[MV Premiere] Se7en – Girls + Black Carpet Interview


Credit: YGentertainment Official youtube, re-uploaded by sophia

Post taken from: Sophia @ http://ygworld.wordpress.com/

SE7EN with Lil’ Kim interview – BLACK CARPET

http://www.myspace.com/officialse7en + Moonshin7 @ youtube


~ by Momo on March 10, 2009.

29 Responses to “[MV Premiere] Se7en – Girls + Black Carpet Interview”

  1. he should have danced.

    but i thnk lil kim actually exceeded my expectations, (my low low expectations)

    the world needs to see that our se7en is capable of

  2. needs to see what* our…

  3. sorry but i dont think this song can win in US … not very special and the chorus doesnt catchy much at all.

  4. The mv was really good but i wish the director put more of se7en slick dance move scenes than him just dancing on a spot with lil kim or himself.

  5. idk, seem like lil’kim stole the spotlight. if he danced more maybe i’ll give me some credits. its an okay song. i hope he’ll do well in the US. Good luck MR> i like em’ girls.

  6. not really a fan of se7en but this songs catchy [:
    but like .. it doesnt really give a big BANG if you know what im saying [;
    yeah, i agree, he should have danced more .
    i like his accent [x ❤
    lil kim kinda scares me a tad bit ..

  7. i agree with daerin…
    da mv & song is good however, there’s something missin…
    at first when i heard this song, i was like it’s aight…but it grows on yoo if yoo listen to it more and more…
    se7en is a true star he just needs some kind of kick to help him turn the US up-side-down like he did in asia…maybe, this is the beginnin of that??? or the end??? iono…

  8. Ok i love this song but the vid. He needs to dance >.< lil Kim is ok but seriously he needs to bust out them moves that he killed in asia with. He is a fantastic dancer and that is what I wanted to see.

  9. This song is worthy of playing on American radio; it’s better than some of the American songs.


  10. I thought the mv could have been a lot better!!! But i think this song and Utada’s Come Back to Me desreve to get noticed in the US! Because they are good songs! I agree with most when we say he needs to bust out them moves!

  11. Yea, there’s a lot of things that bug me a bit
    but this is Se7en’s first America-released MV and I must say, it wasn’t that bad and the song is pretty good and yea it is catchy lol I like the “tryna make you my acc-sse-sory..” part. But I do wish we saw more him dancing and stuff than Lil Kim, but she is pretty cool I guess?? lol

  12. uhmmm, not bad, but not impressed.

  13. i think the MV is good and like everyone is saying: more dance!! i would love if tthe MV was more the korean way becouse that MV are like THA BOM!! xD
    well that lady scared me a bit when she started to sing i was like:: Whaaat D: it was so low and manly xD
    in the interview i thought Lil Kim was very nice ^^ only a littel spotlite taking from Se7en…^^*


  14. disgusting

  15. Yay… finally!!!! GO SE7EN. <333 I hope this song is successful, but I don’t really know. :/ Of course, I would have loved seeing Se7en showing some moves. ❤

    Hahaha @ Lil Kim’s comment about Se7en sounding like a black guy at first. XD

    Thank you for sharing! I like watching the interview.

  16. Sorry but I like the song but the video was a little “eh”, IDK why. And come on doesnt anyone else think that Lil Kim looks laughable? That outfit is ridiculous, especially w/ that hair. Its not sexy.

  17. i think lil kim ruined the song and the mv. I liked it without her in it. And yh se7en should of showed his dance skills, there arent many singers in america who can dance the way se7en can.

  18. It was hot but i thought the MV could of
    been better. And Lil`Kim’s rap alright.

  19. Wow Se7en looks damn hot. Haha.
    I didn’t feel that much of an excitement,
    but I liked it :] It was okay.

  20. ~wattah~!, if you’re going to call it disgusting at least be smart and mature and provide evidence/opinons and real criticisms. If you don’t provide any, we have no choice but to assume you’re just a se7en hater posting on an update that supports him like an idiot.

    I agree with everyone else; he should’ve danced a lot more!! What stereotypical Americans need to see (unfortunately, but it’s true) is that us asians can DANNNCE!!!!

  21. Huh, while I LOVE the song, I don’t think the video did it justice. The overall theme of the video (clubs, scantily-clad girls, etc.) did not match the tone of the song (which I find sounds more romantic).

    Lil’ Kim was alright, but her part of the song DID NOT MATCH at all. In fact, it just butchered the song and made it choppy and just hard to listen too. And her provocative dancing and clothes also did not match the song.

    Truthfully, I think they focused Se7en’s American debut too much on appealing to the new crowd instead of an actual, solid MV. This is why I really do not like American MVs so much, they have no point or story and is mostly just either showing off a rocking band or sexual-based. I would have enjoyed it more if Se7en’s video had a POINT or at least more dancing! That’s what makes Korean videos so awesome: the story (ex: Big Bang’s Haru Haru or Lies) or the dancing (Ex: DBSK’s Mirotic or SHINee’s Noona Is Pretty (Replay).)

    Overall, I don’t see much coming from Se7en’s debut MV but the song is still great!

  22. yo this song was straight but like… it really didnt fit much with the song n like…Lil Kim..I think her part kinda killed the song…
    kinda not really but i dont think it was really needed per say…
    shoulda had some moves mann…but it was good…I really expected more..alot more from someone like him but im not really all that impressed….but heyy this is just opinion…

  23. se7en’s so hot, hahah.

  24. LOL, the best part is definitely when Lil Kim goes “when I first heard him, I thought he was a black dude!” and Se7en’s like “err…is that good or bad?” and she’s like “that’s damn good!”

    HAHA…oh, the MV’s pretty hot, except Lil Kim was a little…erm…slutty & kinda ruined it…but Se7en looked hot!

  25. your interview got taken out by copyright! 😦

    here’s another upload of the interview, though!

    kekekekekeke… se7en’s english is aboslutely ADORABLE!

  26. hmm.not really a big fan of se7en.but he is hot.
    like the song but the video they could of done it better.
    lil-kim hmmm sorry but it okay. they could of use someone else to make it big like beyonce or lil mama.

  27. it’s not bad but i agree that Se7en needs to show more of his dance skills T.T

  28. I like se7en’s English. It’s cute XD
    I didn’t know there was more to the song after about a minute though. I was kinda shocked about that but I still love the song.
    I hope he makes it big here in America and manages to make more MVs with other American artists.

  29. oh dang. his english is hellu better than i expected. i love the song! seven is doing wayyyyy better than i expected of him! wow! amazing. imma go get that song soon.

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