GDragon and Lee Min Ho on MBC Golden Fishery?

What would it be like if Boys Over Flowers Lee Min Ho and Big Bang GDragon were both to be on MBC Golden Fishery?

There has been a heated discussion amongst the netizens with a ‘MBC Golden Fishery’ parody series made.

The parody consists of 3 parts – one featuring actor Lee Min Ho of ‘Boys Over Flowers’, the 2nd MC Yoo Jae Seok and the 3rd one featuring Big Bang GDragon even though none of them appeared on MBC Golden Fishery at all.

The parodies were made by a netizen who go by ‘Ruby SeungRi’, who put together the images of Kang Ho Dong, Yoo Sae Yoon, Lee Min Ho, GDragon and Yoo Jae Seok in the parodies

The parody featuring GDragon is the latest of the 3 parts series. In the parody featuring GDragon, he had ‘talked’ about his pains in the group where, “Fans, rather than the other members at all, like only me”.

And for the episode featuring Lee Min Ho, he was portrayed as the straightforward and childish Goo Joon Pyo where he had ’said’, “It is so irritating to be doing things for the girl you like everyday.”

Not yet on YouTube but here are the Korean web links

Lee Min Ho (P1):

Lee Min Ho (P2):

GDragon (P1):

GDragon (P2):

GDragon (P3):

Credit to: sookyeong


~ by jxley on March 4, 2009.

20 Responses to “GDragon and Lee Min Ho on MBC Golden Fishery?”

  1. but what is the real show g-dragon is in there?
    he looks really cute with his hair n clothes! i wana watch the real thing? pls tell me

  2. yeah..tell me too…he’s really cute in there…
    totally cute!! 🙂
    that headband..ahhh!!! it’s killing cute…lol

  3. omg… big bang and F4…. what more could a girl ask for!!! it’d be so cool if they actually came together… can’t wait til Seungri and Kim Bum’s movie… too cool. and too hott…. and Kim Hyun Joong and TOP are really close friends… (and he mentions “Big Bang’s TOP” on monday’s special episode xDDD)

    they should seriously come together somewhere…

  4. yay! what a perfect combination of lee min ho and gd.
    i love his headband look! it should stay forever.

  5. i dont get it…
    is GD and lee min ho appearing together on the same show in the same episode?

  6. That would be Interesting…………..
    G-Dragon was born a star though.
    I love G-Dragon so i’ll support him.
    He looks so cute!
    But i don’t really know Min Ho.
    But if they do, i want to see it.

  7. AHH OMG!
    I freaking love both of them to death!
    :] They’re so awesome! =D

  8. lol i just read an article about Lee Min Ho hving plastic surgery on his nose.

    oh celebrities -___-

  9. ah g-dragon ♥ (:

  10. no way
    lee minho, his highschool pic looks
    the SAME
    and they said all of F4
    are 100% natural..
    ANYWAYS haha that would be awesomee
    i wanna see jiyong talk about his
    problems xD and leeminho would be a bonus~
    seriously… i wanna see our boys
    on more talk shows wen they hav timee

  11. thanks 4 the links ^^ i’m gonna watch the parody


  13. and i dont know why people would say “f4 all natural”. hyunjoong has had plastic surgery too. (and im pretty sure its a well known fact)

  14. where are those pics of GD from? o.0
    he looks wayyy too cute.
    i wanna watch

  15. Big Bang’s TOP’s First Solo Album: The Truth Tracklisting

    1. Into the Truth
    2. I Write Diary Everyday
    3. A Good Man (remix ver.)
    4. C’mon C’mon
    5. Mazinga
    6. Anmianhaeyo/ Sorry (feat. Gummy)
    7. Cuz I’m Baby

    Bonus Track
    T.O.P (Big Boy ver. 2)

  16. Oh em gee! G-D looks soo cutee ❤ i love it when he’s wearing a headband, kekeke :]

  17. @ vikimi

    DUDE!!!! are you serious?? AHHH that’s awesome TOP’S SOLO ALBUM!! this must be posted on its own separate post! where’s that tracklisting from? do you know when it’s coming out?? :]]

  18. hmm well i searched it and idk if that info’s reliable.. T.T

  19. @ vikimi

    wow !!!!!!!!!!
    that’s so awesome !!!!!!!

    so how about GD!!!!!!!!!!

    GD so cute!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Aww is there a subbed version of GD’s part? 😦
    I don’t understand Korean but I really want to watch it! XP

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