GDragon and SeungRi together for ‘Strong Baby’ last performance


Group Big Bang’s leader GDragon will give support to the maknae (youngest) of the group SeungRi.

SeungRi’s solo song ‘Strong Baby’, which won mutizen award for 2 consecutive week on Inkigayo, #1 place for 3 consecutive weeks on M!Countdown, will have its last performance on SBS Inkigayo on 1st March. The producer of the song, GDragon, will perform together with SeungRi for this performance.

GDragon will also appear on stage together with SeungRi from 27th February on KBS Music Bank, then MBC Music Core and lastly on SBS Inkigayo. For this last performance of the song, GDragon also made a special rap to the song.

After his solo activities end, SeungRi will move on to prepare for the filming of the movie ‘71′, which also star actors Yoo Seung Ho and Kim Bum.

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~ by Momo on February 25, 2009.

23 Responses to “GDragon and SeungRi together for ‘Strong Baby’ last performance”

  1. this post made me extremely HAPPY ^^

    GD + SR AND 71???
    win in life

  2. o0o that’s HOT!

  3. hahahahahahaha…i just really can’t wait to watch those ones…!!!yipieeeee..

    i wanna hear GD’s special rap.
    i know G-Ri will give their best performancee yet 😀

  5. i’m excitedd!!!!

  6. Ohh wow looking forward the new rap~~ lol

    i’m gonna miss strong baby ♥

  7. can wait for it…
    it’s what i’ve been waiting for…
    what every VIP waiting for…
    && now’s da time…

    the new rap,sure something amzing from gd….
    luv luv luv >33


  8. omg omg omg !! can’t wait !!!

    GRi ❤ <3…

    special rap?? OMG !!XDD

  9. waaaa….coolllllll….
    can’t wait!!!!!…..
    GRI ajaaaa!!!!!……

  10. wow wow wow

    can’t wait can’t wait

    it’s gonna b hot!! i strong believe

    i really envy baby bcoz they have the older brother as GD to support him ah…

    fighting >> GD & Baby

  11. GD and SRI! Whee, I can’t wait to see this performance. *O* It’s gonna be amazing. <333

    And there’s going to be a new rap?! <333 Yay

  12. OH MY GOSH!!! really!! oh heck yeah i cannot wait for this than!!!!

  13. Nice info! Very cool post.I have looked over your blog a few times and I love it.

  14. CAnt Wait xDD. thats so sweet!
    GRI <3!
    Also O_O KIm Bum is also gonna be in the movie too? haha.

  15. woot woot!!
    yay! G-Ri moments are a-coming!! :DDD
    cant wait. ❤
    baby is on firee. all the winnings. yay

  16. makes me wanna cry!! SR liked performing!!! awwwwww can t wait to se G-RI

  17. Yes, I can just die from this news.
    GRI! <33

  18. YAYYYY!
    I always wanted GD and seung ri to perform Strong Baby together live! And I wonder what kind of GRi moments will unravel on SBS Inikagyo….

  19. Aww yay! I cannot wait! Yipeee!

    omfg, CANT WAIT :D:D
    GRI IS ♥!
    omgomgomgomg, they’re so sexy performing together xDD i’ll be
    exploding and stuff when i see that ;D<3 hehehe.

  21. AHHHHH* Reallly?!
    This is so cool! My 2 favorite boys!
    Yay & a special rap. I am loving this
    already. omg i CANNOT WAIT!
    Wow, this has made me really happy (:

  22. OMG YAYYYY!!!! that’s gonna be awesome! those 2 both on stage is gonna be hot :DD

  23. hehe, luv this song 😀

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