Big Bang’s Lollipop Pictorial | TOP and Seungri will join “My 19”

Big Bang’s first mainstream CF – Hite Beer CF

Beer??? WHOA!

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When you add, Big Bang and Lollipop together, you know that equals “Life can’t get any better than this” and it is true. It’s so adorable beyond anything it’s amazing. They all have a different kind of huge lollipops (the kind that takes 3 days to finish, at least for me) and they’re just having fun with teasing us with it, sucking, using it as a mirror, playing with it, you name it, they did it. First thing I noticed was Baby and Bong next to each other haha the GRI love!! Even did the same pose, then I noticed Bong’s abnormal sweats haha. But I have to say, I love Dae’s solo pic THE BEST!!!

Big Bang’s TOP and Seungri will join “My 19”

Thanks to heroismine

OH EM GEE!!!! Tabi and Baby will be in a suspense short drama about detectives…… I’M DEAD. I’m like OBSESSED with detective stuff okay, Edogawa Conan is forever my boo and idol, anything detective/murder related, I’m ALL for it. CAN’T WAIT!!!!!!! Now YOU KNOW! No one can resist hot and smart boy who can logic the crap out of you haha.

Also Updated.

  • (Translated) BANGS Short Comic: Episode 2: BbalKa NoEul 2

Big Bang’s Lollipop Pictorial

Thanks to ozic지용♡님

BANGS Short Comic

Original Comic by YGEntertainment

Translated and Edit by Vicky


The continue comic of their performance from part 1, Bong start to sing and the 2 maknae in the back got hot (as in temperature.. feel dizzy) A lil kid birthday party having fun glueing their eyes on BANGS, the girl who ask her mom to make sure Bong’s sexual preference wins in life. haha. Then there’s Baby who work it for the camera, he believe that the right side of his face is prettier than his left… T____T if you’ve seen Intimate Note, you’ll know haha. Mesmerizing their stylist team nunas keke including the manager, Euni nuna seems happy as she can be…but I can’t say the same for the captain haha.

*** (I think ‘Euni nuna’ is based off JiEun, aka their main stylist)


~ by Vicky on March 5, 2009.

87 Responses to “Big Bang’s Lollipop Pictorial | TOP and Seungri will join “My 19””

  1. omgggggggggggg!!! 😀
    haha thanku for translating the BANGs Comic!
    and omg i love GD’s glasses! in tht photoshoot 😀
    i love every shot~ obviously 😀 😡

  2. I LOVE the pictorial 😀

  3. Cute!
    Can I take the comic?

  4. AHHH! sooo cutee! ahahahhha.

  5. did anyone else notice that on their lollipop pictures, none of the wrappers were taken off of it? lol

  6. OMG it’s so funny … definitely Sri ‘s “naturalo stylo ” ^^

    G-ri are always so cute together

    but my forever love is mr.Solero … hope that they’ll release an Ep there are YB& Boss

  7. Omg, soo cute ^^ & thanks for the BANGS comic ❤ kekeke, it’s so cutee :] G-Ri soo Adorable ❤

  8. Thanks for Translating* the BANGS comic, keke mistake ;]

  9. Ooh Big Bang Lollipop photos are cute! ^w^ Those lollies would take forever to finish. Blahh XP

    “Next time use this angle”~ Haha, I thought of SRi in Intimate Note when I read that. XD <333

    Thanks for the comics and news, Vicky! :]

  10. I likey Jiyong in the fourth picture (;

    Jiyong <3(=

  11. OmaGod Thanks.
    They are so cuuuute!!! Love the GDEh Glasses Lol xp

    Thanks for the Bangs Comic Vicky =].

  12. Ah. I like the lollipop photos ^o^v

    I was wondering, does anyone know what kind of glasses
    is Ji Yong wearing? 8]

  13. lilyboo~ 😀 yea evem i was wondering ..
    i started searching for it xD
    as soon as i saw it 😀

  14. even*

  15. I can’t say I’m too happy that I’m wearing the same sweats as GD right now…

    @ Vicky: “I’m like OBSESSED with detective stuff okay, Edogawa Conan is forever my boo and idol”

    ME TOO! not so much boo, but mo def my idol.
    haha he’s too awesome!

  16. lol great comic!

    Pics are to die for XD

  17. Lilybooo

    They’re called MILLIONAIRES
    I have a couple of them, the kinda resemble Tabi’s famous turquoise shades back in the Lies days

    I know someone who sell them

  18. Dameee Paleta!!!!

  19. adorable overload.
    so. amazingly. cute. >.<‘
    honestly, how can you NOT love them???? (both Big Bang and BANGS)
    and the headband look will be missed forever <333

  20. sooo cute! Dae picture is my favorite!

  21. lol This is so cute! The lollipop pics made me so happy! And the Bangs comic was so adorable! Can’t wait for Top and SR’s short drama to come out! I hope someone will sub it!!!!!!!!!

  22. wait a second… their (BANGS) clothes… look so familiar…
    MBC GAYO DAEJUN!!!!!…. righhttt????? the WonderBang performance!!!!!


  24. OMGGGGG!!!!
    this are the kind of pics that make me go extremely bipolarrrr
    the cute/sexy theme that just makes me feel like such a pervert
    my man is lookin sooo fine
    just loove seeing him wear pink
    Bong looks kinda funny with the sweats yet sooo good
    it’s a Bong thing >.<
    Bae killed me with that face waaaah!
    Dae’s pic is myy favoerite for sure
    Baby seems to be going back to his cute self
    let’s try to feorget the ab pics for a second and enjoy Baby looking cute with the lollipop

    “mommy is Jiyong a girl?”
    Baby working the camera
    seems so much like him
    I just loove it

    my man and Baby in a short drama?!!!
    can’t waiiiittt!
    detectives could end up rippin their shirts at some point right??!!

  25. …i just noticed something… whats with the lollipops??? kim hyun joong. kim bum and kim joon had them for a CF photoshoot they did… and now big bang??? well… lollipops do rock imensely…

  26. they are sooo adorable!!

  27. OK! I’m not all pervert or anything but Bong’s 2nd solo pic is like what are those things? NVM! HAHAHA! Excuse me please!

  28. GD totally jack that vest from Tae :p GDYB♥

    anyways for G-Ri lovers

    DONT HOTLINK ME. i found a couple hotlinking me here please upload it to ur own account.

  29. i can only see 3 pics of the lollipop ones….aahhhh i wanna c the other pics, does anyone know where else i can find the pictures

  30. yay finally we have something to see
    i’m really big bang deprived right now..
    as except baby and bong, the others seem nowhere to be found 😦
    i miss them so much!!
    and the lolipop pictorial is so cuteee!
    tabi must be really happy doing this huh?
    awwww tabi should wear what he wore in the gayo daejeon short skit
    wearing hoodie, beanie..holding a bolster..and lick the lollipop xD!!
    ohhh and the solo pic of bong is so freaking cuteeee
    glad that it’s still this hairstyle..but not something gelly LOL
    and the bangs comic is so so so freaking cuteee!
    this song is on my mind for a few days
    cause my friend cant stop singing it lol

  31. lol so cute how SeungRi is sucking on the lollipop in the 2nd pic hahaha AND HOMG, I really cant wait to see the SeungHyuns in “My 19”! It’ll be hot 😀

    AAGGHHH!! These pics are TOO adorable, I cant stop staring!
    haha the comic is funny

  32. Yes, “Life can’t get any better than this”
    Haha x) I totally agree ;]
    LOL I love the solo pictures! I also agree, those
    lollipops take me about 3-4 days to finish.
    Haha, whoa, the SeungHyuns in “My 19!” Can’t wait! x)))

  33. so cute!! its so bright and colorful~~

  34. Thank you Vicky ^^

    I like stuna shades and
    Big Bang wears them a lot!
    it make me drool
    looking at those lolipops @-.@

  35. GD looks adorable with the lollipop!

  36. The pictorial,totally in love with it!!
    really really cuttee!! 🙂
    ahh,its something that i’ve been waiting for…
    Big Bang and Lolipops,makes the cutest ever… 😉
    i hve one too,not eating it yet,since it may took 3days to finish it…hahaha…lol

  37. Ahhh* they look so adorable!
    G-Ri LOVEE! Yep that’s what i first noticed. Aha unless, no it was first Dae’s pose.
    G-Ri is so cute! Aha all though i must say G-Dragon was close to Seungri. I love G-Dragon’s glasses =]
    I love these picture. G-Dragon & Seungri was the only guys that jumped. Dude i love his abnormal sweats. How did he get that many strings thing to go on there?
    Wow each one of them were dress uniquely and very colorful. I see colorful pants is still in style. Well in Skorea, the most.
    Yeah, now i want a lollipop. Well i want a HUGEMONGOUS one too. Aha and i was eating dum-dums in my 4th hour of school.
    hrmmmm EVERYONE is starting to wear headbands. Today’s national headband day?[something nasty] idk but A LOTTA people at my school was wearing headband. G-DRAGON STYLE! And i was thinking it only matches G-Dragon! you copy-catters.
    BANGS. LMAO he is NOT a girl! Aha Jing Yo is cute! Ahaha wow is a camera hog. But he’s cute too. Aha hrmmm the right side is is good side i guess.
    Thank You Vicky!

  38. lol first thing I thought of Dae’s pic…That’s the widest Ive seen his eyes! ^_^
    I have GDbias though, so I have to stick with ma boi G to the D! 😀

  39. I love the lollipop pictures. I agree with you, Dae Sung’s solo is amazing. It scared me a bit at first, haha.

    ROFLLL. “Mommy, is Jingyo a girl?” Of course, they’d have to have that. Seung Ri is so cute in the comic.

  40. oi. our boys are too handsome. :’D
    the last shoot, i saw, was really a time ago.
    i’m happy that i’m able to see a new one.

    thnks much for sharing Vicky. :*

  41. I miss BIG BANG!! when are they coming back!!
    Daesung looks like a sweetheart..
    aww..i faint looking at Jiyong’s picture!!
    i love BONG!GD!JIYONG!!thats it i’m addicted to GDRAGON!!

  42. OMG! The big lollipops are back!
    I haven’t seen them in a long time, esp in a photo shoot.
    Um……. Candy………
    Big Bang and Big Lollipops were so made for each other

  43. yea, i’ve been bugging my korean friend about what these cartoons say. didnt wanna bother him more. yayyyy! thanks! and lol @ mommy, is jiyong a girl? no, hes the same thing as ur dad. HAHHAHA that made me lol.

  44. oh, i seeen Intimate Note.
    i dont exprect that he will think that his right side of his face look prettier that the other one.
    it seem great in both.LOL
    he’s so cuuuutteee!!

  45. TOP looks so TALL!!
    The bangs comics are hilarious!!

  46. awwww thanks 4 the pics they looks very cute!!!
    GD love his new style ^^

  47. top look so hot and cute..
    i can only finish that lollipop for 2-3 day….
    SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  48. I was wondering what are those pix for since I saw them first in another kpop blog site….waw it’s a CF!!! I love it!! such cute, hot men.
    But then I just read in Sookyeong’s blog (K Bites) that they are going to do a CF with Hite Beer…they’ll be firefighters and then do a mini-concert in the CF, while enjoying the refreshing taste of Hite Beer.
    From cuties to HOT men? OMG. they are really growing. =)

    LOL @ Baby Ri’s shirt: 100% unsure. That really isn’t Baby Ri. hihi. Yeah I watched Intimate Note and that was his better angle. ^^ Can’t believe they put the thing when people ask if Bong is a boy or a girl. hehehe.
    He is beautiful though…but he looks like a man to me. =)

    To Baebae: Since that lollipop is too big for you why don’t you share it with me? hihi. I love lollipops. They’re my favorite kind of candy. =)

  49. aw Bong’s hair is adorable, I definitely prefer him with the headband ;D
    GRI FTW .< bright green and yellow…;;

    love the boys ❤

  50. and i just realised, Baby’s shirt in the comic just cracked my up xD 100% unsure, that is so NOT him ;P
    ew my other comment got cut off D:<

  51. have you realised that baby and bong have similar shots and also, baby, bae and dae are wearing coloured skinny jeans? BONG INFLUENCE! haha~

  52. Vi
    Hahahaa… look at Dae on the 1st pic.
    He’s like “no hyung, don’t tease me with the lollipop again. I mustn’t eat more than 1”
    OMG GRi love together. Just too sweet for words.

    Hubby’s hairstyle remind me of his DISCO days. Hehehe
    Bong is extremely cute~~~~~~~~ I like his solo shot most
    Say yes for Baby & Bong couple pose. Hahaha

  53. it’s not just a beer cf
    it’s one with big bang dressed as firefighters…..

  54. hey guys, our boys just recieved a award at Korea PD Awards. i can’t understand what kind of award it is, so if anyone understand Korean, please take a look at that show. this is the link


  55. firefighters…… GOD i’m in heaven! I can’t wait to see this

  56. as i know there’s a female singer named Ji Eun from YG fam and the other females are from the group Big MaMa .

  57. on the first pic : Dae looks like he looking at the mirror ^^
    i love Dae’s posing in his single pic … so cute

    OMG i love my Baebae hairstyle all over … hoping that he will keep having this mohawkstyle …

    i hate when the other say Baebae is Omarionwannabe

  58. waaaa….they look so cute and adorable!!^-^
    jiyong look so cute with his glasses!!…totally melt!!!…XD

  59. realy nice, thank you

    those lollies look delicious.
    BANGS is just too adorable. xDDD ❤

    Oh yeah:


    kthxbai. ❤

  61. nice 🙂

  62. i love GD and his sweats.

  63. […] Big Bang’s Lollipop Pictorial | TOP and Seungri will join “My 19″ Big Bang’s first mainstream CF – Hite Beer CF Beer??? WHOA! […]



  65. OH EFF.
    bigbang+candy= DELICIOUSLY SMEXY
    heck yes.
    lollypops are just as
    yummy as our boys<3
    LOL hubby tabi
    seems to use some of jiyongies
    GEL ahem xD
    but i gotta admit,
    they still look sleek&smokin<3

  66. ooh & i forgot to add
    IS IT ME
    or is seungri dong
    way too much ACTING?
    2 movies PLUS a drama now??
    and tabi too– 2 dramas??
    those over-achieving men..X3
    GAH it sounds friggin fun tho
    plus they’re gona be in it TOGETHER?

  67. the lolly pops look yummy.

    Big Bang comic? love it.

  68. I invite you to visit my first post in English here:

    I would be glad having your comments 😀

  69. really cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ^_^ luv ya baby!!!!!!!!!!!!

  70. So cute with the lollipops ❤

  71. aw, Vi thats so cute.
    i love lollipops
    i love love love big bang
    life can never be better.

    Bangs lol
    “mommy is jing yo a girl?”

  72. candysweetz:
    2 dramas?! what?! what dramas are big bang doing?

  73. omg, im sooo soo in love with those lollipop photos *O*
    <333333 aww mann, I AGREEE DAE is SOOOOOOO CUTEEEEEEEEEEEE IN HIS SOLO PICTURE WUUAHHH. andd, i hafta say bongiiee<3 mann he looks ahhhahhhahh AHHHDORABLEEEADORABLE<3 my seung ri<3 i’ll love him forever xD♥♥♥ that photo of him, he is SUCHAAA kid ;D♥
    Top’s hair i gotta say xDD it’s..interesting LOL
    boyyy, is Bae looking any cuterrrrrrrrrrrrr with that SMILEE!! 😀
    hehe, i loveeee lovee LOOOVE the group pictures. theyy ownn everything xDD there are amazinggg solo pictures but pft. this is bigbanggg the idol GROUP<3 lolol. yeahhh they’re soooo cuutee together ahhhh~ :D!
    looll. i noticed G-ri in the first picture tooo! xDD always noticing the littles g-ri stuff ;DD aww mann, they’re adorablee<3
    hehe.and i can’t wait for tabi’s drama either :D:D:D:D omgggadd.exciteeed! hyahh.

  74. lolz right when i read the 2nd comic with SeungRi, i thought of Intimate Note…

  75. omg does anyone have any idea where to get HQ-er pics of them doin the lollipop?

  76. I love Jiyong’s glasses haha.
    Thank you so much! A_A

    Lmao, get it?
    hot pictures. and ‘MY 19’?
    Whts that?

  78. I lUv BIG BANG 4rEvEr….:]]:]]

  79. BiG BanG iS VIP…:]];]]Yong iS mY lOve….BiG BanG iS mY lifE….saranghae….!!!!:]]:]]very beautiful…^__^

  80. BiG BanG iS VIP…:]];]]Yong iS mY lOve….BiG BanG iS mY lifE….saranghae yooooooo….!!!!:]]:]]very beautiful…^__^

  81. GD is maah looove! <3<3<3<3

  82. oooh!! new pics. thanks!!^^ jiyongie looks yummyumyummy here~~ i hope there’s more!! ah.. again, thanks a lot!! <333

  83. beautiful pictures

  84. i would have said the one where GD jumps with the glasses nd lollipo was my fav but daesung just looks lyk a cute kid with a lollipop. so dae’s got that little win factor ovr GDs picture

  85. short.I want more more more.

  86. hello big bang i´m gely pretty is my grup favorit ok good bye i love t.o.p.

  87. I love BIG BANG so much especially TOP AND TAEYANG….

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