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Big Bang DaeSung and So Nyeo Shi Dae YoonA held hands

In the second part to YoonA’s guest appearance on SBS Family Outing aired on 1st March, DaeSung and YoonA had held hands at the brook where they were catching fish for breakfast.

Yoon Jong Shin was was already at the opposite side of the brook asked, “Are you guys close to the extend of holding hands?”. And DaeSung answered, “The stones are too slippery.”

Yoon Jong Shin then teased again,”Are you feeling pulse? To be holding her wrist?” And then DaeSung said, “YoonA ah! Hold oppa’s hand.”

YoonA said while smiling, “I believe in oppa. We are holding our hands now. And DaeSung shouted, “YoonA ya. For you, oppa will do anything.” and jumped into the brook, the atmosphere for the breakfast that day was really joyous.

Meanwhile, that morning before breakfast DaeSung had asked, “YoonA, what do you like (to eat)?” and YoonA answered, “I’m not someone who is fussy with food” and DaeSung replied shyly, “So you have good eating habits.”

Tears fall as Seungri win Mutizen for 3 consecutive weeks

Big Bang SeungRi’s solo song ‘Strong Baby’ was #1 on SBS Inkigayo chart on1st March for its 3rd consecutive week.

SeungRi said after the award ceremony, “Today is the last performance for ‘Strong Baby’. These 2 months, I am gratefull for not falling down and receiving all the support. To me, this thankful speech is a must do.” and he had teared in front of the fans.

Big Bang leader GDragon have also participated as featuring to the remix version of the performance that day.

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~ by Momo on March 1, 2009.

22 Responses to “BB News Update”

  1. You don’t know happy I am to be obsessed with Yongie instead of Dae, otherwise, I’d start hating SoShi haha

    & Ri’s crying when he got the awards was just so… 😀
    I wished Yongie was there with him to accept the award though so they could’ve hugged it out haha


  3. AWWW BABBYY :’)

  4. He was so happy, he couldn’t sing haha~~ He’s so adorable!

    DaeDae and YoonA?! I need to watch FO’s episode this week! haha XP

  5. Seungri ah!!!! you are TOO CUTE!! you deverved that award and MOREE!!!

    and wow DaeDae… lmaoo
    how old is Yoona btw… to be calling daesung oppa????

  6. awwwww, that`s so cute (: Yoona & Sungie
    & Baby cried … congrats Babyyyyy !

  7. Aww, I felt really happy for SeungRi when I saw him win. I’ve never seen him cry so I was surprised.

    Gahh….I haven’t watched this FO episode yet. >w<;; I’ll read this part of the news of Dae and Yoona lata. ;3

  8. Awwww SR!!!

    Dae and Yoona?!
    O.o I really dont like SNSD…xD

  9. awww go baby! u deserve it. im so hapy for him
    yoona and dae?? hmmm i dk..mayb cz im jealous lol
    still happy that i love jiyong then i would really be jealous..and angry lol

  10. dae is too cute! I can’t wait to see him on family outing!

  11. IM…

  12. how sweeet ;]<33333

  13. Daesung is soooooooo cute !!
    DaeYoon is a pretty cute pair too ^____^
    I love DaeDae with all my heart but I have to admit that the fake love story was so fun to watch.

    Congrats to Baby Ri, what a perfect gift for his last performance (: he must be so proud!

  14. honestly..

    ive never cried at a funeral..
    nonetheless, watching someone accept an award.
    but watching Seungri expressionless as he accepts the award

    his quivering voice which emits a dumbfounded tone because he doesnt know what to say.. speechless… thanking everyone like he usually would except with tears in his eyes.

    AISH. T___T

  15. wowww Dae o.O

    and Congratz SEUNGRI!!! ♥ hwaiting!

  16. I’m so proud of Baby…awww…I also wish Bong was there with him too.
    It’s such a nice award to end his solo activities.

    And Dae and YoonA?hmmm…what will Park Oppa think about this?tsk3. You Dae you. hehe. Though they look cute together…what about Park Oppa Dae?=P

  17. ri’s cry…
    so sad..
    don’t cry…

    Sniffs, Awww can’t believe it was his
    last performence. Ima miss him performing.
    I’m glad to see that G-Dragon performed with him
    like the other day before his last performence.
    That is so cute. Hehehe i can imagine it =]
    Cannot wait to see it,,(subbed!)
    Dae GOT GAME! Lmao he does! hehehehe cute.

  19. dae and yoona tsktsk tsk. and seung ri. congratulations! don’t cry. be a strong baby! be happy! quick question: why what is the meaning of nuhreul in front of saranghae?

  20. I turned my TVANts on the other day and happened to see this episode of Family Outing! It was so cute (Dae & Yoona), even if I didnt know what they were saying. ^_^

  21. Omg, Seung Ri cried, Don’t worry Baby you deserved that award :] keep up the good work ! iluhhyouu Seung Ri <33 Big Bang Forever 🙂

  22. Oh my gee, Go Baby! It’s his last peformance, how sad ]; i love you, Seung Ri :] kekekee. How cute, Dae & Yoona, kakaka.

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