No Hite CF appearance for Big Bang SeungRi


Big Bang SeungRi will not take part in the group’s upcoming Hite beer CF.

Hite reveals on 12th March that the filming for CF has completed.

The concept for Big Bang’s CF this time is ‘cool guy’ and there is a scene where they will be enjoying the beer. To produce the atmosphere of the CF, the Big Bang members drank up to 2 boxes of beer of 12000CC.

And about SeungRi not appearing in the CF, Hite said, “SeungRi is currently still a minor. Hence we did not include him in CF.”

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~ by Momo on March 11, 2009.

18 Responses to “No Hite CF appearance for Big Bang SeungRi”

  1. next time seungri. no worries. they had to drink two boxes of beer?!?! ha! the fact of being buzzed is different from pretending to be buzzed.

  2. LOLL. I wanna see how BB looks after 2 cases (:
    hmmm, poor baby tho !

  3. LOL… 2 boxes of beer! Dang.

    And yup, thought so about SRi.

  4. aww it’s okay Baby<3 ;]
    he’ll definitely get his chance in the near future 😛
    plenty of more CF’s for bigbang to be in x]O<; loll.

  5. Cool guy? COOL GUY?! With GD’s hair?! -FAINTS- I’m sorry, I REALLY don’t like it.

    It only makes sense for Seung Ri not to be in the commercial if he’s a minor. But…they couldn’t have given them props instead of real beer? I don’t think it’s good to be drunk on set (though, if GD or TOP are anything like Tablo, that would be amazing).

  6. Wahh 2 boxes.
    Aww SR ❤ ILY. Don’t worry.
    There’ll be other times. hehe x)

  7. “Big Bang members drank up to 2 boxes of beer of 12000CC” haha
    man what an awesome job to have 😛

    2 boxes prob wont have much effect on TOP haha ❤

  8. Hot damn, that’s a lot of beer! Hahaha. They must have felt really heavy after all of that! Maybe…a little gassy? Hahaha.

  9. >_____<
    i cant wait to see how big bang is after two boxes of beer ^__^

    TOP mustve loved those few days of filming… LOL.
    i’d be worried about taeyang though.

    i think seungri being left out of this commercial was a good idea. haha

  11. I don’t think 12000cc of beer is bad. if they split it equally they’ll have 3 liters of beer each. And probably some would only drink 2, coz Tabi will drink 4-5. hehe.

    I wanna see Baby Ri though in this commercial. It’s like he’s really going to be a man now, and be legal. ^^

  12. Haha, I’m reminded of the cut scenes from the “Last Farewell” MV when SeungRi drank the alcohol and didn’t like it. 2 boxes?? I bet TOP drank the most

  13. lol! they drank 2 boxes!!! ><

  14. Did SeungRi even drink the alcohol in “Last Farewell”? It looked like he sniffed and got disgusted. 😛
    I don’t see the necessity to drink 2 BOXES to produce the atmosphere, though…

  15. lol i wanna see big bang drunk

  16. I can’t wait to see this!

  17. When I first heard BB was doing a beer CF, I was like, “WHAT?”
    BC Seung Ri is underage.
    But I’m looking forward to it very much.
    I want to see BB as hot firefighters! (They’re going to be firefighters in the CF right?)

  18. Whoa, that’s alot of beers Boys.
    Luckily Seungri isn’t gonna shoot.
    But i can’t wait to see them in firefighters suits.
    Aww but i want to see Seungri in the suits.

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