03.11.09 Translated UFO Messages to/from Big Bang

cute answers!




Source: UFO Message / http://www.ufotown.com/

Translated by: sookyung@soompi


~ by Momo on March 14, 2009.

73 Responses to “03.11.09 Translated UFO Messages to/from Big Bang”

  1. first =D

  2. Ok so I cant read that. 😦

  3. awww so cuteee
    how do you sign up to become a ufo member and give them these messages?

  4. its hard to read ):

  5. Are the “girlfriends” supposed to be his fans?
    lawl. xD

  6. guys right click it and click “view image”

  7. what are UFO messages?

  8. Lol cute! x)

  9. OMG!!!i was super excited when i click the ufo site,but then do they have an anglish site 4 it??

  10. woahh the answers are way toooo cute ^^
    love tabi’s reply ❤

  11. *giggles* JiYong being so sweet in his answer. @____@ May I go crazy now?

    By the way, is there also anyway we (from Western countries) can send them messages like those and can get direct reply from them too?

  12. I think UFO messages can only be used for Korean citizens with those Korean social security numbers or w/e

    But I hope they make an English site for it & the boys can answer non-KVIPs directly [:

  13. I think in BigBang’s official site, there’s an English one but you have to be a member though whereby the form and everything is all written in Korean that’s what I think. Not pretty sure about that. Ugh. I agree, they should totally make an English site for other VIPz. :S

  14. aw what TOP says just makes me drown in love.

    did they really answer with all those ” ^^ “?

  15. Jiyong you sweet talker you. Supposed to be showering but staying in front of comp to reply to his girlfriends. pshh if only i was for real. XD dreams are beautiful things.

    Bae you are really just too damn cute and innocent even though you portray someone who isnt.

    Daedae yes having big bang in our lives gives some of us a reason to get up everyday to hear your voices.

  16. OMGZ. GD’s answer makes me blush in utter girl-y shyness and embarassment. “Staying in front of the computer to reply to his girlfriends”
    And I just admire my hubby with his arrogance and commitment of his religion: praying and saying that he can do well. Yes you can, Young Bae!
    Dae Sung, Big Bang is a big part of my life!
    This UFO translation made my night. I wish I could leave a message.

  17. AWW!!! JI YONG AHH!!! so cutee!!!!!! his made me giggle and squeal sooooo much.< too cute..

  18. gosshhh i heart him so much! and TOP’s was so…. TOP! lmaoo. too cute

    Big Bang<33333

  19. WAHH!
    I love Jiyong’s reply!
    ‘my girlfriends’!
    Yep that me (i wish)

  20. Jiyongie’s reply makes me all tingly inside LOLOL
    So friggin cute~!

  21. theyre so cute!
    GD’s ‘i have to reply to my girlfriends’ is so cute!! ^^
    haha when that vip asked Tabi to ‘choke’ her, they were refering to that I Am Sam episode where his character gets into a tiff with Park Min Young’s character…. mmm tabi always looks best playing the bad boy XD
    thanks for translating!

  22. oh man, i wish i knew korean.
    i would never leave that website.
    ji yong’s “girlfriends”!!!!!!!! AH!

  23. argh first time i knew about BIG BANG’s UFO reply…really waiting 4 it! i guess i only knew about Seung Ri’s b4 about Xiah Junsu if i’m not mistaken?
    really wish i had known Korean…~~ but every UFO reply seems very fun to read regardless who answer it…
    DBSK 4 example,they answer other member’s questions as well…LOL

    my Ji Yong is so sweet!!! *blush*

  24. omg!! that is so cute..^_^

    ang lol..jiyong’s gfs..jiyong-ah!..too many girls..haha ^_^

  25. lol answers are so cute, haha TOP would really do that? kkk.
    DaeSung your so funny

  26. I love their replies, especially GD’s!

  27. lol. thats too cute!
    JiYong’s sucha cutie. Gotta love his reply!
    “I’m supposed to be showering but I have to reply to my girlfriends, So I’m stay right in front of the computer.”
    LOL. I love all their replies. SO cute! xD
    Big Bang is <3!

  28. so cute! that picture’s hot too xD aha GD is so good to his girlfriends :]] but that means he has multiple ones xD
    lol tabi’s answer is cute

  29. agh~ i want UFO !!! How I can make the UFO? Please somebody tell me cause I really really want to send messages to them :((.
    Ji Yong~ I love his reply so much!

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  31. awwww this messages made my day =D Love TOP’S answer <333 hahaha and GD~~ LOL ‘girlfriends’?! xD! so cute also TY and SR were very cute and Dae funny 😀

  32. LOL, they ‘re really so Kuteee, esp Ji Yong

  33. ngahhh.. i want to send a memo to them too 😦

  34. ji Yong, u’re so cute…

  35. JiYong (and TOP) nows how to get his ‘girlfriends’ blush *^^* danm that was TOOOO CUTE !!!

    BIGBANG ❤ 4ever

  36. jiyoung comment!!*faints*
    so lovely….saranghae jiyoung oppa^^

  37. waaaa…i want to leave massage to them too!!…XD
    signnn…they suppose to make English website too…then fan from other country also can have this chance to leave massage for them…T.T
    waaaa…GD’s reply such sweet and lovely!!…i totally melt if GD say it’s to me!!…XD

  38. GDs one just made me laughs o much. so funny yet cute. ❤

  39. Why does Jiyoung look so tall? He’s taller than TOP. Maybe it’s just how they were standing. Or is he taller than TOP now?

  40. Aw haha I love g-dragon’s response
    I want to write to them too
    Must reply later itouch being annoying

  41. hahaa jiyong is such a cutiee
    &aw bae is such a good boy
    praying all the time. its lovely ^^

  42. If anyone’s having trouble reading it, here’s the URL to the image.

    Seung Ri’s reply is my favorite. I can’t cook so he needs to cook for me, haha. Ji Yong’s is cute, too. hehe.

  43. Oh, LOL, okay, the URL was alreayd posted underneath the image.

  44. I never heard of UFOtown before..

    Aww, their replies are too cute! Cx <333

    LOL… girlfriends, huh. 😛

    I like SRi’s reply a lot. Gahh so cute. ❤

  45. omagodddddddddddd!!!
    dammmmmmmmmm i fart because i was too happy seeing all of their answers!!!! u know how us fans wrote that kind of sweet stuffs in fanfics but it turns out they really are as sweet as sugar! lol i sound corny but that’s all i cud think about rite now.

    it’s like they really take us very close to their hearts! each of their answer sounded like they’re talking to their frens or even better GIRLFRIENDS hahaha

    i love themmmmmmm till the day i die! promise. no one else but them,

    and young bae gaa i want to give him a message so so so muchhhh i’d do anythning to have a quickie peck/kiss/hug with him ahahahah ;pp

  46. How do you find these? I’ve been trying to find their replies to ufo messages on ufotown.com and I keep getting confused!

  47. haha, GD’s such a sweet talker. xD

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  49. omfg cuuuuuuuuuuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
    no. ADORABLEE!!! that’s SOOOOOO SOOOOO SWEETTT ;D they’re all so cute lol

    but i just have to know what’s UFO?
    and the ppl talking to them?! xD
    omggg<333 so sweeeet ahaha.

  50. athirah

    LOLOLOLLL, farted?!?! xDD LOLOL niceee AAHA..

    IM SOOOO WITH YOU ON THATT! until i diee, CIP FOREVER ;D<3333333
    yeahhhhhhpp :D!!

  51. hey any of u got their mail address? or at least yg’s? i wanna mail them and tell them that they needa get a myspace or facebook or something!

  52. Ah, I wish I could become a UFO member too! >-<;
    It’d be really amazing if they made an
    English website for their iVIPs, like meh and MANY others. D:

    Hahah,looking at their cute answers seriously made my day
    although it’s like 11:45 right now. ;D

    Big Bang Fighting. ❤

  53. Yae~~ really wish can have a site for I-VIPs!!
    it’s not easy to read in kor~~ esp. our guys are alr pro in kor!
    i’m learning them but i stil hav a long way to go!

    btw… how come you know i wan the neg trans of this?!! XD
    cos i was reading the original ver on UFO and cant seems to understand most of them :X

  54. tabi’s reply seriously cracked me up, hes hillarious xD
    jiyoung’s is cute hahahaha

    yea. they should make one for I-VIPs ^^

  55. Someone finally started translating these? Thank goodness!

  56. if you guys actually got their contacts (any contacts e.g e-mail or anything) . . . plase share it with all of us (all the v.i.ps) . . . i’ll be their fan for life (^-^) . . . big bang fighting!!

  57. i wish i could send them messages T^T my Dae Sung is so far away ;-;

  58. haha.can’t understand any single word!~lolz!

  59. i can’t send a message to bigbang through the UFO! what should i do?

  60. I want T.O.P to sing me a birthday rap! 🙂

  61. omo!! GOSSHHH!! i’m blushing at jiyongie’s reply..!! OMG!! she was a lucky fan! i will faint totally when GD oppa reply on me like that!GOSH!!^^GD GD♥

  62. Omg I love G Dragon soo much . Brother JiYong hows ur study ! ? Are u the smartest in BIG BANG :]

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  65. Hello^^ iam jojosweety1

  66. LOVE you all ♥ Special GD ^.^

  67. I luv Big Bang!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and i would luv them to come to America!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  68. Taeyang is the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!and i would luv to meet him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  69. hi i’m rody from saudi arabia & i love u bigbang “Special GD ♥” , so plllz can u come to saudi arabia 😦 ♥

  70. Can anyone tell me how to write a message for bigbang?

  71. Who can tell me how to write a message to Big Bang by using UFO flyer?

  72. OMG! How to be a UFO member? I really want to write some messages to them!!!

  73. Hi 🙂 I Love BB

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