“Remember” Album: No Sales Allowed For Those Under 19


Under the Commission of Youth Protection, Big Bang’s 2nd album ‘Remember’ has been labelled harmful for teenagers with the reason that the song ‘Strong Baby’ in the album contains inappropriate/suggestive lyrics.

From 6th March, Big Bang’s 2nd album ‘Remember’ will have the sticker ‘No Sales Allowed For Those Under 19′ labelled on the CD.

A YG Entertainment representative said, “We did not arrange for a new recording for a clean version of the supposed problematic song ‘Strong Baby’. We will just have to sell the CD with the sticker label on.”

As to whether this order will affect SeungRi’s solo activity, “This coming 1st March will be his last performance, hence we see that there shouldn’t be any hindrance to his solo activities.”

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~ by Momo on February 26, 2009.

49 Responses to ““Remember” Album: No Sales Allowed For Those Under 19”

  1. Commission of Youth Protection can suck it
    Strong Baby forever!

  2. WHAT THE HECK. continuation with the ridiculous-ness?!

  3. Way to be on time Commission, lmao, like how many have been sold already? lol
    A LOT!

  4. WOW.

    that is ridiculous

  5. lol i cracked up so bad reading the first few lines ahahah gosh wat the heck is wrong with them ppl how can strong baby be “INAPPROPRIATE” hello its about seungri growing up and becoming a MAN! not no lil boy no more….i guess they prefer their ppl not grown up and still a kid and not know anything in the world..i guess they prefer that lil boy image …. maybe thats why they cant be MAN enough to accept all these stuff..i wonder if is it because big bang is getting so up there like hitting no. 1 spots and making history that they got to do something to stop that and let other groups take over lol just a thought who knows…..anyways them youth protection thing….MY BUTT!….even if you stop big bang they will still get to the top!!!

  6. hahah
    be it.
    it’s npt gonna affect the sales 😉
    maybe it could boost up the sales even more !

    really , if i were a korean and am under 19,
    still i’d get the album through older oppas and onnis~
    do whatever to get the album.

    suggestive lyrics in strong baby?
    they mean , CRACK? 😉

    it’s harmless~

  7. oh my goshh!!
    they’re making a big deal about this!
    it’s just the word “crack”…
    talk about drastic!!

  8. LOL @ Chrissy
    that’s right!

    lame…real lame.
    how could they do this to the same boys who used one of their songs in the same album to promote help & support to the west part of Korea? This positive impact for all ages makes up for the Strong Baby song, no sense at all people.

  9. anyone watch the Music Bank yet…OMG Ji Yong and Seung Ri…is so so HOT…

    the rap part was awesome!!!!

    i love it…his hairstyle is hot hot hot..

  10. And I thought the “Parental Advisory” label was bad…
    That has no effect really. This age restriction thing is ridiculous. It’s just a song.

  11. and they keep creating issues T.T

    this is seriousally SOOOOOOO ridiculous.
    yea…the song strong baby gives me a sudden urge to do cocaine…

  13. i truly believe that this will not affect SeungRi’s solo activities cause he has talent and surely he can make it big and proud with or without the label sticker on the CD!

  14. Korea’s censoring ideals are ridiculous.

  15. OMG ha how pathetic! haha XD

    Srsly what’s wrong with the song and lyrics? -.-
    I don’t understand man.. but yeah I still heart big bang heh.

  17. this is just sooooooooooo stupid!
    i really dont see how people are just interpreting the words in the wrong way ==
    its so silly. why do they even bother doing things like this when the song has been out for quite some time already -_-”
    seung ri hwaiting! : D

  18. Are you serious?
    Commission of Youth Protection sucks too!
    Ughh i’m not gonna go over this agian.
    But it’s “Crack,Crack,Crack,Crack”

  19. hahah that is hilarious! Fans bought the cd when it was on pre-order. every big bang teenager fan listened to the song like crazy already.

  20. that is such bullsh’t. how many american rap artists sing about guns gangs violence and death. And seung ri song aint even that dirty anyway compared to other. Godd get over it

  21. dummbbb i bet all the under age already order before this alert eheh…krazyyy stufff…CRACK CRACK CRACK HAHA!

  22. LOL PAThethic, Ridiculous ._.;;
    Aree they CrazY?! Lol
    i dont think its gonna affect the sales thoe XD.

  23. bs

  24. WTH! UGHHH.
    I’m so fed up.
    *GRR this is ridiculous. I KNOW!
    His song is not ridiculously harsh or anything.

  25. i still buying that cd….
    strong baby is not harmful song…

    what stupid…

    -big bang forever

  26. bullshit


  27. This is the dumbest thing ive ever heard! 19 is way too old! i mean the song does talk about sexual stuff but seriously! im 16 and ive seen and and heard worse! i honestly feel that teen sshouldn’t be blinded about things like this!

  28. What the heck? They have a children’s game in Korea with cartoons holding guns and fighting but they can’t let a teen listen to “Strong Baby”? That is messed up! But does that mean you have to be 19 to buy it online? I never got a chance to buy it ><

  29. Plus you see little 8 year olds listening to T-Pain and other music with songs about sex, getting drunk, and booty in America. The lyrics in the song aren’t even that bad.

  30. lol
    Korea’s gettting wayyyyy too strict with this whole ‘Strong Baby’ thing.
    all of those people are on crack crack crack dude XD

  31. Omg… wth. That age limit is crazy. There’s nothing wrong with Strong Baby.

    This isn’t going to affect album sales or wateva… pshhh.

  32. How strict are they in Korea?
    They should change it to 16 instead of 19.

    But ironically in Lies, you can hear TOP say “bitch” (thats if u listen carefully), but no one said anything about it, but isnt bitch a more offensive word than crack??

  33. @wonder_jay-REALLY!?!
    What part?

    Anyway, yeah but I understand Korea is all strct, but this label wasn’t put on YMGA’s mini-album and in “What” they use profanity multiple times. xD What? Is it different for Underground artists?

  34. Hahaha, guys, yes we hear MUCH WORSE in America, but does it really make that stuff okay?
    I agree, Strong Baby isn’t very bad, but it’s still something I would turn down if parents or adults were around (that understand Korean).

    We shouldn’t compare this to American music, because America is way overboard, and crosses the line…=_= Just ’cause America isn’t strict doesn’t mean it’s the best choice.

    19 seems to old, but I guess that’s around the age you become an adult over there, so that’s their thinking.

  35. Wow, this totally CRACKS me up. I can’t believe they’re making such a huge deal over the use of the word “crack”. Seriously, “crack” can mean ANYTHING! I’ll bet tons of people under 19 have ALREADy heard it and LOVE the song.

  36. ugh WOW…
    another one huh..
    GOSHh its no big deall
    korea&their sensitivenesss
    but w/e. we alrdy
    bought ours haha

  37. zomg… retards -__-
    duude, they just need to leeeet it go . zomg… for reaaaal… aah this may not be good news for our maknae but hey, he can release a new song am i right? :3 teehee and slap those hating biznatches in the face (:

  38. Guys, it’s not just the word “crack” that is problematic, it’s the song in whole.
    Maybe WE need to let it go. So what they put a sticker on it. We can still listen to it, can’t we? Anyone under 19 in Korea can just get someone over 19 to buy it for them. All they need to do is hand over their money to someone, walk into the store with them and just have the 19 year old hand over the money. Korea’s just trying to keep their country age appropriate.

  39. LOL yes. its ironic too that other songs have profanity but the word “crack” seems to be more dangerous than profanity? XD

    i know GD says “i dont give a f–” in Oh, Ah, Oh
    & TOP says “sht” in How Gee…


  40. this whole strong baby contrv. thing is just so stupid. i dont see anybody making a big fuss bout usher wanting to “make love is the club” -_-” sheesh just let the boy do his thang!

  41. God, why is Korea so conservative? The whole KBS thing is stupid, but there should be freedom in music. And there is much more worse music in USA. They did the same thing to DBSK’s Mirotic because they had, “I’ve got you~ under my skin.”

  42. LOL
    eh that’s not gunna stop any one from listening/buying
    if anything its free promotion 😀 even better haha

  43. you have to be 19+? ahahhaha i feel illegal having the CD now XD

  44. seungri is my strong baby

  45. thats just stupid! I guess youngans wil have to get their elder friends or relatives to buy em 😦 not too inconvenient i guess but thats so dumb.. that means i wouldnt be able to buy it LOL HAH TOO LATE!

  46. does this effect ONLY the fans in Korea or the fans in the U.S too?
    ahem* yesasia…?

  47. Oh they must be stupid, 19+? Too absurd! Haha! It can’t stop us! Go Seung Ri, go Big Bang!

  48. that’s so unfair.hahas.I will still support strong baby,even though they ban us for buying..what if we’ve already bought it before that?

  49. i have one word for this: ABSURD!!

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