090204 Radio Star: Daesung & YG Phone Call


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~ by Momo on March 11, 2009.

19 Responses to “090204 Radio Star: Daesung & YG Phone Call”

  1. ahahaha~~ Dae’s face is like frozen in that smile during the whole conversation XP XP XP

    p.s. first! ahahaha

  2. XD YG is like…why are these people doing this to me? It was sad kinda that hes like, no one calls me. Daesung is so going to get it from him though. “Is this family outing?” LOL

  3. lol funny xD

  4. looll xD<3
    dae is such a freaking cuttiiee :D!!

  5. my hubby so cute!

  6. “is it family outing again?”
    ahahahahah president yang seems to be envious or jealous?? ehehe. cute cute ;p

  7. lol dae is so freaking cute when hes laughing at yg’s answers/questions XD

  8. Lol, this is funny. XD

  9. Mr YG ,GD and Seungri are all jealous of Fam outing haha …

    Hey Mr YG … you should be mirror for the bois … please dont marry until you’re 45 …

    when you ‘re not married keep teaching and watching over BB …dont let them have GFs ok ^^

    YoungBae wait 4 me … i’ll marry you

    me… crazy Fangal

  10. LOL! Mr. YG :D! Keep giving BB extra special care! xD

  11. OMG that was SO CUTE! Hahah YG was rather comfortable throughout the whole thing, made it very enjoyable to watch! ESPECIALLY the frequent shots of Daesung’s laughing face. Dae, youve got courage!!

    OOHH my favourite ahjusshis – Jung Hwan & Sugeun! YAYNESS

  12. “Is this Family Outing?” LMAO.

    Dae looks so cute! ❤

  13. OMG this is so funny

  14. I think Dae looks good whenever he wears that leather jacket.

  15. LOL this is so funny.. thanks for sharing

  16. Lols DaeSung. What another big kiss up to the boss. Lmao ahaha they mention YG in every thing they go on though.
    Oh wow, i always thought that YG was meann! Like they describe but he seems okay.
    Ahahaha wow YG has a sense in humor.
    WOW a S550 mercedes. Everyone in the YG Family has a nice ride.

  17. Damn Dae looks so fine in this video. LOL
    The smile = Beautiful.
    Haha x) It’s good to hear YG’s voice (:

  18. haha that was funny. he sounded kinda pissed in the beginning xD “even if they practice til they die, it’s not enough” :PPP mr YG’s always so tough. he’s an awesome sajangnim though. whoo!

  19. “Even though they practice for their life, it’s still not enough.”

    SCARY. But hilarious at the same time. ❤

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