(English subbed) Big Bang on Intimate Note | 02.27.09 SeungRi ft. GDragon: Strong Baby

Guess who this elementary school boy is

Finally, Anecia and I finish subbing part 1 of Big Bang’s Intimate Note, this is some awsome juicy stuff man. GOTTA WATCH IT.


Watch Hardsubbed Version online on Youtube
Part 1 || Part 2 || Part 3 || Part 4 || Part 5 || Part 6 || Part 7

Who’s up for a live-broadcast gathering tonight when GRi is performing on Music Core??! Cuz I will be staying until 1 AM to watch it, always fun to watch and spazz about it with fellow VIPs.

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02.27.09 KBS Music Bank
Strong Baby Performance ft. GD
225 MB

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Also include audio rip.
Thanks to SG10SS님

thanks to S님
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AHHH! HE’s wearing all black!! it’s so freaking sexy!!! His lil body popping in the beginning… AHH! SEND THIS FANGIRL TO FREAKING HEAVEN. When the camera zoomed in on him, that…freaking wins in life. Why does he so freaking extra sexy today??? HUH??? AHHH! I’m in love all over again. LOL at him pointing all the way up when he say ‘the world’ kaka that’s cute. Just looking straight up there for something keke.

OH MY GOD……. The camera man… is he like related to Baby or something? They seem to have some kind of chemistry, that camera dude sure knows how to capture Baby’s sexinness, do you see all that close-up??? DAMMMMMMMMMN!

Then it’s Bong… MR. GDRAGON!!! HAHA Coming out with a green suit… and WHAT??? a ponytail?????? That is just a total HyungJoong hairstyle huh? that dude in the green suit really doesn’t look like Bong hahah look like a tall sexy leprachaun with some bizzarre shades haha SO AWESOME.

G-RI Crack crack DANCE FTW!! OH MAI GOD. I TOLD YOU. NO-BODY. can do that CRACK-DA-LACKING DANCE like G-Ri, even add in Bong’s QUACK QUACK move haha


GRI in action

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~ by Vicky on February 27, 2009.

73 Responses to “(English subbed) Big Bang on Intimate Note | 02.27.09 SeungRi ft. GDragon: Strong Baby”

  1. gd – manga character.

    (the ones who carry samurai swords and work for secret service/spy agency… and lke to smoke in the rain while cussing their heads off…)

  2. aaaawww!!! they look awesome together! i love seungri

  3. Oh my god this was tooo sexy!!!!
    GD looked freaking hawt!!!
    And the ending where he motioned the synthesizer!!!
    AHHHH!!! DIES*****

    Love it..xD

  4. ahhh…i have class in lke an hour but i just had to see if this video was upand it is! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH GD is a genius and SR is looking fly for his performance… =]

  5. G-RI today looked freaking H.O.T
    i’m digging out GD new hair!! he looks so COOL BABY~

  6. Oh Em Gee!Is that the GD?Seung-Ri was cool.But GD?Dunno

  7. OMG!!!for real GD with pony tail!!!XD
    he’s soooo cooooLLL!!!!^^

  8. the ponytail’s cool, but it makes me think of Nicholas Tse. Haha

  9. G-RI so hot
    GD’s hair oh mah gah so hot hot hot

  10. Best Perf of Strong Baby!!!
    OMG!! His new hairstyle, is Strange, but he is GD, he can pull every little thing he wear, XD But he looks so so hot with that Ponytail x], that Green suit hahah no comments…
    Baby, look like someone of the mafia LMAO his outfit is so Black hahha XD LOVE IT ❤ GRi <33

  11. haha the performance ROCKED!!! but as I said GD can pull off a lot of things but im not so sure that green suits n ponytails r two of em…but he still looked amazing!!! LOL
    on another note just finished watchin the BB global warning DVD n how cute wasnt maknae in those glasses during dirty cash!! LOVE

  12. Yong hair, has growing long already..tying to a ponytails style, cute.

    Nice, thanks Vicky


  13. this was awesome!!!!
    gd had hot hair
    sr had a hot song

  14. hey thats is so awsome!!!! they together doing perf….so cute

  15. IMO, I’ve seen GD look a hella lot better. The all green suit, and the pony tail… not a favourite for me.

    But since he’s GD I just have to roll my eyes, sigh, smile and go “Oh its just GD”

    …I hate how he makes me do that LOL. I bet he could get away with wearing a chicken suit in my eyes… err and I think he’d probably look better rocking that too.

    Hmm on the other hand, I think Seung Ri looked quite fit. I’m actually pretty happy that Strong Baby promotions are over because now we can see him move onto acting and I would love to see that side of him ^^

  16. my gosh!!
    my GD is so so so HOT!
    i really love him ❤

  17. damn i wanna see it bad.
    school blocked YT so.. -_-
    but its prolly hot x2918321309849
    guess I have to wait til i’m home.

  18. OMG. i always have a thing with guys with long hair…and when they tied them….theyre effin’ HOT! and GD!!! you just know what I like to see. hahhaha

  19. OMGGGG and i kept telling myself every time baby performs that it’s the best, but he just getting even better ‘n better!!! and now with GD OMGGGG this stage is too hot!!!! I’m not digging his shades but other that that he looks mighty fine with that ponytail awwww XDXDDDD can’t wait to watch the HQ one~

  20. DANG that PONYTAIL is SO FLY!
    i think i might have to start growin my hair out to get that look. haha. GD is the man. freshest dude in korean


    That was such a GG stage.


  22. I actually like the little ponytail. I couldn’t see him that well though so hopefully there’ll be a hq pic of him or something.

  23. OhmyDamn!! Baby look so hottt in this performance. {Like always}
    OHMYGOSHHH, Jiyong! Woah, green suit & little ponytail?
    It’s so cute but for some reason, I’m not used to him
    looking like that yet. But I do miss him alot :/
    His voice sounds sexier than ever though, and so does Baby’s.

  24. I’ve been wondering this. Did Taeyang get his cheekbone, and jaw shaved? He totally looks different then how he use to when he started. I know people change but he went from not soo cute to freaken HOT as hell…..

  25. Is this not on megaupload? D:

  26. OMO! green suit? hair long enough to put in a ponytail?
    wow. the green suit didn’t surprise me since this is Bong
    we’re talking about, but the hair. oh man. it grew out that

    i kind of got a hint that it grew out after seeing pictures
    of Bong and Dae at their university’s opening ceremony thing.

    but yeah, he looks good. Baby looked really good too in his
    all black suit. this performance was just good. can’t wait
    to see the others. ^__^

  27. i have to admit, i was screaming like a lil kid that just discovered candy land when GD came out lol

  28. How fast does kwon Leader’s hair grow??
    Seriously how can someone’s hair grow from a half shaven mohawk to hair long enough to be tied into a ponytail in 6 months??
    Even my hair cannot grow that fast.

  29. omg omg…so so so so COOL..
    is the hottest in the world hahha…
    d d d d d d dat show!!!

    i watch it live yesterday, it was FANTASTIC..
    i realised GD isn’t wearing high top…

  30. LOL GD!
    i love hyunjoong too but GD looks funky like that [x

    i cannot wait for march 1 performance though

  31. Thank you for the english subs!

  32. Wow my mom thought i hurt myself cause i was screaming so loud. BONGIE!!!!!! >.< Gah I freaking love him, LOVE HIM!!!!! I am all for this version of the song. I’m loving the new rap that he incorporated into it. I think the song sounds even hotter! And baby? HOLY CRAP! not only did he look gorgeous in all black, his vocals for this were absolutely freaking fantastic. His voice has gotten so freaking good that I cant believe it. But bongie, seeing you again on stage makes me all the more excited for April. That will be my month to fangirl. My brother even warned my mom that the fangirling will commence then. (he just wont admit that he likes Bongie the best too XP)

  33. AHHH!!!!
    That was a fantastic performance by SR! He totally owned the stage. 😀

  34. Thank you so much for the sub! I’m going to watch it tonight! <333

    And dangggg GD and SRI looked so HOT. =D <333 I like GD’s hair!

    Their performance was awesome. Wow.

  35. great~~
    ahh love the fans! xD

  36. thanks for the sub! GD looks older with that hair.

  37. ohmy.
    ohmy god.
    i was eatingggg..you don’t want to know what happened xDD

    omfg. so sexy xD

  38. Seungri looks really really really good in that black suit. And I love this version most~! SEUNGRI JJANG!

  39. WOOW!!
    that was sooo amazing!!
    Seungri really was near perfect. no he was perfect!
    and JIYONG!! I LOOOOOOVE his new hair! It’s so sexy!! It’s so him!

  40. omg..Jiyong’s hair is soo smexxxy..and totally Hyun Joong’s old hairstyle, but i think Bong pulls it off better than Hyun Joong <33..G-Ri is teh best ❤

  41. Hey Vicky (idk if you’ll get this but here goes)

    This was already on the comment page but my friend and dance-group-leader Victoria (you might recognize her as ChaosLy when she posts here) and I as well as four other people recently performed a version of Strong Baby for our school (of course, not as well as SeungRi ever could!) and we would really like it if we could get as many opinions on the performance as we could (maybe even post it as an update? It’s all up to you)

    Anyway, Victoria enjoys true criticisms and I would very much like to improve on my dancing as well. I know this post doesn’t really have anything to do with the latest seungri performance (as AMAZINGLY SEXY as it was… there are just no words for it), I’m just using this as a possible way to contact you.

    Please check it out and thank you for giving the time to read this. (I know I have a habit for writing long comments and stuff like that…)

    Here’s the video
    I’m the guy to your left and Victoria is the center.

  42. Tony

    LOLL that’s totally aweeesomeee xD

    omfg SEUNGRI, G-DRAGON! They look hot.
    Aww they look cute at the ending where they
    were standing next to each other. I’ve been
    waiting so freaking long just to watch this.
    Well it feels like a long time but now that i have
    ima download it now =] i lovve it!
    Even though MISTERR G-Dragon has weird sunglass &
    his hair is tied in a pony tail, i still love him.
    It actually looks HOT on him =]
    [he kinda looks gangsterr in a way] Lmao who decided his
    outfit and stuff? Just wondering b/c it is interesting.
    i died during the process of watching this & especially
    when G-DRAGON came out and at the ending.
    My 2 favorite boys get to perform together…again.
    Ah i miss Big Bang performing.

  44. GD looks like he’s in a mafia gang lol

  45. OMG!!!!
    g-d freaking hot…
    i love g-d hair….
    i love this remix…
    seungri fighting!!!

  46. When I saw it’s on KBS i remembered the crack issue again.
    LOL at the CLAP word flashing behind them whenever it’s crack crack time.
    And the best thing? You wouldn’t know it’s clap unless you read the lyrics at the bottom left! haha!

  47. HELP~

    how do u watch it live??
    its friday so
    i wanna try it for the first
    it seems fun (:
    so help please?

  48. i’ll be up too. the show airs at 1:30AM my time, sighh. and then usually, i end up staying up all night to dl video and catching up with the pictures and stuff, lol. oh what we do for bigbang!

  49. waiii!!! Thanx so much for Intimate Note English subbed, i couldn’t stop laughing when watching it:))
    DaeSung and Seungri, oh god, they are too…I hadn’t believe they were awkward like that until watching!!! Hope that they will be closer ^^
    Uhm, I’m eager to watch part2!!!
    Thank you very much!!!!:X

  50. what time is music core in korea btw? hihi.

    I love how they end the perf…they both looked so hot, with Bong brushing his shoulder and Baby Ri’s “bye ladies *smooch*”. =)

    Bow down or Bow out! that’s so cool! =)

  51. Where do you watch these stuff vicky?
    the BigBangNEWVideoshere.com?
    Lmao jaykays. but where?

  52. ahhh thanks vicky for the subs!
    and omagaahhhd! this is the awesomest strong baby perf! >_<
    i’m into all of bong’s hairstyles but this ‘combed back mafia ponytail’ hairstyle is definitely..different.heheh! i hope he has 2 different hairstyles for the next strong baby(s).
    and his shades remind me of a reallllly hot sunny day.LOL!
    baby’s face when the dancers were touching him.ahh! i just haaaad to make a screen cap.LOL!
    here it is http://i44.tinypic.com/2n71eac.jpg

  53. OH EM GEE!!!
    I just loooved this performance
    I have been craving Big bang videos lately
    seriously I have been completely sad because I hadn;t seen any performances lately
    besides I haven’t been able to spazz properly
    looove Bong’s green suit
    and the hair…it looks different yet not bad at all
    can’t wait to see the episode I had been waiting for a while


    OMG GD’s hair! I totally loved it!
    and SR! GAAHHH!!! that was pure sexiness!! 😀

    TaeYeon’s mess up was cute, lol haha

  55. Okay, lol Music Core was pretty interesting 😀

    but Music Bank performance was SMOKING AS WELL!
    It was their 500th thing right? no wonder it was pretty awesome.

    I just loved how SeungRi introduced GD and then he came out
    lookin all FLY with those shades and pure green suit lol

    but SERIOUSLY loved loved his hair! I had to rewatch the performance because I was only staring at his hair after that XD oh and those PICS are just..just..great! lol GRI sexiness to thee extreme

    baby maknae is CUTE!XP

  56. wowo gd so hot!!!!!omo…he always look so good in different ways!!!!!

  57. Thanks for the sub! Now that I understand better what they are saying, can’t help but notice that Taeyang and TOP is like “old married couple” in this episode, from Tae hinting on TOP’s hypocrisy (the drinks) and nagging at him for being untidy.
    New couple in the making? hahaha

  58. awwww
    seung ri in elementary school was so cute.
    soooooo cute.
    i would have had a crush on him ^^’

  59. i watched the 1st few parts on intimate noteon youtube and its hilarious so far but i’m not able to download the srt sub. it says forbidden http 403 error. how do i get it?

  60. love GD’s suit…but his hair has got to go.
    looks too much like some of the battle boys.
    but we’ll see how he rocks it the next couple of times, if he does.
    he always ends up changing my mind if he sports it long enough.

  61. INTIMATE NOTE WAS SO WAY AWESOMEE!!! it was TOO hilarious! absolutley amazing…

    and Strong Baby….. freakin hell…. that was too hot for words… G-RI FIGHTINGGG!

  62. oh.my.g-dragon.bwahahahahhaha nice hair XD

  63. ahahha omgg THANK YOUU SOO muchh
    That made my day 😛 LOVE itt ❤

  64. Love this perfomance!!! Best G-ri ever!!! lol~~ and they OWN the crack-dance ♥

  65. oh mai gad what happened to bong’s hair!!!
    so freaking sexy!!
    dang..i have been gone for a very long time gurl
    miss me? keke xD
    sigh i can’t seem to download anything in my uni’s library
    i just shifted to sydney and everything is unsettled yet
    so…no downloading bb’s videos for me now 😦
    so sad..i can’t watch it!
    i miss bong so damn much~

  66. Oh em gee. Seung Ri looks so sexy in black. iLy Seung Ri. & G-D looks so hawt, kekeke. love big bang ❤

  67. Whoaa, G-Ri, omg, looks so SEXY. kakaka. i LOVE the crack crack dance, kekeke so hawt :] I can’t get enough of Big Bang ❤

  68. I’m really like pref of 2-hyung, crack, crack-dance ah!! kawaii!!!

  69. foh the bigbang intimate note, i cant seem to download it:(

  70. THANK U!!!!!!!!!!

    SOO H. O. T !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    THANK 4 INTIMATE NOTE!!!!!!!!!!

  71. hye..love them so much..how can i join this fanclub hah??

  72. erm why can’t i download (English subbed) Big Bang on Intimate Note | 02.27.09? help me.. part 6 has been deleted on youtube..

  73. Can u reupload softsubs? 🙂 Thanks. 🙂

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