Big Bang’s Yacht Trip during the Cold


Big Bang has been spotted by the public while taking a summer vacation in the side of Han River.

Big Bang did a photoshoot on March 16th for Italian sport brand, FILA’s summer collection.

The five members of Big Bang has been busy with individual schedules after their last concert on February 1st.  The concepts for this photoshoot were ‘brightness’ and ‘healthiness’;  they were perfect for the images, and were stylish to prove their status as ‘style icons’.

It was hard for the photoshoot on 16th due to the sand wind and cold weather.  Big Bang members were in short sleeves and shorts; despite the bad weather, they were professional.  While the yacht on the river was shaking vigorously due to the strong wind, they were still able to jump and dance for the photos.

This campaign will be on around May through videos, papers and stores after their spring collection.

Big Bang will carry out individual schedules as solo artists, in variety shows and acting, and is scheduled to release a next album.
photo provided by FILA Korea.

Translated by 코코마탑횽 @ bbvipz

Post taken from: 코코마탑횽@VIPz Overseas

~ by Momo on March 17, 2009.

20 Responses to “Big Bang’s Yacht Trip during the Cold”

  1. yes!!!im first mann i wish i had a great life like them!!!LUCKY!!!=D

  2. wrong spelling of philippines, lol
    anyways, nice pic. summer is here

  3. they are sure professional

  4. TOP so kool

  5. ohhh, i luv TOP so much
    do u know??

  6. waitting a new album of BB very very much

  7. but there is not any interesting activity happen. i miss them.huhu

    i wish i can watch them more and more. know more and more abou them, even though it means they will appear more => busier schedule => they will be more tired => i’m very unhappy if they get sick….so what should i do? i love them so much.huhu

    go BIGBANG!!!!!! GO my beloved TABI!!!! GO my talented YONGIE!!!! GO my little SUNGIE!!!!!! GO my angle smile BEBE!!!!!!! GO my cute BABY!!!!!!

  8. they were so professional :O i hope they’re ok
    can’t wait to see the photoshoot ^^ they look awesome despite the weather…i really miss them so much T.T

  9. They all look so handsome! they make me excited for summer to come.
    Gahh, when will the next album be???!! I already miss seeing Big Bang together…the pics are not enough!

  10. huwaaa! they look sooo HAWT<333 im glad coz atleast they could rest despite of their busy sched. 😀

  11. wahhhhhhhh!! Summer Collection
    Feel like “Always” ….ah so delightful and relax
    Oppa! Fighting!!

  12. Wow they must have been freezing, because i know i would have been lol. but of course Big Bang is professional when it comes to these things 🙂

  13. GD looking fresh!!
    cant wait for gd’s solo album, must pre order it on yesasia!!!! :D:D


  14. wow!!!…summer!!…XD
    haha…they all look so adorable expecially GD!!…^-^
    can’t wait him solo album too!!…^-^

  15. Oooh they still look good and did a good job despite bad weather. I like the theme of the photoshoot. :]]

  16. 🙂

  17. I’m so proud of them. they survived the coldness in there
    short sleeve and shorts in the cold. And still took the
    pictures. it’s okay, they probably burned up because they are hot.
    Lols, but in the cold. dammnn these pictures must be
    gorgeous then. errr G-Dragon, you hair is still long.
    More Pictures. =] gasp* when can we see them all?
    Aww i want to spot them too.
    Eh, what’s wrong with the picture? it’s blurry..?
    it’s not big enough so it’s too graphic-ey

  18. Everybody’s looked so great in this picture. I really like it. I love the style.

  19. Kwon Leader looks so free spirited and full of joy. You cant tell that the weathers freezing

  20. ;D<3333
    they’re so outgoing and confident in what they do 😀 lol
    PICTURE PERFECT ;]!<33333333

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