GDragon’s ever-changing unique hairstyles. New unique hairstyle to be revealed with release of solo album

Popular group Big Bang leader GDragon has once again sparked up a topic about his hairstyle. GDragon’s appearance for SeungRi’s last performances of ‘Strong Baby’ had caught the attention of fans.

He appeared in a suit and a hairstyle, which may give off a real rustic look if not style correctly, that looks retro.

Not only is GDragon’s music style said to be unique, so is his fashion sense, which other guys may not be able to pull off as well. This is not the first time that GDragon’s fashion style has caught the attention of fans and netizens.

credit to: sookyeong

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~ by jxley on March 3, 2009.

48 Responses to “GDragon’s ever-changing unique hairstyles. New unique hairstyle to be revealed with release of solo album”

  1. LOL
    weird how I was just talking about this topic with my friends some minutes ago XD

    Well whatever hairstyle he comes up with for his solo, I just hope it shows off his sexiness again XD

    All of the weird looking styles just make him look… ‘eh or cute… & I know for sure he looks waaay better than that XDD

    I’m shallow… yes >___<

  2. I say the best hairstyle is the 2nd one on the top row.
    I just hope he doesn’t get a weird hairstyle like the other ones.
    Yesh, I know I’m not being super supportive…

  3. hahahaha
    no matter what he looks so cute ryte?
    my fav is d 1 during d big show concert ^^

  4. Yongie sense of style is like wow…seriously he is the only that manage to pull off the all green suit, then the in your face hot pink coat and that all black and GREESE hair style and still look awesome!!!

  5. XD sometimes i feel that gdragon’s hairstyles aren’t attractive at all (especially for the stand up one) but then you get used to it and then you’re kind of like
    he’s gdragon
    he can work everything XD
    you just have to know him ^^ to really be okay with it
    and since everyone knows him

  6. I was REALLY hoping he’d keep the headband longer. =/ That was my favorite. I hope he doesn’t keep it slicked back from now on. Even on Draco Malfoy, it looks horrible.

  7. GD can pull off pretty much any hairstyle. He’s awesome. <333

    He’s cute in whatever.. though the headband/bowlcut look is my least fave. @-@;;

    GD`S_WiFEYY // LOL. Hehee when I think of GD, I don’t immediately think of ‘sexy’ so it’d be nice to see him look sexier… 8D

  8. He is probably one of the few individuals to look sexy with a mohican. a freaking mohican people. So I’m positive that for one he will pick something that will have people talking. And two? He’ll look freaking GORGEOUS with it!! lol trust in the bongie, trust in the bongie. >..<

  9. Every style is GD-esque^^ I personnally prefered his hair cut with the headband, but, like I said, everything on Gd is perfect, even the oh so scary bowlcut, on GD, it looks gorgeous^^

  10. he is definitely outside the box. i love it!

  11. best one i think is the little bun thing. he is so cute. and then the 2nd one.

  12. Jiyongiee can pull off anything other guys can’t. :]

  13. gd sure knows how to his fans excited.
    dang, i wonder how his NEW hairstyle will look like.

  14. i AGREEE WITH ppl that liked his headband style xD
    i wanted it to stay longer too ;DD it fits him FINEEE<3
    aahaa, but he can STILL PULL OFF ALMOST ANYTHING! :]
    i just REALLY like his headband hairstyle ;D a lot of the others too..i’m not TOO crazy about his “retro” style right now though..
    but he definitely doesnt look BAD lol
    bongie NEVER looks bad :D<33

  15. he can pull of ANYTHING (:
    seriously no one can pull off any of his styles like he can (clothes, hairstyles, etc!)
    so i’ll support whatever he dons on 😀

  16. he CAN pull off anything, not kidding. i’m just curious of how this next one will be. i wasn’t expecting anything like a mohican last time, who knows that he can come up with now ! o___o i’m sorta worried but in the end i’ll know that he made a good choice. lol. can’t wait to see the new hair (x i too will support his hair. hahahaha.

  17. i definitely loved his mohican the most! ❤ but his extension one was kinda weird (bottom left) but i still love him for being so brave enough to be able to do anything with his hair!! <33

  18. he’s adorable with that Dumpling hair of his. for some reason that’s like my favorite one haha such a cutie. thats why he’s my fav (;


  19. way to stand out w/ funky hair jiyong~
    haha seriously who else is BOLD enough to
    go that far.. would anyone else
    risk their image with hairrstyles??
    we should be proudd ;D
    although we all love him
    with his ubber cute headband look
    we should support the upcoming
    unique style… cuz i noe he
    will be wanting stand out xD

  20. I personally like his Bun hair better,,cuz some of them I didnt like at first but I didnt hate it either, it was just a very weird feeling, but it didnt take long either for me to realize how he still look good w/ anything and just like every1 here said “he can pull off those hairstyles than a lot of guys cant”..I ❤ it!!!^_^ ,,and really what attracted me the most is his confidence for his style,,hes definitely giving off “I dont give a f***” expression whenever i see him w/ those hairstyles and styles in general…I ❤ it…

    we’ll see what hes got!!!..G-leaDer HWAITING!!! 😀

  21. lol his hair was pretty crazy and unique for all the strong baby performances.

    i love him with his Strong Baby MV hair though 😀

  22. surprisingly, i really, really liked his mohican haircut. it really suits him. second best is the headband, he knows how to be straight up hardcore 😛 i also liked it when he tied it back into a mini-ponytail in the 3rd to last strong baby performance.

    basically, he can pull off anything. i mean, duh, it’s GD!

  23. he was so cute

  24. – se7en’s new ‘girls’ teaser MV 😀

  25. ive been wondering what GD would come up with this time!
    its amazing how its different everytime, yet he still pulls it off damnn fine XD

  26. for me, he is just perfect, no matter what he is gonna pull off.

    even thoudh he is not my the most beloved member in BIGBANG but he is the one who makes me exited the most and i seem to pay more attention for him than my fav one.XD

    he is different and special, very unique but also adorable. i like the way he varies himself with other people and i really admire his boldness.

    he is just awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! love him!!!!!!!!!!!!

    go jongie!!!!!!!!!!! go BIGBANG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. yayyy! i’m looking forward something really really~~WOW~~ b/c we know is GD !!! wait for anything!

  28. CANNOT wait to be amazed

  29. He looks so amazing!

  30. Jiyong can pull of anything!
    this is a FACT.
    he can wear anything or cut his hair anyhow
    but still look so damn fine.
    maybe those who doesnt like his certain hairstyles
    are just shocked.

    i must admit i didnt like the mohowk at first 😛
    but i got used to it. then loved it.


  31. I really like his style…
    He is really totally different and unique from any other….
    I know his new album will be successful…
    Go Ji yong!!!!…i love ur hairstyles…
    continue being different and unique…
    Ur the best ji yong!!!!!!

  32. lol! I like his hair best in d 2nd pic.. hehe XD

  33. waaaa….im so exited to looking for GD next hairstyle!!…XD
    hee….no matter how GD next hairstyle is…it’s GD!!…
    love it!!…ajaaaa leader jiyong!!…>>>3

  34. awwww jiyong!!!kawii!!!! he looks sooo cute on the 6th pic on the first he looks manly and sexii as hell! the second pic is like his innocent sexii look and thepic he looks……..SHIT SOOO DAMN SEXII!

  35. anything spikey will be awesome :>

  36. Oppa gonna kill it no matter what it is becuz he’s Ji and those who say differently are jealous!! LOL my I’m bias!!!

  37. LOL He can pull off any hairstyle :].
    But whatever his new hairstyle is..ithink it will be shocking 0.0;;!!i like his Bangs and the Bong hehe.
    He is seexxiii haha. *grins*

  38. I love GD just the way he is. the more eccentric he is, the more i love him!

  39. oooh! i can’t wait to see what he comes up with! i’m guessing braids, crew cut or shaved patterns in his hair! lol

  40. […] GDragon’s ever-changing unique hairstyles. New unique hairstyle to be revealed with release of so… Popular group Big Bang leader GDragon has once again sparked up a topic about his hairstyle. GDragon’s appearance […] […]

  41. yeah he is non stop changing hairstyle
    just when i have yet to get used to his new hairstyle..
    he changed it again..
    yai yai yai he is so damn silly!
    especially the gel head T___T
    hahahaha but i bet noone can pull that hair off better than him
    so does his clothes..he ROCKS THOSE WEIRDO WEIRDO OUTFITS
    he wins~
    and new hairstyle during solo?
    cant wait! xD

  42. Aww really?
    He would though. I wonder what it’s gonna be.
    Ooh, he got us wondering. Aha i love and hate
    that about him. but i’m sure it isn’t gonna
    be as surprising has ‘Haru Haru’ half head shaved
    hair cut. But i’m sure whatever it is, it’ll turn
    out cute. I will love him no matter what (:

  43. Ehh, his whole slicking hair back thing is a bit 40year-old-man styled. I wish he had kept with his headband a bit longer. So cute. ❤

  44. i like his headband so much.
    it’s perfect for him. >.<

  45. Can’t wait to see Kwon Leader’s new hair.
    But I am kinda sad because it’ll probably mean that he’ll get rid of the headband. But why?? He lookes so adorably cute with it on

  46. lol GD’s unique! Sometimes his styles are kinda weird (to me) but it’s always very inspiring 😀 He refreshes himself everytime he appears. And I’m happy that he gonna cut his hair. The current style is just loling :d I’m waiting!!

  47. new hair !!!!!!!!!!!

    new solo!!!!!!!!!

    G-D FIGHTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    LUV ALL HIS STYLE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  48. JiYong is a true fashion icon (=
    Darns I love the way he does his hair.
    The WAY he is (;
    i think im in loveee (:

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