03.18.09 Behind new FILA Photoshoot | Picture & BANGS Comic Updates

Behind New FILA Photoshoot

(03.18.09) Night of TV Entertainment: Behind FILA Photoshoot

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A new FILA photoshoot, this time it’s on a yacht, don’t let their summer clothes fool you, it is FREEZING in Korea at that time and add the wind to that… damn, our poor boys are freezing yet they still have to smile and look hot. For those who have been complaining about Bong’s popcorn hair, now you can relax and know that it’s only a one time thing, Bong’s hair has been pretty mellow these days, I’m sure when he have his solo debut, he’s really gonna give us something to talk about haha. The camera man sounds too excited kekek… he likes it.

LOL at the dorky Bong, as soon as the MC starts talking, he ran away from her kekeke the rest followed him but Dae who chose to go the other way got caught keke

It was so cold and the wind was so strong, everybody was shaking like crazy, Bong was being such a nice hyung, rubbing Dae’s arm for him, awww… one of the kid can’t take the cold so she started crying, Bong helped her get off the yacht, how adorable, Bong said he really like kids, awwww the camera told him, “But the kid was crying..?” and Bong said, “Ah, well, she didn’t cry because of me, she was cold….” and then he said, “Korean kids like me but I guess American kids don’t,..” (thanks Jet) hahah I really think the boys have an obsession with Smoothies King, I ALWAYS spot them with it, no matter where they are, not just one member but as a group, everywhere.

Baby was acting out a scene to something… that laugh “ha ha ha ha ha” oh gad haha. They were doing a dance battle?? keke being such dorks, I like Baby and Bong the most :D… I’m bias. 😛 THey look so dead tire… poor boy, please let the boys rest, it seems like their American break is out of the question, they are too busy with their stuff to be taking a vacation. I knew it was too good to be true.

Picture Updates

  • (Updated) NII Heart Photoshoot
  • (Translated) BANGS Comic: Episode 3: Please call him Bebe!
  • Hite Beer Advertisement
  • Random Individual Member Photoshoot

BANGS Short Comic


Original Comic by YGEntertainment

Translated and Edit by Vicky



So this episode pretty much want to give us the message that we should call Bae ‘TaeYang’ rather than his real name ‘YoungBae’ because he like being call TaeYang and prefer people to call him that. In this comic, his stage name is Bebe while his real name is DongBae, and he expressed his sadness to the fans who like to call him by his real name, he even told us the story of how he got his stage name.

The president say that he should have a stage name, he went to see the CEO since he can’t come up with one on his own, the president can’t think of one either {hence the dumb face with oh so many dots}, so he say that ‘DongBae’ is already a pretty name, it just roll off your tounge, so why change it. But Bae enthusiasticly yelled that he want a stage name before BANGS’ debut; those sparkling eyes gave the CEO a idea {hence the dumb face with the whole Andy Warhol series}, then he was like ‘DongBae ah, how about Bebe?”

I understand his feeling, he really want people to call him by his stage name, but I’m already use to call him Bae, seriously, for me to call him ‘TaeYang’ is weird on SO many levels.

Big Bang NII Heart Photoshoot


Hite Beer Ad.


Individual Member Shoot

Thanks to NII | Hite Beer | Newsen | 쏘쏭님

~ by Vicky on March 18, 2009.

78 Responses to “03.18.09 Behind new FILA Photoshoot | Picture & BANGS Comic Updates”

  1. OMGGG ❤
    daee is my love x]
    they look soo cute in the hite commercial :OOO
    haha gd .. cornrolls .. o____o

  2. ah the nii heart pictures are cute!

    i believe the random individual is from their lollipop photoshoot.. except gd and taeyang are wearing non-lollipop outfits. o___o

  3. Actually.. our maknae wasnt acting out a scene.. He was portraying his idea of his own apartment commercial.
    and GD said, “I really like kids,” and the cameraman asked him, “But the kid was crying..?” and GD said, “Ah, well, she didn’t cry because of me, she was cold….” and then he said, “Korean kids like me but I guess American kids don’t,..”
    But man… I am loving GD’s hair. please please let it stay for his solo album…. aggggh.

  4. Jet

    LOL i’m not surprise that Baby is trying out a CF for his apartment kekekek
    thanks for telling me

    haha american kid doesn’t like him keke

  5. ahh I cant call YB “Tae Yang”… because… I like YB. o.o

    omgsh i really really want these Bangs characters to come out into plush dolls or something. i mean they made the pillows why cant they make little plush JingYos and Bebes, and Ssongees and Toris and Tabis?!?!

  6. Ok.. i happen to notice this XDD.
    u know the shirt that TOP is wearing for the hite cF? o_o
    Well, YoungBae Wear it before Lol.

  7. aww it was so cold the little girl started crying…i hope our boys don’t get sick! =/ but i have to admit that i’m loving this video…they look so cute and dorky<3

  8. oH! I really love this comic. All about Bae. SO cute with the braids too! I started calling him Bae instead of TaeYang cuz it’s cute and short. I like ‘TaeYang’ too. I just switch it up at times. ^^;; I feel sad that he doesn’t want to be called by his real name… >w<

    Thank you for all the pictures! The NII heart pics are huge. *o* ❤

    Aww, GD was trying to warm up Dae during that cold FILA photoshoot.

    Poor lil girl. So she was crying cuz of the cold. Heck, I would be near-crying too. ];

    I love the part where BB were all dancing. LOL@DAE~!!! XD

  9. omg why are they shooting for summer so fasT??!!
    i can feel the coldness from here
    plus the wind..i don’t think i can stand it too
    bong is too sweet to help dae to rub his arms
    oh nay..i wanna rub his arms too HAHAHAHA
    and omg bong is being sweet again by helping the little girl down
    i bet korean kids love me but american kids don’t!! kekee xDD!!
    omg i feel that i love him more and more now
    i like his hair this way!
    it’s so cute..relaxing and natural
    and being dorky is their nature hahaha
    they can’t help but being dorky 24/7 lolol
    ohh finally i hear from them again
    but now i wish i don’t..
    cause they’re all tired.
    and yes. the US break thing IS TOO DAMN GOOD TO BE TRUE
    sighh. can YG give the boys a break? 😦

  10. I luv……!!!!!!!Yong is mY hu$banD…:]]:]]

  11. that video was so so awesome! haha. i love how they were so cold but trying to endure it together!

    oh i think u got the translation a little mixed up.

    the part where bong was talking about the kids it was like

    bong: yea i really like kids
    pd: but that kid was crying
    bong: yes. but it wasn’t because of me. it was because she was cold…
    korean kids like me…..
    foreign kids seem to not like me….

  12. thank you soo much for uploading those pictures.. 🙂

  13. aww, they all ran away from the interview! xD Sucks that it’s cold but I’m not surprised. Summer photoshoot are always done in the winter, and winter during summer. I think I learned that from America’s Next Top Model. But poor guys. Bong was spazzing and that little girl. =/ He looked like a big brother when he was helping her down but everyone knows siblings hate each other, lol. Clearly, kids seem to like YB better. That little girl from the other photoshoot hugged him and Ha Eum has a crush on him.
    Haha, what a silly dance battle. I loved how Dae Sung jumped and just sat down. I would’ve done the same. He looks really good in red, by the way. Anyway, I totally want a translation of this.

    DONGBAE! Oh, I mean, Bebe. I really hate cornrows but they are SO adorable on his little character. I thought his comic was pretty hilarious. The Andy Warhol thing was my favorite part, haha. I couldn’t stop giggling at that part. I can’t bring myself to call him Tae Yang. It’s awkward when I do. I’m used to all of their real names. Except Seung Ri’s. I keep calling him that to prevent confusion.

    I love the NII pictures. I don’t care if people are going to confuse him for a girl, the GD one is going on my desktop…next week. I just switched to a pretty Lee Min Ho wallpaper.

    LOL @ Dae Sung in the Hite ad.

  14. Luveeeeeeeeeee…it!!!

  15. haha this is so cute. they’re all so adorable in the shoot (:

  16. mmm i dont really have a preferences haha i call young bae a variety of names. it’s either tae, tae yang, bae, young bae xD

    I love his pictures at the end too.
    TaeYangi…oh so cute

    BB looks soo cool in the yacht!!
    ‘Always’ video comes to mind
    “korean kids like me”
    seriously I think american kids who meet BB are soo lucky yet so stuck up man
    I was that little girl I’d be all over Bong
    oh wait I’d do that even if I wasn’t her

    Bangs thing was just plain cute!
    Bebe was so excited about his name
    I think since so many people already call him Tae Yang it’s just too weird to go witht he flow
    besides Bae is so much shorter and nicer

    this NII photoshoot is just ____________________<

  19. oh heck no!
    my commnet got all cut

    Nii photoshoot is <#
    such a lame pun
    my man look so sexy!
    this pics keep on reminding me about the DREAM&LOVE sweaters
    this ones don’t have it right?

    Hite beer pis cracks me up
    Tabi look sso happy staring at his cup
    and WTH happened to Dae’s face

    man BBneed to take that America break
    I’m still jealous about them being in China and Japan these days

  20. Wahh, is it just me, or do they look freaking
    HOT AS HELL in that FILA photoshoot? Wahhh~
    Hehe, butyeah. Ahah, so dang cute. I can’t explain
    all the emotions running thru my mind at the moment.
    Haha, but yeah. Ooh I love all the pictures & the
    BANGS COMIC! OMFG so cute! I love the drawings :]
    Hehe. Taeyang’s so cute (: Yes IT IS SO DANG WEIRD
    for me to call him “TAEYANG”. I’m always used to Bae.

  21. Haha, Seung Ri’s dance is awesome! =D But they seriously need a break, too much work isn’t good.

  22. I know my moods change fast, this post proves it. =)
    That Bangs comic is too cute. How can I call Baebae Taeyang? I’m so used to that too… but since he really wants to be called Taeyang I’ll try…Taeyangie? *damn it’s hard…maybe I’ll call him Baebae in private? kekeke*

    Saw that Hite pic last week… and it always makes me laugh! LOL @ Daesung ^^ it shows how Tabi really loves beer, his eyes were enough to convey his happiness.

    And that individual photoshoot…damn Taeyangie(I’m trying…it feels really weird now) really looks hot. Love his outfit too. and those shoes. I like Bong here too. He looks so clean and fine.

    Waaaa for you Taeyangie you’ll always be my Baebae. *hehe*

  23. ahh the new FILA photoshoot seems great. I adore their shirts xD!
    lol I love it when our boys all ran away from the interviewer (leaded by GD lol).It’s funny!! *still laughing out loud* And their shaking and dancing make me die laughing too. damn they’re too adorable! (and yay it’s great that GD changed his hair xD)

  24. awwwwww, BANGS<; bb NEEEDS A BREAK NOWW.

    im sad now too, because all their work leads to = no american trip D; its almost heart breaking..working too hard + no rest = everybody not so happy :[

  25. Forgot to mention, I love that NII sweater! it’s like a late Valentine’s gift for us! ^^

    I know we all love to see them like this, hot and adorable…but I kinda miss their debut days…their style and their dance. =)

  26. LOL these guys never fails me :DD
    i love them waaaay too much~

    NII photos:

  27. i really love the “before ” and “after ” Baebae character … whenever oversupercute with cornrows / funny in predebute times / little Baebae holding Boss … ImG i love him
    i’ll send my demo tape to YG … my only chance maybe i can meet him

    Baebae ❤ n°1

  28. i luv TOP

  29. lets watch bangs – ep3pt2 with engsub

    Baebae is sooo cute .. lets call him Baebae

  30. xblackchristmas

    yea that too
    but it was from CY World
    so I guess it’s just random
    though I wish they have pics of the Tabi, Baby and Dae in suits too
    that is just … too sexy

  31. Cat

    I use to call him YB a lot
    just cuz it short
    but after a while
    ‘Bae’ just kick in
    and I can’t help it
    it’s really hard for me to say TaeYang



    oh yea~
    don’t remember exactly when
    but Bae did wear it before
    Bae, Dae and Tabi share clothes at a lot
    while Bong and Baby share with each other haha
    they all have teams keke

  33. medirin

    they’re gonna get sick
    those kind of weather are no jokes
    the kids are brave too

  34. Lumi

    I never call him TaeYang
    even when I first started to like Big Bang
    I call him ‘dude with braids’ hahaha
    then after a while I call him YB keke

    I wouldn’t be crying if Bong was standing next to me
    shiiitt… hahah

  35. jiyanz

    first of all
    how ya doing gurl
    haven’t talk to you in a decade
    feel so bad but I was caught up with so many things

    I’m pretty sure american kids love him too
    who can resist all the Bong-ness he have in him? hkekeke

    it’s not that YG dont’ want to give them a break
    it’s that he’s not able to
    for the past month i was like ‘when the f are you guys leaving???!!!!!!!!!!”
    should’ve figure.

    i guess that’s a NO to the US tour too
    many will be disappointed
    but i wasn’t, since I didn’t expect anything in the first place

  36. Angela

    yea I’m still weak on the whole listening thing
    but thanks for the help
    Jet conrrected me earlier
    Foreign kids doesn’t like Bong kekeke

  37. Maryam

    ANTM is SOOOOOOOOOO informative kekeke
    I gotta start watching that show
    haven’t been since season 5 keke

    Bae do better with the kids
    not so much with the ladies kekekek

    I was crackign up so hard when I saw YG’s dumbfounded face
    that is just GOLD kekekekek
    makiing fun of the president. UH OH.

    that’s because Baby doesn’t look like a ‘SeungHyun’
    SeungHyun sounds too mature for him
    SeungRi fits him more

    ppl keep saying Bong look like a girl to me too.

  38. sharon

    my friend came up with Tae-Tae and she call him that
    so whenever she talk about him, I heard it a lot
    so only Bae and TaeTae sound right to me haha

  39. Sexica

    how u doing ma sexy mama. kekekekek

    you’d be all over Bong?
    and leave Tabi in the cold?
    oh what’s wrong with you?? kekekek

  40. shuggah

    ehh…. I’m pretty sure we can conclude that the boys are hot whenever and wherever
    it’s just not you hahaha

  41. sis in law

    laying it down with ma bro?? kekeke
    Bebe? keke

    see see!
    even for his wife it’s hard to call him TaeYang
    he can’t blame the rest of us
    it’s just TOO WEIRD.

  42. GDaholic

    me too!
    I love how their shirt have their FILA lyrics verse on their own shirt
    pretty cool
    the whole 50s theme

    Bong is always the one to start doing something stupid then the rest will follow haha… or mostly just Baby kekeke

  43. milkydonut

    we’re not happy either
    worried as fuhh…
    3 years of nonstop working
    nobody can take that
    poor Tabi is shooting his drama too
    everyone is exhausted
    dark circles EVERWHERE.

    OH EM GEE!
    somebody buy a fucking brocoli farm already and give it to these boys as a present
    they’ll need it.

  44. leakaiito

    it scares me how these ppl get all the characters all righ
    every little things

    and haha i love that too
    I like how that person add sound effects to it

  45. Vi
    haven’t talked to you in like the longest

    oh yeah…Tabi
    forgot he was gonna be there freezing too
    better go with him then don’t want a 5 year old version of Melly to get me ;P

  46. thank you for the translations! sorry, but what does “Tabi hyung garlic” mean? sometimes the BIPs (lol) in the comics hold signs with it O.o

  47. Vicky // Hahahaha. Hmm, maybe all the guys can huddle around me and keep me warm. 8D

    Cuz srsly, I hate the freakin’ cold. I’m dying for summer here. T____T

  48. Sexica

    i know gurl~
    i’ve been busy with so many stuff these days
    putting on a gallery show is a lot of work
    i don’t even wanna hang up a piece of freaking art work again as long as I live
    or hitting a nail.
    EVER haha

    oh yea.
    who want it?
    even Jackie Chan don’t have the guts to face that kekekekek

  49. PB&J

    I’m not sure either
    the literal translation is ‘Tabi Hyung Garlic’
    maybe the ‘garlic’ part is slang
    which I don’t get
    but base on the ‘hyung’
    they’re letting us know the person that’s holding the sign is a dude haha

  50. Lumi

    I’ll send you a bonfire
    though I’m not sure if USPS will accept that hahahaha

    I live in florida
    so the weather is EH~
    it was cold 2 weeks ago
    but this week, it has been raining nonstop
    so BIPOLAR!

  51. Vi

    this is hot.
    look at bae [btw, im still gonna call him that.]
    damn hot.

    and baby.
    doing the crack moves
    like i sed
    damn hotttt

  52. Dori

    Bae can be short and sad all he want
    but we can’t help it
    Bae will still be Bae.

    i didn’t notice he was doing the ‘crack’ thing until now

  53. Vicky // LOL. I like to play w/ fire. 8’D

    Same here…except I live in North Carolina. It was sweet and sunny this morning and now it’s raining. WTF. D;

  54. Lumi

    be careful.
    u might get burned.

    i rather get dehydrated from the boys’ hotness rather than burned in a bonfire fo’sho hahahahah

    North Carolina.
    sound… cold. keke
    up North
    I really can’t live up north. EVER
    i went to New York once and cried my eyes out cuz it was too cold for me to handle hahaha
    but i love going to ski resort.. IDK WHY kekekek 😀

  55. vicky

    1st of all, i’m doing great here
    have been in sydney for a month and adapting quite well
    except the fact that it is BORED here
    but hey! i found BB albums in a CD shop here!!
    and i got so damn exciting and jumping here and there in the shop until shop assistants there kept staring at me haha~

    hahaha hell yeah, i’m sure my bongie will be a great father! xD!
    omg ok i shall stop hallucinating bong to be the father of my kid hahahaaa

    why can’t him?
    can’t he just freaking reject those incoming jobs?
    but i know he can’t really do so
    for our boys’ future and also also $$ i suppose?
    sorry but i really don’t like YG when i see our boys be overloaded with jobs!

    US tour..the chance is slim
    but there is still hope
    just do not expect too much
    and oh hey i don’t think i even qualify to have an expectation for them to come to sydney? 😦

  56. HAH! I can’t stop laughing at how GD was dancing and the way he was clapping, lol. SeungRi too, just so cute!

    The FILA merchandise looks hot, I want to get it!

    I love the pictures! I am more in love!

  57. Vi

    i was just sitting at my table with my daily routine and i stopped and wonder, ‘what is baby doing?’ and i had to stare at him for a minute then i realized what he was doing : )

    bae can be short and sad?
    ..hmm.. im going to have to think about what ur talking about lol : )
    im a slow person.

  58. Bebe xD! LOL~~ Thanks 4 the BANGS i love it <333

  59. owhhh so oppa wants me to call him tae yang??
    araso araso i will
    i’m pretty used to it so no biggy ;p

    oh so hot their new photoshoots

    the hooded sweat shirt ty wore ,
    i saw one mc wore it too.
    in happy sunday,
    dono the name tho

  60. omo
    did ty drew/write something for the
    so cute

    if i were that little girl
    i’d do lotsa thing to tae yang
    just hang around him ask him
    for a piggy ride lol

    i want those shirts with their faces on it!
    kinda like warhol’s art
    cool i want them

  61. i think when you call him taeyang it dosent sound as personal, thats why i prefer to call him young bae.

    Does anyone know what brand the golden kicks which dae wears, or where i can get them?

  62. lil sis in law

    I MISS YOU SO!!!
    HOW YA’ DOIN???
    I’ve been craving for a Big Bang perf, it’s like a caffeine crave that a coffee can fix…but since we’ll be waiting for them a bit longer I’ll just be contented with their CFs and interviews T_T

    Yeah it’s too weird to call him Taeyang, for me it feels so impersonal, unlike Baebae. =)
    We know he was reborn as a new person when he debuted in Big Bang even without his stage name.

    The foreign kids love Baebae so much, aww…actually all kids love Baebae, remember HaEum’s big crush? So cute.
    I know he’ll be a great dad someday. ^^

  63. jiyanz

    you move to sydney?
    or is it a vacation?
    my aunt kept bugging me to visit her in sydney but I’m scare since I’ve never been there before and no one wants to go with me haha, i don’t wanna be by myself

    kekekek you found their CD?
    great/ those ppl better keep updating and stocking them

    hey hey! it doesn’t hurt to dream
    Bong likes kids
    and yall be popping out once a month…….. kekekek if that’s possible

    i really don’t count on the whole seeing them in person
    as long as they’re keep doing what they’re doing and be healthy then I’m happy
    can’t ask for much
    as long as I still have their music 😀

    and DARK CIRCLE-LESS….except for Baby BOYS
    then i’m cool haha

  64. rosiebb

    kakak he have a concept for everything
    for that dance
    the butt has to be on the other side of the clapping hands kekeke
    oh bong.

  65. Dori

    do you not notice how in all the BANGS comic
    Bae is like… barely ANTYHING?? hahaha
    they make him so short and tiny it’s so cute kekekek
    with the mohawk.. XD!

  66. athirah

    I think it was an autograph
    the foreign girls likes them too
    or if they don’t know about Big Bang
    I’m sure they know this thing call ‘eBay’ kekeke
    that right there is CHA-CHING

  67. hoichu

    I don’t remember what it called but I do remmeber it cost $450+ USD and they’re completely sold out right after the week it was release

  68. sis in law

    been healthy.
    u??????? hopefully not having ‘TOO’ much fun kekeke

    they boys are undercover right now
    and so are we haha

    last time and now this time
    the kids just LOVE Bae
    they learn about the definition of ‘sexiness’ from a very young age hahah

  69. vicky

    hahaa i moved from malaysia to sydney to study here for 3 years
    i’m now officially a 1st year university student kekeke
    what? why can’t you just come visit your aunt with your family?
    lol but u better not come here, it’s bored.
    except all the beautiful beaches here tho ^^

    yeah in a shop in chinatown!
    i passed by the shop and spotted GLOBAL WARNING ORANGE in it
    then i was like OMG WTF and i kinda ran into that shop xD
    even all their old old singles were all there!
    omg too good to be true
    i shall start working part time to buy all of ’em!!

    hahah dreaming is what fangirls do everyday xD
    i’m happy that bong loves kids as much as i do
    but tabi always seem to be awkward when he’s with kids
    don’t you think so? kekee

    yup all i hope is them to be healthy
    i hate it when they all look tired
    but in the fila photoshoot they seemed tired but happy and energetic
    so i’m cool with it as well haha

  70. Vi
    art show???
    oh no wonder that must really take a loooong time
    i’ve been workin nonstop and finally today I gave myself a day off

    must look at him only

  71. jiyanz

    whoa. doing some oversea studying?
    aren’t you a smart one haha
    and brave too
    living their by yourself?

    oh. i hate beaches haha
    i know it’s un-human
    but i’m more of a pool girl
    hate the sticky sands up my butt hahahaha

    now that you mention
    Tabi never really have been around kids before… hm…
    he’s too tall to bend over??? kekeke

    i like kids…. only when they’re not related to me haha
    idk why
    i love other ppl’s kid
    never my cousins or nieces/nephews
    they’re annoying once you spend too much time with them haha

  72. Sexica

    it’s actually really fun
    since I get to do it my friends {and a certain someone I’m fond of haha}
    but just 4 or 5 hours after school everyday is kind… EH.~~~
    all my clothes are SPLASHED completely with paint
    I gave up on trying to protect them hahahaha

  73. Vicky // LOL. Big Bang > bonfire. xD

    Yeah, I’ve been to NY. A long time ago though. I’m still sure I don’t have it as bad as NYers do. Brrr. D:

    I haven’t tried skiing or any snow sports… They look cool tho. XD;;;

  74. vicky

    hahah i can’t say that i’m smart
    but i’m doing ok in my studies
    ok enough for me to get some scholarship to sponsor me 🙂
    nope i came here together with 5 friends of mine
    who happened to be my ex-classmate in college, lucky huh? 🙂

    omg hating beaches is really un-human
    then you can call off the visit sydney plan already i guess
    cause beside beaches there’s nothing hereeee

    in the previous previous fila video where bae said ‘can i hug you’ aww..
    tabi seemed really weird with those kids hahaha
    hahaha yeah actually..once u started to spend too much time with kids
    you will find them annoying hahaha
    even if they are other ppl’s kids haha
    being with kids needs alot of patience
    which i don’t have
    that’s why i started scolding kids after a month i worked in a kindergarten xD

  75. OMG OMG OMG.!!!
    i love tabi’s hair.!!!
    he looks like GO JUN PYO.!
    but i still like TOP!!

  76. the hearts pictures are so cute! <33

  77. omg their NII Qualified photoshoot pictures are so cute! awwwww <333 and there we go, Dae w/ that sperm shirt again -___-. it hellu makes me go LOL. i really wonder if he noticed the sperms on that shirt. maybe he only saw the disco ball. and i LOVE top’s shoes! <333

  78. and thanks vicky for the translation 😀

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