our coordinators atira & zay have updated me w/ details. hopefully our mvipz can make it?
VENUE: KLCC Park [ meet me at the front of the symphony fountain , nearby DOME cafe ]
DATE: Saturday, 28 march 2009
TIME: be there at 9:30AM
DIRECTIONS: by LRT –> buy tickets from your nearest station to KLCC station

– we’ll play games
(have u seen 2 days 1 night on kbs? u know the game where they sang “dibidibidipdibidibidip” ? that’s the kind of games we’ll play.  prizes will be provided by me. just for the fun of it ;p)

– we’ll have each vips bring any big bang-related item to swap with other vips (be it something u already own or ur handmade crafts or anything u picked up on the street, just as long as it is big bang-related you can bring it! 😉 if you just can’t find anything related to the boys, it’s ok. ANYTHING will do)

– of course eating and big bang-talking are fundamental 😉 (we’ll buy something simple and maybe if it’s convenient we can bring some homemade food. better taste anyway. at the same time we’ll chill under the sky on the green grass and talk about our five most favorite people on earth: BIG BANG!)

-i’ll bring my cam and vid cam to capture us. we’ll take as much pics as we can. do some special message to big bang and big bang fansite , some big bangin’ photography session etc. all the basic stuff.


– EMAIL ME ASAP if you’d like to join @
please state your name and gender 😉

– feel free to give me suggestions
– once you have confirmed to come , i’ll email you my contact number.
-if we got there and it seems to be no fun , it’s okay. we can always venture somewhere else! no worries bout that

~ by gdluvzmc on March 4, 2009.

65 Responses to “MALAYSIA MEET 09”

  1. atira, can i confirm to u later.
    maybe a bit late.

  2. wow. this seems fun. i wish i was in malaysia right now 🙂

    too bad im stuck here in japan.


  3. Awww! I wish I could goooooooo. ;____;

    I’m still too young. No freedom yet. D: D:

    Anyway, I was like just talking about KLCC with my friend today. Hahah~ ❤

    To all MVIPS who are going, enjoy yourselves yea~ ^^

  4. ohhh cool cool. im nt sure yet if im coming, but im free on that day =) and i planned to go during the first meeting but was too late..i love mvips, theyre so active. how i wish big bang do know this and come over here(malaysia). will confirm again soon. =)))

  5. hey atira..i have sent u an e-mail..plis check them && plis hit me back..

  6. WOW SO GOOD…!!!
    i wish i can go there… T_T

  7. GREAT….can’t wait fo this…is been what i’ve waiting fo since do know when n since the first bb meet in malsia…hahaha….really hop i can go to this 2nd meet…huhuuhu..tasha whre r u??can i join u fo this again??hikhik3x

  8. 😦
    i thought it will be in mid year or around that time
    i really want to join
    but…. i got exam within that time
    hope that, there will be third meet in this year also
    really hope for it ^ _ ^
    hope u guys enjoy

  9. sigh..Malaysia??
    why is not held earlier??
    i’m not in malaysia anymore >.<
    it’s ok..have fun guys!

  10. hey mvips glad to hv ur responses!

    i’ve recieved some of the emails ,still hopin to have lots more vips joining!

    about the date , i came to know it’s near finals.

    sorry bout that . wished i knew earlier .

  11. i so wanna go! & i think i’m free too!

  12. mOg Big bang se~ cO^’ ga(ng len nha’ :X:X:X:X:X 😉

  13. hi hi see u alll there

  14. Oh my gee. i wish i was at Malaysia, but im in oakland, California =/ But for the people that are going, Have Fun ❤

  15. hey i really wish i could join coz d 1st meet last year i didn’t manage to go as i was a bit late to come to know about it…~~
    hopefully i can make it coz yeah,it’s near to final exams but i’ll try my best to b there?
    & i don’t have friend to come along with me,so feeling a bit nervous…

  16. hmm is this for girls pt only 0_0??

  17. yeah..
    i’m coming..
    i cannot wait till i meet big bang vip fan..

  18. boys can go too..
    it’s gonna be fun to know that big bang have a lot boy fan…

  19. thank you for doing this..

  20. nidjam. fanboys are always welcome. rite girls?

  21. yuri


    hpe u guys cn rlly cme!

  22. am i the only guy fan here lolz…(o_o)”…
    im too old to join u guys…still im a fan of them…^^

  23. nidjam
    hey it doesn’t matter,as long as u r BIG BANG’s fan…^^
    as for me i guess they should have more fanboyz than a girl?
    well juz my own thinking…hehe
    yeah athirah,hopefully i could make it…pray hard!^^

  24. haha yuri. i will

    nidjam actually another by had email me.
    so no worries

  25. aaah! i wanna go. >< can i get more info about this? ;D

  26. celine

    my email’s up there 😉

  27. athirah:

    ahaah. sorry. im kinda blind. XD

  28. ahh wish i can go & meet you vipz 😦
    anyway, hv fun!

  29. wish i cud go!
    but i’m far away in the east cost-klantan!
    hope all da vips enjoy n hv fuN to d maXs!

  30. im going!! 😀

  31. owh..i’m only going to KL on April.. i want to joinla..

  32. i wanna go!!! i wanna go!!!! hehe ^^

  33. ngeee… i can’t gooooo~~
    stuck in ipoh
    parents wont let me take the bus alone @.@

  34. def i’ll come..
    omg can’t wait to meet all v.i.pz..
    btw i’m new here..
    so hi all v.i.pz i’m Syiqa ^^

  35. I can’t come too… 😦

  36. wisw i can go too…
    hopefully i don hve any last mnutes plan…huhuhu..
    love meeting all the vip so yeah,hop i can join too…

  37. I have another 2 friends with me who really love BB. But we realised we are kinda old for this embarassed to go haha. I’m stucked in Taiping. You guys have fun!

  38. lol…
    im old too…

    so still…where the male fans 0_o…

  39. WAIT TILL I GET MY LICENSE!! 😀 next yearrrr next yearrrr~~

  40. Any1 have cyworld acct??..add me lol

  41. i love you top……………..

  42. i wanna go too..!!plez contact me as soon as possible,huhuu…

  43. is it TRUE!! 28 march 2009!!huh,hope 2 c u there BB

  44. OWH, this is my e-mail, geezz,i’m so exited

  45. farah please email me
    supposely this ends on 17 but i’m flexi
    so if u really wanna join
    please email me ur details officially

  46. so how many peoples oredi confirmed to come?
    let’s hav fun VIPZ!! =P

  47. i wanna go
    i wanna go!!
    but i dont really know bout this

    please tell me everrrtingy i should know
    btw,this was my 1st tme 🙂

  48. wish i can go but i got wedding course ( kursus kawen ) to go..
    too bad.. it must be fun.. i never join any of bb malaysia fansite…

  49. ive emailed u, but u havent reply me. ill wait =)

  50. it’s 2 days b4 d day…i’m so excited!!=P
    or is it only me??~~
    anyway,hope evrythings gonna turn well & lots of VIPz can make it!
    c u guyz there!! ^____^

    athirah,do e-mail me if there’s any further info yeah…^^

  51. hey yuri..
    not only u..
    me too…
    omg can’t wait 4 tmrw..

    ^_^ Happy3

  52. i do wanna go too….!!!
    but i’ve got things to do..

  53. aww ! its tomorrow..
    i wish i could go ..

  54. damn it’s today. too bad i came home from college for the weekend. so is this like an open gathering or do i have to do something to be mvip?? lololol!! me n my bud are HUGE fans of bb. we will definitely have much to talk about. but too bad i’m home. my college is like 5 mins drive from klcc. oh well…. have fun guys^^ let me know how it goes yeah??

  55. omg…
    da meeting was great..
    i had so much fun..
    met new ppl who is V.i.Pz..
    really happy..
    “dibidibidipdibidibidip” muchhh fuuunnn!!!
    looking forward 2 hang out wit u guys again..
    keep in touch guys…

    luv u guys soo much….TQ

  56. wahhhh. omg! that seems super fun!
    ah i blame myself for not coming to the meeting..
    darn it!
    could you guys arrange another meeting? like within this year hahah =^^=
    i really want to meet all of you guys, the lovable VIPs!!!

  57. darn i went back early yesterday…
    haven’t had enuf fun wif u guyz!!!~~
    how’s evrythg goes? tell me more!!!
    btw,so happy meeting wif u huyz,hope 2 c u guyz again soon & keep in touch!!^_____^

  58. it’s ok nabihah..
    next time juz make sure u’ll join..
    neva miss any gath again..
    it’s fun met new friends who r V.i.Pz..

    btw yuri don’t worry..
    ur not missed anything..
    afta u left we juz chit chats and went to da food court
    for refrshment..dat’s all

  59. boy fun are welcome
    is good to know there
    is boy fun out there =]

  60. hey all mvipz miss u guys alreadyy~~
    when u guys wanna upload da photo???
    cant wait to see ’em 😦

  61. yeah…i can’t wait to c all d pix as well…^^

  62. r the pics gonna be upload here? hehe i just wish BB will know this site…

  63. too late~ ==’
    aniwae,when r u guys coming Singapore?

  64. darn… i bcome a BB fan n found dis site 2 late…
    do guys arrange dis meets often???
    i really want 2 meet other mvipz… beside my sis n my bro…
    r u guys gonna arrange 1 anytime soon???
    if u guys only do dis once a yr then its a loss 4 me…
    i’ll b in japan nxt yr…

  65. aish.. i missed it.. so how was it? tell us about it! Post the pics so we can be as envious like HECK to those who attended!!

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