090312 ETN Entertainment Station: Most good-looking families

  • i wasnt thinking of posting this here yet.
  • was waiting for the subs to come out, so it would be easier for you guys to understand. well, i post it anyway.


#4:  Sean’s Family

#1: Choi Seung Hyun aka TOP

Credit: 아련알섬님

Re-Upload to Youtube: ChauCNN @ Youtube

Post taken from: Chau @ http://ygworld.wordpress.com/

~ by Momo on March 15, 2009.

19 Responses to “090312 ETN Entertainment Station: Most good-looking families”

  1. I don’t think this list is wrong at all 8D

    Ahhh Sean’s family ❤ TOP’s family<3

  2. TOP’s parents must be so proud to have recognition of making such beautiful children, haha.

    omgosh, LOL at Seungri singing Sexy Back, haahahha, oh gosh, that was freaking funny.

  3. who’s sean?

  4. I absolutely adore Seans family. His son is just the cutest thing in the freaking world especially when sean has him dress just like him, just miniature. But his daughter. >.< she loves big bang oppas and is so freaking lucky lol.

    I’ve said this once and I’ll say it again. Top’s sister is just gorgeous. Top’s parents definately have to take pride in the fact that they have two beautiful kids.

  5. TOP?! REALLY?
    AWWW ❤

  6. sean&his wife are such a good couple ^^
    &their kids are just so CUTE!~
    hubby top’s sister looks JUST like tabi
    in this one pic of her side face..
    their smokey eyes & nose look alike
    i would love to pass his family blood on<3
    puahah sryy, excuse my dirty thoughts (8

  7. Dude, TOP’s got the most amazing genes, his family deserved to be #1. Sean’s family is amazing. Pretty wife and ADORABLE kids. I want to elaborate on the extent to which I love his kids but I’d end up writing a novel.

    Unrelated to BB but Leeteuk’s sister (was that his sister? I wasn’t listening) is really gorgeous. Looks a lot like him.

  8. @ ryan:

    Sean is from a hip hop duo group called Jinusean, one of the pioneers in Yg Ent

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  10. If I didn’t see that TOP’s family was the number 1 here I really would have thought it would be Seungri’s…coz he’s singing Sexyback and then suddenly they focused on TOP. LOL
    Was the man in uniform TOP’s dad? He’s also good-looking. No wonder they have such good looking kids.
    I seriously have a crush on TOP’s sister… she’s so gorgeous! Wonder how many offers she got for modeling, CFs, or others! Maybe she’s also musically inclined? Or acting?

    And yep, Kim Hyun Joong’s family is good looking over-all too. ^^

    Sean’s lil kids are too adorable! Can’t wait to see their third child! =)

  11. ahh tabi. no wonder.
    his mom was model-like gorgeous
    his dad has all those charisma to be passed on to his son

    no wonder tabi is that good looking

    and yeah his sister is hot. with those big eyes and all

    what a gene !! lol

  12. That’s not a suprise~

  13. Sean’s fam is so adorable 😡
    in 15 years hope that our BBboys also have lovely children like Sean …

  14. I really agree.

    Sean has a beautiful family
    and TOP’s is just filled with hot people!

  15. I like Sean and his family. ^__^ His kids are so cute. <33

    I love watching SeungRi singing Sexy back. XD

    TOP! Aww, he’s so handsome and his sister is pretty. n___n

    and a sweet mother 😀

    sean’s family is so cutee xD<3

  17. baby singing sexy back xDD<3333333333333333333
    kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah~~~ omggggg so freaking adorableee *O*

  18. Tabi’s family very pretty ^^ and Sean’s family too i think they are perfect family ^^ very sweet

  19. umm, whats sean’s kids name again..? ^^’

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