap in English )

    by the way, u make me crazy in BB past again hahaha

    thx for sharing.


  4. I am Yigytugd, the creator of these mixes and my name is not Kevin, it is Dave but I go by Yigytugd.

    Still thanks for the comments and I know my early a vs b mixes are not that great (Step By Step & Day After One Minute and 1 Second) but those are when I was just starting mixes. I have a new album coming out with my a vs b mixes that are much better then those that I have on my page. Look out for it.

    As for now, I am taking request on mixes so if you want just Youtube me or go to my site.

  5. Also, not to double post or anything but some of the info is a bit wrong.
    Artist: Yigyugd, Big Bang
    Album: Yigytugd Presents Cultural Shock: Big Bang Edition
    Genre: Mashup, Remix, K-Pop, K-R&B
    Released: February 20, 2009

    ot to be a pest but wrong information annoys me a bit.

  6. but hey dave u are not even the artist ‘cuz your voice or anything isnt featured in the songs. they are all BIG BANG? maybe have producer or composer is dave.

  7. do u know what language that was for together forever before they sang english?

  8. @ sex-seh
    they were singing in japanese

    it doesn’t seem like there is much effort in his mashups. Not really any mixing of the tracks, more like cutting and pasting. i prefer Aliks from YouTube.

  9. @ Nynna
    thanx alot =D. it doesn’t sound lyke japanese though, guess i was wrong.

  10. hfoq

  11. D: If Masa (mmixes on youtube) did more mixes for big bang (he really only has one and it was of la la la and it wasn’t the best), he would definitely be featured here. Yigtugd… I was so BLECHHH when i saw the name in the title

    I’m sorry that I have to say that but it’s true… I agree with what someone said above me whenever he mixes two different songs like step by step and last farewell, or haru haru and one minute one second, they’re SOOO messy. The tempos are way off, they’re not together and they’re not tied well so that the two songs flow together seamlessly, like Aliks or Masa makes their remixes. The only “mixes” of his are the ones that include big bang’s english version and asian version songs… and that’s not that amazing either. Like. .. okay great now I can liste nto the english and the korean versions at the same time… but really what’s the difference? Seriously… same beats, same feel, same background music, same tempo; you’re basically listening to the same song just half of it is in another language. Not that amazing at all if you ask me.

    Even though it’s big bang and believe me I LOVE big bang to death; I think they’re amazing-inspiring, his set of remixes are just… definitely not the best. I love Aliks and Masa and DJ Hyo and FreakyRemix and they’re AMAZINGLY talented in mixing songs. I loved their compilations, like Nobody vs Haru Haru, Haru Lie by Aliks, and Sexy Baby by freakyremix (Sexy Back vs Strong Baby) They’re awesome

    I don’t mean to seem harsh or mean or anything but sorry it’s the truth =\. It’s not like I’m bashing him with immature words – I’m giving reasons. Until someone does what aliks/masa/freakyremix/dj hyo does when they make mixes, that person can’t really call themselves a DJ or fanmixer or whatever…

  12. ^ I agree with you a bit, Tony. But I think you forgot to mention that that DOES leave space for him to improve and it just means that he can be even better now, right?

  13. Well, of course. I can’t wait for his new releases =] Maybe his next album of a vs b tracks will blow me away. I actually kind of hope he does. It’d be great to have even more great dj’s out there.

  14. Forever A Fool’s Only Candle Tears uses the English, Japanese, and Korean versions of the song.

    Well yes their actually is a lot of effort put into it. It may nopt seem like it since it is blended so well but it took me since Novemeber (when I started this album) to get all the songs to blend well Unlike Aliks and Masa’s usually mixes, those are “a vs b” mashups while this whole album is “version vs version” mixes. I do have “a vs b” mixes but those will be coming out in my “World’s Collide” album that is about to be done but needs more editing.

    It is ok if you didn’t like the fact that my mixes were featured here since on my Youtube account, I only have my early mixes of both “a vs b” and “version vs version” mashups which I did when I first started mashups a few months ago. Since then, I have improved my mashup skills but my remixing skills are not as good which I am working on too. I don;t want to release any more of my stuff until it is perfect so it may be a while before you hear my better stuff.

    Also, Aliks does more remixes then mashups, as for Masa, he is now mostly mashups but has done remixes before.

    It may not seem amazing but you try mixing 3 versions of a song and try to make it sound good. Almost all the songs may sound the same but when you are mixing it, they have somewhat different beats and tempos to it (among other things) that I had to adjust to make it sound good.

    I am not trying to be mean to you but it was much harder then it seems. Not all of the versions of the songs are the same if you really listen to every beat in it.
    For example Tae Yang – Only Look At Me and G Dragon – Only Look At Me (Part 2) was one of the harder songs to make since the backgrounds and tempos for the songs were different in most areas but I did manage to make it sound like the original.

    Sorry but I was not going for the best. I was simply going for a fanmade album of “version vs version” Big Bang mixes to the fans. I did not want to change the beat to the songs since that could make some fans not like them or think that it is not “Big Bang’s Style”. I guess you have to be a great fan to appreciate the work put into it.

    I do love Masa and Aliks remixes / mashups and yes, they are better then me at that since they have been doing it for much longer then I have. I started mashups / remixes because of Aliks too. After hearing his album “J-Bootie – Volume 1”, I feel in love with mashups and wanted to do it too. Sorry if my first album is not beyond great for you but I am happy I did it.

    I know what you mean and I hope I don’t sound mean either but yes I am a DJ and Mashup artist. These mashups on this album is a type of mashup called “version vs version” Mashups and many mashup artist start out doing these types of mashups. I am not on the level of great “a vs b” mashups but over time I will be.

    Thank you guys for downloading my album and supporting me and Big Bang. V.I.P. forever:)

  15. Mmm actually I see your points, Yigytugd. I should have looked more into whether or not all of them were in the same tempo. I forgot about the two version of Only Look At Me, especially the Make Love ones which should be different as well.

    I’m glad you happy you did it because you should be happy with any finished project you make in a topic of great interest that you just started in. Believe me, I love it when I can get a choreography down because I started dancing a few months ago.

    And you shouldn’t feel sketchy on changing the beats to it because a lot of people love it. Sure, maybe not everyone but masa and aliks have to deal with that, too. Plus it’s something you haven’t done yet and it’d be great to see you do it; it really gives the mix a mixed-up-feel.

    And it helps to know that you’re new to this; haha i thought there was a chance you could have been someone who’s been doing it for a really long time and still thought they were as good as aliks or whoever. And i don’t know, whenever I think of mashups. I think of two or more completely different songs combined together and made nice-sounding and fitting. I think it would have been easier if they had just been called version vs version from the beginning.

    But I DID not fully understand the work you had to put in some of those songs and I realize that now, and I apologize for my mistake in not thinking about it in depth enough.

    Surely there shouldn’t be any mixed feelings; I really only meant the best for you; I just have a habit of going all out when i critique things I care a lot about. Once I write an entire ocean of stuff you know that I really want you to improve. Anyway, I hope you continue to improve (which you inevitably will) in your mixing skills.

    Also, did you say that I’m not a great fan o-o… because I love Big Bang to death. Not even, like even after death (god forbid) I’ll still love them; I’ve been with them forever.

    But anyway, best of luck, and I hope I didn’t make the impression that I disliked you or anything; that’s how my criticisms just come off sometimes.

  16. healthy discussion. i like it.

    dave, whatever it is, i like it and impressed the work u put into making a good mix.

    but wow..tony and dave..longest comments ever..

    i spoke to Aliks a word or two on occasional times. he’s good. but i never heard of Masa. maybe i should look into it next time.

  17. also, dave i posted this at bbvipz. i have some close contacts with korean vips, so i think it would be nice to share with them some of your work.

  18. Thanks for understanding. It is just that I really did take a lot of time in fixing those tracks so they sound just right. I even delayed the album release since the song “Love Make, Make Love” was a bit off when it came to T.O.P.’s part in the song. It was great making my first mashup album though and for my favrotie mashup album too.

    Actually I have done a few remixes on my album “World’s Collide”. The only ones that are both mashups and remixes are Epik High – “One (Time Is Ticking Remix)(Epik High vs. Ji Sun from Loveholic)” which I do need to edit since it does sound too similar to the original at points but I will fix that. Also, “Breakdown Breakdown (Yigytugd Break It Down Remix)(Epik High vs. Epik High)” which is a remix of a mashup that I made. It will be a bonus track on the album.
    Yes I have only done 2 remixes / mashups of Epik High but was not that good on my other tries.

    Yeah, I have only done this for 4 months and have been improving everyday. Sorry if I did not clearify but yes the mashups that Masa is popular for are called “a vs b” mashups. This album is a “version vs version” album.

    I will do more remixes though but I am having a hard time finding a good remix program to use. Right now I use Sony Vegas Pro 8 but that is only good for mashups and not remixing. The other Sony program for remixing was annoying for me so I did not use it.

    It is ok though, I like criticism but when I actually worked hard on it and I get criticized for not doing what someone else does, then I get flamey.

    Oh and sorry for implying that you were not a try Big Bang fan. I am a giant fan and I am sure you are too. V.I.P.’s for life:)

    Thanks for the luck. Hopefully I can get some request on mashups and also improve my skills for remixing. Until then I will be working on my “version vs version” Utada Hikaru album and my multiple artist “version vs version” and “a vs b” album “World’s Collide”.

  19. No problem :] And good to hear that you’ve already made some progress on your album. I hope you’ll be pleased with the final result.

    Oh, and didn’t Aliks make a video recently answering questions about what kind of programs he uses to make remixes? I mean, I think he took it down now, but yeah I listened to it for a while D:. It was a video of him explaining everything for like a couple of minutes and informing us on stuff that he does to make the mixes. I don’t know if you could still find it on his channel; you probably can’t, but you could probably message him or contact him on facebook or something and ask him. He usually replies. Unless the Sony program is what aliks uses? I don’t remember the name of it.

    And yeah, I understand what you mean about getting flamy; I’d do the same thing.
    Oh and also if you wanted a request:
    Do you think it could be possible try something from Big Bang’s most recent album? All the tracks there are really great and no known DJ’s out there have made any remixes to it except Aliks for Sunset Glow + Strong Baby and freakyremix for Strong Baby.

    BTW once you release your this next one make sure you expand~ (facebook, myspace, blogspot, so on). You want to make sure you can get as many comments as you want =].

  20. Yeah, I have 17 tracks on my album and have started making more but that will be on my next album.

    Can’t find that video for Aliks but I will eventually…… or I can just ask around some mashup forums.

    Well when I meant request, I meant mashup wise but I do plan on making a Legacy Album of remixes and mashups for some of my artist. Cultural Shock: Big Bang Edition is a legacy album (of sorts) for Big Bang but it is more for the fans and mashup artist alike.

    I do have multiple sites that I use but do need to expand a bit.

    but I do need more. Thanks for the support.

  21. AWWW this is an awesome mix =)
    it really bring back all those days w/ Big Bang!
    great job and thanks for sharing!!

  22. Oh, Yigytugd could you see if So Hot and Mr. Big by Lee Hyori go together? I was listening to it on the train and it seemed as though I could sing so hot during the chorus. Maybe not; I was listening to an Aliks Remix of Mr. Big XD

    And even though Aliks already has a mashup for So Hot and Mr Big yours would definitely be different because yeah aliks’s only includes yoobin’s rap that he changed around a little xD

    also I don’t have a song to put this with but I think it’d be great if you could remix the song by the recently debuted SoRi – Real Lips. If you don’t know it, check it out on youtube and see if anything comes to mind =]. No one’s made a remix for that song yet; not even Aliks, so hopefully you can be the first!


    woooooooooooooh, that’s AMAAAZZINGG!!!!!! sooo freaking awesome

  24. OMG My song is being played on ALRadio. This is great. I have made it so far in just a couple of days. Thanks guys for the great comments.

  25. great job ^^

  26. aren’t teasers supposed to be 30-ish seconds -_-;;
    lol its big bang, love it ^^
    it was awesome how it was haru haru played
    then went into acoustic ^^

  27. i’ll love BIG BANG to death

  28. Yeah but it is also a teaser too so I wanted to include all the videos that I already made for the album.
    Thanks for the “After Day By Day” comment. Id did not know what to do with that track but when I figured that instead of using the whole song, I could just put it in the chorus and it would sound great that way.

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