02.28.09 SeungRi & GD on Music Core| Seoul Women’s University freshman OT Stalker Pics

SeungRi cried upon receiving his 3rd Mutizen Song (maximum win for a song) It was so touching, I was crying along with him.

03.01.09 SBS Inkigayo
Strong Baby Performance ft. GD
182 MB

Image and video hosting by TinyPic


This is it, last Strong Baby performance, (at least for now) and MAN… did these two ended it on an awsome note or what. Bong finally found a way to not waste his un-used mohican gel haha


Baby must be proud when he see that his ‘crack-da-lacking’ dance is now famous in the gag world just like Bae’s Only Look at me. Does the ‘king crab’ dude look like HaRim from ‘Coffee Prince’ to you? cuz he does to me, and we all know Baby played HaRim in the Coffee Prince parody, so cute coinsident there (HaRim is my FAVE~ in the drama too)

02.28.09 MBC Music Core
Strong Baby Performance ft. GD
181 MB

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Thanks to 마시멜로님

SeungRi ft. GDragon: Strong Baby performance on Music Core

Thanks to 12월님

Alright, it is now Febuary 28th, 3:16 PM (KRN Time) and that means MBC Music Core will be on live soon. If you’re planning on watching the G-Ri stage performance tonight live (and also MakRa MCing) I suggest you open up the channel now, just so it will have time to load.

You can watch MBC using TVants. You can also go to Channel Chooser or TVsBOX (click MBC)

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

If you have any problem, just ask maybe we can help you solve it

And while we’re waiting for Music Core to start, I have a few new stalker pics to share, it’s so awsome. First of all, ToDae!!! Hugging and giving love onstage, and… since when does Tabi look like Bong?? I thought he was Bong at first, with the almost-bowlcut and also Bong’s infamous jacket. LOL at Tabi’s hair keke. Bong look exactly like he was 4 years ago when he was just a lil highschool boy haha their hair are so free flowing these days.

Baby having fun

I just saw this and I LOL’ing. Baby just sit there with his thighs hanging out enjoying watching his hyung beat the crap out of each other… FUN. haha

02.26.09 Seoul Women’s University freshman OT Stalker Pics


I SERIOULSY thought he was Bong at first, doesn’t he??

LOL. oh hair..

Remember that young long hair boy during those documentary? he’s back

Thanks to 뷮님 | ㄱㅋㄹ님 | bigbangpop

~ by Vicky on February 27, 2009.

106 Responses to “02.28.09 SeungRi & GD on Music Core| Seoul Women’s University freshman OT Stalker Pics”

  1. thanks V!!!
    ahh.. i love GD’s hair!!!

  2. i’m watching!! cant wait~

  3. AJOO is on right now…
    it’s been a while seen I’ve seen MakRa MCing
    been sleeping early these part couple of saturdays
    there’s soemthing wrong with me lately haha

    SO CUTE!!
    Baby wearing a sweater vest.. keke
    Dae even sang his “Big Hit!” verse haha

  4. top and dae dae is so cute 🙂

  5. F.T island is on
    I heard the new member of the group is a huge fanboy of Dae
    Dae have so many fanboys lately….. wonder if Baby get jealous over that too

  6. awww..
    it’s so awesome to see them
    am i seriously the only one that missed them to death here?
    my man and bong look sooo cute with long hair
    Bong looks completely adorkable!!!
    the Todae pic was real loove
    I feel so tempted to just get in between them ;P

  7. haha..yeap, something like he wants to be like Daesung..
    Baby is jealous over everything~ It’s not him if he isnt jealous:p
    FT Island rocks. HongKi’s voice is love.

  8. can ppl in the US watch it?
    is it possible??

  9. as much as I wanna watch it live, my internet has to choose today to be slow. huhu.

    i’ll be waiting for the yt post. =)

  10. Sexica

    first of all
    we have talk in 18432572045 millions years and 2 days
    sorry i haven’t been out of the cave much. 🙂
    i miss all ma VCC memmbers.

    I miss the boys too
    but also glad they’re on their break
    but just freaking confuse why they’re still in Korea
    April isn’t that far away.

    I bet you would want to get in between TO—DAE……. NO COMMENT.

  11. ^ yes, anyone can if you can access the site or use tvants.

    lmfao at baby’s AH imitation …
    the VIPs sitting at the front are so distracting with their crowns haha.

  12. tubbyy

    i know he gets jealous of everything
    but would he really go for fanboys too? hm….. haha
    i rather NOT know. haha

  13. keekeeheartsbb

    I’m watching it from Florida haha
    so yes you can

  14. Vicky


  15. sis in law

    miss u so much.
    been talking to nya lately? cuz i haven’t in about billion years.
    miss everybody so freaking much.
    (vicky is getting soapy. EW…)

    but I promise to have it up as soon as I can

  16. elaisvip

    Baby already imitate SNSD and WG.
    if it’s possible, i want him to imitate After School next
    cuz getting to see Baby perform ‘AH!’
    will be my freaking…. i dont even know, but I KNOW I’ll be really happy hahah

    you’ll always see those crowns WHEREVER YOU ARE.
    cuz Big Bang are princes… or kings.. (cept Bae. he’s THE Burger King haha)

  17. keekeeheartsbb

    You can try the links i gave you up there
    or you can google TVants and download it
    search for MBC then just click and wait for it to load and then watch

  18. OK I didnt miss it did I?

  19. When is the Strong Baby last performance? this it?

  20. Chrissy

    they haven’t go on yet
    and tomorrow is Baby’s last performance ( on Inkigayo )

  21. Vicky

    i cant find MBC

  22. keekeeheartsbb

    on where?

    BABY IS ON!!

  24. i really am more curious about what Bong will be wearing today.
    and his hair…

  25. Vicky

    yess, on tvants

  26. omo baby’s on! strong babyyyy ❤

  27. vicky
    baby is on? where?
    how come im seeing someone else performing :S

  28. OH MAI GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    his hair is all…. free again haha
    and he’s wearing the shades he wore in STRONG BABY MV

  29. tubbyy

    he’s performing RIGHT NOW
    almost end

  30. ahh! im missing it!!!!

  31. ok..now i see it. woohoo~

  32. mine just started LOL

  33. AW GD!!

  34. I’m still shocked with Bong’s hotpink leather coat..

    and…………what… those half bangs again???????


    LOL at Dae patting Baby’s butt..

    ….hopefully they’re more comfortable now..
    or else… that would be VERY… awkward.

  35. lol GD just standing at the side

  36. oh snapp gd you’re outfit is …. hideous boy! 😦 hhahah idc.
    and his hair is like his Arena hair, this boy loves to experiment.
    lmfaoooo dae tapping baby’s butt <3333

  37. OH EM GEE…pink coat!!!lol..and his hair!!! 😀

  38. he reborn his hair??

  39. GAh idk what u guys are talking about, I thought his hair was just in his face.

  40. is GDragon giving his fans clues about his image for his new album?? cos it does seem like so..like he’s trying different image for every perf.

    and DaeRi moment was just adorable!

    geegeegee now

  41. can someone help me find out how
    to get to the site, even though
    im missing it. ill know next time..

  42. elaisvip

    but because he is THE GDRAGON.
    we can’t say anything but let him by ahha

  43. Its done now right?

  44. OH and that was the new rap GD was gonna make right? for strong baby.

  45. OMG GD SO CUTE…!!!! >.<

  46. Old school GD!
    I don’t really like his long hair, i LOVED his headband hair.. I miss it now.
    I love TOP’s hair. Reminds me of Gummy’s MV!

  47. Vi
    I’m pretty sure you would’ve said the same thing if it was Baby and Bong ;P
    we seriously haven’t talked in too long I’m actually happy to see there’s a lot of people at this time

  48. Chrissy

    that was the rap Bong added in

  49. Can anybody get me the (GD)rap lyrics?

  50. Sexica

    no comment
    I decide to be cute from now on hahaha
    and that goes along with innocent..
    but i think i’ll fail soon enough hahaha

    I’ve been so busy with other stuff and lazy too
    so I barely go on
    miss u guys lots.

  51. Chrissy

    I only have the korean lyric
    not the translation

    yo 소리높여 make some noise

    하루종일 꽂혀 날카로운 voice

    me G-D lil V
    뭐,그러니까 대충 작은 승리

    거릴 좁혀 Let’s Breathe Breathe

    요즘 어린애들이 더해 날 보면 알잖아

    Talkin’ about us 자뻑에 취해 살잖아

    Bow down or Bow out
    bow out이 퇴장하다, 물러나다

    Follow my step Follow my skill
    and then get knock down

  52. Thank You Vicky!

  53. WAHHH! why can’t i hear G-Dragon rap his part?
    like right when he comes out,i can’t hear anything.
    Vicky, what’s wrong? UHHH yo` GD,what are you wearing?
    Suprised..again.NO,GD DID NOT CUT HIS HAIR! did he? Ahhhh* gosh,
    you got me freaking out too now.But i know that it is NOT extensions.
    G-Dragon please explain the things that you do.
    Kayy focus on Seungri. He’s getting better & better. Aww he’s
    seems so happy to be performing with G-Dragon.

    WHAT?! G-Dragon……………WHY IS YOUR HAIR LONG!?
    wth? ima go to sleep now because uhmmmmm, yeah.

  54. LOL interesting GD.
    but i likeee.

  55. LMAO!!!
    ur comments are as dangerous to my health as always
    i just hit my self in the wall so hard i can barely see what i;m typing
    ur sooo not the only one
    I’ve had working 6 days a week and I wasn’t getting much time to spazz in peace not until now
    so yeah I reeeeeelly missed all of this
    u and innocence

  56. @!$#@^$#^%$^@#%@
    bong’s hair!!!
    its so..~
    i just wanna..~


  57. Aww, thanks Vicky, saranghaeyo.

    I kindly misses JiYo long hairs, kind of nostalgia, ehe, thanks Vicky.


  58. What… happen to all of their hair? lolol XP
    its still kewl i guess ^-^

  59. wow the special rap is freaking awesome. and god, it’s, after green, PINK lol. The boy is so flashy. The long hair,err doesnt really look well on him. lol he’s always special though

  60. woah! woah! what up with all this G-Ri performance??? lol
    last time it was the green suit now its all pink haha no one
    can wear neon color like Kwon-Leader can lol…

  61. lil sis in law!

    I miss you too! *HUG*
    It’s been a while now has it?
    I haven’t been talking to nya or anyone lately too…I think it’s our busy period. hihi.
    I think we’ll all spazz again soon. =)

    BTW the video was out of sync in Youtube, it’s like I’m watching a MR removed video, so I’m trying to download it right now, but mediafire has to choose this time not to let me download. huhu.

    I hope also that Bong didn’t cut his hair…those stalker pics of him looks mighty fine. ^^

  62. Dangg I like the pink this time :]

  63. Whatever GD wears,he can pull it off from dorky glasses to hot pink.
    😛 So,tomorrow’s the last performance.Can’t wait to see what GD’s is gonna wear now. >___< ❤

  64. I love G-Dragon’s black jacket
    in the stalker picture. G-Dragon can
    pull off anything. He looks cute in it..no matter what (:
    but he NEEDS to cut his long hair. I mean
    when he styles it, it look okay…Ahhh TOP’s hair
    is gettin long too.
    Hehe oh yes, I wonder what G-Dragon’s gonna wear. it’s always a mystery.
    Seungri looks hot in his suits. When he goes back to his
    regular clothes, it’s gonna look different b/c i’m so
    used to seeing him wear his suits =]

  65. Wow, TOP did look like GD in the first few pics. I like his hair and GD’s current long hair too. <333

    TOP’s hair is kinda long so it doesn’t look like a bowlcut to me. xD

    No bowlcuts please. D;

    I love the pic of Dae and TOP hugging. ^__^

    And in the perforamnce, I love GD’s hair. And those shades! <33 I think I like him in that pink trench coat than the green suit…. xD; Trench coats are hot. XD Mysterious feeling. Hahaha <33

  66. bong is so CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  67. Vi

    Bong’s back with his longer hair.
    when he had the mohican, it kinda scared me, but nw i wish it was back, considering wat bae did with his long hair @_@
    Bong with braids.
    not the best thought a vip could have.

    wheres Baby? i didnt see Baby in the stalker pics ;-;

  68. OMGAH Jiyongiee hair is so long now….
    His hair grows pretty fasttt….
    But i love him :DD

  69. ohhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!
    i love tabi oppa hair and jiyong oppa old hair….
    i miss this hair so much!!!!

  70. wow… that was just awesomee…. too awesome for words…

    But GD’s been growing his hair… i wonder what he’s gonna do with it xP the headband look was pure love… hopefully the next one will be too xD


  71. GD’s hair looks so nice and soft. -sigh- My hair is all frizzy and crap and I hate it.

    ROFL! So, I was like, “Since when is GD so tall.” Except it was TOP. >.< That’s hilarious.


  73. […] 02.28.09 SeungRi & GD on Music Core| Seoul Women’s University freshman OT Stalker Pics 02.28.09 MBC Music Core Strong Baby Performance ft. GD 181 MB Download Thanks to 마시멜로님 SeungRi ft. […] […]

    Baby’s so cute just sitting there ! x]]
    so funny !! 😀

    ahaha TODAE<333

  75. Ok I looked at the pictures first and I really did have to look twice at the Tabi pics. I was like O.o Bongie? Then I saw that it wasnt him. But then I was watching the performance and the only thing running through my head was, “god what I wouldnt give to run my fingers through Bongies hair.” It looks so soft and silky >.< Gah this sucks. April isnt coming close enough.

  76. GD’s hair reminds me of Shinhwa Andy’s hair a year ago haha XP

  77. omg! TOP lookin’ so sexy with his hair.. 😀

  78. GD!! great hair awwww love’s Tabi’s hair too ♥♥♥

  79. I was watching this live and I was preparing myself to get ready for GD’s entrance then when he came out I was like, eh? pink trench coat? lol! hahaha but then it looked like a robe so it tricked me and it looked sexier kekeke!
    This perf was hot! <333 Gri!!

  80. TODAE LOVE IS THE GREATEST!…well, coming from a TODAE fan anyways. hahahaha.

    anyways, why does TOP’s clothes fit so damn nicely on him? the boy looks fine!

    and it really amazes me how GD’s hair can appear and disappear when he wants it to. hahaha. i swear not too long ago he had very short hair. hahaha.

  81. oh and it KING CRAB gag…was hilarious. saw a few days ago on youtube…couldn’t stop laughing. i’m glad you guys have it up now. ^^


  83. i love them so much!!!

  84. too bad i am late to watch MBC Music Core.

  85. Vi
    Aw~~~~~ haven’t seen u for a long time gurl! Hehe
    Ah~ been so busy lately
    Being a baby sitter >.< sucks.

    It’s been a long time since I post comment huh? Haha
    Feels like welcome home. Hohoho

    Ok, now to main problem.
    What’s with Mr. Kwon Ji Yong wearing????
    I like the color but what’s with that long coat?????
    And long hair. Uhhh… I’m shocked. That remind me of hir extention
    Where’s the cute Bong gone???

    Crack then quack then crab. Kekeke
    Baby must be happy

    Oh!!!! Lovely moment of ToDae. Haven’tseen in long time since the last FO.
    Dae acting cute. Hehehe

    It’s Tabi gurl.
    How could u can’t recognize ur own ex-hubby???

    Does long hair back on trend again?
    Bong will make it back for sure. Korea’s trendsetter. Hehehe

  86. i saw this full version in youtube..
    it’s so funny..
    thank god i take korean class..
    if not…
    i cannot understand what their saying..

  87. What’s up with the fringe??
    It reminds me of the Arena photoshoot. I was so glad when i found out that the fringe then were hair extentions. Now they’ve come back….
    NO!!! Please let it be extensions this time as well.
    He looked a million times cuter when he had bangs and wore a headband. So why did you have to cut it???

  88. BTW Do any of you guys watch Japanese dramas??
    If you do, have you seen Hanazakari no Kimitachi e??
    Or Hana Kimi for short.
    Anyways, G-Dragon’s appearance now reminds me of Oscar from Hana Kimi. You know. Dorm 3 Leader. The Arts Leader guy.
    LOL! He does right?? Or is it just me…..

  89. ^^ Haha… he does look like Oscar XD
    OMONA, Baby crying, T__T
    Right now, i’m downloading…
    Can’t wait to see Baby perf with GD again,
    I’m so proud of him, 3rd multizen =)

  90. nya

    I KNOW!
    I’ve been trying to work on a tan though hahahaha
    while babysitting
    they play with shampoo and the hose and I’m sitting by the poor tanning
    though no bikini line are showed, i swear I’m like 3 shades darker haha

    Bong is so free flowing these days
    I stop questioning him LONG AGO
    he’s GDRAGON, he’s ALLOWED to do it hahahaha

    and i really can’t recognize Tabi
    he is not my ex-hubby
    a crush maybe
    but i don’t have the guts to call him hubby (might get chased by you holding a knife hahahahah)

  91. O.O
    What is with that Inkigayo hair. Maybe our LEADER needs to FOLLOW TOP and lay off the gel or mousse or whatever it is making his hair like that. I like it in the stalker pics, all nice and smooth looking.

  92. i am utterly speechless… that was such a freakin amazing performance… and the mutizen award…
    CONGRATZZ BABY!!!!! i was tearing up too! that was sooo cute! he deserved it.
    Big Bang must be proud of him… and i bet Mr YG pretty damn happy he kept Seungri all those years ago (about 3 years, but who’s counting)

    AND DAEDAE! CAN’T WAIT FOR YOUR SOLO PROMO! (he is having one right?)

  93. i don’t know what to say.
    oh my goddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd
    i can’t believe this SEUNGRI I’M SO PROUD OF YOU <333333333333333333333333333333333333
    He is just amazing… he deserves everything he received. That hard-working boy…
    He really is my idol
    And it’s so heart-wrenching in the good way to know that he actually cried. I wish I could hug him with cheerful tears as well.

  94. Vi
    Hahaha…. U? baby sitting too?
    U’re better. A win win solution
    While me, well, they always cry whenever they look at my face.
    Like I’m the scariest thing on earth. Kids.

    Mr. G-Dragon could pull of everything.

    I mean how could u can’t recognize ur own hubby, Bong.
    Mixed with my hubby.
    Kakaka so u know the consequences.:)

  95. ohhh my bongie’s hair is so damn long
    awww todae todae >.<

  96. haha i dont like gd’s hair :[ i wish i did. and yes TOP did look like gd… ALOT. but only in that one picture. and yayy seungri! <333 he deserves that title. so proud 😀

  97. So glad Baby Ri ended his solo activities on a very good memory. He looked so damn happy. I’m proud of him! =)

    lil sis this is still Kenley btw, someone already used my nickname in wp. huhu.

    brings back good memories HAHAAH<3

  99. BONGIES HAIR OMG <333333 hahah I’ve missed it ❤

  100. […] 02.28.09 SeungRi & GD on Music Core| Seoul Women’s University freshman OT Stalker Pics SeungRi cried upon receiving his 3rd Mutizen Song (maximum win for a song) It was so touching, I was crying along with […] […]

  101. oh my freaking gooooddd!!!! i haven’t opened big bang fansite for two weeks and seeing Ji Yong with long hair is GOLD!!!!!!! arghhhhhh.. I FREAKING LOVE HIS HAIR!!!!!!

  102. pshhh i bet you didint actually crying ~.~;;

  103. i kinda liked his long high school hair!!! he looks soo cute and serious at the same time!!

    omg.. loving GD again! his long hair suits him the best!! looks so handsome.. CAN GD not keep his hair like for some time!

  104. cool i like the pics nice i love them i love there songs….

  105. looking great lovin’ it ❤

  106. me and my friend we love big bang as we live in mexico but we can not hear of many things because asta aya ay not much information
    as we would like to know more of you
    conoserlos power in people and my email is vampire_fanymo@hotmail.com and teach us to speak their language

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