BigBang, busy with individual activities!!!

President Yang, please find time for them to rest! Pronto!!!


Big Bang, Even though our group activities ended we’re not taking a break, ‘They’re busy with individual activities’

[OSEN=Lee Jeong Ah reporter] Big Bang, who sold over 165,000 Volume 2 albums last year, went into a little break after ending their concerts in January. However, a “break” is merely speaking; it seems like it will be hard for them to take a break with so many people looking for them.

First, the busiest member is the youngest, Seung Ri, who successfully completed his ‘Strong Baby’ solo activities. As soon as he finished his solo activities early this month, Seung Ri delved into promoting the movie ‘Why Did You Come to My House’ which he starred in with Kang Hye Jeong. Also, he will soon begin shooting the omniverse Korean-Japanese collaborative drama ‘TeleCinema – My 19th year.’ Ending this filming does not bring a break to Seung Ri. He has been casted into the film ‘71’ with Kim Bum and Yoo Seung Ho and will take the role of a student soldier.

Likewise, leader G-Dragon is very busy now-a-days preparing for his solo album which is scheduled to be released in April. As news about his solo album reached his fans, the day they will be able to meet G-Dragon’s album has become their main focus. Tae Yang is also preparing for perfection for his own second solo album which is to be released after G-Dragon’s solo album.

It is seen that T.O.P will come one step closer to fans as an actor in 2009. After filming the ‘TeleCinema’ with Seung Ri, he will start shooting the drama ‘Iris.’ T.O.P will go to Japan this week for an ‘Iris’ shooting. He will stay in Japan for 2 weeks and film the drama.

The member who was the busiest last year with Big Bang activities, variety programs, and the musical ‘Cats,’ Dae Sung, is charging his energy by presenting himself only in the SBS show ‘I Like Sundays, Family Outing,’ in which he is appearing permanently.

An affiliate of their entertainment company said, “It was planned for them to go to America for at least a month’s break and visiting after their Volume 2 album promotions since they worked nonstop for 3 years. However, they haven’t even dreamt of a break yet because so many people are looking for them. The members still need a break and the plan for a vacation is still available, but we don’t know when that time will come. We don’t know if we should laugh or cry.”
translated by bigbangnyuh
credits to 나비… for posting on BBVIPz

Post taken from: hahap123@soompi


~ by Momo on March 18, 2009.

34 Responses to “BigBang, busy with individual activities!!!”

  1. Woow! :O

  2. Poor them. 😡
    They should take a break!
    Big Bang is overworking too much!!! T~T

  3. They should at least take a 2 week break T_T

  4. nyahhh!! @.@ i would be on the verge of death if I were them :/ doing so much when their bodies(*droolss*… lol) can only do so much.
    We must constantly pray for their good health. No fan would want any BB member fainting here and there.. aish.. please take a few days break at least ><

  5. OMG. they all need a vakay, especially Baby Ri.
    I know that “strike when the iron is hot” but I don’t wanna hear about one of them suddenly rushed to the hospital due to exhaustion.
    We all know that happened to Dae last year.
    I’ll pray for their much needed break. =)

  6. ngehhh… Tabi too :/ poor TOP

  7. oooo…poor them….>..>>>>33333333

  8. Dang, they do need some rest! I remember the news of them planning to go to America for a break, but it seems like they have no time now. ;-;

    Wow, SRi is gonna be a lot of movies. O:

    I’m excited for all their activities, but I hope they don’t overwork themselves.

    Stay healthy, guys! ❤

  9. Really…I agreed with Momo-ah.
    They seriously need a break.
    Its a heartbreaking to see they haven’t had a break for 3 years?
    And the vacation is still open?
    YG, please gives them time to rest.

    If it was me, I already black out…
    Otoke otoke…



  11. Aww they seem so dang busy!
    AHHH they really need a break ):
    I feel so sad for them. it’s like i feel
    their pain. it’s okay. they’re doing their best ❤
    i hope they find a time to come to america soon then.

  12. Mr Yang give them a break please!! damm so they aint going to america then =/

    Cant wait till taeyangs 2nd album though xDDD

  13. BB needs a break!
    Even though I am uber-excited for GD’s solo in April and TaeYang’s 2nd solo album. =]

  14. i hope big bang comes this year thoughh !

  15. They are all working sooo hard! Don’t get too exhausted guys! We all prefer to see you doing less and healthy than overdoing it and getting ill.

    Big Bang, Fighting!

  16. Poor Seung Ri, so busy and yet so young. Hope he gets to rest soon.

  17. Wahh, they are so busy.
    I hope they got enough rest and soon will get
    more rest. Awww i think i’m gonna cry. They
    better not over work themselves. I will be supporting
    all of them and will be looking out for their acitivites.
    Wow Dae, permanently on FM. Cool. i love watching that
    show. And i’m glad he’s gonna be on there forever.
    Seungri, ahhhh. Reminds me of TOP. i cannot wait to see
    the both Seunghyun’s movies. And oh my gosh, G-DRAGON’s
    Solo Album that’s next month. i can’t wait for that. And
    TaeYang. Ahh i can’t wait for his too.
    Big Bang FIGHTING!

  18. as excited as i am for all of their solo activities, i really wish they would have a break. YG let them rest! you do have other artists you can promote…

  19. you guys need rest!
    us fans will understandd :[ just dont work yourselves till you get sick. we would be deeply saddened. x_x

    seungri, we all know you love the spotlight and like to meet famous ppl but should overload yourself with so much ! :[

    not only is GD working on his solo, hes working with the female big bang too right?

    aiya. big bang hwaiting all the way!

  20. gahh! why are koreans worked so hard!! they deserve a break so badly!! it’s like the cast of Boys Over Flowers! everyone is being so overworked!!!!!! fans will COMPLETELY UNDERSTAND if stuff is delayed!! we don’t want our most fave ppl in the world to DIE OF EXAUSTION!!!! >.<

  21. too good to be true 😦
    i really hate the fact that you have to be active like 24/7 in kpop music industry
    why can’t YG just freaking reject those jobs and let them off? 😦

  22. they should take a break..
    poor them…
    i hope their healthy is good….
    i hope BB can get a vacation..

  23. I wanna cry!
    They need a break.

  24. They really need to take a brake!!!!Poor Big Bang

  25. ohhmann, bb doesn’t have to work THAT hard D;
    but i guess there will be very manyyy exciting events for fans to earn their MUCHH DESERVED support.
    and daeee staying permanently?! well i guess its great for him and part of the family already and alll that, but it seems he might not get a rest from it ? D: and for the other family members as well? but because dae is more.. “active” than the other family members :[ he’s being worked so hard ><
    and poor baby, LOTS OF ACTIVITIES coming up for him.. i’d be excited and happy because he’s going to act with Tabi too..but idk i think this is tooo much..maybe after they’ll stick to GROUP ACTIVITES and get some well earned rest<3?
    i really hope so.. definitely a good thing for bongie and his solo album tho 😛 but its just..its way too much.

  26. god I hope they’ll have a rest. Even machines need resting to work properly! They’re pushing themselves too hard on working and it’s not really good. Remember GD and TOP had to go to hospital last year. Keep fit guys!! xD

  27. poor them why yg never consider that they are human not robots!!!! awww i hope they will be ok

  28. I dont care where they go the boys just need to rest they’re over worked!!! I wish them the best though!!

  29. T.T i only hope they take care of their health, Mr. YG please give them some vacations U.U

  30. happy that they’re on the roll
    but yeah boys need break
    them being sick is hard for us too

  31. oh plis take cake urself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    u r always best !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. Awww. Big Bang boys, you should rest every once in a while.
    Though its good that you’re busy, you should still rest.

    I’m just too excited~ JIYONG’S ALBUM! 😀

    Hwaiting Big Bangggg ^^

  33. […] source ;… […]

  34. :[ they need a break goddamnit! theyre all human, too. i hope they get a break soon. they should go to some small city or w/e. just chill there. if they go to LA or something, they’d be noticed.

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