Big Bang Lollipop Cellphone Photoshoot | Making of Hite Beer CF | BANGS Comic Update

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Remember the oh-so-adorable lollipops photoshoot from last time? Well, the reason why they pose with those lollipops is because the boys are endorsing a new cellphone line called ‘LOLLIPOP CELLPHONE’ They make everything look good, seriously, I would trade my iPhone for that anyday. My fave individual pic has to be Baby… since when did he knows how to pose so well??? eh? I’m surprised, and the glasses looK AH! on him. It’s almost like Bong and Baby switch poses, Baby’s pose look really familiar to Bong’s style, and Bong did that whole ‘HAND’ thing kekeke it’s hilarious. Mr. Bong. SO SASSY. The boys are getting so much endorsement deal, it’s awesome.

Picture Updates

  • Big Bang Lollipop Cellphone Photoshoot
  • (Translated) BANGS Comic: Episode 2: BbalKang NoEul 3

Shooting Hite Beer CF

DOWNLOAD: (03.13.09) MBC Section TV: Shooting Hite Beer CF

Thanks to 아련알섬님

The part where they did the ‘CHEER’ all hyper and happy, as soon as the director say ‘CUT’ look at Bong, how disgusted does he look?? haha he either really doesn’t like beer, or he’s pissed that it got on his jacket keke Tabi just look happy year round when there’s beer in front of him haha LOL when they tasted the beer on the 2nd take, Bong was too A.D.D-like, and Tabi …. haha told you he was happy

When the MC ask why isn’t Baby there, they told him about the underage situation, then the MC suggest them to do a Video Message for Baby, Bong was like ‘let his best friend do it’ and point to Dae, hahah hence the ‘Intimate Note’ thing between Baby and Dae…………..yea……………..I’m SURE that show didn’t help that much at all haha

DAMN~~~ Tabi can take the most alcohol, he said that he once drank 7 bottles of soju.. O_O WHOA. AND OH EM GEE!!! HAHAHAHA Bong’s hair concept is….. POPCORN kekek I never would’ve thought… Bong ah! this is why I love you, he bend his head down and was like ‘please eat some’ hahaha

OH GEEZ… Dae and his dry gags… he was like ‘AH!! GU-PI!!” which means ‘nose bleed’ in Korea, but when he turned around….. he held a P up to his nose….. T______________ T REALLY DRY GAGS, he’s been learning LOTS of things from his DUMB-Brother MC YOO.

Big Bang Lollipop Cellphone Photshoot


THanks to 큰엄마

BANGS Short Comic

Original Comic by YGEntertainment

Translated and Edit by Vicky


The continue comic of their performance from part 2, Dae was working his charm, and the ummoni where are enjoying their time at a place call ‘DaeSung Sauna’ is fangirling after Dae haha (note how ummoni #1 have the same mole as Bong keke) The members who are performing got too excited so they thought about all these weird things inside their head and it shows on screen, they were just EVIL. So the result is, the nunas who are watching was like ‘WTF?! are you kids doing?” and after the performance they went backstage in their waiting room and.. “redeem” themselves haha, one of the staff told them that President Yang wants to talk to them…… UH OH.

~ by Vicky on March 13, 2009.

62 Responses to “Big Bang Lollipop Cellphone Photoshoot | Making of Hite Beer CF | BANGS Comic Update”

  1. hahaha tabi looks so HAPPY after he drank the beer, it must be one of the best CFs he’s ever had to shoot LOL.
    LOVE the bangs!!
    thanks so much for translating them!!

  2. I want one of those phones now.
    Poor Tori/V.I. the comic is flippin’ awesome. o.O

  3. OGM!!!!!!! The new cell phone shoot is to die for!!!
    GD looks SOO GOOD (as usual)
    and Baby look so dorky with those glasses of his xD

  4. aww i really like GDs trousers in phone CF. they look so cute!!!!

    so it was another phone huh?!
    sooo cute!!!!
    the pics are just too gooooooood!!!!
    my man looks so cute!
    normally I don’t like it when he has his hair like that but this time he look reeally good
    I’m in looove with his shoes!!!!
    Baby’s solo pics are cute!!!

  6. my man has amazed me once more
    who knew he’d be this happy with beer
    and I thought only ice cream made him this happy
    Bong’s hair is loove
    I reeeally like it

    the bangs was hilarious!
    Bae’s face was the creepiest
    at the end when they get the call from YG

  7. GD’s sporting SR’s signature finger pose in his third solo pic.. hahaha. i love him but how come he has more than the rest.

  8. Aww they’re Lollipop Pictures are so cute! REALLY?! Ahh yes they do make everything look cute.
    I want that phone now. Yay, there’s more pictures!
    Aww the look so cute. TOP’s whole scarf thing going into his jacket..errr okay
    That phone looks almost like the New Peral Flip
    WOW, TOP’s shoes are cool. his hair…………
    Ooh, i can see 2 of G-Dragon’s tatoo. Sorry i miss seeing them. Aha i was just talking about that too in 4th Hour.
    Why is part of the Photoshoot burry? like the one of G-Dragon. He is burry `cept for the phone.?
    Awww Seungri. He’s wearing the glasses too. Cute. they are copying each other.

    Ahhhhh* They are so hot!
    LMAO i thouht G-Dragon ment him at first.
    Gahhh, i do not like your hair G-Dragon.
    Aww he sounds so cute. i miss hearing them talk.
    Ahahahaha you CAN notice G-Dragon’s facial.
    DaeSung & TaeYang looked okay. TOP. ahaha oh yes
    he was happy. Aww i expected their fireman suits
    to be hotter. Ahh i wonder what they are saying.
    G-Dragon’s tiny hair is sticking up. LMAO
    wthh? who was that chick he imatated?
    Lols Popcorn hair style =]
    Oh damn, i can’t wait to watch this. They look
    like they’re having fun and ahems* hot.

    Ahahaha i LOVE G-Dragon’s picture. “in BANGS there’s only JingYo” pauahahaha he looks evil
    Aww Seungri. You are popularily cute. Him and his panda eyes =]
    LOLS, they are too funny. I love them.

  9. Oh yeahh vicky, i’ve noticed that you changed you sigg.
    It says ‘mrs. lee’ now. why’d you take out ‘kwon’?

  10. I have the same mole as BONG too, same right cheek, same spot 🙂

  11. The photo shoot makes sense now. A LOLLIPOP PHOTO SHOOT to advertise a LOLLIPOP CELLPHONE. Cool! I want one now. I’m starting to get sick of my phone. The lollipop phones look soo much better than mine

  12. Ohmydamn I missed them so much.
    I think they look so lively in the Making Of Hitebeer CF.
    Haha x) But the more i watch it, the more I miss Baby too =/
    Dangg LOVING those Lollipop Cellphone photoshoots too (:
    & The comic strips are ALWAYS entertaining (:

  13. Whoa, I agree w/ you about SRi. His poses with the cell are awesome! <333 His glasses are so goofy, yet he still looks hot. XDD

    I love all the lollipop photos. So cute n colorful~ :]]

    Yay, another comic! Thank you for translating! ^__^

  14. I would trade in my iphone too!!!!

  15. Wow, you’re right. Baby and Bong have traded places. I love Dae Sung’s girly pose, haha.

    ROFL, it looks like there’s a face on Bong’s hair in the first panel of the comic. I love how when everyone’s like “I want to be popular!” Tae Yang’s like “….” Look at him all curled up and tiny on the floor, hehehe.

  16. I think Bong either doesn’t like beer or really hates his hair. O.O
    Unlikely but I really wonder how he HONESTLY feels about his hair. None of that popcorn crap. I hope TOP made fun of it.

  17. awwww. those pics r too adorable.
    i love the making of the cf video~
    :42 = jiyong in the background. LOL!
    :55 = jiyong’s pissed off expression. lol!

  18. aww i want it!
    what company is it?
    whats is called in korean?

  19. awww the boys are all so hyper doing the CF
    and hell yeah intimate note doesn’t help hahaha
    only make things more awkward for baby n dae lol
    tabi seriously looks hot in all hairstyle T___T
    bong’s popcorn concept cracked me up xD!!
    bong’s time to stop teasing people
    now this popcorn head belongs to you..not tabi anymore haha~

    is lollipop cellphone under LG?
    it’s really cute
    and i would trade in my nokia shitty phone for this too!
    is it just me or bong looked a little bit sissy
    in the pic tthe pic is still nice 🙂
    and hell yeah baby knows how to pose so so well!!
    he is just…so damn good looking.
    i think i will fall for him anytime soon
    or i am already in love now? kekeke

  20. I want that phone. GD just sold it to me! Ooooh, so cute, so adorable.

    There isn’t anything BB can’t endorse! BB endorse = popular as heck!

  21. hubby tabi friggin loves his beer … =o=’
    hes getting old tho. nuuu
    but hes so cute lookin all happy ^^
    bigbang doin cfs= good advertisement
    they can make anything look awesome
    WORK IT<3

  22. hey vicky, thannx fer posting all of these great stuff 🙂
    uhm, i just want to ask if theres a MP4 download in process?
    if theres not, can you please make one for the hite beer cf; thanx so much 🙂

  23. i’m not sure if anyone mentioned this but you have a spelling error on the comic strip. you put ‘susnset’ instead of ‘sunset’ just to let you know (: on the other hand, thanks for the translation 😀

  24. OMGOSH. i know alcohol is bad and all…
    but if it makes tabi happy, then im all for it 😀

    7 BOTTLES OF SOJU? the man is crazy.
    but he needs to take care of his liver D:

    LOLLLLL at the popcorn-ness on GD’s head.

  25. omg!!
    i have same glasses that seung ri wear..
    top so HOT!!
    i mean HOT HOOOOOOOT!!!
    ji yong,yong bae,seung ri and dae sung they are so hot and cold…

  26. top!!!
    7 bottles of soju????
    take care of your health…
    poor seung ri….
    seung ri not that young…
    ji yong is so funny….
    same same…

  27. ya the commercial and interview now that i finally got to see it.. I didnt like the style on TOP but I really like it on Bongie. Like REALLY like it. I was really scared thinking of what he was going to do. But Bongie I love it! and in the pictures for the phone. Why the hell does it look like Bongie has better hips than i do -.-

    Seungri and him have traded places havent they? Bongie has leaned more to the cute side and Seungri is bringing sexy back XD OMG I am LOVING the pic of bongie where it shows both the tattoos on his arms. >.< Gah his eyes his lips, the fingers going out…WHY CANT I HAVE YOU?!?!? XD and no people I’m not talking about the phone lol

  28. I LOVE that comic strip!
    I bursted out laughing. It was literally ROFL
    The expression on the staff memebrs (>______<)
    so funny!
    Thankyou for translating them all, they entertain me so much!

  29. seungri looks SOOOOO cute in these pictures. ❤

    haha…GD is doing a little hand to hip thing…slightly feminine eh?

    the boy got his own thing

  30. LOLL after watching the shooting of HITE BEER in HD, i noticed when they had to drink the beer..

    .. everyone just took a sip while TOP (LMAO) DRINKS HALF THE CUP IN ONE MOUTHFUL.


  31. haha…GD popcorn hair…lolzz…XD
    wow…TOP…7 BOTTLES OF SUJU??…amazing@ @
    lolzzz dae…XD
    waaa….they all look freaking cute in those pic…XD
    i love seungri pose…GD so sassy…XD

  32. top can i get the same phone that u’re hold…

  33. WHOA look at them drink that beer!! Look at TOP drink that beer!!! haha omg they look so funny having fun drinking, and damn TOP 7 bottles of soju? -0- lol massive! lol anyone know what DS said to SR? and lol his lame “p” joke haha so random.

    Love the lollipop cellphone pics!! gaahh!! the individual ones are SO CUTE!!! haha Seungriiiii!!

  34. Oh Gosh, Seungri
    This is the best pose he had ever done !
    Good going Seungri, keep up the good work
    And your fan club will go high !

  35. LOL at Tabi drinking the beer to his content! =) He probably drank the others’ beer when they can’t finish it. ^^ He looks like he’s the only one drinking a lot from it while the others take only a sip.
    Baebae has a low alcohol tolerance…right?

    Waaaaaa from an ice cream phone to a lollipop cellphone? weeeeeee. I want that!!! Whose the carrier brand of it?

    Thanks for the BANGS comics! =) Baebae’s too cute, he has no thought but a black thought cloud with an evil glint from his eyes…he looks so devilishly cute. =)

  36. TABI is looking so fine!!! i so love that guy..

    when will that cellphone be launched globally.. i want one for myself as well.. =)

  37. lol oh yeah
    Bebe doesn’t have to say ANYTHING
    he’s just adorable. XD

  38. Haha, the comic was cute!
    The photoshoot was amazing!
    I wonder if they’re gonna do a real commercial??

  39. LOL my baby G-dragon really doesn’t seem to like beer :p

  40. XD XD XD
    comic: HILARIOUS
    photo shoot: … i want that phoneeee

  41. Wow T.O.P looks totally stylish!
    and I like the cell phone! I want it! lool ;p
    oh and funny comic hehehe!

  42. look at those boys nowdays…
    freaking ccuuuuttteee with those lollys n colourful shirts….
    🙂 🙂
    too happy to go to sleep now…hahaha…
    The CF,sooo ccuuuttee…niccee…Top looks really good…hahaha…

  43. has anyone noticed that GD has been using SR’s hand gestures for their photoshoots?

    LOL…it’s funny cause he made fun of it and now that SR doesn’t do it as much anymore he’s doing it, and TOP’s hair style is now his after he made fun of it. GD’s a weird one.

  44. dae sung looks too cute!


  46. in the lollipop photoshoot they switch pants lol

  47. 7 bottles.?
    t8 a good care of urself TOP.
    GD’s hair was cute,
    TOP looks sooooooo happy.!!
    luv it.!
    his hairstyle.
    melt melt melt.

  48. the guy interviewing them looks like seung-ri.

    how ironic xD

  49. hahaha, thank you soo much!!!

  50. waaaa… such a delicious cellphone!!! so cute!!!
    luv bong hair in that lollipop cellphone cf..
    luv all d pic!!! melt melt

  51. TOP looks awesome on the CF so cute ^^

    sweet photoshoot >< <333

  52. OMG! I love the pictures! I want to have that phone.haha

    by the way, do you know if there is a Big Bang Fan Club in the Philippines? ^^

  53. when i click to enlarge the pics, i get some of the same pictures again. just wanted to give a heads-up.

  54. AHH ! The Pics Are Sooo CUTE ! So Colorful, But Adorable ❤ My Baby, Seung Ri is such a Cutie <33 G-Dragon is soo Adorable ❤
    Tae Yang looks Soo Hawt ❤ The phones look Yumm x3 kekeke ❤

  55. ermmm do u guys notice what dae’s shirt is? i mean… it kinda jumped out to me… it made me LOL. but HAHHAHA wtf… lmao.

  56. LUV Beer and Big Bang! i’d go and get a drink with them anytime!lol

  57. ha ha ha sooo cute!!!!!!!!!!

    thank u!!!!!!11

  58. awww there so cute
    love there new photos
    they are so cute

  59. love it lots

  60. sooooooooo CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!! i want one 🙂

  61. Aww i love that little comic thats jusdt sooo adorable!.T.O.P<333

  62. yhA BNM o kmse profl yhapp masın alırımm pçanzı aşşaa HE I LOVE YOU T.O.P. TEMPOO MM YERİM SENİ BN YHA:d

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