China Fancam: BigBang went to China, Dalian City



  • Jinu from JinuSean came along with them
  • On a short vacation
  • Fancam dated March 12th ( Back to Korea Friday March13th)
  • Location: Liaoning Province, Dalian City

Fan Account:

  • reading the fan accounts by VIPs in dalian…it seems like it was a major last minute thing.
  • they found out abt BB being in dalian only a day before the boys had to leave dalian, and had to scramble to gather gifts and fruit baskets for the boys.
  • they waited in the cold for hours on friday (today), only to see the boys for a few seconds before they had to go past immigration.
  • the fans were also very calm and quiet (no screaming or pushing), and some went up to the boys with questions like “did you like the fruits?”
  • mad props to the dalian VIPs for trying their best to make BB feel welcomed, and being civil.

Post taken from: Jemnise/Meg + Naturalhonee@ soompi



~ by Momo on March 13, 2009.

30 Responses to “China Fancam: BigBang went to China, Dalian City”

  1. Whoooa! I wish I was back in China now. 😛
    And it’s good the fans weren’t bombarding them.

  2. The red thing on the back of TOP’s coat looks like the red thing that was on the back of SeungRi’s suit on that one InkiGayo Strong Baby Perf. Does anybody know what I’m talking about? And GD.. marking his bag with the yellow scarf.. It would be bad if his bag with all his CLOTHES in it got lost, wouldn’t it.. 😛

  3. wow! thats amazingg..
    and taeyang be
    looking good! XP

  4. aww. the fans are so considerate 😀

  5. on a short vacation??
    this is so good!
    hope the boys have fun over there!
    and yeah props to VIPs in China!!

  6. aww! thats so cool! when was this btw??

  7. aww! thats so cool! when was this btw??

  8. why were they in china? does it have anything to do with GD’s solo album? maybe his mv? tying a yellow handkerchief on his bag is so cute. Taeyang be keeping it real with the group name on his jacket. TOP is turning into a nazi. Daesung looks clueless. Seungri looks lost and tired. poor kid-dos.

  9. Ooh, I hope they had a good time there. ^^

    I’m glad the fans weren’t all crazy over them. XD;

  10. top<333

  11. OMG!!!
    They were in China! OMGEE
    I kinda want to hear them speak in chinese. Especially TOp. I wander why?

    China fans dont seem that nuts, but it could because there are not that many people there, compared to other cities.

  12. waaaa…GD look so cute at there!!….XD
    hmmm…if i’m not wrong that GD can speak in chinese too??…last time i saw his profile which in language part got chinese…waaaa…really want hear how GD’s speaking chinese is…XD

  13. i’m happy they are vacationing for once unknown to the public. enjoy your time, boys! Anyway, they still look too striking if they want to pass as normal tourists hahaha. from top colourful beanie, gd’s zebra duffel bag, seungri tight pants and formal jacket, their striking shoes but the most obvious one: taeyang’s jacket with BIG BANG printed at the back. How can any fans missed it? Hahaha

  14. omfg. CHINA!!!!!!!!!! xD
    awwwwwww, they look soo. CUTE/HOT?! hehe ;D
    i just love bae’s jacket 😀 ahaha, i definitely want it loll
    mannn, their style is just wuuuahhhh~ ;D<333333333
    bongie looking amazing as usual in whiiteee<3 he’s so hot xD and geee, i LOVE his backpack xD<3 so cool hahaaa they have the best things and trendiest clothes lmaoo. top’s beanieeee. ilovee the coat 😀 haha..daeeee CUTEEEE as usual ;]!! ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, BABY<3 he looks soooo..alskjdf ldjfoiasfjd to me xD<3333333333
    he looks..FRESH?! xD i’m always noticing baby of yeahh
    hehee, goshhh that’s so cool they went to china 😀
    is it…a vacation? that’s really very good to hear then 😀 blehh, but what i’ll REALLY REALLY explode up and die about is them when they [HOPEFULLY] come to AMERICAA 😀 LA perhaps!?!??
    hehe, hope so ;D<33333333333

  15. haha when i said ‘a short vacation’ i was only taking a guess. a vacation seems like the most likely reason they were in dalian (i really couldnt think of anything else they wouldve done there)
    but dont take my word for it hehe

    someone else on soompi said it was possible that they were there to film scenes for that computer game they’ll be featured in

  16. Wow, they went to China? so random! but nice for them to have a little get-away session 🙂 awesome VIPs for welcoming them & being nice. Loved the way they dressed in the pics!

  17. That’s great!I hope they’ll come to China again,,I want to listen they speak in Cantonese,,they’ra so cute and hot>v<“,,especially T.O.P!!

  18. ohhh I always love GD’s style. He looks so cool xD.I love the way he tied the yellow scarf on his bag, very impressive and unique xD
    (and I wonder whether the boys really wanna a secret vacation because the way they dressed surely attracted people around lol.What stylish guys!!!)

  19. haha this trip to China really was random XD

    & the VIPs there are so civilized..
    my billionth role models XD

  20. Aww, I was supposed to go to China this summer. If Big Bang was there, I don’t know what I would do.

    Man, they all look so awesome, especially Baby. His outfit looks quite mature for his age. It’s probably the blazer. Looks smart. I love how Tae Yang is wearing a Big Bang jacket. I don’t know how he manages to get away with that. It’s a good thing they weren’t swarmed by fans.

  21. They weren’t there for a vacation, nor was it random.
    As taken from VIPZ, they were there to film scenes for a game.
    I’m guessing it’s the computer game.

  22. Awww i wish i was in CHINA RIGHT NOW!
    ughhhhhhh, not fair. they were suppose to come to America. =[
    But wow, no screaming or pushing fans. Wow amazed.
    Lols i imagine them being cute about they fans
    asking them that. Screams* i love the stalker
    pics. They look hot & cute! i miss seeing theses freshly
    new pictures of him. Lols yes their trip to China was random.
    G-Dragon, i love you in white. And i like his back-pack =]
    WOW his hat has golden designs on it.
    Thank You so much for sharing.

  23. omg! right now im so scared! they could be like in ur town in random and u just happen to be at the airport! wow!!! they all look alright and healthy so its good good~ and why did they come to china anyway?

  24. wowww they were in China ^^ good to see that they are taking some break time

  25. wow~they went to China!!!OMG!!!I wish I was there! Hopefully they would be in Korea when I’m there this summer!

  26. Anyone else notice Bong and Bae wearing the same shoes? xD

  27. Oh! OPPa go there for what?
    why? nobody know…so relax and cool even at airport haha^^
    hope they come here Thailad Oppa! plzzzzzzzz

  28. i luv oppa

  29. OMG
    TOP look so KOOL
    i luv TOP

  30. hi my name is lorena my from is mexico
    i love t.o.p and taeyang y arriba mexico cabrones!!!!!!!!!!!!
    oppaaaaaaaaaaaa sarang he y bogosipo

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