More fanremixers update


Tony left a comment and asked to post these up for others to enjoy!


  • meet Carlos from Brazil
  • 21 year old fanremixer since 2005
  • specialties: composing arrangements and creating a variety of “versus” tracks featuring asian artists.
  • website: Blog  ll Youtube

La La La Boomerang Show (Big Bang vs. TSZX The Grace vs. Kat DeLuna)


승리 + Justin Timberlake – Strong baby Sexyback . Freaky remix


~ by Momo on March 1, 2009.

36 Responses to “More fanremixers update”

  1. Woahh, the Justin Timberlake and Seung Ri remix was something.
    Can’t be but notice the lack of JT though. XD

  2. love the Strong Baby / Sexyback remix. XD
    but i can easily compare Justin Timberlake and Seungri with this remix.

    ..i think Seungri did it better. x]
    this is an unbiased opinion too.
    cus i love justin timberlake.

  3. wow that’s pretty good LOL i like the remix with sexy back and strong baby lol.. 😀

  4. good job!!! i like Seungri/JT mix ^^

  5. i usually don’t like remixes because they tend
    to give me headaches, but these were good. i
    especially liked the Seungri/JT mix.

    the LaLaLa one was a little weird because it was
    BB’s song, but it wasn’t them singing it. or at
    least it didn’t sound like them.

    thanks for sharing these though. :]

  6. YESSS!
    Korea Unite 2008 Mash-Up is THE BEST mash-up ever.
    I strongly suggest downloading it if you havent already 🙂

  7. the sexy back and strong baby one was awesome 😀 haha I gotta agree with the first comment, JT was abit lacking there xD There were more Strong Baby parts 😛 But I’m not complaining ^^

  8. I liked both of them ! 😀
    the La la la mixed with kat da luna sounded good.
    and seungri + JT mix was halla x2 hoottter xD

  9. these are soooooo cool! i wish i could make remixes this awesomee!

  10. OMG!! i’ve already seen/heard this remix b4. seungi and JT!! my two most loved men in the world.. i’m the happiest fangirl.. kekek.. i’m a fan of JT since nsync days, til now that he’s doing his solo.. & since i heard seungri’s version of sexy back during their radio appearance, i bcme a diehard fan of BB more,& i bcm more crazy over seungri.. haha.. ❤ JT & SEUNGRi.

  11. I loved freakyremix o_o ❤ JT & Seungri is srsly the best combination ❤

  12. Masa is pretty awesome. I love his mixes.

    Everyone seems to like the second remix. That’s not working on my laptop, though. =/

  13. haha man these mixes are really good XD
    except how big bang’s voices are like really deep in this lalala version =X

  14. Those were pretty good. The Seung Ri and Justin Timberlake one was good but I rather the Deep Remix of it.

  15. the JT and Seungri one was definately my fav compared to the other.

  16. Thanks for posting this momo! I’m glad this could be shared with everyone else on the BBFansite =]

  17. Happy to say that I just made a remix for another Big Bang song (these songs made me want to make another mix). This is more like a really good edited version with some added instrumentals.
    [audio src="" /]

  18. wah..

  19. whaoo! that was so cool!! espeically the SR/JT one… for some reason i didn’t realize until after watching that video how similar Sexy Back and Strong Baby were… both the songs and the MVs… lol, pretty cool seeing them together. i guess it’s been a long time since i heard Sexy Back.

    but i gotta admit… Seungri looks WAY WAY WAY SEXIERRRRR! and so does the girl in Strong Baby… JT’s pretty cool, but Baby’s abs…. *sigh* they’re enough to make any girl’s heart melt… lover or not…


  21. Not bad =D !!!

  22. Ooh neat remixes! o:

    I like both.

    At first, I wasn’t sure I like the Lalala Boomerang one ’cause the BB parts didn’t sound like them. :3

    Haha, I did notice there was more SRi than JT too. =P

    I definitely want to check out more of Masa’s remixes.

    Thanks for sharing~~~ : D

  23. When I heard Big Bang’s voices it scared me! lol

  24. lol tae yang sounds manlier! and T.O.P sounded the same!

  25. dude
    that person
    is awesome. haha
    it gives me a new feel
    to their songss
    of corse jt w/sr x)
    but these are amazing~


  27. In the La La La remix, big bang don’t sound like themselves…
    except for TOP. kinda weird, i don’t like it.

  28. I liike Masa’s better thou,I think he lowered BB’s voice in the LALALA remix LOL.I actually went to his youtube channel to explore and one of my fav is definately “Adios 2008”..its not everyday you see mixers mix..19 SONGS INTO 1!!!!!

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  30. these are really really amazing. i expected the sr jt remix to come someday though , since even when it was relesed everyone already thought it sounded a lot like sexyback. really awesome 😀

  31. lol, you guys are fools. BB just copied JT’s song if you didnt notice.

  32. WHOA! the remix is amazing!!

  33. ohhhh i love the strong baby+sexyback remix!!!
    and hello ANTZ?
    these two songs have similar styles but they are not the same
    so how did the word COPY comes from..huh?
    and yeah baby does have some JT feel..which i think is a good thing 🙂

  34. Here’s a dj that you might like, I’ve been a fan of his for a while so here is a link to his page

  35. And here’s his Lies Fanatic Remix hopefully someone can edit this later…..

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