Big Bang wins Best Singer Award for Korea PD Awards | Downloads Updates


SeungRi won’t be include in the ‘Hite’ Beer CF (at least he wasn’t there during the filming) I think because he’s barely 20 years old in Korea, so only the 4 hyungs will be the firefighter wearing blue saving lives haha. And……it looks like Bong… who always make fun of Tabi’s old…. wiggly hairis doing it himself nowAI YAI YAI

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Thanks 지디갤 D’켐님(맨위 한장), 탑갤 +이엔+님(아래 두장)

Vicky’s Big Show Concert Goodies arrived!!

And it looks like Bong’s “I-don’t-wanna-waste-my-lefover-mohican-gel” hair is staying.  I have 3 words for this hair. OH SO SHINY.

Translated by SooKyeong.
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Big Bang was in Seoul YangCheonGoo Broadcasting association cenrtre on 6th March for the 21st Korea PD Awards. And they have won the Singer Awards.

Leader GDragon said after the ceremony, “We have been all along promoting as singers with other seniors and juniors, of all positions this is one really nervous position to be in. As a singers, we also venture out into other areas, we will continue to work hard as Big Bang no matter what we will be doing. We would like to thank the company, our families and our fans.”

The awards ceremony will be aired on OBS channel on 7th March at 8.15pm.

SeungRi Strong Baby Sketch

Thanks to S님

This is really touching, i can’t help but tear up like an idiot, his dream finally came true, 2 months of hard work, he did it…. he really did.

I coudln’t be more proud of him.

LOL at his NGs and random clip at the end. Is he imitating Goo Jun Pyo? keke he was acting arrogrant and ‘Paradise’ is playing in the back. keke

Baby as Goo Jun Pyo FTW!

Downloads Update:

Best Singer Award for Korea PD Awards

Thanks to SSTV | Hangkyung | Newsen | 딸기봄



~ by Vicky on March 6, 2009.

90 Responses to “Big Bang wins Best Singer Award for Korea PD Awards | Downloads Updates”

  1. yup. the greasy look is still there. it’s actually not too bad.
    i prefer his other hairstyles, but who am i to keep Bong from
    being the creative soul he is.

    CONGRATS to the boys btw.

    i’m really diggin’ TOP’s in your face hair. actually, he just
    looks good period. not that the others don’t. hehe.

    so proud of Baby too. i knew you’d tear up, Vi. it’s your hubby after all.

  2. congratulations boys~ top looks hella hot here 🙂

  3. <33333 Tops Hair it is amazing!!!
    welll JiYongs hair is….differend ^^*

    good job guys!!!
    and SeungRi!!!

    BIGBANG <3.A

  4. LOL. that one picture of seungri while he was performing is perfect. theres even a heart at the corner of it XD


  5. omo TOP looks AMAZING!! love that hair on him!!!
    the boys deserves EVERYTHING comin their way!!
    GD lookin good!!!

  6. and as for the Strong Baby sketch, STRONG BABY FOREVER!
    his solo was beautiful. there were so many cute moments in the sketch too D:

    hes gonna be wearing a suit less often…
    no more of the “crack,crack,crack” live.
    at first, his performances were just about every week.
    nothing out of the ordinary or special.
    then when it ends, you finally realize how good they are.


    ahah, and it look like g-dradon
    and top swithced hair styles.

    btw, when it says “The awards
    ceremony will be aired on OBS
    channel on 7th March at 8.15pm.”
    is that in KST or PST?

  8. TOP’s hair look sooooo fineeee!!!!!!! so amazingly hottt!!!

    and that seungri video… >.<!!!
    andd HE DOES IMITATE JUN PYO!!!!!! because on the top right hand corner where it says “bonus” is also says “구준표” which is Goo Jun Pyo in Korean… annddd

    HE SAYS GA EUL’S NAMEE!!!!!! you can hear him say it and when you look at the korean subs it says “가을”!!! GAHH! I’M GOING MENTALL!!!
    (and how do i know this you may ask… wikipedia does wonders)

    Boys Over Flowers and Big Bang are two of the things i love most in the world right now… and i’m guessing Big Bang, or at least Baby, watch BOF!!! SO COOL

    Baby. you are TOO CUTE. sometimes i find it a wonder how i find you so sexy… you are the cutest maknae EVERRRRRR!!!

    we ♥ you, big bang and F4 lotssss!! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ [SoEul-matess♥]

    wah ~

  10. sd,knvsedv
    I DON’T LIKE SLICKED BACK HAIR! But GD looks so pretty…
    Baby looks good in all white and I can see TOP’s guyliner, mmhmm. His hair is also quite awesome.

  11. jiyong’s hair is ehh…
    but i like TOP’s hair 😀

  12. LOL. Not my favorite hairstyle of ji yongie’s hair, but still cute 😀
    and TOPS hair is sexxy, man :}

  13. i don’t know man~
    i’m totally digging this new emo look of top! so mysteriously sexy~~~~~~~
    and GD..OMG BABY~~~ what’s up with the hair?
    it looks too greasy. he looks like he’s trying to pull off the gag look or somehting.
    anyways, congrats to the boys..ONCE again~
    hahaha. they did it~

  14. Oh, yes, Seung Ri as Goo Jun Pyo is <3.

  15. I know what you mean, I teared up too. He did it, and I am so happy for him.

    As a VIP, I am so proud that I can brag about every single member. We know that they can be successful solo, no matter what they do, and as a group they’re five times as powerful! YG has found his real jewels, cause without BB, I don’t think I can survive! (Jokingly, but I won’t enjoy K-pop as much.)

  16. Gah >.< how proud I am to be a VIP! Bongie..the hair..I dont hate it but I dont love it. Hope he picks something sexy for his solo debut. You know, I never get over the fact how short Youngbae is compared to the rest of the guys. BaeBae your sexy though so its ok. I kinda was sad of the lack of Bae pics. But I was more than appreciative of all the sexy Bongie pics. Whatever the hair Bongie, you good sir are a sexy beast.

  17. GD’s hair reminds me of a grandpa styled hair. lol.
    TOP’s eyeliner is veryy visible. not that i dont like this hair, but i would prefer his regular hair like when he does nothing to it (:

  18. Whoa, talk about shiny hair. OMG his hair loook
    so freaky. Well, I just hope he change it AGAIN soon.
    BTW, I am so loving TOP’s hair though. LOL.
    Aww they look so stunning.
    I love that vid of Baby’s journey :]

  19. vi
    oh my gawd! seeing hubby with this hair is hella good!!
    he looks gorgeous! ah~~~

    bong with his hair ~.~A
    i think he reminds me of that old professor style. plus the glasses.

    LOL at 5th pic. what is ur hubby thinking??? kekeke
    btw, baby solo pic with the love background is LOVE isn’t it? kekeke… he looks so cute ^^

  20. LMAO!

    I burst out laughing seeing GD’s hairstyle! Such a serious hairstyle. ❤

  21. Ooh congrats to them!!! <33

    Haha, omg slick GD~ XD He looks better in other hairstyles. [;

    TaeYang is looking good! :]

    The pic of TOP leaning down/forward is nice. He looks so handsome! ❤

    Hehee, SRi was cute doing his ‘crack crack crack’ moves. ^o^ And he was cute at the end of the clip too.

  22. Is Bong pulling off a Draco Malfoy look this time? Watching a lot of Harry Potter recently Bong?
    Just kidding. ^^ But he really reminds me of Draco Malfoy in his young days. =)
    Tabi, on the other hand…I love my Baebae and his love for sunglasses but I gotta say I really like Tabi’s hair in this…it looks so good…he looks really really good.
    Ok I’m gonna stop now because he ain’t my hubby *cough-nya-cough*.
    Awww, I’m proud of Baby Ri too. I can’t wait for his movie and telecinema with Tabi.
    And of course there’s Bong’s and Baebae’s solo albums coming up.
    Though I love Dae in Family outing, I hope he gets other gigs too.
    For now I’ll be looking forward to that Hite Beer CF. the concept sounds really hot. ^^

  23. YaY for the boys! I LOVE TOP’s hair! So sexy! GD’s is growing on me..taking a little getting used to! HaHa!

  24. yesss!!..congrats to our boys..Jiyong,shiny hair,haha!speechless..but,i’m in love with Tabi’s hair!!..he looks hella good in that hair..^^ and,now i know why ur tears down..after watch that video it was really sad..when i see Goodbye Strong Baby,i was screaming with tears as Goon Jun Pyo is looooovvveee!!!..i love Jun Pyo and baby is imitating him,i was laughing so much,drooling on the baby watching BOF??..^^ anyway,congrats BB!!..i want more from all of you!!!..^^

  25. OK Im sorry but GD’s hair has to go, I hate it more than any other! :O
    No WAY that hair style is gonna grow on me, it makes me feel icky looking at it (and that’s bad because how can you not look at that cutie face). Sorry jiYongie but swing and a miss.

  26. @ Chrissy
    lol i agree! i’m all for fashion and looking good and whatever, but damn! i really can’t appreciate this new hairdo. GD looks creepy and… creepy… don’t get me wrong, i love GD but this one is a bit of a flop for him ^^

    on the other hand, tabi’s new haircut OWNS.

  27. LOL @ Kenley, it does look like Malfoy’s look

    CONGRATULATIONS Big Bannng!!!!!!!
    Wow, this award is awesome, best singers indeed!
    They all look extremely gorgeous! GD’s new do is something else, but him and TaeYang look fly with their shades 😀 Damn TOP, are those rings real gems??! He looks so hot with his hair!! and GAAHH!! SeungRi in ALL WHITE..right on stylists~ and my Daedae looks like a super pimpin chef!

    Pics are sexy, yet cute ^__^

  28. can someone tell me website that offer dress up game but in korea? and there’s big bang style dress up 😀
    i was playing it few month ago. but now i forget the website address, and i find this webite here. but seems that i can’t find where that post was

  29. woww looking so serious ^^ i’m starting to like TOP’s new hairstyle >.< Congratz to BB! ♥

  30. OMG!!!
    i love top eyes..
    got charisma..
    top hair is like goo jun pyo…
    ji yong hair is like top old hair..

    BB rock..

  31. top is so handsome in these pictures!

  32. they deserved it .
    congrats 🙂

    yah~ look at tabi’s ring ..
    it’s really unique .

  33. lol!!!! so shiny!!!!! sugoi!!!! so cute!!!!! ahh they always da’ best

  34. haha…GD hairstyle….even not my favourite hair…XD
    but it’s GD!!….^-^
    waaa…top hair…sexyyyy man!!…XD
    and congratttttsssss!!…u guys realllyyy do a great job!!…
    BB rulezzzz>>>>>3

  35. hi all!
    love the new BB’s appearance. they are all look super stylish + mad hot + deadly cute!!!
    i have an opinion on BB actually. keep comparing them (in a good way) with SHINHWA…love them both!
    i thought dorky daesung is kinda remind me of witty dongwan.charismatic top with eric.cutie pie taeyang with minwoo.adorable seungri with shy guy andy.
    what do u guys think?

  36. GD why oh why?
    TOP looks like a j-rocker which is TOTALLY FINE RAWR~
    aaaah i miss them performing live and stuff AA~~

  37. congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!




  38. GD!!! well what can we say bout bong.. just have to love it!!!!
    for sure he will change it for his debut de.. waaa really really really hoping for it.
    yaaaaa… congratss boys!!!!!!

  39. ahh so proud >< lol bongs hair has been surprising over the past few days ,well it is always surpring.and i love the video of seungri it makes me even more proud to be a fan ❤ and uhmm i have a question does anybody know what this is from ?

  40. OMG!!!
    my man looks so cute!!! >._____________<

  41. T.O.P look so good =) I like his hair ❤
    ehh.. whats up with GD? xP

  42. TOP is beautiful *_____*

  43. Vi


    Tabi look os so good, beautiful, as usual.
    Baby: OH MY. i luv the pic with all five of them but only Baby looking back. that is to die for.

  44. Vicky!!! Where did you get the hoodie? Did you buy it from Yesasia? I managed to get the other stuff for cheap but they ran out of hoodie…..Yesasia’s price is like cut throat.
    I’m so proud of Baby!! i wonder when they’re gonna start shooting 71?

  45. damn, T.O.P looks fiiine as hell. haha.
    that new hairstyle really fits him !
    i don’t like GD’s new hair though.
    (i still love him of course haha!)

    AHH SEUNGRI ! <3333

  46. hehe love gd’s smile! but that hair just makes me laugh xDD
    i love the pic where it shows all 5 of their faces/profiles when they’re sitting!
    i’m not used to seeing them perform sunset glow with suits on xD but they look good!
    congrats bb!! :]

  47. oh so adorable! :] seungri looks kinda out of it in the PD award pix. and i love that picture where seungri is the only one looking at the cam! 😀

    vicky! i envy you!!!

  48. AHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!
    hahahah seungri so cutee.
    LOL at gdragons shiny flat hair xD
    & congrats to the hotties fr winning! bigbang hwaitingggg!!

  49. they are craving for too much change. it’s ok to change up their styles cause everyone copies them…but damn this is a NO NO!

    HATE GD’s HAIR!!!!! i hope it goes away soon. it makes him look like he’s ready to join the MAPAGI gag team.

    TOP’s hair looked funny too…although it looked nice on him during the “nom nom nom” perf…for some reason it just didn’t look right on him at this award show.

    whatever…i just think they need better hairstyles.

  50. WHY, Jiyong, WHY?!
    Dear, we know you’re fashionable.
    But a little bit too much at times.
    Can’t take his slicked back hairstyle.

    TOP’s new hair on the other hand is SOOOO HOTTTT.

    Congrats to the boys for winning! <33

  51. CONGRATS!!!!!
    wtff G-Dragon?! Why this hair style..again?
    G-Dragon looked a lil bit teary/tired.
    Wow i’m so used to him wearing he SunGlasses
    for the WHOLE damnn day. Lmao just kidding,
    i do miss his eyes but they look tired or something.
    Oh yeah, TOP looked kinda hot there with that
    hair style. I cannnot wait to see GD’s NEW STYLE
    for his Solo Album though.
    Seungri ah, i’m so proud of you.
    You’ve come a long way. Well you worked so
    hard. & NO, No Goodbye Strong Baby because
    he will ALWAYS be Strong Baby =]
    I am so jealous. I want THEM TOO NOW.
    Need to get money…………………….

  52. omg. whoever let gd go out in public with that hair needs to be arrested.

    top’s hair is great tho. :]

    Oh, and congrats to BB. They deserve it.

  53. tops rings are really awesome

  54. wow ! t.o.p and g-dragon are
    really sharing hair styles .

  55. awww, ;{ i’m gonna miss strong baby a lottt<33 cutee seung ri ahh i’m just really happy he got his dream and ahhh<333 i feel so
    good right now xD
    that was such a touching little video :P♥
    strong baby forever! x]<333333

    aiiyoohhh. tabi’s’s woahh babyy ;D<3 likee.. SUPER SEXYY<3 haaah. totally love itt, and can’t help but notice our baby there<3 to me, he has the perfectest hair xDD<33333333333
    and bong’s “I-don’t-wanna-waste-my-lefover-mohican-gel” hair..well it doesn’t seem like it fits offense to the ppl that like it but i reallyyy reallly LOVEEDDLOVED his headband hair style x]<33333 it was amazingglyy cuteee and hotttt<3 and soo perfect for him ahaaa..well we’ll see how this one goes :]
    daee looking cheery and smiley like himself xDD<33 he’s adorablee lol and BAEEE working his aviators<3 my favvvv combination hahaa xD<3 at least his hair is still the samee and i still LOVEEE IT<333333 hahaa 😀

  56. OH NO HE DIDN’T is RIGHT. *___*

    Oh god. that hairstyle too GD??! Haha XDDDDD

    Dang, blue firefighters? Sexy! ❤

    And even though Big Bang won’t be complete in the beer CF, I guess I’m glad SRi won’t be in it.. since he is barely 2O.

  57. That hair…makes me want to cry. EVEN THE SLICKED BACK HAIR IS BETTER. -sobs-

  58. JIYONG-AH!!!!
    are you serious? oh no you didn’t just go back to the
    past and copy your Seunghyun hyung’s let’s-never-talk-about-it-again
    fuzz ball hairstyle. *tsk, tsk*. corn rolls would’ve been better at least.

  59. muahahahah ji yong’s always on it when it cmes to crajeeee hair!

    top looks oh so macho gangsta like with hair swept to one side

    my bae bae looks good as eva wth those mohawk! whatever looks good on you darling!!

    seungri and daesungie are constant with hair style stick wth what tht looks good on you oppa!!

  60. hehe. this pics are so adorable. gd and tabi like the slicked back look a lottttt, huh? but it works!!
    of course, it would be a disaster if they did their hair the same way for 1 night :P, so tabi opts for this REALLY HOT fringe/bang thingy. ahhhhh!!!!! that i really really like.

  61. AHHHH jiyong’s twisty hair!!! no wayy xDDD. hahaha but for some reason it makes me crack up. ohh new CF! yayy

  62. oh my god!!!!!!!!!!TOP is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo fu*king hoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooot!!!!

  63. Hey, Vicky… where did u ordered all these big bang stuff?? the hoodie, pictures, blanket, photos…???
    i would like to have them too

  64. G Dragon looks so amazing! God, how i love that man 😛

  65. wow, my jaws nearly broke down when I saw all of the BB Big Show goodie. You know I am so jealous right now, I wish I had money to buy, but I am in my waiting list for BB first book, vicky, ehehe. Lucky you.

    I am so going to order in YesAsia after I bought my Ice Cream LG.

    Ehem, where did you order it? Was it YesAsia, ne Vicky?

    Lucky you XD


  66. Oh my…
    GD’s hair….? hehehe awesome, I must admit, it looks better on him than on TOP lol. WAhhh, Vicky the concert goodies look so cool!! Man, that bandanna and jacket, wow! love the colors, the booklet looks cute 😀

  67. SIGH ❤

  68. ooo?…GD hair??…is it really GD???…omg…@ @
    haha…..mmmmmmm….me too….a bit sad….@ @
    and first thing appear in my mind was…….noooo….@ @….
    oooo….mmmmmmm….i hope it was not true….i hope it was juz a dreamz….o noooo…..gv back my GD hair…..T.T…gv back GD silly hair….T.T

    T.T…oooo my GD…………….

  69. the hair… LOL. i think it makes GD look a bit older.
    gah! after this commercial, hite beer sales will rise up. XD

    i actually think its a good thing seungri wont be in the commercial. reminds me that even though hes 20, hes still a kid at heart 😀

  70. Those pictures of TOP are STUNNING.

    xD I can’t stop lolololing at one of hte Seungri pictures, LOL XD


    I wonder how Seungri feels about being excluded from the comm. LOL xD

  71. omgsh i love their hair!
    even jiyongie’s greasyness~
    i love how top’s hair is all in his face he’s like “yea my hair is covering my face and i’m myesterious”
    haha they all look good~
    sigh~ soo goodlooking

    What’s with using Top’s With U hairstyle?!
    Aww, poor Seungri…he can never be included in anything, LOL.

  73. I hope that all the big bang members get included in most everything that the band dose!!

  74. I LOVE BIG BANG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  75. […] Big Bang wins Best Singer Award for Korea PD Awards | Downloads Updates Vicky’s Big Show Concert Goodies arrived!! And it looks like Bong’s […] […]

  76. Dude Vicky how much did all that cost?!?!? I want that sweatshirt and blanket something aweful >.<

  77. ohh why is tabi so god damn good looking!!
    he’s so effing effing hot T__T
    and bong..haha you know what?
    i was so so scared when i decided to download the strong baby perf that bong turned up with his left-over-gel-hairstyle
    seriously scared haha..but after watching it for afew times
    i kinda think he looks fine with it
    am i the only one who feel this way?? hahaha~
    my boy ROCKS even with the leftover-gel-hairstyle LOL
    and what??
    now he’s the one who tie up braids hahaha
    too much teasing tabi i guess
    aww baby..i’m proud of him too 🙂

  78. GASP*
    Oh no they didn’t!
    GASP!!!!! OH.FREAK NO G-Dragon!
    you’re killing me here! Yeah you
    were making fun of Tabi’s braid.
    WHY? WTF G-Dragon, now this time
    i actually DO NOT like this hair style


    Yeah, I figured I’d post it here. You don’t see much of Seung Ri, but he’s in there.

  80. CONGATULATIONS BIG BANG!!! keep up the good work…. especially my young bae….. ❤

  81. lee min ho is top’s long los bro

    that’s the only way to explain it
    the resemblance is uncanny

    or is it just me?

  82. Grats Big Bang ! You guys worked soo hard ❤ & OMG SEUNG RI, I’m so proud ^^ ahh, iloveyou Seung Ri, kakaka, soo cute ! I ♥ Seung Ri’s STRONG BABY song. Can’t get enough xD He looks so sexy ❤ & WHOA, I LOVE TOP’S HAIR, he looks hawt. kekeke. & YB looks fine, as always ❤ wow G-D, Lol, still cute ! Dae looks pretty cute too :] keke, i ♥ them ALL. GO BIG BANG ! We ♥ You ! <333333

  83. ahhhh, they look HOT ! & CONGRATULATIONS ! Omg, YOUNGBAE looks sooo Dayum Finee with those shades, hehehe ♥ TOP looks SEXY with that hair !

  84. Maryam

    oohhhmyyygodd. THANKYOU LMAOO
    i seriousllyy, SOOOOOO SOOOO MUCH want to watch that movie D:
    it seems like such a good movie >:OOO
    haaahaa. i saww him just a bit yeahh xD but he’s so adorablexOOO
    i’ll go see now haha 😀

  85. meh, I don’t like TOP’s emo hair, but…..he’s hot either way 🙂

  86. Seems like everyone here DIGS TOPS hair?!

    Hahaha—–it does look really good though. Big Bang fighting.

  87. hmmm…..bong’s hair…kinda..hmm..well we can’t deny that unique = GD…it explains the hair though

  88. i love seungri’s solo… seungri is the best 🙂 he so cute and sexyy
    btw search seungri on and see if you agree with it!

    && is it really possible not to love top’s hair?

  89. omg!! i cant believe they won!! lucky them!!!!!!!!!!! lover Seungri!!

    specially taeyong if i was not mistaken he’s with the sunglasses
    and always wear a hat!!keep getting BIG BIGBANG i love you
    and ROCK ON!!..,!!

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