calling all computer geeks!

i’m looking for peeps who are knowledgeable w/ html scripting & has worked w/ giant forums & has played around w/ or knows how to work w/ invisionfree powerboards (you could be qualified if understood any bit of what i just said). my eyes are slowly failing on me as i’m tired of reading scripts -_-

i had been working on this secret for a while & gave it up a while back, & people (like GYANG) have been pestering me to get it going since something special is coming up (knowing me, you might know what it is already).

i’m a bit hesitant to move forward w/ this… but i have a vision. & many people are beginning to respark my interest in this… so… if you believe & love G-DRAGON as much as i do (gasp, i gave it away!) contact me, & i will let you in on a lil secret & see if you share the same dream as me.

i’m looking to recruit outside help for any & all the sites i work on as well, especially in need of graphic artists or people with too much time on their hands. if you think you’re superbly knowledgeable in anything/everything big bang, i need someone to update bb bios for bbfansite (can be used elsewhere too)ย  so, if you’re interested, just send me an email with examples of work. as you can tell, our bios page isn’t quite up to date & i would like it pro status. ^_^

i am especially interested in:

  • graphic artists
  • translators
  • experiences mods/admins
  • html scripters
  • skin designers, etc

comment or email me your:

NAME: (so i know what to call you)
LOCATION: (so i know what time of day you’re usually active)
EMAIL: (so we can be friends! lol)
EXPERTISE: (what you’re good at)
EXPERIENCE: (show me examples of graphics, designs, sites you’ve worked on, translations you’ve done, etc)
(how much of your idle time do you spend on the computer)

hope to hear from you soon!


the secret is….

we might open another forum for g-dragon. o.o

i originally wanted to dedicate it to him on his 20th birthday, but felt there was really no reason to other than that. this year’s a different story.

also noted: this is volunteering yourself to be a part of something special, done out of your free time & goodwill. ๐Ÿ™‚

~ by gdluvzmc on March 9, 2009.

66 Responses to “SECRET PROJECT!!”

  1. computer geek? how about a g-d geek.

  2. lol i’ll let you know if i need you “specialty” wendy rofl

  3. aw man. if i knew more on comp design, i would sooo dedicate a lot of my time to it.
    gah. oh well. :[

  4. hhmmm…interesting!!!..but im not really a com. geek.. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  5. NAME: patrickjason
    LOCATION: Washington state
    EXPERTISE: graphics
    EXPERIENCE: graphics
    HOW MUCH TIME CAN YOU DEDICATE: all day everyday haha

  6. I’m starting to get all excited for this so-called “secret project”… I don’t know how long I can wait waaa…!!!

  7. if i knew more on comp design, i would so dedicate a lot of my time to it.
    but i’m not a comp geek…

  8. I am in computer module, but I haven’t take any graphics yet…
    Awww, I really want to help and love doing it, but I am not that good as computer geek… [I’m not a computer geek (^^, )

    But it sounds really interesting.


  9. NAME: Raikun (Rai)
    LOCATION: London, UK.
    EMAIL: rknzero[‘at’ sign] (so bots don’t read my email and spam me, I change the @)
    EXPERTISE: HTML, vBulletin, skinning, graphics, Ajax, flash, —–> PHOTOSHOP LAYOUTS <—-
    EXPERIENCE: 6 years. websites like
    HOW MUCH TIME CAN YOU DEDICATE: not all that much

  10. NAME: hyunjee
    LOCATION: guam
    EXPERTISE: translating : )
    EXPERIENCE: used to translate in the family outing subteam..or F.O.P.S.S…and used to be admin there.
    HOW MUCH TIME CAN YOU DEDICATE: differs by the day.

  11. NAME: Kelly
    LOCATION: Lomita, California (South Bay area/ Los Angeles area)
    EMAIL: faith_and_destiny @
    EXPERTISE: C-box
    EXPERIENCE: I’m in charge of moderating and specializing a c-box at a scanlation group. I add smilies moderate and make improvements to it (while funding the additional costs for the special features cause I like auto-refresh)
    HOW MUCH TIME CAN YOU DEDICATE: I’m usually available from 2am -4 am Sun-Fri then about 1pm – 8pm in the afternoon. Saturday I’m available 3am – 11pm. Just let me know during those time frames when you want/need me around.

    C-box is notated as my website in this post. Btw I’m a HUGE G-dragon fan and would love to know the secret and hopefully it is the same dream. ~(^_^)~

  12. […] secret PROJECT!! ยซ BIG BANG Fansite i had been working on this secret for a while & gave it up a while back, & people (like GYANG) have been pestering me to get it going since something special is coming up (knowing me, you might know what it is already). … […]

  13. wow… ๐Ÿ™‚
    i love to be part of it…
    a computer geek??
    i guess i am a computer geek,but i’m not good at sites…
    wanna n still learng bout it…
    but if i don’t hve any knwledge bout things lke this how can i be part of it rite??
    secret project,erm,feels like somethng gonna come up along with gd…can’t wait…
    well,gud lucks guys…
    anywy,if u would like me to help…i’m 100% willing to help…
    i’m on my computer almost evry tme…hehehe…
    n that is if someone willing to teach me too…hehehe..
    well,FIGHTING !! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  14. NAME: Chloe
    EXPERTISE: Forum Admin, I make forums and websites for games. And sometimes my CRUSH, LOL
    EXPERIENCE: mail me so I can give you my experience. Dont want to post it, LOL

  15. Damn i wish i was a that much of a computer geek.
    I’m still only a beginner. Errrr but i’m interesting
    on knowing what the Secret Project is.
    Because i am a GDAddict. i’m excited now.
    More G-Dragon stuff =]

  16. omg that was long… lol i spamed the place

  17. I wanna contribute somehow :O lol

    Name : Cherry
    Location : Vegas, NV ๐Ÿ˜ฎ
    EMAIL :
    Expertise : Graphics 8)
    Experience : Started doing graphics about 5 years or so ago ๐Ÿ˜ฎ some of my art is in the banner gallery / Fan Art Page, I have more though lol
    How much time can you dedicate : ALOT of time ๐Ÿ˜ฏ but also know I have school from 7 – 1pm but I’m on the computer for about 5 hours when I get home LOL

    NAME: Jazzi
    EMAIL: girsmad476
    EXPERTISE: Graphics/Mod
    EXPERIENCE: 3 years, TheREALIVIPSubs & YMGA forum, every once in a while OnesTOPcafe, Se7enth Heaven, YGBB
    HOW MUCH TIME CAN YOU DEDICATE: I work on my graphics from at home and school since it is my shop, I’ll upload them ASAP

  19. for my email it’s at lol, sorry

  20. Eider said this on Your comment is awaiting moderation. March 10, 2009 at 4:18 am —> should not worry about this, right?

  21. NAME: sel
    LOCATION: London / England
    EMAIL: (depending on how things go, i could give you another lol)
    EXPERTISE: A lot of things LOL Mod
    EXPERIENCE: I have been a mod on since end of 2002. (It was a very big UK oritenal/asian online community (one that rivaled the BBC forum) but its not as active as it was in its heydays)
    HOW MUCH TIME CAN YOU DEDICATE: I’m on the comp A LOT!!! LOL Well thats because i’m a bum atm

  22. See melly! You got lots of people to volunteer already^^

  23. loving the gd love! i would love to help except i’m not an expert in anything ๐Ÿ˜ฆ i merely dabble in everything here and there haha. but just wanted to comment to give support for your really awesome sounding project! ๐Ÿ™‚

  24. jw. is it a forum for just GD? or for the fansite or bb? i’m a lil confused here >.<

  25. why is my appyment awaiting moderation TT I’m worried here

  26. NAME: Emma
    LOCATION: Sweden
    EMAIL: have yahoo and msn too , ask if u want)
    EXPERTISE: Graphics , and have open a forum before .. when i was 12 , so i know alot site with nice layout….and be mod…
    EXPERIENCE:isn’t active so much now , but mod in pinkheart forum ,and some vietnamese site
    HOW MUCH TIME CAN YOU DEDICATE: 3 h , but can be more

  27. 0w goddd i’m dying to noe wut this secret project is all aboutt

    too bad i have none of the listed skills gahaha

  28. NAME: Tama
    EXPERTISE: Moderating, graphics, writing.
    EXPERIENCE: I was a mod for TVfXQForever for a very long time. I was a global mod, then a mod for different sub-forums. I was also a mod for a few other unknown forums. I’ve also managed my own forum before as an administrator.
    HOW MUCH TIME CAN YOU DEDICATE: I am in college, so it all pretty much depends. But I am very active online (especially at night) because I have insomnia and can’t sleep t-t;

  29. NAME: Mel
    LOCATION: Singapore
    EXPERTISE: Html Scripter
    EXPERIENCE: I do the HTML scripts for blogs and teach peoplea bit of the basics. If you have the basic template, I can play around with it.
    HOW MUCH TIME CAN YOU DEDICATE: WEEKENDS. On some weekday nights (it varies, I have a weird schedule).

  30. NAME: Mitha
    LOCATION: Indonesia
    EXPERTISE: Graphics
    EXPERIENCE: like… 3-4 years. I work freelance as graphic designer and also graphic designer in, I’ve worked in some other websites too in the past. this is my website: but it’s on hiatus since 2 years ago but you can click on the gallery which I put most of my graphics.
    HOW MUCH TIME CAN YOU DEDICATE: because i have work to do, so yeah… around 2 hours a day and maybe more ^_^

  31. gyang: shut up lol

    everyone else: i’m particularly interested in people who know the powerboard scripts inside & out.

    it’ll help me w/ the design faster.

    for those w/ posting problems, it’s because you have too many links. but thank you for sending it to me via email.

    if anything, send me an email.

    thanks for your replies! i’ll definitely look into it.

    CHERRY: make more banners! ^_^

  32. well,
    NAME: Paula
    LOCATION: Poland
    EXPERTISE: graf
    HOW MUCH TIME CAN YOU DEDICAT; sorry, no have much time xD but I’m good at pictures (you can see some on my devart, but same of them are guite old, now I’m better xp) I can do graf and pics if you need

  33. NAME: Ngoc Tran (Vicky)

    LOCATION: Utah, US


    EXPERTISE: Moding

    EXPERIENCE: I worked in (ntlove16) Right now im taking a temp. leave for study for my exams and working on projects since this is my senior year in high school.

    HOW MUCH TIME CAN YOU DEDICATE: 5-12 hrs. Depends on the day and the month. Im online right after I am home from school until I go to bed.

    Im not very good with words …. If you have any questions or want to know more about me and what I do please add me on Y!M and we can chat alot more! I will be online from 2pm-12pm (I live in Utah, US)

  34. MY LOVE FOR GDRAGON KNOWS NO BOUNDS… so i can’t wait for this forum slkgnsdklngskl.

  35. NAME: (Cassandra) Sandy!
    LOCATION: Chicago, Illinois (For Now)
    EXPERTISE: Photoshop/Forums
    EXPERIENCE: I have had two forums (Both are down now because of the lack of membership (Mostly roleplaying and gaming boards/forums) And I have an example of my PS skills in the banner section.
    HOW MUCH TIME CAN YOU DEDICATE: 3-4 hours a day o.o

    I would love to help, although GD is not my favorite. xD
    I love my Sol.

  36. I can also do some LIGHT html scripting. (I put music and weird things on my forums, but they were small. Invisions is a little more..weighty, but I managed. =D

  37. Hi ๐Ÿ™‚
    I think that a very good idea, and if only I have many times I’ll be allright to do this project. I really love G-Dragon ..
    I live in France and I don’t speak English very well, but you can be sure that I visit your site everyday ^^
    Bye ~~
    (you can contact me by e-mail ^^)

  38. NAME: Kristen/zerohundred
    LOCATION: Florida, USA
    EMAIL: dangerous.number[at]
    EXPERTISE: graphic design
    EXPERIENCE: This just shows a bit of some things I’ve done. I have been working with graphic programs for about seven or eight years, and I’m planning to go into graphic design as a career.
    HOW MUCH TIME CAN YOU DEDICATE: I’m in college right now, so my time can vary. This week and next week are pretty busy for me, but after that I will have a LOT of free time. I don’t know if I can be the kind of person who is on staff 24/7, but I wanted to offer myself up for at least a few months of work ๐Ÿ™‚

    I guess I can’t make any huge commitments, but I love GD so I would enjoy being a part of this. If you don’t have need for me though, I’ll understand.

  39. I probably should mention I have some background in HTML and CSS, but nothing major. It’s usually just enough to get me by. I understand how graphics work into HTML, usually.

  40. NAME: Avinita
    LOCATION: Toronto, Canada
    EXPERTISE: HTML scripting & mod exp.
    EXPERIENCE: http://www.exquisite– [I gave up on this a while ago so it doesn’t show my greatest work but I haven’t put up a website after that]
    HOW MUCH TIME CAN YOU DEDICATE: 2-3 hours a day, and 4 hours some days — assignments are piling up but I’m pretty good at managing my time so no worries here

  41. Why do I have to make more banners ๐Ÿ˜ฏ lmfao oTae, I will.

  42. Name: Sydney [jiwon]
    Location: Sydney, Australia
    Expertise: Translator
    How Much Can you dedicate: anything for BIG BANG anytime =)

  43. REALLY?! Ahhhh* That’s AMAZZINGG!
    i love your project. Argghh i’m sorry i can’t
    do anything to help. But i really want to help.
    when are you starting the fourm?
    This is so cool. I love your idea.
    Lots of questions and excitment just jumped into my head!

  44. Oh, i can read some HTML/CSS
    because i design my Atown page. If that helps.
    errr just incase..,,sign me up! Aha (:

  45. ahhh melly ily<333
    I can’t wait for this forum(:

  46. NAME: Lumi
    LOCATION: North Carolina
    EXPERTISE: Graphics 8]
    EXPERIENCE: Recent stuff:,, and of course you know the banner above. ;]

    I have some HTML/CSS experience, but I haven’t touched that since like a year or two ago so I need to brush up on that. XD;;

    I’ve been designing graphics for AT LEAST 5 years. I seriously can’t remember how old I was when I got started. xD

    HOW MUCH TIME CAN YOU DEDICATE: ~3 hours a night. Weekends probably more. ^^

    I just wanna help out somehow. Big Bang <333

  47. NAME: Yoona
    LOCATION: New York (US)
    EXPERTISE: Translations (from Korean to English, vice versa)
    EXPERIENCE: Didn’t officially translate before, but I’m currently reading the Big Bang book and I’m pretty confident I can translate that into English ๐Ÿ™‚
    HOW MUCH TIME CAN YOU DEDICATE: As much as you need ๐Ÿ˜€ (G-Dragon <3)

  48. […] Secret Project!! calling all computer geeks! i’m looking for peeps who are knowledgeable w/ html scripting & has worked w/ giant […] […]

  49. NAME: Thuy Nguyen (just call me Ves)
    LOCATION: Anaheim, California (Orange County)
    EXPERTISE: Mod/admin
    EXPERIENCE: Mod Big Bang Vietnam fansite (BBVN), Mod my school 4rum (how embarrassing kk), Admin 2PM vietnam wordpress blog.
    HOW MUCH TIME CAN YOU DEDICATE: im online about 8 hours per weekday and 12 hours per weekend day. (totally about 64 hours per week)

  50. nice idea! i would like to help, though i dont know if you really need a Japanese translator, unless you want their ameba blog and other Japan based Big Bang news translated. Can’t wait for the forum though.

  51. Even though my fav. is Seung Ri, Fanboy alert, I’ll help because Big Bang is awesome like that. :]

    NAME: Jun
    EXPERTISE: Graphics, and some experience as a Mod and Admin. o.O
    EXPERIENCE: To show my Fanboy-ism..
    HOW MUCH TIME CAN YOU DEDICATE: 5 P.M to whenever I can fall asleep; weekdays. And on weekends it differs, but I’ll be on the computer for at least two hours. If you mention anything Seung Ri, however, I’ll be on pretty darn quick. xP

  52. >.< I wish i was knowledgeable in comp stuff. I love my Bongie and would have loved to help with anything involving him -.-

  53. NAME: Flora (eunah)
    LOCATION: Bay Area, CA
    EXPERTISE: translations/ big bang knowledge!
    EXPERIENCE: i don’t have any experience, but i can translate korean to english and vice versa because my parents and sister. I’m also reading the shouting out to the world book by bigbang so i’m confident i could translate any other things. also, i know alot about bigbang, maybe not as much as alot of other gd fans and vips out there! but pretty moderate.
    HOW MUCH TIME CAN YOU DEDICATE: I can spend weekdays, almost every night and weekends, mornings and nights depending on my schedule!

  54. wait isn’t there already a gdragon cafe? or is that wut ur talking about. if it is i’m not very good with comps but i will be a member!!!!

  55. asdjflkd jf
    omggg, i wish i was a techy nerdish person now D:

  56. haha the most html and code things i know are only up to myspace profiling

  57. and oh, this is my other site as well



  58. Eh, wait, where is my before comment?
    Does it swallow? ehehe….

    I hope you receives my before commment or I may rewrite it again, ehehe


  59. NAME: Sammie Low
    LOCATION: Sydney AUS
    EMAIL: can i put it in the box below the comment? The one that says *Mail (private). I rather not display my email so publicly.
    EXPERTISE: Graphics
    EXPERIENCE: / it doesn’t have my most recent works. You can also check me out at , a graphic community that I mod at. I’m not the best but all modesty aside I think I am at least above average.
    HOW MUCH TIME CAN YOU DEDICATE: i can give maybe 5-6 hours a week. I can come on everyday surely to check for updates etc but to do actual work probably 5 hours a week.

  60. ]:
    If I were good at technical stuff, I’d so help out haha….
    OMG! I can help mod! XD
    I have loads of experiences in that!
    & I can sub stuff haha
    ^ blehh, I know, lame XD

  61. Oh… I wish I could help. I LOVE Kwon Leader so I’m willing to dedicate all my time to him, esp if its for something special.
    But unfortunately when it come to modern technology, i’m pretty much clueless. But it’s great to see so many people putting their hands up to dedicate their time for GD. Now I really wish that I could help out *sniff sniff*

  62. NAME: Melanie
    LOCATION: New York
    EXPERTISE: Admin/Mod
    EXPERIENCE: The sites I have worked on have since closed down and have been deleted due to lack of activity, however I have had three and a few groups on CR.
    HOW MUCH TIME CAN YOU DEDICATE: About 3-6 hours a day.

  63. My post didnโ€™t show up due to too many links…I think? Iโ€™ll just repost ^^โ€™โ€™

    NAME: Tamiee
    LOCATION: Philadelphia
    EXPERTISE: graphics designs/ moderator
    EXPERIENCE: I have been using Photoshop for about 5 years…& Iโ€™ve been a moderator for invisionfree forums before, but due to lack of member it was closed…
    HOW MUCH TIME CAN YOU DEDICATE: almost every night~

    Iโ€™m glad to give a help hand in this โ€œsecret projectโ€ = )

  64. NAME: Jimmy
    LOCATION: Sacramento
    EMAIL: Jimmy5xL[at]gmail[dot]com
    EXPERTISE: Very good at using IPB in general. I have actually ran my own InvisionFree IPB 1.3 and also there ZetaBoard, before I shut it down completely. I have experiences in moderating under IF’s IPB along with vB forums. I completely understand HTML coding, as well I am a decent graphic designer, as I have a good knowledge about Photoshop. I have used things such as SharePoint Designer and also Dreamweaver.
    EXPERIENCE: I’ve used Photoshop since 2006, and I have taken one class on Graphic Design in high school for credits. I’ve learned HTML and used it since 2004. I’ve used IPB/IF’s IPB/vB since 2006. I’ve ran my own website before, until I gave up completely on it. I’ve designed a website with over 100 pages mainly for fantasy sports, which I might still have the .htm files on my old computer. Basically I’ve taken classes in high school that include HTML and Photoshop. (Only a high school Junior at the moment)
    HOW MUCH TIME CAN YOU DEDICATE: I’d spend about 3-4 hours a day, after I have completed all necessary activities I have scheduled.

    I’d like to give a hand in this project, and I have prominently been in HTML/PHP coding since I was pretty young, and learned most of this during my free time following elementary school, and prior to high school.

  65. NAME: DM (pronounced D-M) :L
    LOCATION: Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
    EMAIL: / for offline emailing: diemphan-@h/c
    EXPERTISE: Moderating, Animating, Web Developing + Designing
    EXPERIENCE: Been moderating for various forums but they’ve shut down afterwards for lack of hits and ownership schedule problems.
    I took animating classes last year so I’m pretty much comfortable in that area, plus I am taking web development and design classes this year, so it’s a booyah.
    HOW MUCH TIME CAN YOU DEDICATE: Almost everyday ๐Ÿ™‚

  66. i wanna know the secret project! ๐Ÿ˜€
    sucks that im not such a pc geek. damn i should of paid attention it that stupid programming class. lol.

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