Quicky Update: Strong Baby Full Photobook


Now available for pre-order at DVDHeaven:


Shipped from: South Korea

Sales Price: USD17.645

Release date: March 25th 2009

Link: http://www.dvdheaven.com/dvd/dvd_detail.php?idx=26097


~ by Momo on March 15, 2009.

22 Responses to “Quicky Update: Strong Baby Full Photobook”

  1. i want one!!!!!!

  2. Hmm…. If anyone could give me some input, I was wondering if DVD Heaven is a reliable site? I haven’t bought anything from there yet. :3

  3. :O aww no yesasia?

  4. I prefer from yesasia. I want to see Seung Ri hot body =D

  5. @ Lumi

    i have never bought anything from DVDheaven so i wouldnt know much, but for YesAsia, its the best for me. all of my goodies are from there.


    yup no news from YesAsia as of yet..

  6. actually DVDheaven is pretty reliable .
    i’ve bought some things from there before .
    except my package was a bit ehh when i got it .
    it was up, and my album inside it ended up getting damaged . ):

  7. I haven’t bought anything form DVDheaven before but I’ve read a lot of reviews about it. It’s a pretty reliable site BUT the shipping is like ehh. I prefer Yesasia. There is a user who is buying directly from yg e-shop if you want to order for her. She sold a lot of BB goodies before.

  8. Actually, my friends tell me DVDheaven ships out their stuff even faster than YesAsia (that is, if you live in the States)
    But their shipping prices are O___O

  9. iF DvDheaven shipping prices are so high, then I’d expect the package to be in good condition when it comes. Otherwise, it’s not really worth paying so much for just the shipping. TT__TT”

  10. does anyone know if this book going to be all in korea language or english?

    i can’t have any lollll.

    eeek, now another one thing added to my longgg list of wants =___= most of which are big bang related loll
    and plus this is seung ri<3 so..its a musttttttttttt hehe xD

  12. can someone help me get it??
    i really want it…
    but it sure a lil bit difficult fo me to get it by my own…huhhu 😦

  13. aw i prefer yesasia 😦
    i’ve never tried ordering from DVDheaven before >_<
    ahhh i MUST have that book!

  14. waaahh!!! i want to have one!! but its so expensive when shipped from.. south korea to philippines..*got to save money* T__T
    guys.. haha.. i’m new.. here i’ve been a silent reader here for almost 6mos. hehe..

  15. good news, the photobook is out on yesasia! 😀
    I’m definitely gonna preorder it xD

  16. omg yay! but i heard it’s sold out on yg e-shop. omg. *dies*

  17. ITS OUT ON YESASIA!!! already ordered!!!!!

  18. Yay, Yesasia has it =]
    Can’t wait for it to arrivie! ^__^

  19. yay! just pre-ordered from yesasia. the order was much cheaper than dvdheaven ^_^

  20. Aww, i heard DVDheaven’s shipping $ is more then YesAsia’s.
    Ooh, Yesasia, must to search. Damn i don’t have money though.
    that means i gotta do my sister’s laundry so i can get money =]

  21. Whoo, I’m glad this photobook is available at YesAsia now. I just ordered it along w/ some Big Show goodies [ finally 8D ] …I like YesAsia’s free shipping. x]

    Just have to wait now. D;

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