IRIS has started filming


The First-ever spy-thriller drama, Iris, has started filming in Japan.

According to the production company, IRIS has casted Lee Byung Hun, Kim Tae Hee, Jung Joon Ho, Kim Seung Woo, Kim So Yeon, TOP, and Yumin and started filming on March 10th in Akita-Hyun, Japan.

The first scene was the skiing scene of Lee Byung Hun and Kim Tae Hee couple.  On 16th, Jung Joon Ho has joined the filming scene, TOP will join on 19th, and Kim Seung Woo will depart on 23rd.  Iris is going to be aired on late 2009, and there will be 20 episodes.

제보 및 보도자료 < 저작권자 ⓒ 머니투데이 스타뉴스 >

Translated by: 코코마탑횽 @ bbvipz

Post taken from : 코코마탑횽@ VIPz Overseas/BBVIPz


~ by Momo on March 17, 2009.

21 Responses to “IRIS has started filming”

  1. cant wait to see my beloved top!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    love him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. does anyone know if TOP
    is going to play a big
    role ?

  3. lkdmfvm

  4. Im sure ToP will have a decent size role, he is the main villian that is sent to hunt down the opposition correct? Lets hope he will get even more oppurtunities after this to really romance/drama/comedy?

  5. yahoo!!!!! can’t wait i hope they can post up the website that we can watch it on….any place ppl want to share?

  6. hhahaha hubby tabi, the sexy evil bad guy<3
    i love it.
    cant wait~!!! seems awesome

  7. WOOO~
    my baby TOP!!
    only 20 episodes?!
    Can’t wait 🙂

  8. ive been waiting for this drama since i RE-watched I Am Sam!!!! top choi seung hyun=)

  9. Ahh, TOP oppa, fighting! 😀
    This is a bit off topic, but is Big Bang still coming to the US?

  10. i thought seungri was gonna be in it, too? but yayyyy! TOP ❤ cant wait til it comes out!


    I AM SAM showed TOP’s acting skills….. which is really good 😀
    cant wait to see him <333

  12. Annyong…

    Hyun hyeong….so cannot wait.

    Cannot wait, so thrill!!


  13. o0o SO EXCITED!

  14. i cannot wait any longer…

  15. ahhhhhhhhhhhhh can’t wait sosos excited

  16. OMG. I luv TOP
    Only TOP
    TOP no.1

  17. yayyy! TOP hwaiting! i’m waiting this drama so much ><

  18. you already got a production still? LOL
    amazing (:

    I can’t wait for this to come out! xD

  19. thankss for answering my question !

  20. Ahh, COOl!
    another amazing TOP cast movie.

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