March 17th: TOP will join “IRIS” crew in Japan


There are many Japanese visiting Akita-hyun (the site where drama IRIS is being filmed) to see Lee Byunghun, Kim Taehee and more. They have booked the hotels around the filming site, so much that Yang Hyunsuk from YG entertainment is having trouble finding a room.

The first take of IRIS has begun on 10th, and Japanese fans have been around the hotels and filming site to see the faces of their favourite stars.

Japanese Broadcasting stations are also eyeing the steps of these stars.

The interest will be heightened when TOP of Big Bang joins the crew on 17th. Previous hallyu stars have been famous among the ah-joom-ma’s, it is highly predicted that TOP will bring the fans of younger ages. Because Big Bang has released albums in Japan, people are already feeling the vibe of new hallyu star.

THe filming of IRIS will take around 3 weeks; there will be dating scenes of Lee Byunghun and Kim Taehee (will appear as a couple in the drama), and there are action scenes to be filmed.

IRIS is the first-ever-drama to try a spy,action thriller in tv drama- it deals with the conflict between assacination of North Korea leader and government groups. It will be aired around september through KBS.

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Translated by:코코마탑횽@bbvipz

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~ by Momo on March 12, 2009.

24 Responses to “March 17th: TOP will join “IRIS” crew in Japan”

  1. they will air it later on? and film it only in 3 weeks? Wow. Wonder how many episodes IRIS has.
    Poor President YG, having a hard time finding a room because of the fans. He’ll have a harder time when Tabi comes. =)

    Can’t wait to see it!

  2. Is it suppose to be “Akita Ken” instead of “Akita Hyun”?
    I just ask one of my japanese friend and he said its “Ken”
    Or maybe “ken”and “hyun”are the same??

  3. aww wish him the best [:

    to kenley;; they said this drama will be like a mini-series drama.

  4. yea…wish top the best…we all know top will be great at it =D
    wow! it looks like BB are not comin to the US anytime soon fur a vacation eh??? maybe in the summer??? who knows…but it seems like the boys realli need a break =D

  5. Wait, altogether, this will only take three weeks or only in this location?
    I guess, it doesn’t really matter, I’m looking forward to this. I hope the actors are safer than the BOF actors. I mean, that drama barely has any action in it, so…yeah.


  7. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!! i cat wait for this drama!!!! i love top!!!!

  8. LMAO! the president of YG cant even get a hotel room in the area? wow these fans must be hardcore to even force the president of a large company to go elsewhere for a room

  9. I am very curious about ToPs Role. This can seriously launch his career and make him a force in the Korean entertainment industry.

    There are a lot of singers turned actors, but RAPPER turned actor! HAH! except this one aint no joke! ToP got skills … hopefully he puts the IRIS series and movie out along with his first music album?

    T.O.P …FIGHTTING!!!!!!!

  10. ohhh im so excited!!
    gah its been so long since I Am Sam – i can’t wait to see tabi act again ^^

  11. i cannot wait…
    oppa fightting!!!!

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    im not surprised about the fans. i’d probably do that too only if i lived near the filming area. XD

  15. Aww already.
    I’m gonna miss Big Bang. While TOP’s away.
    Well GOOD LUCK Choi, SeungHyun.

  16. godddddddd, i can’t wait to see it ;D
    this is so interesting
    yeeeeeeeh, TABI!! loll. kim tae heeeee ❤ xD

  17. omg…cant wait*sigh*[bigbang]


  18. omggg can’t wait for this drama!!! and TOP ♥♥♥

  19. that drama is gona be huge~
    it has famous stars PLUS my sexy hubby
    TOP which is a total BONUS xD
    aw i hope he doesnt get too tired..
    or get run over by crazy fans haha
    idk if he can act that well.. but still..
    oppa fightinhhh (: <333

  20. ohh this is so amazing… the actors and actresses are so perfect just can’t wait… do you know the place or the city they are going to film? thank you so much!!!

  21. kbs!!!!!yay!!i can watch it….but it to late on september..that time i will have my exam…argh!!!hate school!!!

  22. waah!! im so excited!! i’ve been waiting for iris ever since i’ve heard Top was in’s gonna be a huge hit!!^_^

    poor YG..he’s the pres and he’s havin a hard time findin a^_^

  23. Top handsome

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