Hye Yeong received 3000 roses for their 3000th day together

i got sidetrack again! too sweet not to share


Couple Sean and Jung Hye Yeong has once again raised a topic with their love display.

Jung Hye Yeong had thanked her husband Sean on his minihompy on 13th March for the touching and memorable 3000th day together. Sean had given her 3000 stalks of roses on their 3000th day together.

In my lifetime, I have never dreamt of such a present. I was not even aware that such a fun day like today was our 3000th day. Dear, happy 3000th day to you too. I’m the most blessed person in this world. This is because of you.

Jung has been filming for drama ‘Comeback of Il Ji Mae’ from 5am that morning at the filming set. And Sean came at about 2pm and had brought Jung to their car. He then opened up the back door of the car revealing the 3000 red roses.

Jung is currently pregnant with their 3rd child.

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~ by Momo on March 15, 2009.

29 Responses to “Hye Yeong received 3000 roses for their 3000th day together”

  1. wow ! so pretty !

  2. Aww! She’s so lucky! I wish I would marry a guy like sean someday 😀
    Haha, THANKS MOMO! ❤

  3. AHH Sean is such a lovely man.
    He’s so nice. (:
    HyeYeong must be so darn happy.

  4. *tears* this family is too damn sweet.
    i wish mine will be like this
    *crosses fingers for jiyong!!!*

  5. i’m jealous

  6. HOLYSHI**

  7. that’s amazing D:

  8. I am so freaking jealous. I really love these two and how they share their love with each other. I think i would faint if my husband got me 3000 roses.

  9. Oh I just read this article @ K Bites, but had to comment here too. I love the sweetness!

    Sean is so romantic. ^___^

  10. Girls, just remember…men like Sean are just few and far between. Men these days are no longer about romance and stuff like that. Honestly, he is nothing short of a miracle. I mean, I myself look at the men surrounding me these days, my friends, colleagues and even my brother. NO MAN is like that anymore, not really. So when I come across news like this, I really just sigh and acknowledge that there are some women in the world who are just so lucky. And there are other women in the world (like me) who have simply stopped looking…

    Ah, he’s so romantic *O*

  12. Aww, I’m so jealous of her.
    There’s so little man nowadays who are into this love stuff
    They’re the rare type of guys which every woman wants
    I wish every man could think of how woman wants their guys to be
    And they would change for their woman haixx …

  13. lmao all i can say is a big fat ngawww !
    thats so adorable ><

  14. so so amazing
    i can see that sean is a really loving+devoted man
    loving towards his wife and children
    and devoted to his family
    i’m so jealous
    when can i ever find a man like sean? 🙂

  15. omg..this is the cutest thing ever!!!! woah sean….you are awesome XDDDD

  16. oh my gudness sean is like the perfect dad and the best husband ever!

    imagine young bae doing that for me. say.. a million roses for the million-th day ahahaha i wish

  17. DAng! Another baby?!?

  18. OMg that’s soo sweet of sean!

  19. Aw! thats so romantic! Sean is so loving and sweet to Hye Yeong!

  20. as everyone else has said in reply to this,
    first off, how much would that cost? because roses are definitely not cheap, so 3000 of them?!
    but who cares about the cost, to even think of that is simply amazing.
    what a great family, every time i read something about them, it gives me faith that chivalry and love still exists.

  21. aww.. so sweet!

  22. I wonder what shes gonna do with the 3000roses… and how long does it last

  23. […] Hye Yeong received 3000 roses for their 3000th day together i got sidetrack again! too sweet not to share momo […]

  24. AWWW xD!
    you don’t see that as much these days D:
    and a passionate relationship like that is really just.. it really IS a dream come true for them huh ;D?
    seemse like everything is perfeeccctt :D<33
    so sweeeet and romantic 😛

  25. That’s so sweet! She’s very lucky. YG Family is the best!

  26. awwwwwww ♥♥♥ that’s true love 😀

  27. Awww that’s so cute.
    Damnnn i really want someone like Sean
    as a husband when i get older too now =]
    they are so sweet together.
    Wow 3000, that’s A LOT of roses. i mean i
    never thought of anyone crazy enough to do
    that but wow, that totally changes my mind.
    YG Family, gotta love them.

  28. Wow that’s so romantic and impressive!
    She’s very lucky indeed ^_^

  29. oh my goodnesss!! th’ats soo sweet and cute!! >.< young love!!!!

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