Big Bang’s Self-Development Book Ranks #1


Top idol group Big Bang’s self-help book “Shouting to the World” has beat out other authors to top the nation’s bestseller list.

The book outlines how each member ― G-Dragon, T.O.P., Victory, Dae-sung and Tae-yang ― overcame difficulties to live up to his dream of becoming a successful musician. Pre-orders of the book before its official publication date of Jan. 28 also surpassed those of other books.

More celebrities have been publishing books recently, but Big Bang is among the first to top the bestseller list.

Shin Kyung-sook’s novel “Take Care of My Mom” ranked second after remaining on the top spot for six weeks straight. Author Kong Ji-young’s essay followed in third place.

“Dewey,” a heart-warming nonfiction story about a stray cat that lived in a small public library, moved up to eighth place, while Malcolm Gladwell’s “Outliers” ranked 16th.

Source: Korea Times

~ by Momo on February 25, 2009.

15 Responses to “Big Bang’s Self-Development Book Ranks #1”

  1. now if only they came out with an English version….
    then this book would probably be the 1st somewhat semi real book I’ve ever read XD

  2. Yes,If they had a English version…
    The moment they would release it I would run out at any time,any where,wearing anything and grabbed that book…Then,pay for it. lol 😛

  3. i wish they have eng ver, im still learning korean but in an early stage
    so by the time i understand korean i dont think d book will be out by that time 😦

  4. Dang I wish they had an english version too.
    I would freaking snatch it. Lol.
    Well, congrats to the boys for book rank #1!

  5. heheh pround.
    and this broke my heart

    llol gd loveers…even though im not XD TOP but :[
    girl posted it on crunchyroll.

  6. Congrats BB!

  7. omg they should def. make a translated version of that book :] I would get it right away; I’d love to read how Big Bang overcame their obstacles and got to their amazing selves today… they’re so inspirational, I can’t even begin to describe it. They’re great role models =] I love all of them ❤ (AND SEUNGRI ESPECIALLY!!)


  9. Whoo #1! ❤

    I just want an English version of this book already. T___T <333333

  10. i knew this will happen ^^ yayy i’m so proud of they, all their dreams come true ♥

  11. yeah..i also need it in Eng version too.

    Great to hear that! BB is so cool!!

    always cheer u …..

  12. ugh. i need an english version!
    i would buy it!

  13. I know. I’m still wondering when the English
    one is coming out, but patience i guess.
    Congrats Big Bang =]

  14. congrats!!

  15. Damn…..
    If YG is smart, and English version will be released.
    Or if we’re lucky some kind soul (with lots of time on their hands) will translate it 😉

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