Updated News on Female BigBang


Please go to the link given below to read the translated news about Female Big Bang.

Full article here

According to I<3SunSunYeMi@soompi: She read some news in the Chinese media that YG will debut the girl group in April and a fifth member is confirmed and her name is Bale.

Post taken from: Sophia @ http://ygworld.wordpress.com/


~ by Momo on March 9, 2009.

17 Responses to “Updated News on Female BigBang”

  1. it’s just around the corner…

  2. sigh, do I really have to make a soompi account to read this..

  3. ooooo! so excited for them! and the fact that their gonna bring “refreshing music”. you can’t expect any less from YG. i’m really getting tired of the whole “cute” girl-group image… really really tired.

  4. So cool! I so agree with LUVBB4LYF! i’m so ready for a new edgy and funky girl group! i mean i love the other girl groups. but i so want to see something different than the adorable girly look. and YG will so not dissapoint us! i can’t wait till they come out! and does anyone know where i can find any info on this girl Bale?

  5. Thank You.

  6. i think there was an error in translations.
    i went to a korean search site (Daum) to make sure. the original korean article says the fifth member is wrapped in a ‘veil’ (basically calling it a mystery), not that the member’s name is ‘Bale’. easy mistake to make, as the two words can be spelled the same way in korean.
    if there are any koreans here, it said ‘베일에 쌓인 다섯번째 멤버’

    i hope there isnt further misunderstanding about this.

  7. hmm..interesting ;O

  8. what actually gets my curiosity is WHO’s GOING TO BE THE LEADER? hmm~ I think it’s CL. Nothing, cause like YG is that much amazed of her….

  9. I don’t really know much about this group until I read that article and checked out the thread. I’m interested in seeing this group debut though. ^^

  10. i really do not want to make a soompi account..

  11. Bale…the 5th member :O

  12. do you really need a soompi account to read the article? unfortunetly i don’t have onw!

  13. Yeah, you’ll need to be a soompi member or a member of TYGS [ the original source ]. The translated news article was allowed to be quoted in that soompi threed.

    I was tired of getting the error message from soompi when I wasn’t a member. I just joined some time ago. xP

  14. are u serious?!
    a girl member?
    great just wat we need…
    (that was full of sarcasum)

  15. oh well
    but i would like to no a bit more
    on this topic…
    seems very intreasting

  16. Can’t wait to see what the gals have to offer.
    Their album should be great cos Kwon Leaders composing it.
    Well Good Luck to them for their debut

  17. Really? do you know how long they have been in YG Ent? thank you. this is gonna be interesting…

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