GDragon sings Ann’s “Even If It’s Only A Memory”

cant wait for his solo debut?



  • GD sang a short acapella version of this song to a very lucky fan ages ago (bigbang’s 1st showcase 20060915)
  • Full performance of the song at one of their concerts in 2007 (WANT YOU concert tour around korea)

Credit: 웃음을흘리다 (

Re-upload at YT: naturalhonee

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~ by Momo on March 9, 2009.

40 Responses to “GDragon sings Ann’s “Even If It’s Only A Memory””

  1. I can’t listen to this here!!!
    Can’t wait to hear it at home later :D:D:D:D

  2. So beautiful <33

  3. oh my….
    gd…is so perfect.
    he’s so cute when he’s like “i can’t sing, but I will for u guys”
    and btw he CAN sing

  4. yup2>>>>>333
    cnt wait for it>>>>3
    haha…even GD at there got a bit off picthing…XD
    but now we can see that how GD improvement in this few years!!…^-^
    ajaaaa fighthing GD!!…o come on…april…….!!….XD

  5. ooh its nice to see my video on here =)
    it was too rare and awesome for me not to upload the video onto youtube!

  6. hahhaha not tuff =) ….

  7. as if i’m not excited about his solo album, this makes it more exciting. I hope he sings in the album too!

  8. he is so… i dont even know how to describe him…
    just absolutley fantastic… shitt, i’m like tearing up…

    i can’t wait for his solo. as soon as i get my license im driving downtown to get this CD. fo sho~

    …he can’t sing?… IS HE CRAZY?!?!?!?!?

  9. it’s like TOP! he says he can’t sing as well… psshhh! what a lie! that part in She Can’t Get Enough was amazing! i really hope both GD and him sing more in the future…

  10. Ah!
    I can’t wait for GD to release his solo album in April.
    We’ll all get to he his sexxy singign voice all the time then.
    And Bong (and Tabi) need to stop saying he can’t sing.
    Even back then he could sing so well…(better then I ever can. XD)
    He’s improved alot now.
    JiYong Fighting!

  11. Omg, I watched this video like 20 times already.
    GD’s voice is soooo niceee. ❤

  12. this is kinda of topic, but someone
    told me that Big Bang is in the US
    RIGHT NOW. can someone tell me if
    this is true??

  13. lol, big bang isn’t in the US right now… but the wonder girls are!!!!! they’re in NYC!!! but yea, BB isn’t

  14. oh my goshh.. i almost got my hopes
    up!! X|

  15. Omg, G-D sings soo good & he’s so cutee ! GO G-DRAGON ! ❤

  16. Omg, G-D sings soo good & he’s so cutee ! GO G-DRAGON ! ❤ kekeke

  17. aahhh love it ❤
    love it
    love it
    love it
    gd’s voice xD so amazing

  18. AHHHHH*
    HE knows what to do to make his fans go crazy!
    Screams* I REMEMBER listening to him sing this song. I still love this song.
    I still love him singing it. It’s so nice.
    hell yeah i can’t wait for his solo to debut.
    It needs to HURRY UP and be April.
    Whooooo i love this boy.
    Wow, totally made my day wayy better!
    Oh yeah BTW Big Bang neeeds to get their cute butts here
    in America. They said there were and i got all happy.
    we all did. and they can’t just not come. ugh.
    they better not come in June because then it’ll be too late.


    GD ;D
    if you cant sing, you wouldve never been in the hearts of so many.

  20. his vocals are really good. although we always hear gd and tabi do raps their vocals arnt actually bad. I think GDs album is gonna be off the hook. The fact he can rap and sing to a high standard in unique, and being able to compose and write lyrics that just makes him a musical genius. Hope his album is a hit, actually i know it will, ji yong fighting

  21. ok now…it’s even harder for me to wait hahahhaa XDD

    gosh GD you are AWESOME !!!!!!!!!!!! OMG XDDD ❤

  22. fancam of them filming the hite beer cf

  23. Ohmygosh, he sounds so sexy :]
    Very heart-touching song.

  24. Dude. Bongie. You cant sing my ass. I wouldnt have fallen head over heels for you if you couldnt (I wouldve anyway cause your just too goddamn cute >…<

  25. Omg.. D

  26. Oops.. got cut off. o 3 o;

    I just want GD’s solo album already! :]]]

  27. gasp.
    that was a sexy song hahaa
    i mean cuz he sang it.
    hes amazing as always~
    his solo album is ANTICIPATED..
    CANT WAIT (;

  28. OMG thank you soo much for this! i’ve been wanting to hear him sing this whole song ever since i saw that little part on the GREAT DVD about want you concert making. =DDD
    i love him.. :]]

  29. most amazing ballad i’ve probably ever listened to <3~
    jiyong singing it makes that fact even more stronger.

  30. omg its AWESOME ❤
    i want his solo album NOW ❤

  31. Awwww Jiyongie *.* i was missing this vid U.U can’t wait for his solo album ♥

  32. i can’t hear his voice..the people are too loud…
    i really can’t wait for his album…

  33. oh, this performance is really impressed. I think his voice isnt good but it’s really special. I love his voice, his smile. his style…LOL, i luv everything belongs him ^^

  34. aww~ even though gd can’t do all the long notes..he’s still wonderful!
    for a rapper to sing like this, it’s amazing.
    i love this all arounder~
    jiyong ah~ saranghae!
    please sing for me, but with a different song cause i don’t want us to just be a memory.
    let’s be more~ ^^ kekeke.

  35. does anyone know where to download this song? i’ve become addicted to GD now XP

  36. i feel calm when i hear GD sing 🙂

  37. i wish i cud meet GD 😦

  38. I really love GD’s voice, it is so sexy!!!anybody who has an mp3 version of this song with GD singing??please!!!! Can’t wait for his solo album!

  39. i think everyone knows how talented he is… his english the best!


  40. does anyone know where i can download the mp3 for this???? please? jiyong’s voice is so sexy~~

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