‘Female Big Bang‘ to debut in May


Female Big Bang‘ will debut and make their scene in the Kpop zone in May.

With their name not officially known to have decided, the group was called the ‘female Big Bang‘ by netizens.

YG Entertainment said,”We had plans for YG’s new female group to debut in April. Much effort has been put into the selection of songs etc hence the earliest that fans can meet with this group will be in May.”

“Right now, they have completed about 10 songs. We have also in mind what the title song will be out of the 10 songs. But until their debut in May, we will collect more songs for the album.”

The YG representative also added, “They will release singles and minialbums and will continue to be active all the way to year-end. There is a possibility they will release a digital single every month.”

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~ by Momo on March 13, 2009.

12 Responses to “‘Female Big Bang‘ to debut in May”

  1. Good luck girls! =]
    Looking forward to it!

  2. sweeett im lookin forward to it as well 🙂

  3. good thing in start in may, haha cause hopefully i will be in korea on june yay.. cant wait

  4. releasing digital single every month? isn’t that too much for the girls? i guess if yg wants his girls to be well known he must do whatever it takes right? well; i’m anticipating to see parkbom & cl. thank you.

  5. lol! im looking forward to it! goodluck to them!!

  6. ohmygosh 😛
    exciteeeed yeeeep.

  7. why must have female version of big bang???big bang just 1 and no other version of they….don’t you all think,the will become really close with our big bang…..1 is jealous,2nd is BIG BANG IS ONE AND ONLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. may? i have exams 😦 how can i concerntrate instudy waiting?! haha nah i can’t wait. excited 🙂

  9. oh as a producer for female BB, simultaneously for himself, GD will be really busy…Fighting my love. I believe you and girls will be successful
    I love u and miss u so much :X:X:X

  10. im really impressed gd’s handling all his busy schedules well..he’s producing it!!..im excited!!^_^

    i know sandara park, cl and parkbom is in the group..really hectic thou since it’s a new single every month..big pressure being the “female” big bang..fighting!^_^

  11. May!!! i’m looking forward ^^ wish them the best!!! YG Love <333

  12. yeah i figured that they will hold it till may cause c’mon GD is debuting in april so i know YG dont want them 2 to go up against wach other!!! i am so damn glad that yg held them back to may!!! and also that yes gd is the producer so im pretty sure as of right now GD would want some time to himself to prepare for the album!!!!and then after that help the girls out!!

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